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Tom Leyden, WXYZ-TV Detroit

Mar 25, 2014|

Tom Leyden with Tom Bauerle on Ralph Wilson's passing.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From Detroit Tom Leighton at WX YZ. Tom thanks very much for being -- -- that tell us about. The big news and how it came to -- You know credit actually goes to my colleague Greg Kelly the one who brought to my attention. So in terms of breaking the stories if they would take credit for that certainly goes to to Brad today it is one of those. Circumstantial things where he he kind of overheard something from somebody and they it was a good source and we've pursued it from there and I truly believe that. The email that we sent to the bills. -- was received by their spokesman Scott with less paper told her told us yet. Good down -- meetings in Orlando I truly believe based on the timeline of how things progress that's about it found out. And it -- most think he -- secret for breaking their so much respect for Ralph Wilson here it is very. You know we're a market that has a lot of people that own teams around the country Peter commandos on the Carolina Hurricanes. You know we have we have our own voters here with the villages with the Ford family. And it. You know Ralph Wilson was among those guys -- -- down the street -- The -- -- includes forty just passed away a couple weeks ago. So -- -- at this -- time here but a lot of respect for what he did he of course he's been minority owner of the -- back in the fifties and he just jumped at the chance to build a community in the AFL. His legacy speaks for itself and we certainly. Appreciated everything he did over the course of his career. Tom what can you tell us -- by the way that respect is there reciprocated. In buffalo the former bills' players I have just been very. Emotional and genuine genuine genuine genuine about their heartfelt respect for Ralph Wilson it's not branding of stop marketing it is genuine respect for the man. What can you tell us about the circumstances. Of our Ralph Wilson's death by hospital. Really what you can you fill in some blanks on that force. Yeah we're led to believe that he -- and it's all in Grosse Pointe shores this afternoon now what is right around. Or or near twelve so -- Something along those lines was taken to a hospital -- past week it's all -- a different word spread that point. And the good news David that -- -- what it fantastic like to live in. It's rare nowadays that we're still paying tribute to say goodbye to people who served in World War II so in my report I certainly want to point that out. And among all the other things that he did he serve this country but I -- 4146. World War II that needs to recognize. Amen brother amen I didn't know that until -- -- read your story and we listener Ralph Wilson's comments just a few moments ago when his induction into the the National Football League hall of fame. Now as the story. Broke. Here just before 3 o'clock. Ralph Wilson passed at about noon today a U -- if you you believe or you know at his home. I am not 100% confirmed attack his home when they were let me ask. -- Well we'll review and police were called would hope -- yes that's we know. Icy icy and have you worked any. Updates on on what his last. What his last days were like I know he's got a call actually to the Buffalo Bills organization about three days ago well about a draft prospect. I'm not surprising you know me personally I never personally even met mr. Wilson. But I do you recall specifically what in the lions were in buffalo during the pre people last year it's always the last game and on the sideline reporter. I've suggested to -- team that. You know we tailor their tribute to mr. Wilson because identity be watching the game on our station's life. And that he was so passionate about the bills but I knew that's where he'd be watching. And we were able to do a period. The -- tickets to a 120 seconds just talking about his legacy and what really jumps that it would make it out. He's one of those first people that was for the week. And it is world it's sleek and the AFL mean without him and his dedication and his money and support of the raiders of its support of the patriots. At least legal way. And he was so dedicated to it wanted to work. That that's a major part of his legacy that he bailed out the raiders and they needed help he bailed out the patriots and needed help me help keep deadly -- Tomlin and I know you're always on a deadline and no more question for you eluded to this before but. Here in buffalo of course owning the Buffalo Bills as long as he did the man is truly iconic Powell or over use that word is he truly was an icon. In Detroit how big -- presence was. Not huge in my tenure here. Very quiet. A -- once wanted to do a series of reports on the professional. Owners. Kind of like I mentioned before we do the number of owners of teams outside of this market and we thought that he would I'd -- -- And he didn't really have an interest in doing that he was one of those guys who wanted to be out front where I called wanna do -- story -- Peter -- -- most likely open up historically commodity and he didn't really wanna be the guy who was featured this story and that's a little bit about the type of person he wants to. Tomlin -- to thank you very much for joining us and on behalf of those of us who honor those who Wear the uniform of the United States thank you very much for making everybody re aware of the fact that he did Wear the uniform in World War II the United States navy very much appreciated thank you. Tom wade from WX YZ in Detroit -- Thomas the lead sports anchor and we thank him for his time busy day for a mr. -- as well.

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