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3-25 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- backward Beijing governor of sandy beach working for articles by Sandra -- Tiffany Lancaster and others from the Buffalo News over America a matter of the last few days. Tomorrow there will be a school board meeting in which there will discuss whether yeah -- let Williams. And -- Morris and Alexander. Will be will be fired. Okay they technically shouldn't be in the job at all because they did not meet the the certification. -- necessary for the jobs -- -- and when there were interviewed like Pamela brown she must've known that. I said she has a pretty impressive on paper. A background educationally but. Is she just that Dell or or that arrogant you have to ask the question. If somebody sitting in front of view. And video job qualification requires this certification and they don't have that you don't you don't. And the story is sure don't hire one of them. You surely don't hire -- of them and then you surely don't take grant money to give them to spend on education to try to get to a level where they could get tired. Is that it's insane what's going on now and day board expects to get rid of these two. On on Wednesday tomorrow and I would like them to consider and remember. This is already been considered by the board a miss by one vote. And the and the attitude seems to be changing on the board I think they should get rid of Pamela brown true. I don't care if you know she -- small animals. And up and you know makes a beautiful pictures I don't care what she does she's not doing your job and that's the point. If you can't if you can't hire somebody who call clearly is within. The boundaries of what you're looking for a -- -- shouldn't be there. If you let people into positions of authority that aren't supposed to be in positions of authority your neglect -- you're not doing your job and I would like to see that happen. Brown is also. Losing some of the board's support this year has keep in mind now. That the Escobar elections are in May and may be they're looking over their shoulder going what the hell I mean really how incompetent are way. And keep this in mind this is not a Kool -- stand their running this is a billion dollar a year business. She's not doing the job she's -- a negligent in job performance. And -- as far as I'm concerned she showed our hand right away. When knows she's promised Albany things that she had the promise. In order to get as some money from Albany and then told -- The teachers buffalo teachers federation that the war about it. I'm content and force. And remember when Andrew Cuomo's. Statement was that he found that almost actionable. I think a -- like that that's how she started. How bright can you be if you say yes away agreed to this teacher evaluation programs -- -- we have the money. Thank you give us the money are right now she tells a -- about what -- federation. Got the money but no quorum mark -- -- through that's I mean. At that point they should realize Pamela brown was in over her head in the wrong person for the job. But no it just continues his grandson and a continuous why I don't know. And you know -- you know strangely silent about the stuff the BTF. Where is bill Omar Cummings bang and his head against the wall saying why are we hiring qualified people. All he cares about is more money more money more money smaller class size more teachers. I had no more charter schools that's all he cares about doesn't care about anything else meanwhile if you got a -- -- school. -- got to roll the dice that that he or she is go to graduate it's under 50%. Bob what I'm saying it as how negligent ten UV she should be fired. And in one of these articles. If you told me two months ago you would have dozens of black parents showing up at a board meeting cheering for Carl Paladino. I would've said you're nuts those of the words of doing Kelly. Community a member of in referring to Brown's latest critics on the board. The turmoil starter -- brown surprised hiring of a consultant whose contract the board had previously terminated did you forget that. The hard she works for the board in -- -- -- don't know the lines of authority there. They terminator. She hire back about that. Was almost immediately followed by revelations to other top ranking administrators lacked the proper -- state certification. It was disappointing said school board member Barbara seals never goal it was a surprise to me that the credentials were not in place. -- It's a surprise why wires -- a surprise. Is it because Pamela brown has always stuck to have a letter of the of the law well heartbeat intent. And this -- the -- all of us as a woman of ways of festival is does what else wants to do almost challenges the board. And the board meet -- with the exception of a few members just kind of polar tails between their legs and hope it goes away. Tensions culminated last week at an emotional board meeting littered with arguments and outburst that had the audience calling for order. Some of -- usual supporters on the board questioned. These school turnaround proposals she brought before them so it's not just personnel its proposals through. To -- allies ultimately rejected one of them. Others who usually come to her defense remained strangely quiet. During the Wednesday meeting so what they're saying is reality this is reality it's not good enough to wish she could