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3-25 Beach and Company Hour 3

Mar 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- Beijing got away as mark said too young to feel this damn old and I have to think about Pamela brown she ought to do a sequel called. Two accomplished academically. To be this damn bill. Really I I you have to you have to wonder is she just dome. Or is she devious the duties dumb or devious I think she's definitely devious without a question in my mind. She knew that is she's gonna take the money from Albany she had to do what she said you do to take the money. She took the monument all the people she was supposed to oversee don't worry about what -- -- and they shooter caught it that. She hired to be able specifically. That had to have certification. They didn't have certification was she hired demanding. And then takes taxpayer money hopefully to get certified before anybody found out about it. I mean this is -- deceptive behavior. And you know if indeed she was just kick and -- academically things are happening that weren't happening before -- is fabulous. But you don't like video is red tape and stuff and she's not used to you know a non progressive ideas so she's just moving forward for the kids. Not this at all. She's not doing a great job and she's deceptive as the worst of both worlds and ask her question last time I saw a reporter approached her. As your question about these two women she just a thank you thank you in turn around -- the way. Remember they had to force her to meet with a press at all. Members you don't want to at all and now Michigan at some pressure and yet do but this is the wrong woman for this job. And and she's doing things them. Not acceptable when you tell the president and the school board or you allude to the president school board these two people have the certification. Please present school -- is gonna take your word for as I think would be common shore which ignored for a we don't see that certification. We don't have the look it up. But she wore it certified. So basically she's playing fast and -- with the rulings from buffalo. And that's the way it is. And go with a billion dollar budget man that trough is deep. I imagine she could if she stays on and off hire all of her as a crisis may -- former neighbors and friends. It was she met at the movies why not break Bob Barr this funny everybody. Let's go to Lorraine. As a reign of -- she should be fired along with the two other unqualified -- on Wednesday island -- -- lowering your under the Libya. I think she got a liberal think content and happy occur appellate you know is is it network are good -- -- remember. I'm disgusted I mean come up from buffalo like out here for her -- and I can't bring my son in school system here because of the war. -- effort to cut six averaged. In and -- there -- a -- the election won after app. If you -- -- they'll get the city water and you can't afford private school all pretty much screwed in the system. There's really helped -- school it felt horrible. Putting it liberal -- And putting ice on a charter school outside her -- okay. Which a lot of bike and it was typical liberal I'd be -- it's great things which are cool but. That's for my side and there's also done is doing not think not and obviously our goal goes even -- before you know it got here. But I don't think they want are anchored to other women were talking are they part of that company. The other part of that same company as the assistant that she brought back after may have been fired yes. Well that anybody thought that maybe -- taken from kickbacks under the table. Yeah I mean I think any thing I I think anything is open for question because she's been deceptive. A regarding the city honestly there is a question now about the criteria of how they select people. For the schools and I've seen a couple of really good columns. Written in the buffalo goes saying that we should have more schools of excellence instead of a few are aware of more people rejected as you said your son had a 96 average and didn't get in there are so there's a lot there's a lot to do. By a qualified person we're not getting anything done -- her. I'll cry for me you know I. For -- on -- Like -- The site vote. I feel well workable for all to hear what I on. Here in outer track but Richard is not much researcher -- a short time. There are out there so. That. School board board of education what it good for -- comes out they. Suggested. The magnet which -- found out literally a block afterwards. -- performing school. -- really. Well you care to control concerned about -- and -- it ever admit. Is great at everything thinking that you're gonna do for -- on Portman right -- Care. It needed. What an -- Or her the care. And well. If not assure you that if if that person at the top of the system doesn't really care that much no matter what she professes she doesn't act like she cares. Then why why you are any of a surprise at the rest of it doesn't fall in line good luck go Laura and good luck on the charter school thank you regarding charters and whatever your chart is Google. Well you know -- That takes money out of a school budget you know that not all the money goes. With the students it's about a two thirds. So what you end up where -- adhere to the math would -- would you please. For the oh buffalo teachers federations are always bitching about charter schools and how earlier deep funding public education. Here's here let's let's walk through this together. -- there's X amount of money per student and when a student goes to a charter school. Only two thirds of that money goal win them. A third of that stay at the at the level of the public school level non charter