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Remembering Ralph- Fmr. Coach Marv Levy

Mar 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pickens in the history. One no I could've done without the -- attitude was sort of that. I'm the owner of the best in the league and guys that could have done it without being brought your writing that wasn't me me me at all. People are still looking for him. It was a looking for a moment -- sort of speech he was just. Common man and let the guy that guy or two on the back in the and smile as he would just share with delight that was that was about it you could see it. In him and it was just I expected this attitude he was it was a goal. What -- -- that was going to the Super Bowl. He saw to it that everybody in the organization. He really set an example of total organization. Win. Not just that. Great Auburn not just but culture quarterback or what have yet. It was a total organization as we go those syllables he took everybody -- security guys -- everybody. About every monsters soul I would call him down upon occasion he'd call me just the sequel I did do one. I did this for all the years is that retired. But about four or five months ago I began the debt that. Then that maybe he was struggling a little bit there's simply communicated. And that well maybe it's time or two more with -- as -- of -- well sort of they is doing. It was -- that they wouldn't players will tell you that I don't use the double almost every kind of become the practice he would exchange jives with. Particularly Thurmond but over the others who were reticent about doing that with the older. I can remember once wanted me to replace -- assistant coach on the staff than I thought it was so wrong doing that Kate and I. Persistent and I don't see if I put myself under the government. Finally at the end because I still don't agree would you quit years ago. And and it never nobody mallet there's a few years and you're like that other guy by the way. I truly enjoyed. Getting together with him clear the league and we went around the dinner together and had breakfast together. It was fun to be aware that if we we shared. Interest in many things. Certainly. In in the game of football.

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