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Hall of Fame Coach Marv Levy on Ralph Wilson

Mar 25, 2014|

Marv remembers his boss, Ralph Wilson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we got a number of reporters here that. What does -- do a few questions and maybe if you just did something you wanted to lead off with about mr. Wilson. You can start right now. OK well just. You know he equipment bought it was my friend. Is that there was some -- to work with. Deeply saddened to hear about it -- things he meant so much of the game that both of us revered. Into the community of buffalo and beyond. It's quite a loss he's going to be remembered so bluntly. Everyone knew it. So your question. -- -- -- -- -- -- Brokers are car. All right art itself marionette. Locate salary -- -- out all of us so little doubt that this little. -- -- -- -- I mean you know you had a unique relationship with -- you know it seems like it went beyond. You know coach owner. Throughout your tenure could you just may -- share a couple of you know couple of those feelings you know could most coaches writing a lot of coaches that I have the same type of relationship. -- -- Row no. When I truly enjoy it. Getting together with him that we -- -- -- and we went out to dinner together at breakfast together. Our. Is he was it was fun to be witnesses. We we shared. Interest in the these things. Certainly. In the in the game of football. It -- -- -- -- -- work or and then it would strongly expresses opinions and he would really listened. When it maybe if you even if you had any contrary opinion I can remember once. He wanted me to -- -- assistant coach of the things happen that I thought it was so wrong to do and then it tonight. Persistent and I don't see if I put myself under the government. Finally at the end he said I still don't agree with India with -- And and it never nobody mallet they're juniors and treated like that other guy by the way. Day it was fine but they went in players -- -- that I don't used to come almost every kind of become the practice he would exchange jives with. Particularly Thurmond the -- others who want reticent about doing that with the older. How much contact that you had recently with them are. About every month there's soul I would call him provocation he call me justice sequel I did Dylan. And -- get this for all the years since I've retired. But about four or five months ago I began to -- -- that. That maybe he was struggling a little bit it's simply communicated. And they've -- maybe time or two more with mrs. wheels of Mary it will sort of -- is doing but it is the PSA about once a month we we that was a telephone conversation about nothing at all just the thought these. -- -- you know back in the Super Bowl days you know at that point you know Ralph was already into his seventies and you know a lot of owners. Enjoy that type of experience much earlier in their wives -- -- what it meant to him to have had that you don't have that fortune. Finally come to him at least to get to the super ball at at at his age even. Sure yeah -- call it active and think the goal that. And the man I'll probably one years ago. Come in the beginning of the AFL. So many years -- Previously. And really it never got there until -- in 1990 beat them. I think you've -- -- one aspect of late sixties and expect the first here definitely emerged. I think that they they lost the FC championship game and we came close to get an 88 didn't make it. But. No it was it was wonderful. And about say this -- This is a wonderful outlook that was going to the Super Bowl. He saw to it that that everybody in the organization. He really set an example while. Total organization. Win not just -- great -- not just but culture quarterback or have yet. It was a total organization as we go those -- he took everybody does security guy that everybody. People that cleaned up at night that they were part of the Buffalo Bills that Super Bowl. Do you have any you know I know he always does the locker room. And in those games those big games. Many of that you -- obviously you never particularly. Find. You know post. The game Ralph Wilson's speech that you always refer to think about. I wish I could come up with one but. Now we get that. I can't I can't come up with one in particular just that he was genuine all the time -- let them look at if they could come up with something humorous a big deal with -- But. It was a looking for a moment -- sort of speech he was just. -- -- Flat with tired -- on the back in the and smile us. He would just share it with delight that was that was the you could see it. In the -- it would just I expected this attitude he was he was -- Oh what about have maybe I'll give you one you may recall list this seems like the one game that every one. Will always remember is the raiders in the first. The first the game negated -- first Super Bowl appearance and I I recall Ralph -- in locker room. Looked like it was 25 year old man -- around. I mean do you have any recollection of that particular day. Well not a celebration was so great yeah yeah I remember that game in the end. And and are winning if by that you score that. And and Israel is what part of the celebration and by the celebration that this. In an attitude a little bit. Maybe like. No one that. -- -- our players after a great comeback game against the using his attitude was that they -- Just approach the greatest comeback in in the history. No I could've done it without yet. -- attitude was sort of that. I'm the owner of the best in the league and guys back and it down without yet being. Right you're right you know wasn't meet meet me at all it was and I and the smartest owner in the league to. He exhibited daddy didn't he didn't put notes that. Can anybody else have any questions -- And I admire okay thanks a -- for columns. Thank you -- condolences to. Thanks --