okay. So now they got a third with with an empty seat. So what happens is that you have -- ask -- why they're complaining all the time large arsenals. You have fewer kids to teach. So you have by its very nature smaller class size for the existing teachers. So when I can't as a charter school based get to keep a third as if the -- were there but they don't have to teach a kid. So you have smaller you have smaller class size. Allegedly a better teaching environment right. But now they're bitching because most charter schools and -- as they can be almost Lamar. That's sort and and they hear that this'll last lady love Lauren got the run around -- -- that doesn't surprise me. What they say the fish rots from the head down but we have. Look what we have if they don't put the hammer down on this woman who will they put the hammer down. Does she have to be of robbing a gas station at midnight with a live by truck parked out front. I you know there's a lot of ways to rob the public. And one of them is misrepresenting. Your own background or the background of people you hire. And not getting the job done OK there's no gun there's no mask involve what -- are still robbing the public will be back after Davis. Whole idea. That on the job training is acceptable in the ball for the restrictive than we've got 34000 kids suffering at the hands of people word incompetent. Unlicensed don't have the qualifications. We're talking about. Should Pamela brown and her two unqualified -- get fired on Wednesday it's it's almost a fait accompli. That the two on -- -- aides are going to. Be fired because they got the job under false pretenses they did not have the certification. Now we don't we don't think they told Pamela -- that they didn't have the qualifications. Simply because she managed to come up with thirteen thousand dollars in money and grant money. To get them more education to get the certifications I can't say I have it and then need money to going get your habit -- that's that. Okay but Pamela brown. I think there is a between common deceptive. I'm going more toward deceptive and down and -- for a while there. I saw a positive light where in some city business leaders. Put some money together and offered a buyout or contract first of all I wasn't throw with a concept of that. Simply because. I don't think that's right way to do it if it's an elected the position you should devote the next camera on to it that way. In -- an appointed position usually don't make sure that the people who do with the appointments. I have Leo a good handle on -- Iowa central about that but she said no to an offer which would have given her more money. -- know what she would earn if she got fired as severance OK something that's pretty good you must believe in yourself. As I look at it it's almost like well. If she gets that that's a onetime payment she's out. If she stays here she can employ may be every person she's ever known for their history of her life. I mean this is the way it is -- sorority sisters that they work pretty company she worked for before. These are these are questions and it seems like you know idea that you -- -- old boys club this little girls club. And the bottom line is the bottom line. If we as taxpayers put -- billion dollars into this Turkey we expect something out of it and not a 48% graduation rate. And a third -- worse for black male graduation rates -- country we deserve better than that we should get better. I think she's deceptive I think she should be kicked out at the same time as her assistance -- -- -- that they go by. And don't give them severance do not give them a gold and -- -- that -- wouldn't for sure -- I can't say for sure anymore. She wouldn't. She doesn't deserve it. And they would get a idea by contractual terms because they they fall supplied to the application it -- and costs. Chris it a couple of from you on FaceBook please we avenues that interest. This is from -- he says oh buffalo do things like this -- the worst is that none of these people insurers seem to be ashamed of -- this -- doesn't care only the citizens are upset. That's true. They don't care it's almost like what are you gonna do -- in the antidote is somebody brought up earlier and this is a pile on Obama. But it is it's his attitude his attitude of I don't need. Of the third branch of government the legislative branch centuries of the other big. Judicial either but I don't need a moment ago miles -- that's basically her attitude instead of congress it's the school board. But that's her attitude and it doesn't surprise me now to see that she went to the Obama rally when he was in town instead of going. To Albany for the big educational meeting which is -- -- job. So she was invited for a meet and greet got a picture probably taken with the president that was more power. But the bottom line is she's not doing the job. You know you gotta -- an attitude you've got to earn. The arrogance. You're gonna carrier -- you and she hasn't learned that she has unfortunately she is arrogant. And she hasn't done things are meant what Austria. This is for Molly she says are friends never should've hired in the first place Pamela brown is not doing a good job our children are the ones that riskier and all need ago via administrators. I am I agree you remember when Georgia amber bought that leather couch. From his friends along Bay Area for mr. shore okay. He was just doing business with a friend what do you think she's -- That's exactly what she's doing now maybe your friend didn't pay air. The putter in the job but the bottom line is this is this is word is that's why the assistant came back. And waited -- the -- left. And slip that by the board. You know that when you have a game plan