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3-25 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Mar 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I got a call tomorrow. And he said round. We needed a franchise. The balance out those Little -- I'm from the east and one from. West. And I give -- your choice of five different cities. Where you can place -- franchise. And I bow. And that is Ralph Wilson who died today at the age of 95 and again. Someday we knew this would happen someday we knew this news would come. And obviously we have no way of knowing that it would come on this very day. And march 25 2014 in the news was announced just before 3 o'clock this afternoon. And I have a very simple rule in -- folks and it is is when somebody lives a full rich long life. And by rich on -- talking about materialism. I don't more. I don't cry I don't -- I celebrate their lives. Because none of us live forever. And the man's life ought to be celebrated. The good things he did ought to be remembered. The things we didn't like that ought to be forgotten about for now. Because it's big guys did. -- lot of things for the community. Made a lot of contributions. For which he never put out a press release he wasn't looking for pats on the back for being a corporate citizen or my favorite expression giving back to the community he just did it. And he always there. And that is something to respect in a man or woman. When they make contributions. When they do nice things for people because. They are the right things to do not because well this will increase my brand rich. I hate -- that Ralph Wilson was genuine in that. Now getting a lot of great emails on your behind the scenes encounters with Ralph Wilson. And the old school gentlemen stuff does not surprise me that's always Powell I have perceived Ralph Wilson. I will tell you that what is surprising me. Is how gregarious. He wars and how. Outgoing he was at these events. My very first caller today he literally pulled her onto the dance floor at the very first hunter's old fundraising gala. And it was a memory of a lifetime for our first call. Now I wanna take your calls and were also talking with former -- Eagles players and people associated with the team. But folks. We really lost somebody. And the what the problems. I have with everything and everybody today being called iconic is the fact that when we truly do lose an iconic figure Ralph Wilson. Somehow it doesn't do it justice. Because the word -- appropriated for people who don't deserve it. Ralph Wilson deserves to be called iconic. In Western New York in the world of professional football in the world of sport Ralph Wilson. Was an -- And there were times. He was beloved. And there were times he was despised. Just like anybody else in the public high. In a community when things are going well everybody wants to be your friend everybody says are great cure. With things are going well. You -- will be there scum of the year. That's the nature of things the way things. Now Greg Brown. I don't Greg Greg Brown used to be a sports reporter. During the breakfast with the hourly era out of and other radio station down the dial which is now part of the intercom family. And Greg Brown to have a date on this this comes to us courtesy of Pete Weber the voice of the Nashville Predators. -- this is before. Which Burton this is before one of the bills -- Super Bowl contest against the cowboys this is downtown Greg Brown that's what I used to call on. Greg Brown talking with Ralph Wilson and this comes -- courtesy of -- wherever in Nashville. And you're hearing it on WB EN Greg brown and Ralph Wilson. Just before Super Bowl. The bills getting set to take on the Dallas Cowboys and talking to team owner Ralph Wilson developed. Well maybe mr. Wilson the difference between this -- as opposed to the others. Do you notice a difference in attitude at all in the head coach the players. Preparation during the week anything different about this one as opposed to the other tree -- Well I mean the difference I noticed. In the team in the Lance. Few weeks of the regular season and the post season games. They are. Her I think they're a little more serious about this game and they and they have not that they were taking any other previous ones lightly. But I really sense. That they're going to. -- very maximum effort in this game now who knows what's gonna happen and it's a football game. And you show me. One person that can predict the outcome of a football game I'd like to meet them. But. Today. If football you know is not only ability. As I've seen it over the years. But his attitude. And particularly in football causes such as violence sport. And you know and other sports -- you can. I don't know that attitude is that important. And because of the the then as I say the physical violence aspect of the game. And that I think our team is gonna have the right attitude. Very very serious. Above for you -- I've seen you come into the locker room after a devastating loss after great victory and you're always smiling going around shaking his -- guys in the back and never at least outwardly see a difference in your attitude. Well I don't think he guy in -- you can't win that every game he can't sink every pot. Even though as a -- And and so. -- -- -- sports. You know. Buff or whatever you call that the -- whether it's football or baseball or tennis I'd like to play that game. Sometimes you're gonna win sometimes you go loose and I -- not you gotta start. