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Malysian News Conference- Early Tuesday Morning

Mar 25, 2014|

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And of the present this. We'll prove. On books provide. This is the set and that he did. They have all the dancing. It's. When it home in his bed. It's. What you've been. It's a it's. Home. It's. Sport definitely. And this continues. I don't know if this done. Look to is that there's some that don't provide you this. Good news. Oh. So thoughts of the families. I stand before you today. I do. Little too. That. My other groups. Think we'll see. They didn't. And who have. We can. Andrew English. Certainly this brave. 200. So. He's seven. And boy do. Yeah. We extend over periods. Insincere. When Ruth. We all feel. You know so. So. That all those waters like me she's there on Saturday. Morning. We've lost here. And goes only if we'll know it's. They don't. It must do what. The or movies. And we'll. Let me. You very carefully best. Let's move and we'll need more patient enough. Was good. Shiller home. They're going to be. Peace. Be cool blue moon. Where humanly possible. We didn't salute you both. Pool it pool. You didn't. And go. Well and children would be dead Diddy won a golden. Remember. News. No room. Everything this is there a lot of these fees that in view of Malaysia the gophers didn't come but at the thought of family who control. And also to deploy promote these and he. We will continue through this. Well we've also accuses the floor. Investigating. Authorities. Where everyone else. We're reading reviews. We know. Whoa there. Be heading busy notebook bowden's. Definitely a good indication of any Beazer did we. Didn't. My it is in case. Then I'll move on me does not there and Chattanooga police. We did reality that we must please. And we know it's. But Malaysia received approval from the investigating authorities. Orange. We'll get me pretty families. Who didn't it is it is a fool me. I'm good. We. Or on investigation. And the express my bags. To delicious yeah. And all those involved. In these truly. Well there's. Being done. This year alone is looming over us we obviously. Because people on the to provide. At least we have comprehensive. Support group. Remember what was. Indicated K it's. K easily. The Lola. Moore. Two wounded in that case you missed. And and did you learn it. Care. Reform and you know the ball game with 900 people. Under this program. And in his life that doesn't blow a little bit being maybe you know. Well he gave birth to enjoy the families have access. To ground all possible. In addition. Booked accommodation. Obama to fire. Can remember. It's. Just location media and other expenses. Hey big provider sees it too much and that will do. That you had line. Authority provided initial influences in his book fire good old. Yeah. To each game. We recognize that let it go through what he's no he's pulled me configuration. But that prolonged these men truly amazing. Funny goofy. On. We there won't be very doable. It these you know big. This. Present at the garden aviation history. That's me. The days. The greatest challenge to peace. At mission this. I've been humbled. But the whole world. My dedication. Messages from. Involved with the support. Don't know my rookie. You can only work. He didn't. You know obviously yeah. But yes. Knew he didn't mean. You're cool. Pretty. This and who wouldn't. These things. Ball. Home home yeah he's he's my. Duty to its list on. Is it. Yes and 86. PP. So yeah. Yeah. And it is. That you. Yeah. What's an almost as soon Lou appreciate. The basically homeless people that the authorities. And since then. You awesome a couple of those who have these people we see being in the king and finding the place. And in case since then the domain of the appointees. But as I mean Canada. Focus ten that. Action drugs. Period in concluded that it at least us who. But like. OK and assistance to a person. Certainly these these families and emotions as we fully understand and in fact some really. People. He. In terms and how we act and Sunday you know what it's easy motion you mean understand. That's his that's a great to have Qaeda X Adrian mentioned a snow. Yeah. We have a former us. He's dead he's who need human on the ground. We never want us. Yes. And it's. So far. War. Yeah. The league. It's. Fair enough. I think that's very records and let us who also appreciate. It's especially last night the premise that come up and said. The share that yes we even. Really going to vote. Leads. That would point. To let it be me and it is. And as he mentioned. The debt position is. Very fiery very mode believe. News that mess. And seventeen days. We could only bring us who these have been the pollution. If we. Cool. This. The it's. It's. Clothes. And can win. He didn't. There. There he's. And hit it. Very. Yeah. And it's. I mean you. Maybe we'll. Yeah. It's. And what do you do. Ship. Dennis. And rulers. This is good. And since. Wouldn't you believe you. But yeah. Oh yeah this. He's what all of so I was. Waves yeah. But there's been my fiance that within myself. But the fact. The investigation. He's. Really the authorities. And Denny best. You mean. Yeah. Okay. Okay. It's. It's a. Okay. Call me. It's. Okay. Hey if it's. Fair it's. OK. Hope it's. Here. I'm I'm stood there will be very important. Been stiffened the victim by the investigate this. Can do. We're glad they hit the. At the moment that's how we are looking at it. Because the baby and dad at a place. As soon as he moved from Britain today. This but the evidence. You mean humanist and the