like that that it it's not going to survive the light of day it's Albany works so well last time on on something significant you really -- public. Debate on a significant bill they sneak him through in the middle of the night -- so it is says that does business. If you think about it the ball flew away. Only hear about water boarded this board who has our friends and family where politicians that got them the job. -- a lot of that here it's the friends and family job plan and as far as water boards I think everybody on the board should be water board Belgian bank. I think that would be good egg and get him to tell us the truth won more road before the break if you're actress okay this is from John he says I don't know firing all of them is really warranted but I do you think Pamela brown has some explaining to do. Well she does but you tell me. It say you're the boss in this case. The school board is her boss. Barbara seals never gold is the president of the school board. And Pamela brown comes and discusses these two people. She says I'd like to talk to you about yellow let Williams. And faith Morrison Alexander. Keep in mind that -- Barbara never goals said she was disappointed. That brown led her to believe. That those two administrators were certified. Before the board approved their contracts. So she -- Barbara never gold. Believe that they were certified so that's what they looked that they assumed that what shoes she was telling them was the truth. So they approve the contracts on good faith as they would most of the time I want what is so. But they weren't. Now you can say once in a misunderstanding. Known if if it was she's too dumb to be superintendent of schools. It was deceitful. It was deceptive. And that's what it has she led her to believe it was certified. And because of that. They had no problem approving the contracts we camp when the school board room. I think that. A loan. Would be enough for her dismissal. But she has a long history during a very short time of being that way I don't care if she looks like you know -- saint. She's not acting like listening and she shouldn't be in charge she plain and simply should be out the door. Tomorrow night with those other true. But I'll go to another school district and suck them dry we'll be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call -- now an 80309. Series cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. And we're back. The Beijing government aid should Pamela brown and her two unqualified -- get the -- on Wednesday tomorrow at the at the school board meeting she certainly has shown enough incompetence as I said. Is that where does dumb and deceitful. Intersect. Is it just dumb. If she's too dumb for the job -- German government job in the first place if she's -- deceitful she shouldn't have a job now. Pretty easy to follow up on that in what was seen as a you know what I call -- MM all modus operandi that's her Amal Ramallah she just does that. Just barely cared that much would you like it or not whether the school board likes it or not. And and it just keeps of forging ahead she's had enough allies on the school board. To avert being kicked out already last time it took a vote it was only by one vote. And now we're seeing in their articles in the paper and everything else. About. The fact that her usual. Support team seems to be eroding. Tiffany blankets wrote a -- an article about that. People who are now questioning -- that didn't use the questioner maybe they're finally waking up maybe a light bulb went off over their head saying we've -- had. We've been had we had good intentions. And we've been had. So remember con man aren't always zone. -- visible and they -- not always men. Let's go to us stand in Rochester stand here on WB AM. Candy they -- and I'm constantly. Well there was yeah I give you little overview on this whole thing. I'm gonna blame a lot of it and the people. In them and use it too literal word voter apathy. Went 18% of the people eligible to shore up to vote in 88 stay home. So the last people in the world should complain when their budget doubles or they get it to tradition for school board president. I don't know -- right and -- people. They're probably pop up voter apathy people don't care. Well well I don't first I don't this through like you said. I it is voter apathy it's always a very small turnout for school board and I always felt that there are some exceptions. But I think people are driven to run for the school board because of the -- habits there one day when you'll oversee a billion dollar budget. There's a lot of power there some go for the right reasons some -- -- -- -- but this has been a tradition over year after year this isn't just for her. And the people. Only care wanted to effects of that more how does that affect them it can affect amend their wallet whether there -- -- taxpayer. Or state taxpayer 80% of it comes from mom. Of the state so your your involvement there and they care when their kids are involved -- and it's not working out so they don't care what it hits -- media. It's not just this school board in 2012. With the most important election of our lifetime. He didn't come out -- it was a total failure to get the vote out. Call Obama won easily either congress I can't cram this so thought -- sitcoms conservatives senate they lost seats. Is people. Or how can I say that you can't get them out the vote. Well I think a lot of people just throw up their hands and say. You know like for instance okay. The next presidential. Election do you think anybody who pays attention -- anything. Who wants that vote for the idea for the Republican candidate for president in New York State is it gonna bother to vote what's the point. Now