do a better job. It's not good enough to wish those people had certification. It's not good enough to wish that she hired somebody after they've been fired. It's not good enough to wish she would speak. To the board and and to the press into the public in a candid manner. It's not good enough to wish she was good enough. But she -- get river. So I'm thinking if I'm paying a billion dollars a year. For somebody to run my operation and I sure as hell want a better job and she's going 803093018061692. For six start -- thirty. Should Pamela brown and her two unqualified -- get the -- on Wednesday by the school board I would like to see him do it maybe they well maybe they won't. But who knows what's gonna happen and may remember Paladino only loss getting rid of her by one vote. The last time they took a vote this might be a good time to take another one will be back after this. Whole idea. That on the job training is acceptable in the ball for the restrictive than we've got 34000 kids suffering it. At the hands of people word incompetent. Unlicensed don't have the qualifications. The hell's going on in the buffalo school system to billion dollar we always -- profits though approximately a billion dollar a year enterprise it as a failing record. And -- had nothing is getting. On the way it should be done we have a superintendent so arrogant she -- she doesn't have to explain anything that anybody. She hires people that aren't certified to do the jobs are supposed to do and then hands over thirteen thousand dollar grant. To get education to hopefully get him to where there is supposed to abate. But she's already hired them. I mean it's insanity. She brings back an assistant who was let go. Several months earlier. She doesn't care. And guess what outside of people like Carl Paladino on a couple of others on the board she's getting away with -- I think growing weary of this it's tough to finding a screw up. Defending us Europe and Scioscia has a screw up no question about it -- she has an impressive resume on paper but did you learn anything when she it was a at those institutions let's go to frank in not a lot of frank you're on WB yen. -- Her her rock. Her capital Kabul which some of President Obama you know -- -- well -- credentials and everything. He doesn't listen to anybody he go there and does what he wants. They also -- -- sport attracts. Under superintendent of schools why should I listen to anybody and -- can afford to act I've read it to wherever -- white -- details like where. School. We are you let the good points ranked. As Obama says he doesn't need congress she'll feel feels he doesn't need to school board. Well absolutely and what -- what look at this school board. You know you not to go to school board meteors to people -- leaving room for media were leaving the room and we reported that stuck out all right. I always rejected the last time I mean good. There fly in the face of the people -- -- -- it can't sit cool. They only -- the air here the year that you can't -- it became -- two plus -- won't come anywhere near floor. -- prepared to go I think I see two people there it was certified. I want to how many more are in this system they're just like. Well that's a good that is a good point Franca who we know about these two how many more there I have a feeling that if they get a top to -- you I'd love to see a forensic appraisal of every east -- accounting of every cent stands in the buffalo school district I think you'll be eye opening. I actually hit the rights are already been issued goal. School there were all district. And it should check the credentials that everyone that support -- -- the people there -- -- there -- -- right repositioned. And by now if they are the credentials to being accurate. People -- our 1000 dollars a page and all that being. Certified. And you know it happened if they get rid of Pamela brown there probably feel they or some severance money if I want the school board and I was -- -- Pamela brown. I have our attorneys investigating having her return some of the money that she took issue obviously is over her head and unqualified. -- -- -- -- We're equal quality as well. I'd eat out these are the -- you're at it. -- In. Light. Of all the although. You'll think. That two. -- or any war -- -- -- property. Look at his look at the history outside of a temporary appointment. The last three full time. Superintendent. Are gone. I'm and we gave them severance money the two males and that hurt if she did if she does or get kicked out of there. We have no lock and I don't know if it's -- or inability to find the right people -- to do the right job there. Politics comes said that it's I think a lot of that. People are afraid to say. What's really on their mind airfreight. -- deep and I have a minority right in the school system here. You know -- they appear to be racist so they bought their right so when it's a that's a minority. They don't check their history -- checked -- credentials. And they look that they felt like a threat well that's the person that can get the job. And it had -- cliche ticker. We're pretty Chinese here -- people Oprah about it it's all for the children while all of the children like your daughter how local Ford jobs. Like your your airline. To a higher pilot without him having a certified licensed -- like that I wouldn't. Well actually it's scary being in that part about all will be ordered a force -- force