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- mentioned mr. Wilson earlier in the week about how after the bills had -- that the chiefs in the at least at the early stages may be some members of the media were rooting against. The bills at that might actually work in the bill's favor do you still feel violent. I do. I think he had think just the fact ties changing a little now I think and I feel that they now. Maybe. A lot of people are saying this is. The team has done well there -- underdog. This week. Giant margin. In the know. Point spread and so forth as you read the paper and that I think. Has. United the team -- And which you. It has been there in the past. This. And I think if that's why they're really tried hard. The bills what they have done really transcends sports Marv Levy talked about that also earlier this week that this is a lesson may be in life. Yeah well you're going to four Super Bowls after losing three in a row and just continuing to bounce back time and time again. We -- you know a I agree with -- The M. He is a commissar of -- in his state of shock that this team has been able. To come back against a very very. You know our extreme manner competition and the other clubs. And with integrity who -- -- in the National Football League where that came there was no chance to go anywhere. And in this season with a four record will come up and played their hearts out to be the team does not try to get to the play house. The integrity of the game so on. That's extremely important and and to go to four consecutive. Super balls. It's going to be a long long time for that ever happens again and because it's hard. It's very hard. To keep to sustain. The emotional. And all the imponderables. That can take place in this game of football. It's hard to sustain. A high level. And competitiveness. For so many years and so many games. Final question now is no guarantee the bills will be back to five in a row or even again. As long as you were the team owner so how important. Would this win BTU. They are there when would be now it's important to me because. I would be very very happy for my arm and the players. Not for me and I'm not just saying that. In. It is just the way I feel. I would. Howard just be so happy to see. Those people Marvin stands for great assistant coaches. And Ali's top players. When this game I would be happy for them -- a lot of people would be happy for Ralph Wilson also we wish him the best of luck and I'm Greg Brown for countdown to kickoff. And well does that ever bring back memories that audio is. Over twenty years old just over twenty years all that was then Buffalo Bills beat reporter Greg Brown. Talking with Ralph Wilson who died today and it was just before Super Bowl twenty at the fourth and final Super Bowl during the -- glory years a game the bills would lose. Two the Dallas Cowboys by a score of thirty to thirteen after having defeated. The Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC championship game by a score of thirty to thirteen. Again just take you down memory lane four straight Super Bowls unfortunately. Never a gold championship ring for Ralph Wilson. Again that Ralph Wilson dead today at the age of 95 and I've chosen to celebrate the man's life. Instead of doing -- four hours of doom and gloom. 95 years of what seems to have been -- very happy. Very fulfilling very rewarding life but just in terms of materialism. Which. You know those treasures rust in -- and get more often but. Being surrounded by people who loved him and a great family and Mary Wilson. The guy had pretty much anything that guy can ever want in this life. And when he was inducted into the NFL hall of fame in Canton Ohio. Ralph Wilson talked about going to his first football game. I want to divert. Pro football game. In 1930. Reliance. -- -- -- Since that time. I had -- So horrible man. As Chris. I -- later college and the navy. I came back. And went to work. From my father what. Every Sunday. At home where it would go see. Pro football game. During that time. I'll look forward to all about football team so I had. -- -- -- -- Now has it turned out Ralph Wilson -- had a little to say about it but yet a lot to say about it over a very long period of time 19622014. Ralph Wilson the only owner the Buffalo Bills have ever -- Right now let's find out about the drive all traffic here is Allan Harris. All right Allan thank you and check out -- pictures out of Ralph Wilson with Fred scurrilous on the field you can check get traffic come and page on FaceBook. Or my page on FaceBook it doesn't really matter great pictures there and -- let you send your pictures of you -- Ralph Wilson. Because that -- part of being in the