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3-25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Mar 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You walking is building and you you can figure out for itself you know we see his name all over everything you know or -- that the merger and things like that. You know and if if guys don't know about it you know. After today I'm sure they will you know because you know this is a big thing you know I have been an art in our profession you know losing my god this magnitude. And that is Fred Jackson. And his comments just a little while ago at Ralph Wilson Stadium you know Joseph we should have a lot more of the comments of the guys from the stadium from -- has -- he was covering -- so any fresh audio. It's -- -- reality in the does this give it let's give it to people -- can -- okay. I don't know where Bryant is about. I have not left the world in quite some time. Anyway it has hourly I -- wanna thank my crew is doing a great job Joseph beamer and that John Sherman we're getting a lot of help her also from Tim Winger Tom pocket -- here is everybody is a pitching and doing a lot of different things today's -- and regular. Very latest their reaction to. A death. That obviously was inevitable. As all of our debts are but Ralph Wilson in every succeeding year he's 91 -- 92 -- 93. And -- Ralph Wilson that made it in the ID five. Ralph Wilson died today and he leaves behind. A lot of tears. He leaves behind a lot of people who trust thought the way that the gas. And what you're hearing from the former players -- and from projects in their is. A genuine admiration. And a genuine. I don't think it's overstating it to -- love for Ralph Wilson. Now from the fan's perspective. Or buffalo residents perspective. Ralph Wilson's popularity of course was directly tied to these success of by his team. Justice on golf's most popular was tied to the success of his team when the sabres were doing well beyond anybody's expectations Tom Golisano would arrive at a golf carton Jerry cans of -- rock star when the teams started to tank is well -- it lasted Tom Golisano OB of Iraq's. -- that says you know that's that's the way goats life in the public guy and Ralph Wilson. I know I think I'm sure that's happened in your family as well especially if you had parents who were very vocal. Fans of the Buffalo Bills Ralph Wilson was either be -- of the and it was either fought a very very highly by the fans. When the team was winning and when the team was losing you know he was the cheapest guy in the world who wouldn't spend the money to put a winning team on the field. So it's either love or hate it's either feast or famine. In the public and that just comes with the territory and Ralph Wilson and is 95 years most of which were spent owning the Buffalo Bills by the way. He heard it all -- accumulative of course quite a few others along the way. It doesn't get any better for a football guy to be inducted into the National Football League hall of fame in Canton Ohio and surprisingly. The bust of Ralph Wilson actually looks like Ralph Wilson. Which by NFL hall of fame standards I think it's quite remarkable. Because usually the busts their looked nothing like. The person actually appeared to say who is that fellow publisher read the -- you know well. It is thirteen but there -- some fabulous murals of the camp the -- books at the NFL hall of fame and I'm sure Ralph Wilson could have told the stories about the captain bulldogs because he was a longtime football fans. By the way you might out of on this Ralph Wilson served his country in World War II. In the -- And I did not know that -- met today about their Ralph Wilson World War II veteran and sadly we lose more and more World War II veterans every day. And I suppose. Old enough you can remember when the World War I veterans. When we started thinking about geez how many more are there left. And unfortunately there will come a time when there are no more people who directly experience the horrors of world work to and share them witness. The stories -- from which we can learn the lessons of history. But Ralph Wilson served his country Ralph Wilson was also an astute businessman. -- -- turn in that 25000 dollars into a bad habit of business known as the Buffalo Bills. That's quite astonishing but he -- an opportunity and the circuit now the bills. Honestly have not had a chance I've been very -- obviously tied up. To determine when exactly the start date is for the new lease that was signed between Erie county in the bills so. Barring some extraordinary. Breakage of the contract were. Whatever out clauses are in yet. It looks like we got the goals for nine or ten more years in buffalo so for you people were bill's fans can't imagine life without the bills there's that. Also the bills will be run by a trust Ralph Wilson obviously with the kind of money he had. Believe me here at the very best that tax and legal guidance and advisors money can buy. He wasn't going to the corner shop. That with with all the big windows on it he was dealing with the debris finest group financial wizards to be -- to be talked to. Now if you close encounter with Ralph Wilson. I would love. To hear about it because some stories that have been emailed to me I can't insure them all but some of the stories that has been terrific. And AB speak a man. Who despite the idea that I hear that it was a businessman. All business very serious -- dollar what's the bottom line. He was also very approachable. And very outgoing. And cracked jokes. And seemed to be