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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Joe DeLamielleure Remembers Ralph Wilson

Joe DeLamielleure Remembers Ralph Wilson

Mar 25, 2014|

The hall of famer shares his memories of the Bills' owner with Larry Hunter.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We know ms. Jo -- it's Joseph the Lama later Joseph I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to speak with us tonight. Joseph I wanna ask you first off when was the last time you had an opportunity to speak to mr. Wilson. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A parade -- that it isn't visuals always what you get to go to so we're sitting down there and that's an excellent. Had a good conversation. Said that I was surprised that he was -- it was because you look people. -- good news disable the Wilson. He was in a wheelchair at that time wasn't -- right. Yeah I'm. Joseph I talked earlier to the Associated Press -- reporter John world and I asked him. How he felt that Ralf is gonna be remembered. In the National Football League and he used the word visionary -- and I like to add an awful lot went. When you look back. On your association with the bills and and knowing mr. Wilson. How do you think the NFL is going to remember this gentleman's. Well I had a quick vote visuals are opened a bureau. American -- -- -- because he would the American copper -- The American Football League and they edit the Europeans but he kept. Helping it was so slow I know for sure and probably a couple of the other ones -- -- not. Those who streamed. -- football league. I don't think what he first heard he thought it would compete with Seattle called -- -- are watching your goal I think is very. The visit which makes this wobbly and it's business and they were the were worse. Poor spears -- -- the the guys. In geographical both bills and its reliance and the result. -- bidding war so. This sort some you know he used part of we can't survive the -- worship virtually. That's what -- He was. You know he's content and doing. Interestingly enough the American football league's stance is the only professional football league to successfully. Compete against the NFL and that it is quite an accomplishment in itself with mr. Wilson and about Adams and Lamar Hunt Joseph do you remember the first time you met mr. Wilson. Column -- -- -- -- as a junior college emotional state I don't know mr. Wilson was. So I knew the ball all of those were -- -- -- college coach don't be Doherty and he come and watch it practice and roll old or all the time all. He he actually go out to me like you know usually the steps to borrow for Harvick council member. So among the GM call your draft here yeah actually I Treo because of the want an all clear that he -- It already highly critical -- -- I want I want to argue we're draft. About every humorous story. The Pittsburgh Steelers. There are coaches on this -- are still -- you say. The tour pros and -- would offer a political sort robbers got this sort of take Q and first trial. And last there's Gergen. JT Thomas was because there. And is available organ after HL would use federal art sort of its outlook for what he expects. And it should we don't think -- of course there. Aren't they cute and the first and the second Robert. Ever solve hamburger or certain book -- -- -- I came home from school -- groups know your history rhetoric like this. There was 130 strip itself and the draft started. You know early. Are quite. Mary Olmert -- android actually. They actually did and they call -- malveaux and they -- -- there for a -- -- now. Trust could disappoint. But before it even get this one of the all right. There really rural schools and sports. So we trapped during the first trial as a great hung up the phone call my debt -- debt that just got trapped by Pittsburgh. And the next phone call from secretary for Arnold was a bit worried culture who would look at my induction speech. And -- are sort of -- Clinton voters some sort but what we've -- what I -- trade has already and multiple -- major number one. The choice -- strictly for strong. So -- real man I was excited -- -- what default form on the initial vote for a -- players because remember that nature. I -- -- sparkly skirt words or report. And I told -- some missiles and you may have a future people got quite a lot of order. And we've all important relationship. You know what I don't like -- not sure what we'll look -- -- -- approach. That I don't like -- -- furcal tripled respect if you please straightening. And he Uga and -- in Cleveland. So much could or should games could probably true and they. Cable television -- from -- restrictions to protect their watched games for Detroit amount. It was a bit yeah but what I was so. What the Cleveland for five years and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he was good yeah see you hear what employer -- this sort of speak -- you don't have a salary job. So we don't make a lot of money. You you do that your view of what. You know -- Goodmail. You know be really agree to -- -- I've got an escape if you don't mind. When you signed the contract with the bills and in 1973. How much was the contract for. This kind of comical group because. There's I was almost wondering. My -- Billy -- -- what they -- -- by the cult waters. Before we have pictures of it -- -- so we're -- return through a country made this trip to try to do go to -- could -- -- And -- we're drive and then most of what you should India an epic nature. Throw -- to 325000. Dollars. And it goes so rigorous almost fortified. And she -- or you're not connected you know this is Billie -- They're -- -- -- stage so what I what we've mr. Wilson. It is our regards -- and your contract. Well Paris are on their apartment with -- -- as -- looking at all let -- -- -- only true. We're bureau Graham worked so ergo straighter but since there are you don't have any public view -- this -- -- -- -- -- are -- All talk radio lamp from a television that are close to all we get. All of and all this so it looks negotiate. A contract right I'm all aboard. 