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3-25 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He has all on his region governing our sandy beach and yesterday Randy -- -- -- guys are hall. Why is it their very good they're the best ever -- last night I'm watching TV that is I don't what's gone beyond have a bosh got. Except I forgot to bring them home I was -- not us. You know how painful it is debate bosh not because it's not a good thing I can just -- The dictionary -- -- function not lets you see one who was without -- -- and that's what I was and I'm thinking should I get in my car. And drive to the radio station and and dig them out and and bring them home any time I thought well that's perhaps a little too extreme. But I had some earlier this morning to kind of make up. You guys have -- not yesterday yes they did a larger growth yet we got -- malls fast do you know there at -- -- hidden because we have let's put it this way the staff you're gonna com. It's like being -- all I don't know with the Donner party. You know enough and it in the early days of our country where they ran out of food made each other OK so it I. This stuff and I know we have hit that. But the problem whereas we forgot about it I -- reminded me hey sandy. You have your -- -- Do that today forming a new bunkers that no and you know gonna get out and do other things. Remind me and I'll make sure that I'm feeling really. Rationalize. Gotta agree I'd sleep. Every every moment that was so good refreshing. And the reason I did besides my sleep number bed. Is I don't have a baby. And and it looks like -- walk in the law are over over her last night. He -- that were up pretty late Samantha. For some reason just crying maybe some constipation going and I grow. Seems like a union after -- again they can't tell you know -- so she asset is she's constipated rubbing her belly. -- it is and you get the diagram McCarron with a very hard to make her feel better model. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- genial charities. Enable our efforts to send more -- okay. I'm a lot of things are going on including some idiot radio station where or are -- in Canada. Calgary during -- Calgary. Great stations there's one thing that hasn't changed much in radio. A lot of vote contemporary music stations. Do -- the audit promotions just the dumbest the dumbest -- it doesn't matter what the Arab you know Javier delivery platform changes. Instead of the telephone maybe you send it on your iPad your iPod or iPhone or whatever but it's still the same idiotic promotions. So as wanting Calgary deciding hey what I did get everybody's attention what do we do this why -- we have a hotline poll and the Paul says something to the effect. Wouldn't you rather say well what are the choices -- member -- yeah -- -- day at 5000 dollars in the sources where should we set on fire or given away to a lucky -- -- all right so do you give the five grand -- set on fire and the people on social media said. Senate floor and they did. They burn 5000 dollars okay. Well that is like the dumbest the first all of that was the US I think if I'm not mistaken -- that's illegal. I don't think you can. I don't think -- destroy US currency and disposal anyway. Not like who would you know. But I'll tell you one person was Greg -- -- manager he never has money to burn on this thing and he tells us every bit about it. -- you -- him no phone no money now it's likely a soup Nazi. Who said no so we hope Gregory says no no that's the way -- our studies is burn 5000 dollars. It burned 5000. Dollars. And now people are angry about that is they shouldn't be. I mean a 5000 dollars could go a long way to helping him as you know bid situation of that situation -- Lesnar that was -- but they said. Oh well it's worth it because we're getting nationwide publicity. Well here's what you got to understand the only way nationwide publicity would help them is that they got nationwide national advertising. As the only way help. And I I would tend to guess that. Most national advertisers are going to say hey that station just burn 5000 -- wanna be with them. There -- that's a winning attitude so idiotic promotional stuff. This jockeys have always done it. They have always pretended to be somebody else's I'm like that the keyboard knows that add more exit if that everybody -- and that's what he would never get -- So that's that meanwhile speaking of idiotic things Justin Bieber. I don't know he's in the next -- -- and that those again he's in the news again just got a new tattoo and the reason we're even telling you about it. He had a new tattoo. Put on him 40000 feet above the ground he was in his private plane. And he had a cross on the center of its chess with the word forgive. Put on his stomach. And that was a put on by a tattoo artists who said it was the most difficult to add to I've ever had that duo and also words of bang bang the tattoo artists used to work near -- Which is dead and they took her -- away from. Said bang -- will no longer need access to the building. Can -- keep it it army banged angered on allotment but anyway so bang bang the tattoo artist. -- places they Justin Bieber -- tool at a private jet 40000 feet above ground. And I'm and wait a minute. No matter -- how good the plane is isn't there are somehow Michael vibration and you hit an air -- and are turbulence is -- If I'd want people injecting ink under my veins on removable objects like an air line now all Tsonga now now and Paladino -- -- on quite the whole time based diesel. Almost that it is amazing. I it's a little club whatever is -- that's what he has. That was the only time