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What May Happen to Ralph Wilson's Estate

Mar 26, 2014|

Tony Ogorek

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are talking about Ralph Wilson's will stated another mister Wilson was passed away. This however is no average state our guest on the WB BMY Atlanta help -- -- those Antonio garlic with Al -- -- wealth management. His office is in the town of -- I totally. We're doing pretty good you know we're hearing that mr. Wilson had made arrangements many years ago. As to how the Buffalo Bills are going to be managed. Once he passes away I guess we have to assume he did. What was best for his family do agree. Sure thing you know it has reflecting. Yeah. You know if you're ignorant about what built how it -- -- Probably in particular region wide -- of those Aden and in my fault. -- is Ralph well oil. Yet loyalty true love. You know many that aren't optimistic that kept them premieres. You know -- -- isn't it a couple of times to get our leading it help I'm. I think -- you. Big deal and I think it he obviously it won't look out for you can't leave interest -- And it had. Very stupid. And immediate. Action and surely can't block that -- people. Jamaica section and ensure. You know it's pretty well pretty well well. Tony do any idea what. Might happen in the immediate future here with this team. Well I think the you know what it says it -- it -- Terms. Big egg situation. -- Years out. Although they support one candidate in. All likelihood. All right millionaire program and while I don't. Get very. Right areas. -- what we do now is. Are not sure it urges -- I. -- -- -- -- -- -- easily replicated. -- a lot. Oh sure -- edit out on our am we are 80. If you cry it out Allen aren't you can. Assure you can't go. You know Tony we always hear these stories and many of them do not have happy endings. Remember when John robbing the owner of the Miami Dolphins -- his family was forced to sell the team because they couldn't pay the taxes. There's is there something wrong here on a family is punished so to speak for their successes. Well. I think it didn't get out and try -- that or in art checked whether it be neat nick inject code or -- and you know essentially what you're talking about is. Is punishing all -- -- Productive should. We just strictly come. People -- waiting left you know spelled -- -- -- the political. It's a political. A dynamic it looked yet. Equally evident in the business. Hot spot. On -- -- a little bit of Sheen. It could be sold and I don't see me not -- -- -- now is. What is the value of money to someone who may be a billionaire. You know pick up I. It everybody that you think that it does one person who got it except. It was -- world. -- How well were -- The business person -- -- And. You're a local celebrity here he's got eight what most people because in major cities -- they treat -- like. Many people as what money is -- greater return. In Brussels a couple bill. Tony go -- W this morning thank you for your time. OK guys you have a great day and enjoy the small -- Yeah. Yeah happy spring. Antonio guard -- -- wealth management and Amherst.