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Ralph WIlson's Hall of Fame Induction

Mar 25, 2014|

Ralph Wilson accepts induction into Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Make a presentation for induction not a Pro Football Hall of Fame. Please watch Chris Berman. Ralph Wilson was gone through life not expecting anything. Trying to make good things happen for not about himself and terrible beyond belief yet he goes and we want you know all about it sure. Ball potions and may want to. Government doing good things for people I would put that data analyst Ralph Wilson. Hope gambled on the city of buffalo in 1959. And he just kept the bills in buffalo. Being in 2000. He understands. Passion of Western New York little collar loyal and hard working. You don't yes from what we ask for just a little loyalty and give it right back Q I. For the two way street. Everyone in buffalo is being done. Today in the hall of fame. That's why she's so many people here understand where you're nice food you're east with a standing buffalo you original bills. Problems getting this honor because of everything. Those teams who won in the sixties. When Jack Kemp quarterback. The big kid didn't make the most famous independent review a film about my record in the first table championship game it's important way to keep going to. Two locations you can 2000 yards. Purity to the bills. Go personal quarterback Joseph Cribbs running back and really nice. And of course. T we'll never see again. Days. What they did a wonderful quote regional thing Mardi. Okay wonderful. President general manager who knows that the whole. We get all this happened because they had an owner that let the general manager managed code calls for players. The owner. Provided them. Without wanting to themselves and look at me I'm. He agreed with the Mikey. You've not heard that ever from Ralph Wilson. Every time I talk to Ralph Wilson about via those guys wore a smile. We a lot of fundamentals. Those were days that I rolled. Without the growth of the AFL and in the words of the merger and then Super Bowl three NFL's. Growth would have been stunted. 57 NFL nation. Why every part of the name. That the AFL and you'll see explosions seven. NFL is greatest game though not quite what we they AFL and Ralph Wilson for that. Formalizes election all of them made quite a lot of the very few. Mark. Game over. I think what it means you. It's been one. No longer. Well world. We're. We'll. I didn't get. Ladies and gentlemen. You present Ralph Wilson junior for an appointment into the pro football hall of BA. Please welcome Brett Butler. Thank you very much. Mr. Wilson wrote. I think we have evolved a long game I think we do. 195950. Years ago the those coming off its first big moment to give BA championship game. The greatest game ever played. The league was on its way. Yet eight gentlemen decided. There were thrown for more pro football. In different places. A different sort of pro football. The American Football League. These days where do you look foolish club. One of these gentlemen set his sights on us mode fuel. Buffalo, New York. It was at that time. The nation's fourteenth largest metropolitan area it's people hard working. They were loyal. They'd be really good for him. And so began the Buffalo Bills in the American Football League thanks to one man. Rob Wilson junior. The AFL began and boy it was mine. Probably more often than we run use below feel two point conversion was great. Soon. The bills would be the league's best. They thrilled the run in the old rock pile better known as war memorial stadium. Would back to back AFL titles in 1964 in 1965. Their quarterback. Would become a major American statesman Jack camp. Hall of Famer Billy Jones do guard. The running back was a cookie. The wide receiver had golden wheels. Their defensive line had dancing bear. But top Tom banner day you have linebacker Mike for a level the biggest hit in the history of the game but now. George Jane was a gem at safety. Paul Maguire. He was a classic in many ways as the water. Western New York was ecstatic. Deodorant that day in a row Wilson junior. But as the bills were winning there were bigger issue. Use that as it could be AFL survive. Some teams were almost out of money. If the league could not stay viable with eight clubs. It might go out of business. Rob Wilson junior lent the Oakland Raiders his competitors. 400000 dollars. So they get what we're. The first five year TV deal would maybe he was running out. Ralph traveled to the 1964. Winter Olympics it is for Austria. Hardly a hot bed for football why. To meet with the NB people. He got a wire from a fellow owner Billy so over the patriots great news. We've gotten an offer from NBC for 600000. Dollars a club. Mr. Wilson quickly wired back. Don't accept it we can get more. And he got more. Of five year contract worth 900000. Dollars a team per season a monstrous sum in those days. The AFL was here today. And had the money to bid on players in the NFL know it. They instituted secret talks to set in motion the biggest move in pro football history the merger. Starting the ball rolling on the AFL side. Little over a dozen meetings with the then owner of the Baltimore colts Carol Rosenblum was. Ralph Wilson who. The up front leaders of the NFL are