he's got -- -- -- when he has his bodyguards around somebody some as the -- missed I hope I'd I had one can only pray you know but it is says that. Bang bang said the Bieber sent him a text afterward and explained his choice of its took. Or do you have to explain your choice to the tattoo artist or he's just say put this on on there. He said forgiveness is powerful. Forward forgive as Jesus died him across the forgive -- I'm glad he's spiritual. You know nothing says more devotion to Christ and having a -- too. I'll put on there but that's it so Justin Bieber has a new -- one can only rejoice in that and then those. Will be back Lamar would be -- company when I'm 5000 dollars and I'm telling you when not going to do it. On those ready at 930 we RW media not know what -- were talking about that. Radio station in Calgary who uh oh what what's there what colors oracle themselves amp amp ninety point three. You're gonna have not -- -- -- here dig what you've heard about our fabulous as what we does -- 5000 dollars remind you of votes all of -- guns as we've had before this. We actually a -- search here we found out this is not their first trip to the rodeo. I give me an example of other confidence that they do it the Israelis will Katie Summers on the morning crew says they -- appeal to a young fund Calgary audience entice them to be part of something soul and fond Calgary audience liked the millennial group here with the no bridges. Okay what is our recent -- of included one in which five couples temporarily swap wives and exchange -- money and you only got the prize money if you met with the divorce attorney. And agreed to split the winnings with -- -- soon to be acts well so they got five guys I assume it's five guys in five women doesn't have to be let's make the assumption and as. And everybody okay you swap wives is there any detail about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He we can win fabulous prizes -- we have to do is subject ourselves to Florida strangers what do you think get a divorce I have. Okay I'll buy you -- and its annual up no knowledge Democrats say can I put your name and that knowledge to pass on our guys aren't. I'm at a Calgary see exactly -- -- the young and on I hit a Floridians their loved that young slide this and that that's what I see that's what I would call on this vital program in the young imam what do you think it -- -- -- all Asian people aren't. So you've got that you've got -- swap with four other guys or four other women whatever. And then you get the prize only if you go to a divorce attorney and then what do you do with the money you have the split that if the split the winnings -- -- soon to be axe apparently you have to be if the -- to get the -- apparently be worth -- that especially if you're going to get a divorce anyway. And help pay for a lawyer. I think now that's got his I'm suggested to him we should go here and what do you think that we let's look around the building do we have any idea. The emails we like to have in this time it's. I assume next door and there at star that her husband will be too you know he's up for this Abbas as the roads and that her husband -- whose husband. And one that's -- is upon our he would go. An amendment. Let's say we -- Lauren -- now we don't for earlier Cathy from Williams or what -- doing -- Running. From what logging. But you know we've had to our employees make the front page of the buffalo knew it was the last few months and and I've been a banner day for rock outside the outside a genre. Publicity as -- now we need to do something you picture of -- Cathy from angels is that I can see her that many times because she worked weekends ago okay. Like tour. The genius and worked on something ginger hair what do you know I don't know stoppages in -- do you think they'll look Lesnar the picture now it prestigious you have pictures. I did I always found that work rather a few times as she looked different to me every time she came in -- or be different could be the hair could it. Usually when you look at a newspaper pictured and -- good pictures anyway. But I think she's better looking than most pictures or paper. But -- it's just that I I didn't know it was me because I didn't hear them. -- Shuster in front page article on short clip outs. And -- calling game tool. And you don't want their husbands would would do well RJ. -- -- I don't notice that is reject would be terrific I think because she's my good look at. You know and and and works on a kind of a show where people have in the morning when she doesn't have legs like -- Wiese has fabulously I'm glad I'm not the only one enormous. You know the problem is that if he doesn't -- them regularly. Kind of gets not a out of -- you know you got to do both at the same time I've said to them a million times while nick brings the weed -- and the other weed -- Hear that little electrical trim of hedge Trimmer -- to speak with our eyes surveyed Indy five people old ten people five couples that had duke. Share -- -- houses for money but you had to split it with your ex wife when divorce what else that they do they also law raised -- it says -- All no way I -- once -- went fishing those old usually reserved for Canada have a big jump in the sometimes Asian hackles have you ever seen them with tartar -- and they're always raising -- you notice they never they never lower arrow OK what hackles were raised they rounded up pairs of strangers on the street. Mary -- on the air and and sent them to a Miley Cyrus -- all sounds fairly intelligent. Which one but did they give each of -- foam finger who -- debates work yes to the -- now imagine marrying a total