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Seattle Mudslide More of A Recovery Operation Now

Mar 25, 2014|

Stephan Kaufman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The search will continue today north of Seattle after the massive mudslides Saturday. Correspondent Stefan Kaufmann is on the WB and live line live from snohomish county Washington State. Seven were any survivors found yesterday and they think this is no longer rescue but now -- recovery mission. Well hello Susan no no survivors on your -- or six bodies bringing the total to look fourteen right now. The I -- -- -- hopes -- you can carry that anyone been found alive at this point. And theories are of course a sense of urgency there. Adding to the fact that this event happened Saturday morning and you're talking about a square mile area. On British cascading -- There's a fear of flooding dollars or portable sort of rise on accrued damn -- wrote a letter had been dumped in the North Fork of these so it on the river by the -- so. A lot going on here at least the workers on courses through Seattle and a good run at any time. Well stubborn because this area is so delicate so unstable and you say. The possibility of flooding how long do authorities estimate that it might take before they can safely dig for more victims. Well at this point it's not guilt anger so. The new year sort of speech here that they really haven't put an eight year. And it kind of timeframe on it. You don't. In regard to listed in the city you don't. Around 200 coming that figure in -- all over the place and total figure where tiger -- 176. Listed as missing -- -- -- report but. You know as one official put it yesterday you know what that does mean that C yeah that's the number of injuries or fatalities but rather a number of reports. Has some of these people may have gone to relatives of the week and -- might have gone out of town for the weekend a month -- shopping so. You know all the details -- yet. Still it's pretty staggering amount the number of people affected. Approach certainly and of course -- you know there really -- sort of unaware of these people are and and you know -- rescue workers during the height of butter doesn't. Workers -- up the search. You know using you know bill auction. Aircraft earth moving equipment. But you know what that the first light of this year you know you'll find a whole lot more. Stefan we are hearing a lot of warnings had been note issued back in nineteen 99. To the US army Ervin junior about the possibility that those mudslides could happen what can you tell us about that. Well is that you actually go yet you say that report issue a lot of US Army Corps of Engineers many years ago but. Highlighting the potential orders -- -- for large catastrophic failure what. According to the Seattle times this -- that was just one of many warnings issued about the area where they disaster took place so. You know these this is the Pacific northwest -- -- fires appear that your students some places is unstable. It -- a lot. So you know I was every part of the country has its. Possible disasters certainly that's what happened here. How long has some of those homes been there. Oh I imagine. Well. I'm sure many many years probably some more than 100 years -- -- -- -- area. However it we're good at you know this is -- this particular part of the Pacific northwest is fairly sparsely populated compared obviously that this Seattle area. But as you say as that the -- here in. Many years ago they were wasted this is so large an area. It is so people settled in your many many years ago. -- has anything like this happened on a much smaller scale of course. That might serve as a warning them to people about living in such unstable terrain. Well I was living -- John in the Pacific northwest. For twenty years are now based in Denver but. I can tell you from memory bit yeah sure of mudslides. Because -- for previous. Unstable earth because of forest fires have taken place before this extent you know. -- we're glad you could join us with the update this morning our thoughts are going out to everybody out there thank you very much. It's correspondent Stefan -- joining us live from north of Seattle and snohomish county Washington State.