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Passing of Ralph Wilson

Mar 26, 2014|

WWJ Sports Anchor Tony Ortiz

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go -- -- to the city of Detroit Michigan. On the WB and live line is the sports anchor with WWJ. Radio Tony Ortiz. Tony is also -- sideline reporter at Detroit Lions games hey Tony good morning and thank you for joining us. Good morning. You know Ralph Wilson mr. Wilson as we affectionately call him around it was a very visible. Guys in buffalo how about in Detroit. We know he was a very successful businessman based there was not the trucking industry. -- insurance as well he was based here in Detroit are in fact not too far from work station located here in Detroit right now. And -- the one thing about him was that he was visible in Detroit as well between knew him better. Abby over the Buffalo Bills and it was kind of interesting to have two different at a folders based in your city. I'll William Clay Ford senior who died earlier this month and Ralph Wilson welcomed always good for a quote he needed him to. And that somebody who also look at buffalo this kind of of that's a sad day for me because. In covering the -- growing up in -- that's -- -- that I -- love you watching football watching a couple football that have now passed away it's almost like the end of an era. Not only in Detroit but also when Buffalo's. While ties -- -- Tony that you're from here. And did you ever meet him. I've met him once it was back in 1992 -- 93 you heard something on the station that I was working for. And he won. A copy of that and I ended up delivering a copy -- who is insurance agency met him briefly and that was the only week all the in color that I have mister -- -- -- seem like it was a very nice guy took from that encounter and again. The way he kept the bills in buffalo -- wave that franchise was successful for number of years spoke with there. Now Tony the city of Detroit does most Americans know it is really a larger. Buffalo. I'm wondering if that's why mr. Wilson was so comfortable here in buffalo. Yep because both of these have a lot in common they're both blue collar industrial cities. Local football teams are supported by the pay and very well they've both been through ups and downs and I hate to say that with the ball teams also had there. They're problems went to get to the Super -- Lara because. The bill made it -- target for the super ball were favorable wind the wind is still waiting for their first trip to Super Bowl but. There were a lot of cross pollination between the fans to especially when you consider that the bill of life and every year in the pre season. They're scheduled to meet this year in the regular season there were a lot of people in Detroit -- Buffalo Bills fans and there's a lot of people impossible. Who are our Detroit Lions -- so yeah there's definitely a lot of synergy between the two franchises in the two cities. -- -- -- -- -- What do you mean for the community -- and charitable man married to. Very curable -- here in the Detroit area there were a number of any -- quietly I was the one thing about Ralph Wilson he would not looking. For publicity he wasn't looking to have his name above all he wasn't looking to be on camera. What he did he did quietly behind the scenes and that draw a lot of respect from a lot of people. Here in town that he was willing to do these things and not get the acknowledgment in the recognition for the. In a funny thing that -- comes to in my mind Tony. Mr. Wilson was a long time Detroit Lions the season ticket holder and I'm wondering holiday fans remember how important. Those Detroit Lions season tickets were. To him and his former wife in the sensational divorce case and Detroit. He was a huge football thing I mean he'd love football you know that obviously from from dealing with -- in buffalo. But you could tell he was a big football failure in Detroit and from people I've talked with the lions organization was always very curious what was going on with the lions he was always. Wanting to know what was knew what was next what was happening. And it is just amazing that in this day and age with. Ownership the way it is now you see some of the owners currently in the NFL the to a guy who stood out like Ralph Wilson who was genuinely concerned. Not just about his franchise and vocal but also bought the rest of the NFL as well. Down by the way is a former wife got those season tickets Tony nice talking with -- this morning thank you know. Thank you and Tony Ortiz as a sports tiger with a WWJ. And Detroit we'll sideline reporter in Detroit Lions.