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Plane Search Narrows

Mar 25, 2014|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is with the senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity Dave good morning. Yesterday news conference yesterday and Malaysia air flight 370. -- know how is the US aiding in the search but what do they assisting. Yeah it's it's providing number of different types of support they had ships there are aircraft that there are helping out the logistical support it coming from. US government sources people who are experts in the field. Mediation in the rescue in security all the such developments which go into any type of search for a -- -- at the -- -- a -- its domestic. The -- but it. Important note that they are secondary players and all of those. That would assert that from the get go to Atlanta. I Malaysia China of course it's there it's elements of that a piper through the pack at that more than half the passengers. On the plane. What Chinese herbal products from China the plane was going from elation at two Beijing's Fella that's the buried article in the United States -- At -- passengers on the air support since it is the United States that we -- the resources that we -- we have been it's the secondary players on the important player. -- -- the Malaysian government scheduled this news conference yesterday morning to explain what was going on. And give their opinion on what happened -- -- we were all prepared for some very conclusive evidence yet there wasn't any and so this morning. A lot of people -- a lot lacking here those investigations that were not being told everything about the Malaysians know. And that it would seem that indicates Robert aviation security earlier like the rear -- it's something -- it's sort of -- very technical matters. And I think it's technologies satellite technology in fact -- it's never been used for the purpose of searching for a -- of this sort. With the situation that we have right now so without getting into those technical with cystic. Suffice it to say. They're basically going off the information out there is brand new but it's never been used in this way before and as a result even that we don't have. Firm concrete evidence of their being elected in the Indian Ocean and they're extrapolating from the information that they're leaning from satellite data. But the plane when it -- that finally ended ended its flight. In the Indian Ocean that will of course I'd need to be confirmed. On the ground with eyes on the ocean in order for people. Where the family members. The souls who -- -- not presumably lots on this flight. -- cloture but that's what we are right now. And -- government all the way up for the our minister our organ that is the notion that the playing it back into the election. We also heard that the US has a special device a black box -- cater that is on its way. And it and was just wondering. If we have this why wouldn't have gone over there sooner. If it weren't for all we didn't that's certainly know where the flight was -- -- -- remember even just a few days ago that there they were looking. It's such a wide area of focus of the search was not. In the southern Indian Ocean that they were looking in areas like around the laser -- lands -- and nor any Indian Ocean is spelt out that there is some pretty. Solid evidence that the plane. It go and finally broke down and crashed into the Indian Ocean the -- -- localized area for that search and as a result. Technology -- Reform act and the search for black box. Which requires -- -- and -- very very small area and not something you can do pump hundreds of miles away a hundred miles away. That's why -- -- the technology is going through that area and that's probably Eric caused. I want to wait dislike it is. We're talking there with David Leventhal line -- with the Center for Public Integrity in Washington DC where his senior political reporter. David with this terrible natural disaster north of Seattle. Were wondering what the president of the United States is going to do what once he intervenes possibly. This that the area. And you gotta wonder if that happened there could happen anywhere else of this country. It's possibly and these these are things that of course very wet and make something happen error is very much to the forefront. Of the national agenda and of the president's going to care about now. The president those in Europe is in going to the Netherlands he's going to Belgium and Italy and Saudi Arabia over the next few days. It's actually quite here in the Ukraine -- very much at the forefront. It's mind right now and not the president came out it's a joint statement with Ukraine or at least -- United States did with -- Talking about the situation Arab election incursion into the Ukraine and so we've got issues domestic important right now that there are really really occupying the government. -- all and stand there and and really stretching the resources and attention not the government in many different direction. Dave we appreciate your time this morning thank you for -- Dave Leventhal is a senior political reporter with the senate Republican to equity.

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