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Fred Jackson Remembers Ralph Wilson

Mar 25, 2014|

Bills RB Fred Jackson remembers Bills owner Ralph Wilson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I got through this question is that we played no role was robbed a lot you look at the game. A lot of help them. You're. The last news hasn't been as good. You. I know you know him but he kind of regret that maybe you have the same relationship all the other players. Batteries didn't really get. Develop so well here the. I mean you know that that sort of thing that we as players these days Indies. Been able that is see him as much as they did in animal around. You know Rolf. Thought of being contacted us months spot you know he talked to quote wrong you know last year on a regular basis and you know at their conversations would be. No filtered through through cultural so you know let us know what he was thinking and what. You know he felt like we were unproven on and things like that so. He made a point to it to be here you know even though he wasn't here physically. You know we we did hear from him it just wasn't directly from you know you know. You not been in the locker room you know when he comb through it you know pre game. You know and you know talk to us give us you know speeches at training camp when you had a chance to make it out there are many can't. And you know he's a guy that you know we're all motivated you know especially. You know with was with his passing that we wanna continue to submit his legacy you know hornets and knicks season I don't missiles something that a lot of guys all the guys here. You know we'll focus on this. You know we want we honor him and you know what a great way to honor him is going out when a month of August. It would extend the current players aware. That legacy and history has blossomed in the sense that it came in and. All I mean. You know is something that you walk in this building and you you can figure out or so you know we see his name all over everything you know that the merger and things like that. You know and if if guys don't know about it you know. After today I'm sure they will you know because you know this is a big thing. You know I happen in our in our profession you know losing a guy of this magnitude. You know he's somebody that. You know as a young player you need to know we wouldn't have this profession if it wasn't for some of the things that he gives four you know. Mean and that's something that you need to know and you know I know we have a lot of guys that debt. Being in this facility. Or on this team that and you know thank you know you know no we got guys that are still around here you know we've proven it. And Thurman just because they're they're all you know especially. You know thankful of the things he's done for a lot of people and you know not only in this organization put in the NFL. It differs from people talk about this story from my grandfather reminded us of that but it was brawl. Telling the story is he's still here. That you guys here just that your generation and or. A limited in May use different to hear from somebody who actually lived you know and you know can tell us firsthand what it was you know the expense was like so. Any time you have a guy like that you know you you wanna sit down and he captivate you know everything and it he has to take you wanna sit down and pay attention what is it. I can remember every time he he spoke to us as a team. You know there there wasn't I in the building that wasn't focused on you know you know listening to what it is he had to say to us. You know he he's that type of guy. You know he was he'll be missed you know and you know God's will miss that that builds. Those few opportunities that we did get to see him you know that he did have that the strength to come around and you know. Give speeches to the team you know whether it was going into training camp for breaking training camp so. You know he was the guy I can remember him every time. You know common and a lock for re invent pre game when he stopped in my locker he always something you thought you're the guy that's not supposed to be here and you keep proving them wrong so. You know little things like that he taught at such everybody that when he spoke to limit their lockers title I don't know you know what are you thinking about it whom he knew who they weren't. You know any time you get a guy like that you you want Bruton and gone fight our form.