stranger. On the street or priceless and have Wagner have admitted they ran the -- swap again but yeah they're just recite -- it's the same basic concept is separate tickets -- mystery. A fun contests economists those that point that that's a hip Dave you know why because they're young and millennial. And I bet they're big on social media. A -- their bosses are Connie -- hits that they're getting a nice contest their colleagues jets. With the pictures we post -- -- -- errors or you. That we got approval of these mergers that that's that just goes through. Yeah but the guy -- this is interest into via. The bank that are -- contests remain lit the money and fire the female BJ says she believes the -- And a positive effect on people because it forces them to talk and think about helping those in need a -- across their -- -- -- and it's also now all of -- in the money that they think the body an accident actually doing. Well I know lawyers. In Calgary how much noise and I am 93. They always they always asked that dumb ass question after the giveaway reprise. You know we get more prize and just want 80000 dollars in cash and -- the question what's your favorite radio station -- the event they're gonna say. Throw up all right here about the based on that -- and that the whole history of radio and how just -- wants want to have somebody give a deal for. Seven callers after they've won a fabulous prize and it would never make them from all -- -- stripe it a bit and up on the floor. Our rights. When we got here is ours tales from -- is that grip is is in town along with the Tom jolts and certainly in our Weinstein. He has a book out. If you would like to have a book signings the next appearance that I have on this little flyer. Is that the sabres store first Niagara center Saturday the Saturday at 5 PM prior to the sabres game in the hall of fame induction ceremony so. If you want to say hello wreck at a book signed that that the sabres star first Niagara center. This Saturday at 5 o'clock so check that out. -- also want to remind you a bit there is a via an event. Called the -- -- you can more. Posting the first annual mustache march 5 K the race will take place this Saturday in proceeds of benefit ovarian cancer research friend of ours. Of all of our amber -- Who was with over Jewelers passed away from ovarian cancer and this is for that kind of search for more information. A go to who mustache. March 5 K dot com we hope you get involved with that. We come back at things talk about by elements of the talk show we're not gonna ask five couples to volunteer to swap. Deal would that -- are. I've heard about it a threesome have a foursome this is ten. This would be YA when some party that if you -- retirement OK we'll be back after this. The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM. WDE and. Still trying to fight after garlic ten people it would be call at ten something. I'd is that I've I've never -- sentiment. I think maybe. Part of a -- a -- thing over the door but never -- them. I was watching. I gotta tell this story because some people. Jazz are seldom that you can't believe it. I'm watching this show on Alaska goes on to Alaska as you just -- promo for it and look forward to it. And it's about this couple Barrett is what they call off the grid off the grid means no water. No electricity and no toilet and even though it's Alaska and it gets to be thirty below you have to use an -- house. And not only after he was an out house when you open the door to leave their could be a -- where OK -- just just to give an idea if you think it's. Tough stub your toe in the middle of the night. Trying to get your bathroom imagine a bit at the door opens and there's a smoking going oral or old -- but anyway. This war and her husband are living in this in this very very small places though like 600 square feet okay. And she is doomed to have a baby. In two weeks. And he says I've got a goal and do the nearest town. And work for a week summer -- -- leave you alone keep this in mind it is thirty my goals. To the nearest road. And he takes the snowmobile and leaves but it's okay. Because her friend who just had a baby is gonna come and -- whether the baby's a month old. So -- is off the grid place. Their girlfriends there with a baby that's a -- all and after her husband drops her -- he leads to know somebody got the two women. Once pregnant expecting within two weeks that's what the -- looks like two weeks the other what has a one month old baby. While there is good yoshi's I'm packing her bags. And she finds out that she forgot. Baby formula. You cannot make this stuff up she's not breastfeeding. So she's got to have baby formula well and that matters is thirty miles but there's. Luckily for them there as they railroad this is about the -- railroad there is a railroad tracker events four miles from where they are. And it's the only train in America that will stop if you flagged him down if the passenger train but you flagged him down because this is how these people stay alive. -- supplies come in on the train or whatever this train only runs once a month and luckily it's that day. But she has to get out to the railroad siding applied to trade down and must now she's got a -- those -- post things on with the baby she takes the baby -- -- leaving the baby. At the cabin she takes the baby whether straps that apple starting on. And goals through waist high rates low like three to four miles to get to -- -- right then what she has to do was get profit that town. Andy go to star. And by the formula as the train goes forever and then turns drama comes back but this is like a game show she has to