4244262830. That first five years almost all -- This -- -- tell you something little. The only part of Karachi this first game of the first year none of this country. But -- so if you all the Bible story. And that was -- people. Myself attitude towards what we should create thirty. Was passing European car recently extended some good quality coaching. All she. -- -- experience of doing what professional football what they have more to bankers lower shortly. We are we so we're -- so we're still want or make that much shortages plaguing you enjoy. Who -- -- Didn't have salary. You know salary -- although. And love Wilson I have to do whatever you do do you. People -- man -- just. Bill I would certainly more money but. The experience it was good. I've got to ask you Joseph that -- that's -- When you went to Cleveland. Did you negotiate your contract or did you hire someone. I don't know I never I never millimeters apart played like three years. And mr. Wilson's report their contracts and I got like doubled -- mall. You know you always companies under contract. There for five euros are never once played over my old contract concede review goes. -- another plane to one of the reporters. Uttered reduce you do my country or or are so. I know -- some sort of agreement or -- don't want the Cleveland. I ended up all my -- -- That they'd like to longer he already suspect. And -- Yeah -- So -- got that I'm in my life. I would I was looking Camelot. Because I was too so I really enjoy and remember there are also obvious -- -- lot of pressure this thing. As a player which would obligate you to support work. Gains it's a game racial performing. You know -- -- all equal or. Conceptual muddle through which -- all right now and execute to our affiliate out so -- -- -- will help here. Peter in my experience the wolf -- Taiwan has already been brought great. We're talking -- Joseph normally your former offensive lineman of the Buffalo Bills during the electric company. Years of of the seventies and then down I 85 was your last year wasn't a -- Right okay. Ever want breakthrough -- Wilson will go to Israel concerned about the structural the game and all of us. All tree candle light. They've made it up the electric opener. And I think -- -- close and helped her very well. What what department reserve -- -- There -- so those plates. For injured. Ailment and rubber AM human nature and -- Roman Anderson. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And mr. Wilson's no way he's got all those are trying to grow although it -- -- -- all. -- They're regulatory 500 dollar -- -- -- which. We were very 4500 dollar making. Breaking all the records military official says no way. That all the guys on the people below so that offers good climate or are you -- so much money. -- Yeah I superior -- to -- -- Wilson -- another time matured beautifully. Although bill -- and Nelson of those cars shirt for all this from Nebraska yeah well there were all hurt their rookies. And I was taken twenties should follow. As my third gear -- -- so. And that is somewhat aggressively you hear much about not -- -- a -- of making war and why. And all it got so we're -- -- -- Monday night game occult rituals in the right. Dismissal so we gotta I -- -- I got our views what all the so I'm not playing this game. This would mean at a point in the game Monday night -- -- play -- local so. -- now let's take you know contrary I've brought Nelson. From making more than Ohio and how much do you -- had not been so stupid I was -- -- -- -- This all right I'll give it to you couldn't I couldn't put them under our belt and -- what you would -- given its very well -- always took repels me more of those two hours. We cannot -- Our commercials well so we've got four. This was just different time different time different hero. Yeah all I have absolutely no question about that Joseph when you signed your contract. What did you go out and splurge on anything -- did you get a 67 border or anything. Now here's another thing I got -- decide what works what what set up. You will have at all what we -- authority over five years housing here. Are -- severe how do you want everything doctor. Could break up. Think they had a relapse and I insurers -- -- email we got real patients here. -- Let -- like this that we were just fireworks are very definition state. Ruth and we get after you heard Geithner who want them our legislators whose partner. We're capable solutions. Two in June. We have no audience we just got a lot of fought so. A look back -- best record mr. Wilson while circuit idiocy this appointment physical. I don't know who knew that. We built for oversight of these okay -- -- this particular fiscal I've flown reputable there's this cardinal played football. Also told police. I can't -- the -- -- secure water bills her hospital rules -- well blown we will clinic you've already Eritrea. Although -- like to -- people are reported use of it from a possible goals. -- -- actually told people up for an area I had other interviews never mentioned it right now. -- hope that he had a lot of loyalty. -- Joseph went chuck Knox came to town. I've been trying to remember and I am unable to to look it up if you remember who is offensive coordinator was. Melt the iron actually Rick perhaps it's like coach I don't know. As for luckier here all log com note -- -- you to order. I don't know who's also scored it was all I -- I'm good at remember Richmond. Just I went from coach Ringo who coached as partners and Saban new cynical. It is locals as a coach were you able to draft and and I always liked him and have them. I looked -- -- work we do actually trying to I was -- so much Rangel. -- -- it was her most coaches just. So perfect to -- me. The other reason I ask you that is because some my first experience with a Ralph was I believe then. 82 Ku. Win now. Even there actually I don't know in general but it was used to -- Noah you know I'm in May be in the defense according maven Tom Kaplan because. When chuck announced that he was leaving the bills for Seattle. I was working that at a local television station here and they called me up about 6:30 in the morning and told me to get to the airport that I was going to Detroit. And IA took the flight that and I think -- was tomcat win as a matter of fact. Yeah and I went to Detroit and followed Tom. And went to around mr. Wilson's office and when he met with Tom and then afterwards. Ralph came out and that's when I first met him for the first time and told them why was in that time with -- the buffalo television station. And could I ask you a couple of questions. About the bills. Co head coaching situation. And he said no. And I said OK well thank you anyway goes if you wanna fill