a naturally disarming. Individual. It'll -- very Smart -- very intelligent and those are adjectives I have not used today the guy. Was intelligent and I loved what Steve tasker had to say. Some -- you. Some of you. I don't know what this means. I I don't know what this means when we're when where you tell me here in the -- -- okay RRK thank you yes the new deal thank you. The new thank you Joseph Joseph -- did my research and I just and understand with the email header meant because. I -- -- the new deal. The new deal will carry through 20/20 three. Where they 400 million dollar penalty if the team were to move in the first seven years of the lease. The team will have a buy out option after seven years to void the final three years of the lease for 28 point four million dollars. So what if paid next year decided we're going to Toronto. They'd have to cut a check for 400 million I don't see that as being like. In the last three years of the contract and have to cut a check for twenty point four million. Which. Depending on the state of the -- in the state of the economy. 28 million dollars is either a lot of money. Or it's something that makes business sense to whomever ends up owning the franchise. So. You didn't copy and paste it from Hayward major. Okay -- -- want -- -- my FaceBook page that I also want to give credit where credit is due. Sorry folks but I gotta tell you that we've all we ever really had a chance even leave the room today so I'm talking to my guy off the year that's why don't usually don't usually do that Joseph gamers is -- great job. John Sherman do a great job -- if you if you well wells. I want your Ralph Wilson story. And if you have a picture. Of you and Ralph Wilson. Maybe seated at a cafe. May be one of the Jim Kelly events by all means if you want to put it on my FaceBook page knock yourself out. My email is Tom at WB EN dot com that is Tom at WB EN dot com and so far my favorite story. And I've read this once before. I wanna share this with you because this is just that well it actually comes from somebody with who might work. Had you ever told this before probably because it does matter but. Her name -- Christie and Kristy -- and that she's part of our I've ever come. Family. Account executive -- And her story is. That ten years ago I'll read it as she wrote about ten years ago I was stopped at a red light. Next to a navy PT cruiser my windows down and so prisoners. There's a cool Buffalo Bills logo embedded in the -- it was subtle but it looks really cool. I said to the woman driving I like the decal on your car it looks great. She said thank you. I'm Mary Wilson and next to me is my husband Ralph. He when she had a pleasant smile the light turned green. I said nice to meet you go pills and drove away our IP Ralph Wilson I loved that story. I can just imagine hi I'm very well also this is my husband -- I can almost imagine that actually taking place. -- phone calls of course at 803 all -- thirty. 803 old I'm thirty start I'm thirty on the cell phone at 180616. WBE. Ten. How will Western New York remember Ralph Wilson. How did if you got a close encounter with Ralph Wilson I'd love to know about it. Do you believes. It's too early I have to tell. I think it's too early to start speculating. About The Beatles future. I will tell you what. That I mean in terms of the bill's future in Western New York. I honestly don't see a scenario where somebody's gonna cut a check for 400 million to get out of buffalo I just I don't see that happen. Jodi -- I mean that would be roughly half the value of the T. To get out of Western New York I don't see that happening in the first seven years of the police which goes through 22 victory. Now the last three years it becomes an increasing possibility but. A Smart county executive. Will begin deceived where the bills are well in advance. Of having to come up with some crisis -- mean there's also been some thought you might remember of a new stadium. For the Buffalo Bills which doesn't make a lot of sense to me frankly with -- all the millions of dollars are taxpayers are contributing to refurbish existing save -- a lot of sense to me. But. Be that as it may let's find out how you're driving all is going on this day when we will remember. Ralph Wilson. And we will celebrate his life is 95 years on this planet right now here's Alan Harris. And AccuWeather -- tonight it's -- going to be one of those really rigidly cold nights that I detest mostly cloudy breezy and cold snow showers coating to an inch of snow. And the overnight low eleven tomorrow some snow flurries in the morning otherwise breezy and cold clouds will break for some sun. And the high of 23 and the under temperature 33 degrees and the real feel is that AT and news radio 930 WB EF. Our phone number of course 8030930. Start a thirty on the cellphone and what 80616. WB EN -- -- -- get back to the very Ralph Wilson. Was inducted into the National Football League hall of fame in Canton Ohio by the way. -- that Ohio is not only famous for being the whole of the National Football League hall of fame Canton Ohio is also the final resting place. Of somebody who was very famous who was shot and died in buffalo president William McKinley. Who is buried in Canton Ohio along with his wife Qaeda. So if you see the football hall of -- and you might have an interest in American history you might wanna check out the this is Ralph Wilson. Talking about dubbed her very first time he fell in love with the pigs. I want the blackbirds. Pro football game. In 1935. -- Play the better. Since that time. I