public tires hey can I get a picture view especially in the era of cell phones. AccuWeather mostly cloudy breezy and cold tonight some snow showers we could see a two inch of snow could see overnight low eleven tomorrow some flurries in the morning otherwise breezy and cold clouds will break for some sun. With a high of 23 were holding a 36 degrees at news radio 930 WBE and and the one piece of audio from Ralph Wilson because I know we're gonna try to talk to some. People who were connected to Ralph Wilson his players were parts of the world sporting in Western New York -- professional football. Rob Wilson. Talked about the qualities he wanted to see. In that whoever would follow his footsteps as owner. Or owners of the Buffalo Bills. I hope this one I'm on that don't -- Has fish stabilization in mind that -- you know I try I -- -- franchise. For the fans. You know whereas moon -- hours and then. You know I love interest who. Eventually location. I'm and then. To do that he had -- you know. Feel good team. And folks like solar my agent too because there's always this wave of panic and again we noticed they would come up. When you're 95 as somebody once joked you don't even by green bananas. -- but Ralph Wilson. Signed a -- bill signed a ten year lease with you recount now any contract has an out. But it looks like the bills are going to be here for at least. What nine more years. Yeah march 2013 -- the renovations are under -- the irony here today as well is they were doing the -- were today. The tour featuring some of the renovations. And just does that -- -- was ending just a little bit after that it was announced that Ralph Wilson. Had in fact died. And we will continue our coverage Larry hunter will be in with live local talk at 7 o'clock tonight Larry hunter live and local 7 o'clock on WB. Yeah the -- and shame and you didn't feel like you're just a player he felt like him or somebody really cared about and column you know he'd like to say just a good man you get a big heart. It's a great person arm and you know I've got so much respect for him in and out in a really missed having him around. And obviously like you said he hadn't been around rotten in the last couple years but. All his presence was always there everybody you know such a deep respect for him. It actually -- the entire league in and especially in not in our locker room. And forgive me if John until swapped here that was the voice. Bill to on WBE. And the and we are covering the death of Ralph Wilson 95 years old ironic that it happens today as the Buffalo Bills offer to were to the media of the renovations going on at Ralph Wilson Stadium. And also during the Arab owners meetings and it was at the ownership meeting last year in March. We're the voters said OK to the least deals signed between the Buffalo Bills and Erie county joining us right now on WBM. We have Bob Buffalo Bills legend by himself Steve tasker state thanks very much for being -- and we knew this day was coming but now that the inevitable has happened. What are your thoughts right now is somebody who knew Ralph Wilson knew him pretty well worked form and do the kind of guys he really wants. Well you can imagine it is pretty heartbreaking. Triggered by a guy who's had so much should do it. So many guys and their success in Western New York both personally incur personally obviously. The guys that can't -- the bill. The dream come true most of them and it was Armenian. I came here off the waiver wire in 1986. And because of the organization and Ralph Wilson. You know -- and my family has grown from 27 in person actually -- a normal nine and I owe a lot of that organization and -- and what he's built here I yeah am heartbroken over passing. You know in in every like me Ralph Wilson had basically everything -- human being could possibly want on this earth. How much do you think. Is it bothered him that he was that the team did not manage to win him a Super Bowl championship. Ring and it was -- a a major thorn in his uttered that he approachable or philosophical. That is light pretty much pretty much in perspective. That thinks that. That Super Bowl would have changed anything for him easy time he had a lot of players. Who came through this organization who looked into debt -- who he knew that personal relationships where. He had the ability to see the big picture and yes it I'm sure you -- would've been wonderful but when Nazi global and he would tell you that. -- In the big scheme of things. It is better I think for him and his mind have a a franchise that. Made it different a lot of people. Then could be known or Orton or to compromise that. For a one championship. He would about running a championship organization regardless of whether they actually took the trophy. And I think is likely complexion perspective these two intelligent with a guy and that that wondering would -- change anything for -- -- and legacy. Indeed Steve -- is with us live on WB and Steve you and a number of the other players with whom we've spoken -- to whom we've listened -- I have talked about the family aspect of playing under Ralph