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Plane Search Narrows; Few New Details

Mar 25, 2014|

Steve Futterman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live now to cool wallow -- poor Malaysia on the other side of the world CBS's Steve -- a little standing by to talk of this. The Malaysians held another news briefing about the missing airliner of this warning of concluded. Less than a couple of hours ago good morning Steve did we learn anything new at this briefing this morning. The war in nature enormous new -- we learned that the surgery is being greatly reduce -- looking out there and hit -- -- core door. Are they feel this should work very likely vote went down. Obviously -- not able to record -- worker. Concern but they determined that went into the water. It really -- just search for good -- and they want to get agree -- -- is connected to look like and that will lead into the black boxes. Do have some sophisticated equipment -- the -- -- court to allow the Malaysian -- There should get to -- area probably the first week of April. Recently what unit they're quicker but that -- it's going to get -- for equipment. Your -- -- impossible. To it's coming promote black boxes. Steve we understand the weather was terrible today too rough for the search what is the outlook for the next few days. Hoping to resume tomorrow at -- horrible today very very strong winds are eager. High waves. The ships were chicken out the paper flew in there. And -- or people search. I do think the urgency. For -- now. Everyone has concluded at least the government for partial treatment the prime minister -- -- -- that the plane went into the ocean or a different kind of urgency that you you it would have been maybe a bit different if we could not have gotten out could perhaps they would have allowed memberships ago in their. But in sweeping change for what it's clearly were harboring or not or were you for. They eat very much for the -- want to. Speaker for the preamble there are apparently in Beijing and we don't believe it shall. True what people like. Troops and it shall we currently so he's currently compete against Milan. Which they work with their lives. Well with that said Steve how are the Malaysians handling all this criticism. About how they reached their conclusion that the plane crashed on the ocean. I don't think any experts were challenged their conclusion that the plane crashed into the ocean sit there quietly and as best -- -- we work. Are virtually. Certain natural disasters disasters like this. You know -- government every jurisdiction come. Under some criticism that its. You literally are anti government or agency to handle it perfectly when there. Earthquake I know it gets -- -- -- people -- are getting their money so these things are so art. And virtually impossible to make perfect. But the support that your current quicker circuit obviously in the case like this which it is a much publicity everyone watching that. Proceed at this tragic event it gets more attention than it otherwise it and situation it's not quite as publicized. Steve is Malaysia going to give China and any other country that asks does that Ross satellite data. And is Malaysia going to turn over that satellite data to China in any other country -- asked for it. A lot not sure what they're going to do not even -- eager to return from. The -- company we learned yesterday from -- from them. The -- -- gotten your trip from from many other countries are older data I don't know there's. A security issue that might be involved. Pride issue that might involve. Stop and what if again if you're an expert in this field and talked to so many of them. No one believes this. Car so the bottom line the foundation to all this. And the other things. Sometimes you're thinking more what you're parked in your card which happened -- The families of the victims. Obviously they're thinking more what they are there are. You wouldn't want to be thinking circuits that lost loved ones for what they're gonna think about how they're going to -- Order you know the -- leading it future. Steve -- there are suspicions that the -- might not be telling everything they know at this point -- for security reasons or whatever. Then -- think you're pretty something that people do -- think about there are certain national polite here in the country as a regular partners are lying. I think as a regular partner. How it should be able to handle a situation like this cougars. A great deal of national pride and as we've -- with many countries in the Paris. Sometimes if you see something embarrassing they say you know what we're just not talk about I'm not suggesting that we're picking -- Always the suspicion that something like -- We heard the Australians compare the search to finding a needle in the haystack and they say they don't even know where the haystack is. But once they do have you heard any talk Steve -- how how they're gonna go to the ocean floor. General Counsel. Are there. And types submarines. Try to lower sugar water remembered that the complication here is that that the people of the ocean. It's just the automobile to buried deep bottom of the ocean so complication. They want -- find -- here goes I think I want to applaud the black boxes and what others are -- and what you look for that question one that went in 2009. It true -- before -- on the block boxers. For those planes are. So he can -- very long process. They recovered boxes and it will not give up shortly aren't. Steve as always we are very very grateful for the time you are spending -- those covering the story thank you again. That CBS's Steve got a little reporting live from Kuala Lumpur -- Malaysia.