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Mar 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thurman Thomas and -- I don't know how long -- Really don't know I can't. -- -- to I have had so many questions or stay as long as those guys in his home. No my -- been -- for the last. 24 to 36 to 48 hours. And room. But with. Mr. Wilson passed in the day. Home. They're -- hurt. I was just truly. Blessed to be around. Mr. Wilson. You know doing the glory days. And like -- guys talk about. The guys didn't get to see you know him on a weekly basis for years that I was here. With the Buffalo Bills and CU's energy. See the passions too low for the game that he. Head -- the use where. Room but good exciting football team to have him in the locker room after the game. Home. To see the excitement but also another side to see the disappointment. Never went in the championship. But also come -- into the locker room. After big games. After Super Bowls. And always here and him remind players. Each one of every one player. That. I can say and we wouldn't and got your -- out to. Home and was yes. My roommate was Linda Smith and you know when he told me what mr. Wilson says to him after every -- -- receivable. -- -- home that you know he felt that way about everybody on the football team and so. I'm home. I'm gonna -- Without a doubt. You know it used to call me -- -- so. He's always laugh and joke about. And when you have that type of relationship. It hits home. And I guess that was very close enough we'll come book -- one thing that. I would always commemorative. Think of ever told anybody in this story is that. The week that. I was in. Miami. The bill would you -- off when we're human and -- -- bills. No mr. Wilson called me. I have talked to mr. Wilson since my release from the bills that. On February and -- the the week of the game. You call me that Friday. Instead -- I apologize for not let you go along the way that you that you should win out. And at that point in time -- we. We had made up in -- that time that's when you know I really. Want to retire as of bill. In the meat and then after that conversation that we had that was one of the things. I want to do and so we miss Wilson. Was. Very important moment. That the government of course. Don't make it easier to answer you know he hit a great great guy gets them to. Felt. A lot like him can you you know what. Anything stand out story one thing about the your needling him even if you. Well that I think slow listeners task but I think the best time. You know with him going back and and what -- pursue it was. Of the the Colorado pants thoroughfares WikiLeaks -- quick. And about -- -- he's -- -- -- on -- every week that he came rim and so. I got involved with that but. You know. Home. Players -- just over the years -- So many things. That we've joked about that we laughed about. But. If they would just so a really good. Upon the relationship. That I had those who have some. And most certainly. I think it's probably been and probably you. Probably you. Aside talk Tillman went a couple of years without seeing and thinking that he was gonna view it the stadium for game but. Hugo was. Last summer -- most most of. Bar. You know the only. How much this is the ultimate. Ovals and play. Where -- I think he. I think mr. Wilson you know he. He said what he had to say and he was going to say what needed to be fit. And I think he has a lot to do it. I think is. Mr. Wilson. And mr. Wilson had to any of the money in order to keep Bruce Smith there. From when he got the offer from Dover -- I think he's done great job as -- -- end of keeping the core players together that he had for a long period of time. I think he had a book a big role player and actor -- and tell me. Before -- on my contract is that look. I agree to make you the second this will be the second time. In my career that. Has -- running back will be paid. We played will be playing for the Buffalo Bills no room with OJ Simpson he was -- be running back in the league and he told me then. So I think he had an index convince me. You know. I won't stay here I want to remain here whatever you put -- I think he played a very vital role in. Not -- the players but like the guys -- just keep and his team here for years. His Roland you're coming in nicely. You know you're talking about that fact that it had signed off on it were hey you know some owners. By taken the risk you hear the medical report you know and he. Well as well go away in Iraq. And but how about no no no no discussion -- that -- I think it is sort of like the importance. Super. You can't like today. You guys get together and about the eighth championship ring. After the war one and he might introduced use their son's birthday at my side with a -- and let them that would affect your credit. They -- but I can't remember quite how the story went I do remember that -- bracket like if I can't really. Quite remember -- And I do put and I do remember just some the things like that. Well when -- there's favorites. Exxon went to bed -- you. Death started. There -- probably stored it probably. And probably the first super bull run the ninety's they nine year. That probably started fifth. So. Actually it was just it was a great relationship and something that is -- over the years that you know obviously. I think. All of the players that played Thomas Wilson especially -- our time you know really do. Appreciate him keeping the guys together as a team as -- because because. Couple that. That you just mentioned that you guys together is that something that you stressed. Think what you guys as you think that's why. All these former guys are so close. Far you know do one thing that. We stressed the revenue periods where there was bill polio mr. Wilson more believe we stress -- so we wish it was found. Make sure that the fan who was. -- sure the family was doing good and when the family does well so let everybody is just a little bit more happier and -- he was definitely. A big part of big part of that. You didn't mention him talk. Last year ago he sure doesn't think that you take that conversation look back at them. Well. You know he he usually see is like the funny stuff. And you know was this they was at the end of the year in and found that he probably won't be able to come to a game -- and I was always looking forward for him. To see in him and he's in world I don't know -- may back at you at the hall of fame for them trying to go back to the hall of fame every single year. So. You know that was -- about it. Well thank you guys. -- --