not that the point in 2014. There's going to be less voters because it's. The lackluster dollar and it's an off here it's nowhere near a presidential election to put the voter apathy -- -- -- be. May your will probably have a lot -- voters. Well if you feel like your vote is not going to count I mean that they'll tell you all the time how much your vote counts but in states like this they really don't unless unless you accept -- the inevitable inevitable is. You're not gonna bother voting for a Republican candidate in this state 'cause it's not a matter. Nobody goes -- with what we needed a third party but it's gonna take years to put it together. You know I'm third party is very very difficult. Terriers -- animal power and -- popular. But do -- -- -- and calls from a conservative because of a little ultra libertarian can actually vote for never have from the right you know. Yeah it's at the Rand Paul okay thank you now Paul -- Palmer might be good to. Dyslexia at the terrible play what I it's not -- Paul no I hop. Be cool. Because I bet if group always on the ballot. Then people would mix room Paula we're. Wouldn't have Rand Paul Rand Paul Ron Paul was very close. They don't wrestle like no I don't let the -- very close I think. That at times there's a sense of resignation. Whether it's a school board election in buffalo or presidential election in a state where you know -- it's the State's non implied. Where you just feel no matter what I do I'm just along for the ride I'm just here. It's not -- matter what happens like my honeymoon for more about it. Not that much over but you know where you know you know no matter how excited you get. No matter how many signs -- put on it's not going to matter and that's -- that's what you'll turn up. But with the buffalo school board. It's we've had a very difficult time for a long time in the buffalo school system but there again and the turnout is miniscule. And now I I'm so glad that. That Paladino is on the board and others but he elitism. Breathe new life into. -- things do matter. And like we're we're playing a son some right now saying that he's going to do. Introduce another person who is not qualified for the job -- it was a principal. And he's going to talk about that so what we're saying is you wonder why the kids learning anything. The school board is -- anything until it took somebody like Carl Paladino and there and and Franz he's not doing it alone. So if if this woman is willing to. Essentially. Verifies the falsification. Of records. Why is she still as -- school. Many that's that's reprehensible to me that's that's an offense that she should be cut loose from just for the -- let alone anything else. Because as I said if she really didn't know. That those two or not certified she should be fired for incompetence. If she didn't know she should be. Fired for lying. Moved -- she should be gone either way no matter what over those two will be back after. This is an all I'm gonna reveal again another person who also was brought in from outside who's a principal and school. Who served until February as a principal. Illegally because he did have a license and they allow this nonsense that continues. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WB yen that call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and still it's. Buffalo schools superintendent. Pamela Browner is no stranger to controversy. But growing frustration. Even among her supporters may have recast her future with the buffalo school district. It's a storyline that seems to keep repeating a rewriting itself. But revelations and controversies in recent weeks come at a tipping point for brown in the district. Critical school board elections coming up there -- weeks away and some doubts appeared to be rising a mom brown supporters in the community affected there could influence voters. The at home several of her supporters on the school board are taking in light of recent events suggest that faith in the superintendent also has been shaken. While it should be. Because you give your trust is somebody them until May be trail. When they be -- at more than once several occasions you don't hold them trust then you'll skepticism. And that's what we're getting now and I'm thinking what better time. Then there are cutting the ties officially with the two unqualified. Aids and this is a matter. Of just judging their performance where they might be good at their job or not footage of their job they're not qualified legally. To to have the job urging every -- anyway. And through thirteen thousand dollars and in grant money in along whether it's -- maybe someday they could be qualified. So once he does that and then leads the aboard a president never goal to believe that they are that they already have this certification. That's fraud. She seems to be having no problem with fraud at all. And is this the person we want in this school district of this time. I think they should give her walking papers the same time they do the -- that you hired. And say goodbye and forget about any kind of a severance clause this is fraud plain and simple fraud. It's the same as if you had a neighborhood kid who you caught stealing from your house. You can never trust that it again again I saw how -- the public possibly trust Pamela brown. We don't -- the school board to oversee everything including superintendent. The superintendent appointed by the school board has to have the faith of the school board and vice Versa. When you know your being lied to or your -- being given and not the whole truth. Then why why do you invest anymore. You know emotionally intellectually. Or row or militarily into that person I'm -- by. Honest if there's more than one way to steal