Wilson as the owner of the Buffalo Bills. In a lot of people claim to run a family business were to treat their associates like family Ralph Wilson was the real deal though -- Well it certainly you know that team they're back in the early -- late eighties early nineties and it was special group. There's no question about it and that was a friendly and because -- people in that locker room in the front office and and and -- -- like a member and -- welcome. And he reveled in the a faction that everybody had -- other entry in the well it was a it was a wonderful and special time for everybody a -- in that -- We love this week we've. We worked hard together and it meant a great deal everybody everybody order. In the ocean on their -- all the time. And Ralph. Embraced the two. Yeah it was it was very special group from. -- the locker room the guys who worked in the locker room equipment guys trainers all -- to. Bill Polian and all the way to route and -- -- an entire or ownership group. And the guys in the front office if we all -- together from security guards to the secretary. All the cute head coach. Every person who's affiliated with the organization. Part of that fans and everybody knew each other names -- handling it and it was it was special. There are a lot of great great people involved that team not just football people but human beings. And that it shoot through your recent. You know it it strikes me also -- for at least a couple of guys of whom I can think Ralph Wilson was a transformative. Figure in their lives you know they came in his and I am a big shot in the NFL they kind of you know were were rudderless. And -- Almost get the sense that Ralph Wilson was able to share his perspective on the big picture of life. And helped to turn some of the guys around who might go on in different directions. Well I think there's no question that the value system that permeated that team. That I was on back in those days there's a value system that went far beyond football and and what happened on Sunday it was about way of life and where you're thinking in a -- talk about yourself and your profession and and living up to standard in every aspect of your life not just to cook ball. I'm Ralph Wilson certainly your -- that mark Levy gave Bill Polian period. All the great players parking did as well where they were committed. Not just so that team but they're too they're teammates. The organization and I think when you get players came and then got -- got a feel for that culture I think it did change like. As Davis has got to be a real gut wrenching time because obviously. You -- feelings of appreciation for Ralph Wilson respect for Ralph Wilson. Our our genuine and they run very very deep. And you have a beloved friend in Jim Kelly who's going through some tough health issues right now. And they were were do you find the strength to deal with the multiple layers of adversity within a concentrated period of time. Well I mean here. You walk through. You know like a believer. Now. That you do it. You you're you're you know that there's a lot of good things that are gonna come out of this. Even in the darkest times their blessing to be had their hard lessons be learned he's -- where -- lessons in the good times. You -- -- hard lessons in the bad times. And I know I'm not alone in my heart breaks over the past morale. But I'm also. Rejuvenated because I'm in a fight with a friend of mine -- Who's gonna battle cancer and I'm swinging with him. I'm so. Yes it's. Is a pretty emotional time for all of us. Who were part of that club and -- -- Yeah we're we're -- -- clinging to each other pretty or again. -- and Steve and again I don't mean they're I'm not trying to pride but behind that curtain aside MTV just short while ago. Behind the curtain where you had generations. Of bills players are suffering Jackson I saw you. And a couple of the other guys. What were some of the common denominator is in the our conversations you had about Ralph wells are Ralph Wilson intergenerational. I think from the biggest. Common denominator was was gratitude. We all know what it. What a huge huge yeah it was there is projection that huge gift that it is to be a part of this organization. How great it is to be a member of this community. And how much Ralph Wilson had to do all that and his vision and instead -- ability to keep this team right where that. Terrorism means a lot to all of us and it's changed all of us it's made it's all. Different. For the better and I think that the one common denominator -- -- between Craig Jackson. -- and myself and the ground Booker editors and in the I spoke to I mean it's just a great deal of gratitude for reaching Ralph did admit to all. There are some times back in the ninety's used to hang out with Tom -- at this place in that -- one and day he had great things to say about Ralph Wilson. Thomas you no longer with us. Right I mean that's. 55 years a long time -- any city. And what should you know little not little -- to run the business or not. Yeah so he touched countless lives. No question. Steve I know this is obviously an