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Ruben Brown Remembers Ralph Wilson

Mar 25, 2014|

Former Bill Ruben Brown shares memories of Ralph Wilson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- them. -- Sure just couple thoughts on this. Good relationship while it was a bad bad news around people. Well. You you know Ralph came around the team quite a bit and we -- to know him you know on. A decent level. I didn't get to spend this much time and I would go right through the way he did always made sure he made on special term. For the players on the team. There were playing well especially so I'm sure that's where I spent most time with Bruce German -- in an -- But arm I do get dismissed some time with them. I can remember some very foreign terms that he Aaron Pat Williams -- -- sitting on the bench talking about -- The players that are coming Goran in our patent my turn. And which is always had a real personal relationship with them. And myself. I have a deep affection for him because he's probably. -- not probably he is the only person that hired me my first job. The only real sharp and I had -- good job that ever matter. His staff thought it was good enough to come and be a part of their organization. And are once our parent here and met him I was happy with it. His group of people chose me because. -- saw the type of thing. Respect. That's -- of a -- determination that he had and that sort of love that you -- for the game of football. You know him being from where you firm he's not from buffalo are now from buffalo. Both we both. Come here to buffalo to do something special with football which Tivo. Owners in that's the players so. And aren't deep affection for Ralph and I truly am gonna -- soon. But are at the same tired arms today today -- more look happy. In -- and on our way because I know he wasn't in the best of health. You know many prior year's goal you know he's not sixty. You know so things -- complicated plan and you know I always try to send messages to. Through that doctors are people that were seen him on a regular basis to tell them that the rule six it is going to. Check here wedeman. -- -- -- -- records back and you know obviously what's in the best to help but he was frightened which you know he's Ralph Wilson. -- -- -- no I'm just I'm just rambling right now because some very good about him. Our -- different things go through my head when I think about ground. That local more fairness I'm just thankful that the guy was a ground. And his people chose me and I got to be. A part of his organization. And he so believed rolled out the red carpet for me while I was here. I'm still thankful for those shark with full votes. And my kids love them if they if this is the last start with what are we have we -- we got a picture of whom government. Because we accurately room remember when there homes. It myself GAAP this first chart with football. It was right below him in this case from -- this -- -- you know open door for somebody else in the office this came from ground. And you know sort -- it takes into but I was happy days you know. He made digestive. Gay American remember me in their columns in myself talking -- -- power you know like that is pretty special middle where we have on earth of really good day. You know we're going in with a really good Boehner really good scene. And apparently he would come and tell us he would tilt the players'. Day. Would you guys need in order to be there. You need for example. The room that you probably a nightmare. I can remember sitting at sitting on the bench at practice in the old stadium. When Jim Kelly says it's -- graph right Kate -- know what you need to do you need to build that airplane hangar. That you could just put everything and we -- practices -- Boom within a year we had that. That's what our. I can remember of pulling trips you know we were going back and forth with different companies are was far and I've seen an ominous stuff. I think there was an issue somewhere with the -- the next thing you know Ralph gets involved with it. And we -- to go our way trip and we got great carpet. -- Buffalo Bills carpet leading to the totally you know stepping it -- you know with the new plane and everything so. I know the guy wanted to championship I wanted to just as much as he wanted it and that's what I think we kind of bond and arm. Terribly sorry eating -- we didn't get it together but. He built some special. I'll always go on and talk about him and champion in because. He's a great guard. And Norman negative negativity that followed. Speculation of our him when I first got me here enough and it's change you guys are still asking that same question for many firms. Guarantee I notice trucks. And I'm tired of answering those questions are what's going on with her -- alerts our program was great gas. Good or are you buffalo. NFL franchise. That has been you know several several years. From Lynchburg Virginia really -- river -- in. There's no -- boxing there. There's no pro team where Thurman Thomas can get our work and come over tomorrow high school and inspire me. C wants area that's where Ralph Wilson -- buffalo. There's professional athlete there is a professional business or losing wanted to. Wanted to biggest business in the United States this happening right now is -- -- -- -- folk are at Ralph Wilson put it in your backyard. And not only did he put it in your backyard he kept here. How about with a lot of. This would practice. He brought to a team and he kept me here he gave you certain. For every buffalo person. In here I see the Texans are you bodies are here power everybody wants -- -- -- -- play and get excited but he brought to certain to be excited. People are two separate the group for you brought to something that you can car you or. Own and make your area in your home unique because he gave fit for -- to -- You don't think -- kids are free is not everybody that lives in buffalo if you do not move for the Buffalo Bills what is wrong with. We knew we weren't right now we know we got a few. Hard fans here in their book Ralph Wilson. Gave. And has given. The worst in New York area from buffalo. Rochus who Syracuse. Or Ontario. Sought and to Karl of their own and be proud. Did is no. So -- -- as of late. But I'm sure. On the buffalo fares can be proud of what the Buffalo Bills are tough gritty team and -- with some mistakes. Robert revenue growth story. I will not take a bit more -- turkeys are the pickup marks aren't in the Ralph C Wilson through Paris where he. I mean we have local teams in schools and stuff to come in here and use these facilities. Where if you were in my hometown you wouldn't have this rabbit dirt field somewhere to play on. Ralph Wilson Stadium Ralph Wilson -- across all of these things. Are due to this great man and how will always championed and then. Said it is -- and I'm I'm happy that he's known Alvis are friends. You know. You guys in --