had but. Well well well -- As Chris that. Went away college the navy. I came back. And went to work. From my father worked. Every Sunday. At home where it would go see. Pro football game. During that time. I'll look forward to hold a football team so I had. Well in this area. Well as it turned out to get a lot to say over a very long period of time. The only owner the Buffalo Bills have ever known since 1960. Ralph Wilson is no more. He died today at the age but 95. And we've also I have some some more audio from Ralph but I wanna play. Because I think it's it's fascinating going back and listening to us over the interviews and some of the things he had this day. I mean remember this as a guy who -- five years. And polite -- is somebody born when he was bought and is not by the five years so when a guy hit 75. People were wondering when he hit AV. 85. How much longer can this guy go and as it turned out he had eight Italian 95 years of reasonably good health. And that got chosen to celebrate his life and not to be morbid about 95 years. Everything a man could possibly want in leaving this earth with the respect and love the people who knew him best. That's a celebration. On WB. Very few they've had a mark for half a century. -- Think what it means it's. Isn't one day comes that we no longer have problems it's it's it. People won't remember that these students were posted. Ahead of yourself. I didn't get. And I don't think that voice needs any explanation but for those who don't know that is Chris Berman. And Chris Berman huge bills planned during the glory years of the franchise. About it. Wagons like the Buffalo Bills. And up folks. I have to talk. And those are you listen that it long enough but -- it. When somebody gets. Ripe old age of 95. And they are no longer winners. Instead of being morbid. About the loss of that person's life or try to recognize the natural inevitability of it. And instead of focusing on the person's death the final act in the book of life. I try to. Celebrate. The person's life I did with John ought to all I'm doing it with Ralph Wilson because morbid just isn't my thing. Now there are times where somebody dies. Young. And sometimes young and unexpected. Like Tim -- Before Tim was a doughnut it was a real guy. He played -- He was a mentor. Jim Schoenfeld and lots of other guts of that era in the national hockey. And he died the tragic accident on the QEW after game against the Toronto maple it's. Rick Maarten one of the French connection I was stunned when I heard that news because who ever would have expected Rick -- -- had a heart attack and -- When he did it mean those those those really hit. Because they were so unexpected. Ralph Wilson this is the day that everybody said would be someday. And some -- just happened to -- today. Of course our condolences. And by the way this is not meant to be insensitive behavior. Our condolences go out to everybody who personally knew. Ralph Wilson certainly is family -- they're not listening obviously but. Those who knew and loved him who have personal dealings with them who are personally touched by the loss our condolences our sympathies. But I will tell you. And -- said this during the very first part of the show. Mike I find my thoughts right now -- I don't know about you. Maybe I'll find out at 8030930. Start I'm thirty and 180616. WB EM. I don't know about you but right now I find my thoughts are more with that Jim Kelly and Jim Kelly -- Because like you. I found out exactly when you do that Jim Kelly has any recurrence. Of cancer. And we know that he's gonna have surgery. On Thursday. And my guess is that. You know it it's serious time you've got to recurrence. Of cancer it's going to be a serious. And Jim Kelly's a young man. And Jim Kelly by all rights should have a lot of years left. And my thoughts are with the Kelly family right now. I remember and I paid proper respect. And celebration. For the life of Ralph Wilson it's appropriate it is fitting it is meet. He was great terrific man. As I said earlier. If you can leave this world. With those who work for you. Genuinely. Grieving. And shedding tears. Of respect and love for -- you've done something right. And Ralph Wilson's wife in that sense as well as the material sense which is so stupid sometimes. Ralph Wilson's life was a success. And I loved what Steve tasker had to say about the perspective. And the philosophy and the intelligence of Ralph Wilson. Was such that. He was not going to let the fact. That his team never brought him a championship Super Bowl ring. Eat at him or be a thorn in his side he was Smart enough to be kept things in perspective and and -- is the mark. Of somebody who has is blank together. Because as I said earlier you know these are teachable moments. That. Somebody can have everything in the world a loving family. People who are family but were almost like -- because they're so close to you and in friendship and convivial. Every material object you could possibly want. But sometimes some people. Unless they have that one capstone. And and Ralph Wilson's case it would have been a Super Bowl ring. You know they'll let that they'll focus on what they don't -- they focus on the un attainable on a of a game. Instead of focusing on all the good things and Ralph Wilson wasn't like. By all accounts we've heard today. And I'm happy to hear. Now Larry hunter is going to be coming up by taking your telephone calls and there. Offering his thoughts. Ralph Wilson. After 7 o'clock tonight now what are your views that you heard. Earlier that needs to be heard