get in there and give back because the train. She doesn't want a train to pass which just got off before she can get back there. Suggest the Russians start with a baby around her neck. Grabbed a formula get the train back and then walked back in and I'm thinking is this the dumbest woman in the world. That these two people have a clue. And I don't know can you feed a baby anything but Formula One with a month -- in the baby drank. Straight milk or something. That's the question I imagine so -- maybe not the past now so cars -- from that is so they have no bathroom. No electricity. No water. And you know a month old baby and a woman who's about to law about to have a baby. In the in the 600 square -- -- -- I was out of out of good plan for some while real brilliant and they're not -- -- it -- Exactly why why would the woman not leave the baby with her friend and walked out to attract all by herself because she didn't have anything to -- baby okay. Maybe she thought well we get the historic and feed the baby something there. But this this -- show is fabulous. Because they have up follows they have won super duper -- it takes like four engines to run. And it's got a huge wings and of the snow in Alaska area on this road is just a double. So it's a lot of fun to watch are more people order that that trip. But just in case on my trip -- -- baby formula that's because I could get big money for in case they forget the -- That's the thing about breastfeeding. He never forget that always. The OK let's say diet is yeah okay. -- Yeah -- got that joke I. For all don't forget those who don't leave those at home and only home about them so I think. That's good. Made a great national commercial. Don't leave home without breast feed your baby today what effect. New campaign and -- -- Care what we got. There's an event going on. Tomorrow tomorrow's Wednesday the school board meeting. And two people who shouldn't have been hired in the first place school board meeting for buffalo always -- schools it's usually buffalo its argument. There's a small army tomorrow and which. To be able totally not qualified. For jobs that are high and jobs administrative jobs. Were hired I don't know just for the fun I'll bet. And now they're going to be fired. Because there unqualified they were hired by Pamela brown. There's a certain certification. That you needed for these jobs and neither one of them habit. But Pamela brown. Pamela brown hired him anyway and strangely enough. She and the other two people all come from the same company prior to they're coming to buffalo isn't that just amazing. Now it gets worse. Not only these two people unqualified because there are certain. There are certain things that had to be young presented. In the interview process that obviously were. We're discounted or not a paid attention to at all. A will hire him anyway because I even know more they're from the same company or whatever. -- -- -- well you know maybe it's a good idea to be in compliance. We have what the what the job qualifications actually call for I know that's shocking thing when you're talking about the -- -- system. But that that would be nice so why don't why don't -- show. Going get some further education. So that you can qualify -- the gym and get the certification necessary for the job you already hold. Well that's can't that we don't have enough money for that problem. Let's use grant money shall -- Let's grant money to educate people or unqualified for the job that they got in the first place because of Pamela. Brown and in his apartment very. When Pamela brown asked about this here's here's a good thing Purdue turn around and walk away there's a sense and explaining any event. Or having any kind of a comment that's just the way that Pamela brown as one would think that if you're going to be that arrogance. Did you have some qualifications. To back up the arrogance as I said if you have an added to vote. You have to earn an attitude has not given to you it's not -- not everybody's entitled to an attitude you have to earn it she hasn't earned it. She hasn't earned her salary she's not doing a good job and my question is. I should Pamela brown herself and her two unqualified -- get out of dodge should they get fired on Wednesday. -- hell's going on here you know it reminds me of you've got a billion dollar budget a billion dollars for the buffalo school system and it seems like Pamela left the gate open. And has said come -- follow me and here there's money which dropped the U wanna usually does that and yes go ahead. In a qualified doesn't matter come on suck suck it up but dropped this is where you can get the money. So they hire unqualified people yeah and using grant money which should be used for better purposes and that. Using grant money to educate them to get them up to qualification level what's wrong with this picture and you know it's -- to bring Carl Paladino. Thank you Carl thank you very much. Thank god we have people like Carl Paladino who doesn't have to be there but he is there -- cares and he's bringing stuff up and finally. Even board members who supported. Pamela brown are beginning to say went home and being. Maybe that's not the best we come back we'll give you more information on news radio 930 we are WB yeah. This is an all I'm gonna reveal again another person who also was brought in from outside who's a principal and school. Who served until February as a principal. Illegally because he did have a license and they allow this nonsense to continue. What's happening and Bob and about school system is a disgrace. It's a total disgrace and it's starts we have the superintendent. Pamela brown. It