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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Former Buffalo Sportscaster Pete Weber

Former Buffalo Sportscaster Pete Weber

Mar 25, 2014|

Pete Weber talks with Tom Bauerle about Ralph Wilson.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hate the today we all knew was gonna happen has happened and how do you think Ralph Wilson is gonna be remembered by the community not just a sporting community. But by western New Yorkers in general. Well I think it's gonna be remembered by now well what after gold kind of generational leap year I I think you'll be right now for the youngsters they're. The high school on down the old guy who all the Buffalo Bills and a captain here and I and I think the people who wore. Middle age of people let's just say the baby boomers. On down. Be remembered as the guy who put together some pretty on weekends or them. With the team but he put it it's out yet there were some as one highlight though I remember was titled back in 84. Years of paying years of Lori maybe the emphasis has been on the pain. But the war it was something very very special all with the AFL championship teams of 64 and sixty by the those Super Bowl teams that don't want to Super Bowl 4546. Point seven and 28. And you know like any other public figure paid. Ralph Wilson was subjected to the vicissitudes the ups and downs of public opinion depending on the year adding another team was going he was either a cheap SOP who didn't give a damn about the fans or he walked on water it was one of the other with Ralph Wilson. You're there was stopping in between it and that I still get a phone call through a guy like but true we have brought in Mike was sickly cattle. Is cartoons liquor expressed years ago. Shall rout kind of like Spock here character that he now has that forty years old that is work. I'd you know I'm very happy to be a seal on Weiner now on that but well. Yes. Absolutely. When I moved to town in 1976. This was the period of time OJ it was holding out before the start of the season on Monday night game with the Miami Dolphins. And all of a sudden OJ it was given them money. Something we would consider. Now under some thousand dollars a year. Before coming and they would leave the AFC in rushing with no training. What some others will point to the meeting on the field and I walked. And then reached. With Jimmy grabbed the ball back and he should sort of should on a bit then Jameer that it entered in that money title against the dolphins it was never the same player again. So that is sort of like. And the wall like they should apple that is there. Yeah indeed and then. Pete Derek Ralph Wilson it does not surprise me to get a lot of email from people saying that he was an old school type of gentleman and we ought to forget the fact that he served in World War II he was of that generation when women are when men took their hats off at a restaurant when they opened doors for women when they pulled out seats when they rose when the woman got up from the table he was old school. In that way but one of the surprising elements of the calls and emails I'm getting is Ralph Wilson the one liner guy Ralph Wilson the fun guy when he wasn't around a microphone or having to be that multi millionaire owner of a football team. I'd be sent to curator rob Wilson there. I've had sent you guys some audio to a one listened to a player but it is part of this from the 1984. Silver anniversary celebration Petit. And here he is talking at least in the hands. After he's being accused by done Ricky thanks in advance their continued. Support. And it goes this is not open of the six 1984. And he goes up folks. What do I want it. Now this seem so far. Enough when the next restart that your old lap but we gonna win again. Coach it was you know when that's going to be snaps this sort of guy he was sold one liners. In Toronto a pretty large crowd also want to just ready yet to be a mom is closest ramps. I thought the man had a terrific sense of humor. And I think probably the guy who might have the absolute. Best in the sites in the interim. We're probably biggest fairly regular. Sunday morning tennis partner and nor. Because those two. I talk about going back a long way state Google back two when the franchise under the old nineteen pitino. Well indeed and pebble certainly Syria band is available to us people that you're certainly no slouch. I mean okay. I mean tiger adequate. You're about to update we're gonna put your audio up. With your kind permission will put your audio of Ralph Wilson 1984. Talking about them goals coach eight Stephenson. Will put that up at WB EN dot com. And I know that you're busy you've got a full time job is the voice of the Nashville Predators and about a million other things in that Tennessee. And I want to thank you it's always a pleasure speaking with the always light up the show. Glad to do it some and you know we just went through this year the last year. With the passing of Bud Adams but what member. With rob Wilson that foolish club of people under the AFL. But just say well they grew we talk about investments and you talked about that a lot. In 1959. People up 25000 dollars each for their franchises and look what they are worse today. And for you papers just a good weekend. I'm glad you re real high yes thank you I am very happy to talk with you Pete thank you very much for your time on short notice and for sure in the audio will get a WB yen dot com.

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