already trying hearing came late Lamar Hunt. Now Davis. They certainly had to differ its stock up drove the merger from the AFL side. But they would have been the first to tell. A quiet force that never looked for headlines the man that just wanted to get it done. But rob Wilson junior because as the established NFL quickly found out. If he gave you his word. Saw you need. Merger became reality in 1970. Just ten years after the AFL began played in the seventies. Pro football exploded the game and a great league use. Seventies saw no work stop to remember we had two of them in the age. An influential member of the owners labor committee in those days. Ralph Wilson June. All the bills had some teams back then you dissolve a little bit. The juice ran through holes opened up by fellow hall of Famer Joseph normal Lear and Reggie McKenzie. Quarterback Joseph Ferguson went from youngster to veteran. He's Joseph Krebs and company had buffalo back in the post season in the early days. But this was not been. Like the late eighties and the early nineties. With a bill made it to four straight Super Bowl. Nobody had done it before. Nobody is gonna stick especially getting off the mat each time after losing the year before which such. Steely determination. To make it back that is Super Bowl all the water group they have. Hall of fame coach Mark Lee. I. The best president and GM and the business Bill Polian. Qualifier and hall of fame person John Butler. And the rest of their stance. And players. You can always behind me tonight. So is there good. Am. It was game yeah. I didn't work still lives yet. I certainly don't players don't. Yeah well Steve tasker. Cornelius Bennett. Darryl Talley Shane commonly you don't want to. It's. 80008. Days breaking attendance records. Even with the NFL's second smallest market. Parking lot of an Orchard Park was full of campers on Friday before all the Sunday game. And standing in the background of all this one con. Through at all. Rao Wilson junior. He is not an owner that you see pacing the sidelines. Exhorting his team were exhorting the fans. All right I guess he had to come down on the field once he had until they renamed its stadium after him and someone had given the keys to the place. Now it 2000. Buffalo is far from the fourteenth largest metropolis in America these are certainly tough times in a lot of places. Certainly in Western New York get fifty years later. The bills still belonged to buffalo because. Your owner has given you his work. I. I. I. As he's given word so many times. In both the AFL and the NFL. You know that every time a franchise move has come up revolt. Ralph Wilson junior has voted against it every time. Every time. Because you've seen the team it's city and its fans. They have the here we aren't you know. Winning seasons. After the bills played their first Super Bowl. Fortieth season after the merger. 45 seasons. After the bills won their first championship. And fifty seasons at the AFL started play in what seemed like a wing and a prayer. Read. Along glass. To honored gentleman ninety years yeah. If it is true. That no one help me out her off okay. More on third hole. When I don't think we'll do. Well it's true. Then you know that this thing is true. No one has circled the wagons. Like the only owner the Buffalo Bills have ever had. Founding father of the AFL. A man who's served his country in the navy in World War II. The man I am honored. And humbled to present to you for enshrined. In the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Mr. rob we'll figure. Word. Rather. I really appreciate it. On her. For me to be here. I don't like the mother road. Pro football game. In 1935. Reliant. Who played there. Does that. I have never. Grow book wolfman. Emperor's. I want away college. Maybe. When it came back. I went to work. From my what. Everybody. Had a hole wayward Gobi. Pro football game. You're ahead. I'll look forward to all the horrible people I have. This sale. And let me tell you. How I got into professional football. In the bowl in 1959. I've read in the paper. Where young Jack. Named Lamar. And love them. We're starting. A new professional football league. Lamar lived in Dallas when he couldn't get an expansion franchise. From the NFL. Story designers miles away. I have an Angel went home. In Miami went through moreover prospective sites. Read the paper. So my home. And a little quiet for us. And he did well if you're ever answered. You've got to get down there right away because there are other people. Likewise been arrested. So I blew down the next day. And he granted me. The Miami branch. And we both went down. The top of the day bomber. And they regulate the Orange Bowl. Was the only place for played football and knows there. The city fathers. Would not let on those ladies. Leave the Orange Bowl. Because they it and a bad time. For the number of loose movie. That came before. No I flew home. Never got to. About four or five days later I got a call from. And he said riled. We need an eighth franchise. The balanced out there who leads. For me to move from the last. And I give me your joys of five different cities. Where you can place your brand. And I picked level. The. It was a lucky day. Because all they hear. They have reported. Third game in buffalo. Beyond. Green. This