seems like. For a woman of letters she doesn't seem to be too Smart. Yeah she has an impressive looking resume about let's get down to the bottom line is she doing the job the answer is no it's not the job not only should not doing the job. She's making -- fundamental. Mistakes or errors -- mistakes and errors and not to not purposeful. All right when you're hiring some upper level management people. And the qualifications are posted as to what they have to be on the certifications are well known and and in the -- things. If they don't that the certification. How do you have enough courts but. Tired of them what because there frenzy -- Because you know them. Because they work for the same company who used to work for. Is -- a sister -- kind of deal where I'm comfortable with -- -- doesn't really matter whether they're qualified or not or what we found out. Was two people in the upper Echelon of the buffalo school district. Yeah how -- Williams and faith Morrison Alexander simply weren't qualified. But there were hired anyway even though they did not meet the qualification requirements for the jobs and then. And they and they hand it over thirteen thousand dollars of grant money. For further education for the 20 to try to get them to the level they should've been before they've been applied for the job. Now if that's not insanity I'd like to know a different definition of you see here's the problem. There's a billion dollar trough and that's the best way to describe it in the buffalo school system and guess what it's a billion this year. And it's a billion next year and it's a billion after -- I'm only -- snout opportunities. Get your snout in the trop and it doesn't matter if you can do the job or not do it and then be so arrogant as to not feel that you even have to explain. I don't know about you but it any company I've ever worked floor. If somebody hired someone else that was obviously not qualified by definition. This is and a you know your impression whether -- brought his definition they're not qualified they don't have a certification. Are they would at least be accountable for it and and explain it and edit their best be fired. But that isn't the way it works in buffalo so now our thanks though for Carl Paladino bringing this up. And on Wednesday the board including former allies of this woman. Our road are going to be put to the test are they going to fire of these two unqualified women I think that's a slam -- has to be yes you can't pot. Simply say if you need this accreditation and you don't have a pitcher and keep the job how to do that. So working from several articles in the Buffalo News. Some of the things we've told you despite. The contract provision and the district's own job descriptions that plainly states. The school district leader certification is required re acquired. May be. In Hamill is fancy Shymanski education. She wasn't at school the day the word required was explained maybe she was at an Obama rally instead of going to an important meeting. On what the word required -- remember she is the one that went to the UB rally instead of going through the all important. Education meeting in Albany she skipped it and she is the superintendent of schools again like that. It's required upon hiring. Williams and Alexander have overseen numerous education proposals contracts and employee evaluations without having a technical authority to do so. So they don't have the authority they don't have the education they don't have of the certification but that's okay. That's -- issue -- -- explain. When asked does she just walks away. Whenever via. However the district recently spent. 121997. Dollars can we round that off to thirteen thousand are throwing the extra three dollars okay. Thirteen thousand dollars in local leadership grant money. To cover the -- -- and cost. For Williams Alexander. To attend an accelerated superintendent development program through greater southern tier -- -- So we've got to send people that are helping to rumble. Of screw this up. Their education and -- both days to come up what was required by the job by the law and contract. This is us not guess this is an absolute. Circus. The -- hope was that -- to women could rapidly are on the additional leadership credits needed to gain certification. A spla spokesperson for these state Education Department declined to indicate how close -- work -- it in and Carl Paladino does that Education Department officials told him that both are still a long way to go to meet their certification requirements. We know that the state doesn't intend to give them any special treatment says that Karl. Now we spent money on their tuition and they don't even work for us anymore. That is the cluster. That the buffalo school system is. I'd like to hear from you should Pamela brown. And her two unqualified -- get fired on Wednesday. Well they're gonna take -- vote on Wednesday for the -- we're sure. And these are not entry level jobs these are jobs where they make a lot more money than you are chances are. And not qualified and still getting it. She left the gate open there's a -- bring your friends and put your -- down mayor grab as much as you can before your run out of time you know a joke. The joke has no idea how these things work I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised that we have to give them going away money car fare. And may be parting gifts. -- -- -- They don't three on -- 301806169. Through through six are and I thirty sure we get from the boat all three of them forget the first -- how about all three of them on Wednesday it was golf.

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