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Former Oso, WA Resident

Mar 26, 2014|

Darlene Badgley

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Arlene financially is -- western new Yorker who used to live and also Washington the side of that massive mudslides. She is a relative missing in the devastation and she's with us on the WB and lifeline darling good morning. Good morning tell us about your cousin. Is McCarron. Yes my -- -- and he thought oh my god turned. In what do you know Aaron. Well known -- a whole lot. Just. If he did that my uncle. It is right on the river -- there and here's what the first -- or closer to the mountain. And down on Aaron -- if it was definitely hear it January. Prepared to move not because that is because my quote getting older and wanted to get to get. There place strategic. I'll. Take care easier. And my uncle had gone into account shopping. And it wouldn't let him back up into. The home. And try and tried to call Chilean and no answer and it cramps nothing from him attention. And that time we didn't realize. How devastating or how many people actually listening to. An error aggregate. Somebody. Comes -- on your name that popped out somebody that. You know they've got on the whereabouts of you know there are hopeful first -- you know it would become but it was pretty good right now. Ms. gradually won was the last time you were in contact. With your relatives. Why I -- -- the -- apparently yet my -- court that telephone. -- doctorate in the I try to. The people or with him yesterday -- -- -- another hazard. At the shelter in Arlington. And it quit his daughter's there -- 00 and they are. That's -- -- in my spoke to him as. And they had. Didn't know anymore -- That they regret that they -- happy. Search dogs. Political and that's and that National Guard helping but it's you know. It's what I understand that before that it was bunch of bloggers that chuck. When they're looking for. People and then try to make it. Somebody called the National Guard I have an article what took so longitude. We're talking live with darling -- this morning -- a western new York and now she used to live out in the Seattle area he has. And cousin and -- as missing in -- the devastation. These -- live on the Hispanic decent crop in the. Came out -- eventually what made you move back to -- to the order so. -- -- what made you move back to Western New York. Our sons living here. We've not decided to tell them to open -- both retired now scientists we have -- that some -- -- considering he's just here for quite some time. Canada. Yet the business here in camp. It but after actually got -- we decided to Iowa that they hired me. We wanted to get out here. I'm sure that your heart these days is is back -- house now. You know it as -- also -- in home in Atlanta where I've moved in the world good. And I also as always gentlemen. I you know I'd say it's one of the most beautiful places in the world who has the best placed ever. When you lived there. Darlene were you aware of warnings over issued by the Army Corps of Engineers that state of the -- was prone to build stability and most lines did you know that. I -- well we're gonna actually warned against but. I've known about. That hasn't been enough for many many years I had kind of want to have another piece of property here and in the sixties. And -- about came out and -- -- -- their cabin and there. Their property of their it -- not -- left without. And then. Good Christian count six and another. Came down again but it you can sit there. And a riverbank and watched handful of sand and and blocks come down. On that now than I -- the steady but you know that particular area and I -- snohomish county. Has just rampant growth the last few years just you know pretty much unchecked and I was just really surprised allowed. They want to live there because he's been talking recreational. Property. And they built a whole bunch of -- houses just. The last few years there's been in how that's going up everywhere that area. While. Well we appreciate you joining us this morning and we're thinking -- -- and your family is the search continues in reversing -- that's. This would be greatly appreciated it. Aren't Arlene will stay in touch thank you the sterling eventually. And western new Yorker she lives -- Orleans county used to live and also Washington and her -- a -- son is missing and they mudslides just north of Seattle.