from from the public and this is intellectuals. Is stealing knowing they're not qualified an appointment. Chrysler a couple more. -- -- reports this is for Mary she says ms. brown and her -- assistance should be fired she's not due to -- but they're not qualified for there is she's done nothing to improve the school system the only thing she does well is -- Yeah that's good she's very good at that. And you know. So deceptive. If you -- -- looks like a nicely and she looks under control quiet nice smile you know if you're sitting next February at Tim Hortons you're probably strike up a conversation whether. But looks can be deceptive. We need those -- is a person who thinks it's okay to -- Albany get the money. And then promised not to digital what you said you're gonna don't get money not a problem whether. It's okay it was hard to tell the board president that yeah these people have certification when they don't. I mean. When you do things like this. It shows that you can't be trusted who wants to work with somebody that can't be trusted. Not me. A and probably not you. -- on ways. This one comes from Linda she says all three should be fired their unqualified most of us have to go to school get certified to meet other standards before being hired. When he hears stories like this it's no -- the school systems a mass yeah it is a mess and it's gonna stay a mess it is going to stay MS because you've got all people. -- in different directions the opening -- public teachers' federation. The only a direction -- targets toward themselves. Are they could give a damn about the kids that's quite apparent -- need to go under that now but that then -- whatever they can get for themselves that's all account okay. You got the school board who wants to do the right things but have a split allegiance they cannot wrap their arms from Mika the comprehension that. That they've made bad choices in school superintendents. Previously. They perhaps of man made bad choices and some of their votes the big. They can't get past that this may push it past that this may actually have. A positive. Effect -- guys so warm mavericks. Certainly like Carl Paladino. I am for all of the people out there. Hello who criticized -- details saying that. He's racist or whatever the exact opposite is true he wants a better school district in the school district. Is primarily black. So you got some people want to do the right thing for the right reason -- others who have their own agendas as long as there are those agendas a siphoning off. The benefits of having a large budget. You know iconic you know and move forward one more please this is from gal -- -- Pamela brown is unfit for her job the only problem is if she does get fired. She organized payday on our way out the door what a joke I don't think you should get anything going on the door. I really don't. Because. She was deceptive. She a lot aid basically. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or you can lie about leaving something out. That's why when your sworn in as the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I have a feeling that when she talked to Barbara never gold. She didn't give her the whole truth and the illusion was that this is a qualified candidate. And qualifications. Of both of them and the qualifications mean certification. She probably. Work did it casually in a conversation. At a Barbara never -- why would you question. As usual and you trusted her enough to hire. You trusted her enough to look give her -- authority and freer -- and support. You even know voted far in the last. The last time it took about technical route so you trust her and I think that trust is betrayed and it's showing now. People used to be on her side are no longer there. And here's a quote from one of the Buffalo News article I got like three or four of them here but this one's as if you told me two months ago. The -- that you would have dozens of black parents show up at a board meeting cheering for Carl Paladino a would have said you're nuts. Our community member Duane Kelly said the that referring to wanna vote -- largest critics on the board. The latest turmoil start it would Brown's surprise hiring of a consultant whose contract the board had previously terminated. Love this stuff okay. That's like your bus. Firing somebody an annual Hiram back in a different department pick and doesn't that doesn't work. In almost immediately followed by revelations to other top ranking administrators lot of lacked the proper state certification. It was disappointing school board member president. Barbara seals never -- said it was a surprise to me that the credentials were not in place. So why would it be a surprise. Because the credentials are expected to be in place. The superintendent is supposed to see that. For you to review. Of the presentation of the contract for that person you make certain assumptions you make certain assumptions that she was vetted. Both of them were vetted by the superintendent well. If they were the superintendent. Just lied. And if they weren't she was inept. And she shouldn't be in the job either wrote says that she shouldn't be in the job I don't see any world that says she should continue when the job she should be gone. The sooner the better and don't give her -- golden parachute placed before she hires every person in the world that she knows that she went to college where it was sorority sister a metal long Leo lights highway. Please get the hell out of let's get some people a man not a run a school mr. About wraps it up. We'll see you tomorrow morning at nine under is -- about third way RW via. We'll we'll. Which they never had to these beasts.

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