our city and it's important report. It is -- what are the most rock. What are the most well -- school systems and what. You know it's what Eric puts a smile on my face Byron brown has been giving hints that he would like to be involved with running the school system. I think that Byron brown doesn't show any. Indication he be any better than anything else we've had here but it would be more patronage lament another billion dollar apply to put your thumb and -- You know -- you think that they are part but hopefully. He would -- the report which. Let's say somebody. We could save some money go if we did Byron brown take over because all those signs that say superintendent brown they could stay the same it would mean no signs. Thanks frank. I. Am absolutely thank you very much yeah if we are -- Pamela brown -- Byron brown. Superintendent round like that look he could save eighty Florida border or maybe -- maybe ninety who knows what what what amazes me. Is that there is an absolute. Cried by the community and other communities catching on. And now there are people calling for our summary form here. The school board let's face it until Paladino joined the school board there was an occasional voice that would be raised but not on a consistent basis. Paladino comes and I'll -- guns blaze. And I think he's had a very positive effect. But it's amazing to me. To think of the either naivete. Or arrogance. Of a superintendent. -- is doing things knowing they are wrong. When you tell the what you what you tell the Education Department in Albany you gonna do something in exchange for the money. And and you tell the teachers federation that don't worry we're gonna get the money but we're not gonna do it. That's just patently wrong it's illegal to as far as I as far as you know so you got that. These people all these two people did not have the certification required for the job she hired him anyway. That's wrong. Given taxpayer money if they're gonna take you know a six figure job don't you think they could get their own education. So what do we have to we have to groom them into the job why not pick someone there and you know senior in high school and pay for their college education before bringing -- -- I mean really there were no qualified people to -- And that's what is all about it's it's a trough. And it's got so much money and -- you wonder why are we getting these kinds of results. Was so much money invested. We are not we're not getting our bang for the -- by any manner of means and now there are people who traditionally were behind her. Who lord who are walking that back simply because it really is very difficult. To stand behind a screw up and she is a screw up make -- was that she soft spoken. But Jesus rule get rid of her and get rid of the two people who shouldn't have been there in the first place. If you should've been in the first place is not even technically a firing as a and don't give anybody any money as you can come -- the door kick out the door and see if you can retrieve part of the money we've already spent. Will be back tomorrow beach and company and his radio and I'm thirty we are WB yeah. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. Yes tackle BJ governor AM Wednesday images tomorrow's meeting at a school board they should all gate of the boats -- not only. I -- I'll let Williams and faith Morris and Alexander there are not qualified -- not certified Sybase they've got adult plain and simply. But also what does dumb intersect -- devious. I'd like to know. Because I think I I don't know you know if you think of Pamela brown she has the academic qualifications but is she just dull. Or she devious. To give an example I told you before about it when does she told Albany she wouldn't do this teacher valuation thing to get the money. Then once that was approved -- the money she actually settle latter should all of the sentinel latter. Saying don't worry about what I gonna do it would take in money but when -- -- witches. Okay is that -- home or is that devious now I got another dumb one. The the school board president. It is it's the body is telling us that she was led to believe. In fact some -- usual supporters according to this article on the board questioned. The turnaround proposals. That she brought before them and -- over allies ultimately rejected by one of them others who usually cam Gordon offense remained quiet at -- last week's meeting. Barbara seals never gold said she was disappointed brown led heard to believe. The -- administrators Jamal Williams and faith Morrison Alexander worst certified. Before the board approved their contracts board members spent an hour and private executive session discussing the two women's appointments. So here they led to believe by the superintendent. That they were certified. Is that at all. Or is that devious. And it lets face it the board. Has to at some level except the honesty of the person doing the the presentation and if the superintendent -- there are certified how many times in your life you actually have the whip up but he certifications certificate. Or the licensed to show that yes this is me. So she led the hard to believe they were certified when they weren't certified. Now that leads me to thank of one of two things. Either she never looked to check which should be incompetent. Or she didn't check and no. That they weren't going to -- pass Muster and just lied about it. And keep in mind. About