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Tax Scams Popping Up

Mar 25, 2014|

Freed Maxick CPA's Dave Barrett

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest on the WB in live line we're talking about taxes -- the way. Is Dave -- and -- attacks partner with the local CPA firm Friedman actually gave good morning glory and but -- you know I'm not sure if you leave and agree with me Imus but you know when it comes to income tax filing. There just does not seem to be of the urgency on the worry. And the concern that we used to deal with a couple of decades ago my imagining this or what. Well. You know a little bit human nature to wait to the last minute it's easier today to get an extension of time to file. Some of the frankly some reforms have come out leaders this year in particular. 22. Umi call it government shut down a couple months back. Fire -- sort of trying to catch up from the few weeks that they had off there. We're running a series on. Text tips on weekdays and today's report indicated that the scam artists are out there their lurking have you guys -- scams this tax season. We certainly have -- seems to be no limit to the ingenuity of the cameras we've had read right here in in our offices. One that was just publicly announced earlier this week -- -- there are terming it the largest telephone fraud tax scam that they've ever seen. And we're in there estimating that some 20000 people have been contacted in almost every state. Cameras have made off with an excess of a million dollars now these these folks call on the phone. The use fake IRS -- numbers they can have your last four digits of your Social Security number. They make your caller ID looked like the call is coming from IRS. In the meantime -- bogus IRS email as a follow -- phone call. So it's really getting quite sophisticated. What's the bottom line amnesty should you ever expect a phone call from the IRS. A phone call may be possible would not not to ask for personal information. Not to. Try to collect -- -- to an extent. The idea here is that hang up the phone and if you think you may have a text that called the entire rest directly yourself. And if not you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission about the call. They -- earlier you mentioned how easy it is to file for an extension. Now. How do you file for an extension on your income taxes and is that really a good idea to do that if you're able to file on time. Well in the case of the New York State extension you can do it right on line. Is that a good idea. There are some advantages to keep going on extension gives you additional time to consider various tax elections. Or to look correct and originally filed return without having to amend it. But the idea is that you're supposed to pay your tax due by April 15 and you need to make your best estimate. As to what you think you owe and pay as much as you possibly can by April 15 he's definitely only an expansion of time to file. Can't live good information and thank you for sharing of those morning thanks again for talking with them it's my pleasure. Dave -- attacks partner with a local CPA firm Friedman actually.

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