again. Is an interview done. By. Buffalo Bills reporter Greg Brown now I heard was in Pittsburgh amateur where used. I'll look it up during the playing of the interview Greg Brown used to be the Buffalo Bills beat reporter factoring via breakfast with -- days on the other radio station. And before the second super double. Against the Dallas Cowboys are Super Bowl twenty. After the bills beat the Kansas City Chiefs. Greg Brown talked to Ralph Wilson. Before will prove to be the fourth. Consecutive Super Bowl appearance and lost. By the hometown Boris. The bills getting set to take on the Dallas Cowboys and talking to team owner Ralph Wilson about. Well maybe mr. Wilson the difference between this one as opposed to the others to notice a difference in attitude at all and in the head coach the players. Preparation during the week anything different about this one as opposed to the other three. Well I mean the difference I noticed. In the team in the last. Few weeks of the regular season in the post season games. They are. I I think they're a little more serious about this game and they and they have not that they were taking any other previous ones lightly. But I really sense. That they're going to. -- very maximum effort in this game now who knows what's gonna happen and it's a football game. And you show me. One person can predict the outcome of a football game I'd like to meet them. But. Today. If football you know is not only ability. As I've seen it over the years. But his attitude. And particularly in football causes such a violent sport. And you know another -- say you can. I don't know that attitude is that important. And because of the the then as I say the physical violent aspect of the game. And that I think our team is gonna have the right attitude. Very very serious. Above for you -- I've seen you come into the locker room after a devastating loss after great victory and you're always smiling going around shaking hands patting guys in the back and never at least outwardly see a difference in your attitude. Well I don't think the guy in -- you can't win that every game he can't sink every pot. Even though as a Guinea. And and so. Yeah how -- sports. You know. Buff or whatever you call that the and whether it's football or baseball or tennis I'd like to play that game. Sometimes you're gonna win sometimes you go loose and I -- not you're gonna start. You know -- -- -- fought -- never tandem and you lose. I just don't think it's right. You made mention mr. Wilson earlier in the week about how after the bills had -- that the chiefs in the at least that -- early stages may be some members of the media were rooting against. The bills at that might actually work in the bill's favor do you still feel violent. I do. I think he had think just the fact ties changing a little now I think and I feel that they -- now. Maybe. A lot of people are saying this is the team has done well there -- an underdog. This week by. And giant margin. And then you know. Point spread and so forth as you read the paper and that I think. Has. United the team he's. And which you. It has been there in the past. This. And I think it's. That's why they're really gonna try hard. The bills what they have done really transcends sports Marv Levy talked about that also earlier this week that this is a lesson may be in life. And I had -- -- you're going to four Super Bowls after losing three in a row and just continuing to bounce back time and time again. We are you know a I agree with -- The M. Is any comments are in his state of shock that this team has been able. To come back against a very very. You know our extreme manner competition in the other clubs. And with the integrity it exists in the National Football League where that came there was no chance to go anywhere. And in this season. With a poor record will come up and played their hearts out to be the team it's not try to get to the playoffs. The integrity of the game so on. That's extremely important and and to go to four consecutive. Super balls. It is going to be a long long time for that ever happens again and because it's hard. It's very hard. To key to sustained. The emotional day and Tom and all the imponderables. That can take place in this game of football. It's hard to sustain. A high level. Competitiveness. For so many years and how many games and that is Ralph Wilson from over twenty years ago just before Super Bowl 28 joining us right now I do not wanna keep this man waiting he is the man who broke the story of -- Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson junior dying at 95. From Detroit Tom -- at W. XYZ. Tom thanks very much for being whether sand that tell us about the big news and how it came two year. -- -- credit actually goes to my colleague Greg Kelly brought the brought it to my attention. So in terms of breaking the story they would take credit for that certainly goes it to Brett today it is one of those. Circumstantial things where he he kind of overheard something from somebody. It was a good source and we pursued it from the air and I truly believe that. The email that we -- for the bills. Who's received by their spokesman. Scott with less paper told told us yet. Get down meetings in Orlando I truly believe based on the timeline of how things progress that's about it -- And it is mostly it secret for breaking their so much respect for Ralph Wilson here in Detroit. You know we're a market that has a lot of people that own teams around the country the economy and also the Carolina Hurricanes. You know we we have our own voters here with the