report. I wouldn't be on this flat. In the early days. And all of them that are brilliant if your break even. And I remember those stories. From Georgia now. Public Chicago Bears. They've played a very big deal. And he always blames. Sure there's big linemen. In Asia and bill. The race 34 ball. K through Leo brides. After it touched down. Or a field full. They go love playing here. From time. We'll hopefully get the ball away. From the fans at every grade. The AFL. Star of the movie is done. In 96. We've played. Our first game in old war memorial stadium downtown. Where he is about 35. But we'll mount. Palin. The first occasion in the exhibition city. Our. We're replaying Jerel. Now toward the end of the exhibition season. We were playing in New York. Tiger and. Then. Now all of the New York Jets. And my friends. In advance wolf boom. Want to go down and talk to the team. Your grandma. I mean 41 goes down. We can't feel any worse. You know quality. Game. Of the day. And I feel or ornamental. Pool hose on them. Know that there via went down. And walked into the locker room. And there are head coach. Buster Ramsey. Let that. Expression on his face. What are you doing any error. I just wanted to talk that game laughter. Go ahead talk you'll. And I gave that game. We'll most inspiring. My car. There were reminiscent of maybe a group know right knee preventive Lombardi. And we lost that game that they want her cell phone. Shortly thereafter about presented to me. They were now next time. Talk to the other team. In the early 1960s. There was a battle going at all. We're college player. And we heard a rumor. That the National Football League might or will. Merge. Goldberg you know. Avoided. Thought they were one of the New York. Well Jim. And myself. To talk to representative. The National Football League rehab from the big Carole Rome who. I thought they'd Carroll. Down Miami wherever. Delete him or full time. And leaves out the parameters. How. A merger might take place. We'll a lot of animosity between the way. Liverpool. All of television mind. What you of course where health reform marketers. And I was very relaxed. We will. Have a common ground. We were betting against each other for player. My car blue barrel. Didn't finalize. The merger. Is rarely happen forever. How long would take place. Eight days. Would play in our own league. For four year. And have a whole realignment. In 1970. Under the guidance of the then commissioner. People's well. It was a great experience. We've played games. In the AFL. And in the end of the year. We've played the NFL. For the championship. The world of professional football league. Later in the old. And I credit the late Lamar. Later goal of the Super Bowl. Tremendously. Through television. And is good and how. Very volatile. In the old days. San Diego. Hope we'll. But it right. Pro football all over the country. People two in New York. Because the way back into their big move only twelve feet. In the NFL. We have a measure of success. Bill. In 1965. We've played. The San Diego Chargers. For the championship. From the AF you know. In San Diego. They had a great game. We did do not as publicized as them. We had Philly roll hall of fame. But the custom of the chargers in the old days. The place they can. In the end goal. And every time. The chargers would score a touchdown. There was an elderly man. The bonfire of the cam. We won the game. 43. I'm not put. Everybody while from the locker room players the coaches. Nice there in front of our then. Law. In amazement. And I turned around. Tonight. This elderly man scoring again. The field. And he got right in front of our bench. Turn it around. So we'll guy and barter. Which only go to hell you. You can't see any war in football. There might be your job. His third rail ride for me. And tonight. Or. Play. It's only player. Coach you. My family. The bills family. Passionate bills man. The whole world name border. And the role playing bad. We'll work so hard. Make your. Weekend. Very pleasurable. Now hold. Former thing. The whole committee and can't you know mile. Reporting his game wrong. I want to thank all I go to war well war won't hear from this community. That helped out and I am staying warm. Person. That's I've been here. Have heard the whole removed mom. They're very well a lot of thank you. I have my. Late over. Linda. Then there. Worked for the bills. He was the only female job. In the league. And he was. We went big game together for many many years that I could reach out. You know. Can we want to be here tonight. They care. Hi hair days. Went from great football people. And the hour come the warm. We never played the game. I've played them. Because in Canada woke. When you go back deserve. You don't have to worry about the Iraq. Grows men. You go home alone they've groove and playing pool. And clothing. And cooperation. The recognition. And I must say. Hopeful. The parade your morning. Martha than 200000. People. My name both sides of breathe. And the plane and impress people. We've won a whole lot. People sitting in the wheelchair. Breathing hockey you. An ideas book a month ago. This is America. When people like that for. My line. Prevail. And clothing and alumni you want. I still feel. That I have you. A lifetime. He. Movement alone. Very much. I.