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Malaysian Briefing- Tuesday Morning - 5:30 am

Mar 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

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Is -- election -- and his. You know just. Executed. In -- best decisions you -- provision means -- Yeah. Didn't need to invade if there. There was a group. Well. He's. And these. -- -- I wouldn't. So responsible. He's as competitive as things. And you're gonna ride it -- he involved. And you all do and say he's. -- -- Whose views and position. It was perfect world vision and our performance. Can determine where there -- -- You process faith. It is so poor -- -- we're or. By a group or -- And even though he's. You've been -- Susan. Do you. It's. -- There's evidence -- -- -- really. Is it do you want. -- -- -- -- You -- he you know he's. Really grown. Mobile. Yeah he's. You vulnerable. -- -- And you were. You do the oh yeah. We'll. It's. Accordingly. The provision. -- Do you yeah. And in this. -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- opposition. We're. It is jars. Ball. And it has. It's. Certainly won't. And -- him and international investigation. -- world vision. -- Is your vision -- -- in cold. What was. All that. In this. Didn't -- there -- reasonable under these. It's. -- It's significant. To the important. Role comedians. You aren't. You people. Thirty. Increasing. Says his assets and -- we'll check. Yes that's the vote. To remember. You know it's. His team. I didn't think yeah. And you. Very important. Guys being here and human. Yeah he has access is. And it's -- There. Is room. And. There's just. There's religion question. You don't. He. Total. There's Q there are losers here. These. You and position. Investigation. -- give me this book is. Over yesterday's news and everything. It's. -- -- It was he's. Maybe wouldn't openness and respect for news. To his. -- -- You okay. It's. Yeah. And they. He. Yeah. Hillary and end. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Carries didn't feel better. As who has beaten him. Boom boom. It. Here and there you know. We're talking world. The system if you. -- like that at all. Action news. As far as the he's just -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gave me that. And he didn't eat eat it. And he it's cool that he didn't he -- -- Because. We'll. And we'll. -- We'll. Or. And. He's. Work in Bolton. Yeah. Yes. -- -- Hold. All. And he adds it's. It's. Yeah. Isn't this. We'll. The send them. You it's. Yeah it's. It's. -- -- Another. That. So yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's mean. Can you. Yeah. It's. -- we do. -- Yeah. And. We're. Do. So yeah. -- CN. This is it's. There. You know. -- -- -- Okay revisionism. Yeah. Vision pitiful. Is. You can hear -- is. Members. All the and it is. -- forward. -- hair and old. In just. And here. -- -- -- Both movies and but it. It's the only things that. -- -- It's. This. The. As I mentioned. -- -- -- -- Didn't miss that dunes yes it. Do you agree. It's -- okay it's safe any others please press. -- Yeah see you prove. -- or -- okay. Yeah. It is. -- -- -- It's. And he's. It's. Six. Do you use this. Primarily. And in. Hold its. Or. In fact there. You can -- area. Millions of. -- -- And then -- you. -- As will you do what it is. And he's. -- -- -- -- It's. Mean. And he's easy. To. Is. When you lose. -- -- -- -- He. Story. In. It -- all corners. Important. It was. This. Again. And you know. -- -- It's. He's. It's going. Because. This. Did you feel. -- should mention. Oh team. These future what will you do it. -- Can watch it. Or movies. Stating that you will be back in the region. These community. We didn't speak. I hope that world. Well carton. Kids. Over. Certain. That's been. -- -- -- Two. All. Yeah you never uses the -- This it's. -- It's. He did. It's. And -- Okay yeah. And you know. It's. -- -- -- -- It's. So. -- But the process. -- you -- you get the okay. Overheating. Problem is bad news. -- -- He's. Maybe removed as physically access. Do yeah. Let people. -- -- -- And we didn't know he. Two. -- -- It's. It's. -- -- this is. Yeah. It's. Six. It's. It. -- -- -- Yes it's eight. Yeah. Yeah it's little. -- Well. Okay. There. -- -- Yeah. You. It. -- Search. And. It's. Yeah. Room. Will be even better. -- -- Yeah. Vision thing. There it is -- So. When it. Okay. --

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