me talking to you. He goes I'll do that but I won't talk about the head coach situation. And and so that was my first experience -- mr. Wilson and I had you know met him a few times before. But I always got the impression. That Ralph cared more about football. Then he did about the finances. He just loved the game so much. And and one of the team to win so bad. That. Even if he lost a little money you wouldn't -- mattered but he he wanted the team to win did did you get that feeling from him over the years. So of course you're water when it absolutely wanted to work -- so. You know so sometimes -- in this just my opinion a lob missiles -- sometimes if you listen to all people. And I EC. Is possible to actually watch football and saved -- won the championship football. In the -- the only real. War. And then what -- rookie year circuitry. -- -- of sorts. The order. Nine and five and made the playoffs. You know OJ mystery monster Ogilvy who follows. -- for the bills and -- all. Lou -- trade old -- and Graham's because. Altered -- -- and longer you know well. It's only we have checked at Baltimore corruption and Bob Walker could help them for OJ well what do it happy you're like don't object. And though. People treatment -- -- and 50000 dollar reward circuitry polls. And on the -- all cost right like in the twenties. So Lou says -- can't have one guy they -- that quality I would guys shoot a major what he has in -- That was probable and that's sure to do it quick. Tangle. And I had their ability launch let me there are no -- like the last open book and we'll put it in -- or bump. All your service and all game in some way. Our display in my opinion. He has got some bit simpler more straight. From Detroit or whatever. It was he was regional PC. It is a bit tiger's life. I think he's finally got it right unfortunately. Debate and unfortunately. You won't -- I think just overall they're finally triggered at all. And our employer or an they got to football it was like you might. All one of the show. Yeah I think you're right John Joseph I think there were some people over the years that where more business oriented than football oriented and -- -- -- -- -- really -- advice. Obviously there are enemies in Detroit. That's what you see serial -- -- Because you know you just compute and he had no big money I -- your money. Our overall you know we characters in the same -- -- -- del negro on our audience. That was his thing you know that you are older right here he understood. -- -- world football and make money. This brought policy general manager -- got from the trip last year it was it was -- so. So. Every government last year either an 85. I retired. -- as a coach -- -- it would talk to roll form preparing appropriately was shot we had a good thing. So are all partners will also and all of those -- some struggles. You have to get him telling you -- more. I mean you're dressed or not we'll go up because you don't -- -- Andre reed and Eric it's from all. Working in the right Derek bell it was a -- -- it really -- great players to see it useful survey. All law. Tell you Bruce some. -- control there that are. All you need to do you're gonna quarterback you're gonna have a darn good game and this -- -- -- It's pretty cool. That would run history for audit of those warriors. Inactive due for a quarterback at least. And -- I could never understand. I went up to what I was also pleased to newspaper. Please strip of them are pleased are predicted to do. And Massachusetts are guys like -- big guy all the way and and -- -- you know the -- chuckles. -- look at what mobile app to skirt. Now. Yeah I also called on so some think who brought which it other times 1980 sort rhetoric or call us. I used to forward is powerless to slow become voters partial. And mannerisms watch games she was in my and in this fiscal. Choose -- -- brought to Jerry Butler. Sushi -- -- predictable whose boat trip mr. Butler. But also listen to walk people. I almost any source usually. I don't think dollar this world and -- that's. Are almost all of us what you've got to draft history these linebackers. And state. James Stahl and wants to play forward. What's this thing as is -- problem. So international desk watching elbow missiles called -- so. Authorities have that would want to play for us because well he's got up so we're gonna have and I'll like it. From him and a city that don't like being in love is probably detonate a bomb. But an outfielder Eric. Both of actual sort of suit who's good man and he used kind of reminding you and -- You know bam right all I work with -- -- -- channel four. -- and looks very feeble now because old coach's April it -- you -- audible. You dropped forty years of age crept yes it might insert stock -- eat up a ball and that's what role. The way especially at all a ball so much -- he is amazing. He looks like these people regional realtor it is my shirt. That's nice to know Jones there it really is. But I -- that was a part of vocal because. Resources from Detroit you -- much talent coach either psychological -- it won't hurt us. And I got it from directory years I'm just thankful. And and we are to jail because you were an outstanding player but you're also an outstanding individual you're a good person your family man. And we we take pride in and calling you -- I don't know I want to want more than what this proposal I wrote I wrote in the letter of Arizona football. Because we've real world biological children that we adopted Korean borders as a strong order execution all the guys. Who are right now. You know belt Maurice -- gonna bring your -- -- -- play for the National Football League these trojans never out here. And he wrote that letter. And -- pre orders that were changer lowers because in the National Football League. And then -- all pro shop and don't. It -- like I sincerely appreciate your your time today and tonight it's been a pleasure talking to -- -- I wish you and your wife and and family is the best and and may -- will -- get to. Amaechi in person up here when you come to want to go to great. Thank you -- children normally your former offensive lineman of the Buffalo Bills part of the electric company. And just to doggone nice individual what a pleasure to have to speak to the man as we salute the life of Ralph C Wilson junior tonight Ralph passed away. At the age of 95 today in Detroit.

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