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Wilson's 1984 Remarks at the Bills SIlver Anniversary Gala

Mar 26, 2014|

courtesy Pete Weber

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But the bills are one of the teams who were left behind that Ralph Wilson even knowing native beat Reuters that the buffalo is going to be his town for pro football. And now on the silver anniversary year 25 years later he's still the owner of a great franchise and I introduced -- you now. Native Detroit but real well -- and Ralph Wilson. This is the -- 25 anniversary. They're -- largely done. Very difficult to follow on. The speaker like Don perky. But. It really is a pleasure. To be here this evening. And do. Thank Bob there. And did my. Dear friend for 45 years pat McGraw order. For all of the -- people that are put on this anniversary dinner. 25. Year of the buffalo franchise. For all the players. That have played for the bills. And were selected. By a committee which is. Listed in your -- -- great book. As the all pro team. For the first 45 years of this franchise. And -- in seriousness side I had a lot of fun in in football. I saw my first game fifty years ago. So that'll date in little as far as you're concerned. It was the Detroit Lions against the Green Bay Packers. And it was a great privilege. To get into professional football. And Lamar Hunt call me in 1959 Iran rather I call him. And that in the fight and they get a franchise in the new American Football League and it was wonderful. Privilege and honor for me to wind up involved all the community has supported that game. We started out the first person I met was the late -- level. And then now. I met frank rightly. Law firm. And we sent out people insurance agents to sign not football players. Because we had -- scouts. In those days. And from matter early beginning back in 1960. Probably tonight is the biggest. Thrill that I have had in 25 years or through that he won the championship and 64 and five. -- denigrate. Representative. For the city of buffalo in this whole Western New York area. But for me to be here tonight. Two. Have this party given by the community and these people who have done so much. To organized -- banquet to have the commissioner of the National Football League. Come here along with the other distinguished guests. You have this council. Whose husband played for. The bills back in the late sixties. See you're here tonight she came all the way from Oklahoma. Her husband now lost his life. In the war in Vietnam. She. -- me every year. And send me pictures of her children. They're now sixteen and an eighteen years old. To see these players. Some -- -- haven't seen for 101215. Years. We had used to have the greatest times together -- used to fly on the plane. Is to lose a little money to them playing cards. Used to -- a little money -- more money went a little longer trip to Oakland. Used to lose a lot of money to a follow those not here cookie Gilchrist I swear. And he played -- more than 52 cards. I if they have drinks where the many airport in San Diego. We used to -- walk again I wouldn't. Law. Two by four. Into the airport in Denver in 1960. When I was a little warden air terminal. Of course you all know what Denver's grown men do today ways to plan an -- feel learn more. Oakland you'll feel. We've played -- high school stadium in Houston. And those cities of course have grown into you know gigantic areas. They build new stadiums. I'm proud that the community build a new stadium here for the bills in 1973. I know that. The governor. Is very happy with the stadium here. Because of the Ralph Wilson Stadium because it's. He likes it it's 80000 people is -- she plans to them how to read your letter. Governor couldn't be here tonight but he sent me a letter. Some smaller. Mr. -- they you know in 1960 I have to. But these plants under mr. Wilson. Congratulations to you an entire buffalo bills' organization. On your silver anniversary. The people of buffalo indeed the people of the entire state. Have benefited economically. And emotionally. From the success of New York only professional football franchise. I regret that the duties of my opera made it impossible. For me to be reviewed this evening. Please express my best wishes to all -- present. Sincerely. Merrier -- -- am formal. Governor of this state and New York. And I regret that the governor couldn't be here I've bumped into him yesterday. And is coming here to. I think these kids. Given -- cost a lot of money. I didn't. But calm until May be right in our he's been Wear this for years he said Ralph don't forget your -- radio tonight. And ending his day is gonna be recorded. I might have been exaggerating a little -- that statement about. All the money that governor. Wall mall is going to give you a year. But. I'm sure he'll get his something. No I don't a little bit -- You know in any -- he's the first governor of the state of new York and I've ever seen. In this city about ball. Actually. Now maybe -- this is not a political rally. And I'm not -- and Republicans other Democrats but this governor is the first governor that. In my 25 years I've ever that came over here three times. I introduced into. You read at all in what Sports Illustrated when he came north training camp I introduced into the wealthiest man in the State of New York. Our defensive tackle -- moralists. The governor look rider Bradley said Bradley got special taxes for guys like you. Well you're right I read it. -- -- -- -- But anyway I don't -- -- you we have heard from. Bob -- I thank you again. And -- -- broader and father. And our new general manager. Terry -- They were cows. -- already takes credit. Wrongly. For us getting being able to draft OJ Simpson. Because in 1968. We were playing the raiders and their new stadium in Oakland. We have lost six quarterbacks. By injury but one of them one is a distinguished guests here tonight. Thanks for the Obama campaign plan to act that you that you can't around it sound like your run for office. Jackson and everybody -- campaign. We were fine with thirty seconds ago. By three points. And the lord -- saw Harvey Johnson was our coach in those days I still on the sidelines -- -- As I said dared to anymore. As the fans recognize me. -- have done is brutal. The first the first six or seven years nobody know me and I product code on an -- cloak and and -- allow -- -- I looked Baghdad. Well I you know one of these people on television reduce heat the guys I didn't want anybody to notice me. I can't disguise myself enough today that it sales by -- spot me so I'm up and stands in the last ten years. But anyway I said. -- was going for the championship if we beat the raiders. We were not the raiders out of the championship. So Harvey says we're gonna kick a field goal we're gonna time I said her. If we kick a field goal in time they're gonna get into the playoffs but if we. Score touchdowns. And beat them. I think it was pointed 1714 whatever the score will be around 4170 when knocked these guys and you know we liked him so much these generators. That stack and Donna weigh -- they just they really like the raiders. Just as much as I did. Al Davis I was just crazy about -- So I said no way I'm an army. We're gonna -- a touchdown -- not come out. He said Ralph -- in the media aren't kind we got to this stage field goal. In those days the it was a sense for us because in the old days the golf -- were on the goal line. Today I am I changed my mind yet. They're ten yards -- -- -- -- I am I not a gone Rhoda I'm -- confident they'll go all eyes and RV. Give the ball. On a play action pass their accounts he lets Goran beat them. He said there was coach and has king. I think what you are -- please. Later. That's not at all what that time. Okay that's our defense to play and you know. And he recounts ski. Was. He -- I have for ER. From winning that game he rolled out there was right he got tackled on a half yard line. Fumbles. So I wanted and -- -- was not -- wreck cast the it was all Wilson. We read that have. That far away from not getting OJ Simpson. But anyway that's all I have to say I appreciate everybody being here and supporting the team. We're gonna win a game. We're gonna win a game. I think we're I don't know the word that. You know maybe tomorrow I don't.

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