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Organizing Tailgate Tribute to Mr. Wilson

Mar 26, 2014|

Eric Matwijow

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's a special bills tailgate coming up this weekend. Joining us on the WB in line -- this morning is Eric. Between -- who is also known as hammer to his friends he owns the parking lot off and erode where their Ralph Wilson tailgate will be held on Sunday. Hammer the morning. Good morning good morning Andy and tell us so how this is coming together. Well. His body that are on yesterday at a bunch of text messages that Merrill there was quite an interest. From the bills much. Webs are out this site. And so a lot one of the founding members not contacted me he has reached during that ought to do all tailgate party in Ireland mr. Wolfson absolutely. Gold -- long letter in people wanna connect with mr. Wilson is sure why not. How many cars. Can -- cook a lot accommodate. -- Court will go directly about a hundred powers an area right now I'm this contact and some of my neighbors to achieve yet at all all -- flaw. I did notice last night that Texas Stadium there was a lot of power struggle by slowly so its hard to gauge the interest. All of you know how many people on the -- to could be turning people away. But we're we're gonna try to -- -- double fault -- people can at least walk over and you know so everywhere else like the vote and the -- pressure. Yeah I don't say anything special planned area just gonna start -- things happened and reminiscing. Well we're we're just this is just initial stages this came you know -- late yesterday we dismiss them together or not. They might have something special planned merger stalwart an upbeat -- Are we understand there will be a ten dollar -- -- To -- part of this of that money will be donated. Yes it's a large donation 100%. Going to honor hope foundation. Are. -- or sewer that it was a good match people coming in -- volunteer and help deal with the parking and stop sort of 100% donations. Did you ever meet mr. Wilson hammer. I I never had the pleasure. But to me. And and this is 1 o'clock and Sunday. -- street from 1 o'clock to five. It will open people like they do come Margaret set up there already were tailgate me on this sort of but he didn't know. Total for all around a little bit and destroy -- socialize and and all that it's it's. So we might have something special planned commercial working couples because. Camera for our listeners who have never been to your -- tell us exactly where it is an -- road. -- 4170. Ever world. It's actually. Greg extra doctor -- chiropractic office and in beat the in between process. And the army lab which is -- -- of the stadium. I'll be and the she's -- -- side of of ever world. Okay it will will be in touch I think probably before Sunday. But it sounds like a really nice tribute from mr. Wilson. Yeah I think it should be I think it's going to be a little emotional for some people -- this special -- commemorate it is. No legacy in the -- and community. Well hopefully it'll be fifteen degrees on Sunday either you know. -- I think it's going to be typical -- well a forty inch on. Yeah okay KEI hammer thanks for joining us this morning we appreciate and keep in touch if you've got anything new to pass along. -- that's Eric between -- otherwise known as hammer.