emotional time and I want to thank you very much and a what you get back to your former teammates and -- people and people currently Wear the uniform of the Buffalo Bills and I'm really honored to speak review and to the best you always. Steve tasker joining us on that WB EN it is 544. Right now folks. You know you can tell the difference. When people are going through the motions when they talk about somebody. You know they use cliches. And they almost sound hollow in the ring somehow on true the common denominator. With everybody with whom we spoke everybody who knew Ralph Wilson. And I hope you picked up on this and you guys are Smart as I know you have folks this is genuine. This is not branding. This is not marketing. This is not phony crap. This is real. Love these guys -- for Ralph Wilson. I just want to think about that. These are guys who either are or were his employees. Erica you've got that dynamic going. But you've also got a situation. Where. Despite that employee employer relationship. Ralph Wilson clearly took an active interest. In the best interests. Of his players. And I'm not going to name -- I don't have to. But take it to the bank that Ralph Wilson personally steered selling his guys away. From bad decisions and from bad lives and put them on the straight narrow. Okay. Ralph Wilson also. And I I just wanna emphasize this one more time because I think it's an important part of the story as we celebrate his life. Look at. Heat made so many charitable contributions. Off the radar. You know a lot of people use charitable contributions for ER. Charitable contributions for again branding and marketing and oh look how wonderful we are. And Ralph Wilson donated a lot. To a lot of worthy organizations. And he did it silently. And respect that as one of the reasons you know what I think of great philanthropist in Western New York I have to -- I think it Ralph Wilson and I think arrest Salvatore I think they're gonna cut from the same -- Old school. Businesspeople. But. They also recognize their part of the community so much thanks to Steve tasker everybody with whom we spoke and so far up for their genuine thoughts on Ralph Wilson. He was the real deal. And I did not realize. This is a learning experience for me I didn't realize how genuinely beloved ones by the guys who worked for. So chalked it up as a learning experience for your humble host and probably you guys to. -- -- -- -- on that news radio 930 WB and we're gonna talk about the business aspects of this Glenn wiggle. Will be with -- local financial expert on WB -- just moments from now. Don't go what they were continuing coverage of the death of Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson Larry hunter will be live and local at 7 o'clock. Also got a WB EN dot com for the latest. And AccuWeather we're gonna have a call rolled right down to eleven degrees could see up to an inch of snow overnight. Sorry tomorrow some flurries on the morning otherwise breezy and cold clouds breaking for some -- 23. And we are holding a 36 degrees news radio 930 WBM. I was statement from -- the goal and typical from the Buffalo Sabres it's quick but I do wanna share with your. The entire Buffalo Sabres organization was saddened to learn of the passing of Ralph Wilson junior. His contributions to the city of buffalo over his fifty plus years of owning the bills were immeasurable and his legacy in western new York and the sports world will be long lasting. With his passion for the game and never ending loyalty to the great fans of buffalo he embodied what all owners in sports strive to be. On behalf of the Buffalo Sabres we would like to offer heartfelt condolences to his wife Mary the Wilson family and everyone. In the Buffalo Bills organization buffalo -- our -- owners Terry and Kim would rule. Just the perfect words to say by the -- and wow now unfortunately folks and you've lost people are close to you I'm sure your own life. And the sad reality is death as a business aspect to. And when you were talking about an organization worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It really has a business aspect to it and let's talk about that joining us right now we have -- wiggle. One of the F financial guys you can hear their show Saturday afternoons from one to three here and news radio 930 WB EM. Glenn the team goes into what trust what does that mean. Well -- assume that Ralph Wilson has everything set up very well star's estate planning goes so. That it will transfer to most likely a standalone type the trust implemented the affairs of the organization. You know the trust the -- on the type the trust you know can be long lasting it can be one generation can be multiple generations so. You know he's never very been very public about his estate planning -- what he's done to preserve the team so you know a lot of that will will come out over the next couple of days a couple of weeks I'm sure. But tell what exactly does that mean in terms about taxes and the viability financially. Of the organization I'm I'm not a lawyer -- -- level or bigger financial -- you deal with this