that's no deduction. So we could only. That. He spoke with your life who declared that he does not display. And by extension the people. You. That day. You know already. Okay. Yeah. I believe yeah. Is saying yes he says. In the season. You know it's. Okay and okay I'm. Yeah. The united. That alone. You know I. For sale plus since. But deeply flawed the family's from China. He's book. Since the end I'm and that that the privacy. And that is to meet instant it what the factual book with the family members. And in themselves. Light. These people keep them thinking only seem to be okay befell this. At SC was not a from the gasoline gained them is not that there. Reason the lead. Put them in of these men that come with the book. And that also is missing Buddhist texts piracy. And allocating us. Given that Andy and given access located list we. What a quality player like that he's the deem this a soul was huge fan of the oh yeah and and the back. So did not being. It was a. I think that any reason at any. Please sir yeah. There. You call me on the had he. Appreciate. Picked fair question. Does that you like me get him back with a focus of these. While for us. These this we. I didn't. The families look like that. Passengers and crew about what he had done last night that he's the big news. And that and what you don't particularly. Instance that they need we don't care you need to less than just remedies and let them do. Since you know moon. Process. As you mentioned. Well at events like these so yeah opportunities there where the epic and Iraq. Are we spend we need to investigate this thing yeah. You and your best defense. It's. I. Think it's I think that's fair. The best tennis DC did you substance we seed in the east you trust books. He will be best to explain. Yet definite another part of our news. We have been UN. The indication that we shouldn't. That. That excitement and follows me you know that the yeah it saved the best kindness and when we have these steal this book just. He sees itself. It is all. Thankful. Yeah yeah. It's. Well. OK okay good to see what you know. What it is sickening. It's. My. Yeah. We're spending too volatile and in the process we vote in them so can you tell. You just let us more room additions to the it's. And I. The spurs. This. Or so for us so people. Us and the. Let's leave. We can appreciate that that vote to lessen the fact that that the band would have some of them have been most phones so defending we speak to. You get to a different. Listen. So they're not also. Enough numbers who have been deposition but let me down and be. You really. And and to be very very busy from law. So we expect you know unique vision and the ability they could have been looking at bat. I'm well but the level high we believe these people because you do realize that. Let you know be you know we see doesn't this. Drew and went. Memo. He really did this to me mostly me. We feel when you. And that day saw. Expansion but the fans. Hello sir so that plus thought is to provide the conflict was there from the close did he needed these. Won't be so friendly assistance centers all over the place and we dispense. OK give us. Those jewel of this you know men. You say and read. Probably enabled. The vote by what it looked listless. You know and reach that can do and Saturday. Not allow no compensation. Conclusion to make up when else. And he would appreciate that. One vote or what. Or when your. Where there it is me on everything. Obviously if. He's being done a lot of times. Questioned that need to notice they'll name an ego. Thank you it is. Oh. Only. These. Yes. He. Uses whole process. Well. Usually don't steal yeah. It's. It's. The other movies yeah you don't fit. Like this mile here. To ensure that we support them. And after picture did you feel good wishes. Yeah and that's benefited more selflessly. Give out there in this panel. You know he Magellan and I can do. Third. News. So I think. Quote unquote notwithstanding. He's good reviews I think that's the thing. This is I'm present. Event. And we may be looking at some understand that we whose office. So really not necessarily look at the full immunity. I'm sure dentists that this is who will really right until you hear this. Yeah hello hi. But it's. Light or. Yeah. I did appreciate the it was. As we. You have to draw landed in the eleventh. You know to be thinking that homo domain. And what you can do opal does at the moment he's more than what you can do which is a site investigation. It's. Yeah so pretty good about you know a lot of different acts. All of this week and. I OK okay. Oh. Well obviously doesn't affect. But. We'll it doesn't really help us to insure that those that we'll need your chickens. Did you picture that he knows it. Moving forward is something that we will look into. He is something I mean he month. Did he shared burden and they'll lose more. He must it's. He's people here or yeah. And it's something that we have to. Do kids. Use this appeared to be. The. Oh. Was this year's. Quote who. No this you need me. Now. But we eat red chip out of process proceeded. To blew through. Vintage. Fifty. And it's. HL. You can have a separate went from thinking. Them not pollute less than the thin whereas it was. Yes indeed photo full quality than. And our thoughts and prayers. Thank you. For me. Of focus. Is. He didn't. People who aren't here. Before. Before. My baby B. It's. If this conflict. Yeah painful. He really didn't bat. Yeah. Neither of illusion. He's. It's. World. Here and we. Managed. And and it's. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. It's. Yeah.