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Booker Edgerson Remembers Ralph Wilson

Mar 25, 2014|

Former Bill Booker Edgerson remembers Ralph Wilson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a bad day especially for. All of former Pope mobiles. And current brokers. But most of all -- a city of buffalo and Erie county. That's mr. Rosen it's. It's devastating and has hit home to me you know I just found out about it powers or go because he meant so much. That only to the city and in an accounting of it to his players. You know. What are you're. Mean recollections are well aware of what is your view of on the role Ralph Wilson played building you're. -- -- I -- A great job bringing. The staff together here from the coaches together formerly in the ball players -- people and he was looking for -- championship. Team right up to bad police in 1962. When I first came here is that we actually put together a great team. Which which we all know that we ended up winning the American champ -- two years in a row. Two years that I came here so you are very dedicated -- negated by operators together and and mines on the game of football and hopefully that we would win the championship. -- -- but from your own person. What. It's very accurate but memory. What is next. Now. -- -- -- I really didn't have any idea what kind of man that Ralph was other than owner the Buffalo Bills. But as I took notice to what was going on and community have found out that he was doing so many things to the community. That a lot of people they know and you know we as players did not know. That he contributed so much to the community of course -- force. Hospice he'd he'd get a lot of things that I asked this. Community he did things -- conditions college he did -- get some stuff for. -- be and as you all probably know is that award and the things he did he save the Oakland Raiders from Goran. From going under. And then later -- he also. Contributed to the Miami Dolphins to keep -- floating. And I think there was another team I don't know -- Baltimore one of those teams they kept him going so so -- was not only did Iraq War. The city of buffalo but he did a lot of things for the league itself in general. To make it better so I think that the loss of mr. Wilson is going to be. Felt for a long long time and I'm just hoping that. That the community. Can still come together and and and make the legacy of mr. Wilson. Stay true to. Warm. Him as a player that time how how well we're working guys of all things -- -- doing pretty good hand out. And for the major. Thought we -- really not informed too much about it was some guys who you know took the initiative to talk about a few things Jackie -- leader of one of our leaders. He -- -- be in focus with some of us he and cookie Gilchrist. And -- job. They mourners campus abreast of summit things going on but you know we were young and dumb and wanted to great football so we've but it wasn't thinking about what was going on a community. But as time went wrong we knew the impact that mr. Wilson made in the community. There -- -- what for certain that what was later actually what you remember. Well this. One of their greater interaction that it mr. Wilson was in Kansas City we played would grate the cheese in he was having -- meeting with. This chiefs. Owner and a couple of the business community community. And lot of folks -- noted. On Saturday night. It became a drag tab. And he was. You had ordered he would -- him look to have some cocktails and everything and there was no cocktails. Previous to that I had -- our cause I got relatives live in Kansas City so I had went and bought. A few bars of alcohol because I was steer over to the next day it was gonna party that night. And so I saw mr. Wilson Walken in the lottery music is strange look on his face. What I estimate JBoss. What's wrong. I feel like you know lawsuit last trainees my my head blows my last three and if I don't find in alcohol because I get. I get the owner of against these keys here as and other business people in us it would unique. And -- well a Bollenbach movie great special ornaments relative to a room got about -- -- it down. And our beaches -- -- smile on his face you don't mean it we always talked about it -- -- or. And then -- -- -- you see. Mac -- that's a yes yes. So that we wanted to memories today that there was a very good memory. The hamburger. I don't know -- -- a fortune that and never got picked up with him I would give him that spoke folks. No growth at all feel he. Right. Oh yes the maybe he definitely did that because they want the publicity city. You know I don't what I'm going you know. The people know what I'm doing I don't need to publicize anything and I'm doing and he gets the same thing with is in the -- you know I mean you know we're his children. I mean he has. As really. Had a definitely an effect on the -- group here and I think and I know we are the best little Mac group. In Italy we're the only among that group. That that the owners. Of the team actually sponsors. Certainly -- we do. We talked the other 31. Teams none of the teams had a participation of the owners like Buffalo Bills I mean it's been tremendous he. There's been a -- and partner. In the west new York community for all these years in I tell you all start coming up pretty soon. All the things that you have contributed to this area. This is you know you know always it's always after the fact when you start giving effect. Sheer -- chance. Be the last time we talked to mr. Wilson or what that conversation was like her a moment before the last moments you guys shared there. Removed from other. Yeah it was at our problem that weekend there tailgate party and that was two years ago and he was so he lead you to see a lot of gas leak could be bought. A lot of guys back from the with Keith Lincoln and Mike Stratton and we bought that air back. And in the lot of those guys he he was just so relieved to be able to talk to him. And had a conversation in fact it was hard talking to him because everybody wants to talk to -- and he was just. -- By the fact that we was there if providing him with them with the utmost care and respect -- -- 'cause we always respected him anyway regardless. There was times when. When you lose. Negotiate your card trick which she wasn't doing with him anyway he's that you probably customer a little bit but that's the nature of the game is it you're never always get what you really want it. In but. I never held it against him personally think it's just doing business. The -- again the okay -- Shimon Peres. To follow them. And the fact that he didn't get up about everybody is okay. You love that about. Yes I only wish that. That the denying each team had a warm wondered also will games you know I mean they -- they -- they have to teams they had everything going -- just sometimes things don't work out. And I know he would have been it took its -- happy with that and along with the rest of the community would have been happy with that so I think that. That he was always looking for that because he always talked about it that talked about it for safe but it always came up a little from time attack matched to that. You're stating. That his gift to buffalo was to bring about a Super Bowl. To two championships we head back to bag was great however. Did they ought to may get goal was a Super Bowl and unfortunately we have not been able bring it to -- -- this point so. Best that's one of the things that that makes gave him and I think very much. He's hit a lot of good players which -- that -- have the opportunity to bring a Super Bowl championship to buffalo. Okay thank you for.