villages with the Ford family. And you know Ralph Wilson was among those guys -- -- on the street for a the -- -- put forty just passed away a couple weeks ago. So -- at that time here but a lot of respect for what he did he of course used the minority owner of the -- back in the fifties and he just jumped at the chance to build a community in the AFL. His legacy speaks for itself and we certainly. Appreciate everything he did over the course of his career. Tom what can you tell us about the way that respect is there reciprocated. In buffalo of the former bills' players I have just been very. Emotional and genuine genuine genuine genuine about their heartfelt respect for Ralph Wilson it's not branding -- stop marketing it is genuine respect for the man. What can you tell us about the circumstances. Of our Ralph Wilson's death for a hospital. We're working can you fill in some blanks on their forests. Yeah that would lead to believe that he past and it's all in Grosse Pointe shores this afternoon -- what is right around. Or or near twelve news so -- Something along those lines was taken to a hospital test which is on and it didn't work -- that point. And the good news David many factors all of it wouldn't -- -- -- to live in. It's rare nowadays that we're still paying tribute saying goodbye to people who served in World War II saw in my report accurately what the point that out. And among all the other things that he did he serve this country but I -- 4146. World war two and it -- you recognized. Amen brother amen I didn't know that delay our origin story that we listener Ralph Wilson's comments just a few moments ago and his induction into the National Football League hall of fame. Now as the story. Broke. Here just before 3 o'clock. Ralph Wilson passed at about noon today a U -- if you you believe or you know at his home. I am not 100% confirmed -- his home when he let me ask and it's that old. Well we'll bring in police were called -- his home so yes that's we know. Icy icy and have you worked any. Updates on on what his last. What is last days were like I know he's critical hole actually to the Buffalo Bills organization about three days ago well about a draft prospect. I'm not surprising I know me personally I never personally even met mr. Wilson. But I do you recall specifically what in the lions were in buffalo during the previous last year toward the last game and on the sideline reporter. I think just the sort team that. You know we -- their tribute to mr. Wilson because of identity be watching the game on our station lot. And that he was so passionate about the bills that I knew that's where he'd be watching and we were able to do it did. And I the tickets to a 120 seconds just talking about his legacy and what really jumps -- -- it would make the case one of -- first people that was for the week. And in his world -- -- the AFL mean without him and his dedication and his money and support the raiders they support the patriots. At least legal way. And he was so dedicated to it wanted to work. The -- a major part of his legacy that he bailed out the raiders and they needed help he bailed out the patriots and needed help me help keep that -- the -- Tom -- I know you're always -- a deadline and one more question for you eluded to this before but. Here in buffalo of course owning the Buffalo Bills as long as he did the man is truly iconic however overuse that word is he truly was an icon. In Detroit how bigger presence what's. Not huge in my tenure here. Very quiet. We once wanted to do a series of reports on the professional. Owners. Kind of like I mentioned before we do the number of owners of teams outside of this market and we thought that he would have -- period. And he did really have an interest in doing that he was one of those guys who wanted to be out front. Where are called wanna do a story of Peter commandos -- most likely open up historically commodity and he didn't really wanna be the guy who was featured this story and that's that the open about the type of person he wants to. Tablet no thank you very much for joining us and on behalf of those of us who honor those who Wear the uniform of the United States thank you very much for making everybody re aware of the fact that he did Wear the uniform in World War II of the United States navy very much appreciated thank you. It Tom -- from WX YZ in Detroit -- Thomas the lead sports anchor. And we thank him for his time busy day for a mr. -- as well 651 WB. Relegating. Usually we we have the show where it fast CCR and that not gonna do that today. But you know others. So lessons I think. That are inherent in today's show and I tried to approach today's show not with a sense of mourning and grief. But with a sense of celebrating a man's life. And it. As anybody can relate to in the public guide Ralph Wilson had moments where he was a hero. And moments where he was vilified. By Buffalo Bills fans. Sometimes within the same season. Both heroic and a Villa at least in the eyes and perception of fans through it all I never knew. As somebody who watched the team him out to lose his poise. Or his control. And I think in the final analysis. I really don't believe you can find. A more fulfilling life. And the life led by Ralph Wilson. And certainly -- we I'll -- in -- tree. Were are Ralph Wilson and thank you very much for all the emails today I'm sorry could not read them all on the year. We continue on FaceBook we continued WB EN dot com -- hunter will be live and local after the news at seven.

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