as good after that or -- they spent thirteen thousand dollars in grant money to try to get them up to snuff so. This is one royal screw up woman I'm just telling. And why are they why they did during as far as this is concerned she should be gone with the other two. Plain and simple when does dumb. Intersect with devious. OK let's go to Jane in buffalo Jane Iran WB yeah. I'm candy I mean the situation just unbearable and he issued now. I'll explain why he's government that it and that it is thinking or without ballot here. Portland Campbell Brown if you want to be a real you know party political system bullish signal and every single. To better. From K through twelve she should know that. Isn't really important target he added -- when every teacher is teaching these children. And the next thing -- should be doing and the curriculum department. In Albany. Team -- Bringing them more modern methodology. Nationally in modern when he becomes such into the classrooms. Like inducted in the duck your reasoning are right you can put the ET -- rate is Matt's part to a political or. And you can dialogue with your children were inducted in need territories and -- when your teacher your -- the mind and the actual on this child. You're looking look at great art form at work because -- industrial and -- the that at that no woman cared enough about the Hewlett appear at these kids she wouldn't I wouldn't -- -- Take a little. Went attitude toward utility you have to take a theory. -- kind of attitude can you don't have that much time. I did iron -- where gosh you're really cared about the kids. First or should be more honest. You know it takes just as much work to be deceptive and hire somebody who wasn't qualified. As it does to hire somebody who is qualified but you're telling me that in those positions that she filled with unqualified people and this isn't just a matter. Although opinion that there unqualified. Some people are better at a job and others and that's an opinion is they well they're getting. A 70%. Out of the kids somebody else -- gotten 80% that's opinion you can ticket got a round. They didn't have -- certification. Required. For the job. If you put somebody in the job that isn't qualified by stature. And you you have to be held accountable and I think if -- if the school board really wanted to show. That they care about the kids. They would say that it was not only unacceptable that the issue hire those two but the fact is that Barbara seals never gold. Is is got this straight. She was led to believe there was certified in the war so that's just deception. It's lying. It's either that dot. But there is certainly not hard to figure out. Whether they're certified or not. You Jack you'd check with the authorities aware of that certification comes from you it might even asked to see the certification but you gotta prove. That your you're capable of doing his job and your certified dues. How find out that this organ systems as well yeah out like the other 10 like the other one I think it's it's likely what scares me is the gate is open bears the trough it's -- -- a billion dollars and it every year. So of the phone calls go outcome and dying at the trough. Yes I'm the superintendent of the buffalo schools. What the hell we're not even graduating 50% but we got a billion dollars to divvy up cup and now on the water's fine. And you don't have a certification. You put -- Embarq -- of may because I want you for the job so it doesn't really matter. I'll I'll I'll scrounge up thirteen thousand dollars in grant money that should be used for other things. In order for you to qualify hopefully somewhere down the law down the road to get the job deception. As I said windows dumb and deception where orderly crossed. 'cause I think is the very deceptive woman and the school board ought to recognize that and -- right now without severance money please. Well Rebecca. This isn't -- I'm gonna reveal -- yet another person who also was brought in from outside who's a principal and school. Who served until February as a principal. Illegally because he did have a license and they allow this nonsense to continue. I actually had available to us a vote of no confidence. Because who would have confidence in his woman. She is deceitful. She's inept. Archie -- she cuts corners you know if this kind of superintendent. Because though let's face it when you took over things weren't -- And she just you know she was a person that got things done. We're seeing results it's mowing ordinances that has ever seen in years. And RO -- criticism is you know she got to Carter here and there because the red tape we all hate red tape right. She's got more efficient way to do it and the good old boys against her. We will be okay -- that but she's deceitful. She's deceptive. She's arrogant and she's and why that's how -- reason always keep our I would like to now to like her hairstyle. I really don't know. Now it is here on TV. It's like a pleasant problem but she can't -- a job. Why would you handle a job overseeing billion dollars a year. To somebody like that I don't get it I really don't. Video let -- let somebody go and after the meeting is almost over she sneaks them back again. She appoints two people she lets video of the president a school board I'd believe that they are certified. The school board approves the contracts that may find out she's not certify what about. She's a certified or not. That