stuff. Well transferring any asset upon -- -- beat to a trust or to another individual with the exception of the Spanos. Was still triggered estate tax so it is -- but also about example that the goes to. A standalone -- the trust Soviet State taxes do and again you know you and hoping you would think that you know somebody that well. Somebody that's stature -- certainly would have had you know the proper attorneys and you know financial advisors around him -- use some level estate planning -- the hope is that. -- -- some life insurance -- other liquid assets like insurance as often as they used to provide liquidity upon that. In just such this instance we've got a a large you know who -- type of asset -- a -- a business like that sorely sports franchise or. We're just regular business. You know that like insurance often times can provide that liquidity to pay some of those estate taxes so that business in this case a franchise as they attacked. And the lease signed with Erie county and the Buffalo Bills should guarantee the team is gonna be here for well the lease was signed in 2013. Nine warriors. Or 10 more years I am not sure -- what the start date was of the least. Yeah I can't comment on that I mean certainly you know if something -- to change and I'm I'm certain that they'd be able to have to probably negotiate something out of that I don't know. What the value that we says that compares to the value of the team you know you would hope that would be the case I mean certainly we all hope that the Buffalo Bills they western new York and you know it sounds like there may be plans that they had that happen and there's certainly you know we all that is the case you know certainly -- losing. A Ralph Wilson. It is a huge deal for Western New York it's a sense that they've finale Buffalo Bills as benevolent buffalo is done. So much you'll find very few people that have been so committed for so long to western new York and you know certainly a real lot so you know hopefully the business aspect will stay together -- -- -- -- -- Western New York you hope that the plant that made but you know we won't know that is something to release. Glad do you have any Ralph Wilson story is. And any fund Ralph also stories because one of the things I've learned about Ralph Wilson to make two things number one he was genuinely be love -- by the people who worked for him. I'm I'm hearing genuine it. Heartbreak in the voices I'm hearing on my show of those who knew him the best. But I'm also eye catching glimpses of a sense of humor and a gregarious. Nature. You know I think you'd have very approachable guy I've met him once and it was it will bring early in my career before it was on the radio and got chance do interviews India. It socialist like years' time. Mike and I were at a bar on main street -- happy hour -- a few drinks afterwards and I attorneys. Parents sitting in a -- There was Ralph Wilson than you know turnaround -- -- and it sits at the time the thought was a few minutes without -- was it was very kind of what we were probably. You know 2223 year old young punks at times so you know just it struck me as a very genuine very nice very down to earth guy. That was very approachable so. You know it was a great opportunity to meet him I'm glad they had that opportunity and in which -- -- no further for sure. So -- -- the bottom line with this trust situation. Into which the team will now fall ears. You know what went into -- I guess the question is when fans here at the Buffalo Bills will now be taking care of by eight trust that means blank. Well that means that there's been provisions put in place so the ongoing management of the organization which is a good thing again a lot depends on you know what type of trust that is. As a result we'll let the trustee or revoke clauses you know standalone player the trust the situation I don't know that answer at this point. But the good news is that you know obviously it does seem like there -- preparations put in place obviously you would think that would be the case. For the ongoing management reorganization so that they can continue on forward at least for the time being without skipping a beat it and and without having to go to undo. You know legal appeals court probate type of you know at the scenario. And Glen Day due assurance that if we invest when he 5000 with you you can turn it and hundreds of millions of dollars. I'm glad -- I also regard this is a celebration of capitalism today by the way I know that may be unpopular. Though Ed's absolutely having you're talking about somebody who is so committed to a small franchise fifty years have been instrumental in the in in the area now Indiana now and you know -- the great story tolerance so you're actually right there. Glad it's always a pleasure speaking with you and I'll be listening one to three on Saturday you and Mike -- the financial guys. -- you guys you guys you guys -- I usually don't like financial shows but you do a lot more than finances of thanks a million -- -- from the financial guys.

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