she not know that they weren't sort of idea if so she's an apt get -- ever for that if she didn't know she's deceitful -- or for that there's no reason to keeper. The other thing in the article that I was reading about her not giving. The board enough time to review. Was it changes that would have been made. To a few low performing schools job as they try to be in -- because the state had to he needed the approve. One remember how many how many rejections of state game two of the turnaround plans so. Not thing is the way it should be everything is a way it shouldn't be why are we holding on tour. I'd like to know the answer to that. When your vet deceitful and that -- there's no reason. There's no reason this isn't about are a rogue who likes to do things their way but they're getting great results -- lousy results. Unbelievable and until until they straighten that thing out you gotta wonder. -- that kind of an investment in that kind of performance record meanwhile mayor brown is. Is making a little noise and how he'd like to take over the school out of missiles and some that would require legislation. And from what I've seen a mayor brown. And isn't it better to be honest it is just that a different brown. Instead of Pamela. You've got Byron but it's the same old story is that. Let's go to Joseph in -- Joseph you're on W via. You were actually in the eyes. A great bunch of callers I think they got it right when you say all I remember you know that's exactly what. Yeah but look at the big picture look at Detroit I don't know if you were what when I would hear what the mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Then you have -- -- here were -- mayor and -- you have Rochester mayor. They're all flows downhill you can't be EU is there everybody who watched this point out what Chuan. You're automatically. You know a race. Yup yup you're ostracized you're racist I mean you know a lot of those things you just mentioned went. It's over to the criminal side I don't know if this woman whose criminal or just plain and now. Well you know what. He asked who can see the intent you know in the -- wouldn't -- she's educated. She's not someone who just you know you don't look like all mater old war -- -- you know you know she she she knows exactly what they're doing and what they bring these these people ought in like third Carl -- You know he's got another another person and that's just the -- -- the expert you know in earlier here call you mentioned about -- if you -- -- -- pilot -- -- -- credentials. I know I I -- agency year in central New York. They did just that the FBI shelled out. They're dressed in 100 pilots -- 126. Aliases. Wally being out there it is it got Michael bio alias name -- you'll. It's unbelievable. And keep remind these this is taxpayer money four of to pay these women that she hired they got the job under false pretense does she know it and she aided and abetted I mean I'm thinking they are just kicker right out of town. Well -- on the street she's a doctor she's you know -- I mean that want callers said they -- guy. -- -- -- you don't have a Ph.D. In martyrdom and ask what this woman you know I've she's got their education. Holder to a higher standard and when you -- certifiable. He got all certifiable. -- what you know I would view the show I think there are all sort of viable good a good article thank you very much there's a country song. That says I'm too young to feel this damn -- okay that's our country -- big iron. I think where it when you're talking about a Pamela brown. She's she's too educated to be this -- down. You know I'm talking about once something's wrong there maybe. And I'm just throwing this out. Maybe they should reject her credentials. You're sure credentials are as presented. I don't know about that or not. But why not check them modular late. To do that but I would certainly checked -- because she seems to be a personal has no problem. Withholding facts. No problem at all and had no problem. And I can't believe this is just -- -- today. Telling Albany will do this give us the money and -- Albany says here's the money images of -- I mean that's just -- remember. If I'm not mistaken on the front page of the buffalo and -- that -- front of me but I think. That the governor Andrew Cuomo said that bordered on fraud. I think the word fraud was used. So what happens. Do you not understand a commitment that if you take the money you have to do what you said you're gonna do because you took the money you don't understand. And and you got this glowing resonate you don't yet. You don't get the fact that your assistant. Was let go by the school -- than his soccer backing and after the meeting was almost over. Little devious but maybe maybe media sly is that perhaps a better word but these these two people. Yeah I'm all let Williams. And -- Morrison Alexander. You even knew it was certified or you didn't. If you didn't know they were certified you're incompetent. If you did know your dishonest. It's one of the true and that for you tell me school board chairman. Barbara seals never -- that they wore her. And give the impression they weren't they weren't -- to find out later. Yeah -- should be grounds for dismissal she should be gone without the golden parachute we've given the last two history. OK god and goodbye see -- around hostilities the maybe we'll be back after this.

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