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MH 370: Australian news conference

Mar 25, 2014|

Australian defense officials answer questions about the ongoing search for missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good afternoon ladies and it's not much there to introduce. And that that dumps the minister for defense and the busted for defense force and Marshall mafia's content to make some comments are regarding. A precious southern Indian Ocean and also the these Chinese national efforts. 28. Hopefully fund. Something. Something that regarding my title three set. As gentlemen thank you wolf for a fifth keeping everybody in form. As to what is going on with what is most important. As being in terms of the idea nation. And maritime. Citing. It took to dial I'm here to speak to the crews. And the mine China's of these magnificent eight crafted behind me. I want to tight the opportunity to publicly thank. All of the crews. And all of the teams that hate these kinds flying as you know it is a four action began in two has on stylish and and then four at a time. This is an extremely were my pile of the world. He needs united street and a 3500. Made his day. 2500. Kilometers from. It's a massive logistical exercise their four Australian plates race. Two Japanese pay through arrays why New Zealand they threw me pay hike from the his ties to solutions from China. And who have some Imus does and does it pay pay three coming from a coat Korea with a C one that he it's the south tonight. Now wanna tie the opportunity to thank all of those countries for their assistance and the commitment I've just had lunch with the Chinese and Japanese things. They're rule you know working exotic belong asked to keep their aircraft flying. To keep their crews out to the minute in terms of enthusiasm. It's been a long hard ride to week's scene. You know we've got to say sty it's given them an eye Jim I have successes head to deploy a 120 kilometers to the steps to avoid. For those of you understand C sites horrendous with the conditions. This is a might drop Verizon. I side that the prime minister has to die announced that these if these will be wise for the families of the passengers and crew of this allies in their craft. We will be very pleased to welcome them he'd give them some closure and what is an an extreme tragedy for the cipher that I come back to the fact that this is an amazing example of international cooperation particularly between militants. And mass size of waste mr. Ryan we're very pleased to hoist the Chinese the Japanese the Koreans the New Zealanders and the Americans into Western Australia. This is a special facility being offered for the families to come here into the B. The fly another vote what I can buy see through the crash area. Well I I I think those logistical operations will need to be considered very carefully I don't wanna speculate because if he's in my major operation this is as our site. Probably one of the much reminds console that planets. We wanna get that drives we want to assist these families and friends. To have some closure. But that's talk about that when we know him and you coming in when their. Is it now residue recovery operation after the Malaysians announcement last nights it very clearly now. The case of not through the looking for survivors but looking forward to agree and looking for those like pull this well let's let's be clear. To this point in time we have not successfully identified. And recovered any degree from the aircraft in question. He can throw it the coolest that would bring a different view that there. If you line wasn't do you hear. Well I think if we're going to be alone does turning from my chin giving us a hint as to what is actually happened that's all we've got to go. I think the telemetry from the satellite. The U Masset satellite. Generating on Alley by system telemetry from as mothers. And the performance of vehicle I think he's always got to go on. I I think we've got to rely on that men and that's what we've been doing 300 every guy hey I have an idea I think it would like to us. I. There. I am confident that because that's the biggest we've got to this point in time. They are trying to go to an analysis and so on statements surprises and I oh last night. The name of the look look I'm not surprised today anything with respect to this this is a mystery. And until we recover out. And positively identify a piece of debris. Everything is visually speculation. With a look at. Point yesterday what's the situation with a certain well well when you've got to suspend operations for 24 has because of the the way that they beautifully craft on mineral on the Graham as you can see. Because it's on site to fly down there now remain. This part of the world this southern operation. Has she predict many many Silas in our history in west is trying to. He's a rough seas tight seven united the era twenty city made a wives it is very very diners even for big Panamax class ships. To try to grab your protocol vetoes and go through sift through the details. Remind us it can kiss applaud conclusions can group them by massive and. Look up all and I've been admitted to two that vice chief of defense been skin who will tell you that everything that we have you know that. And that we are doing everything we can to system rule Mike a positive identification on a piece of debris that will remain. That we're on the right track now that's not gonna happen I would think for at least another 24 S because we've had to redeploy as shipped. Given the bed with a. Do you think I had anything from the monitoring and done and that the blood on images and the photos that the Chinese provides. I have nothing further to add on that I think you've seen all of the information that is disease this asked. It's and I know we were. Marlins tonight remains diamonds noise all the while. Well I probably wasn't cause I was probably travelling somewhere and and you know on the white back to waist and a stride yet. The prime minister I'm sure has been informed. But analyzed and as in wind events have come to pots and I've been concerned. Do you understand I tonight success to be confident that they close to what was saying from the eighties today. Well the it's very easy to speculate that being close close in this part of the world could be several hundred kilometers. Just remember we are looking for an eight craft in Victoria from I think mister mister. And that's what we're doing if you wanna put it in some sort of analogous. Description we are looking for an aircraft in the state of Victoria from west mr. he's a very very difficult task and can I tell you this deployment that you can see behind me and all of the craft an odd nine. He's probably one of the largest if that's you'll ever see in terms of merit Thomson violence. And joint operations from China the strategy paying New Zealand the United States Korea its intra. How urgent is the task given that. Is that thing guys lift for that beacon that tree to tell us where the black box slot record as a full obviously everything's fairly agent but you know we cannot. Port Potts and crews at risk we count put. Ship's company at risk we just have to deal with this location as best we can in terms of its way there and it's inhospitable kind of in America corporate income. Are. He's. You know because optic phone but it hasn't. Played well. As a side the turning point for us I think will be when we pull some piece of debris from the surface of the ocean and positive identified as being part of the crowd. Yeah apparently count on the support their current. Will be providing for them is that that at this died join doctors there that this stud dog died but you know beer in mind the prime minister is very very. Fixed on assisting my allies it was a very good friend of a strident. In dealing with the families of the crew and the passengers on board to see crop we'll do what we can within minutes you don't have Chinese finally unlock helping. And in depth on it and Diana. Two vice chief of defense teams can do as you can see is with the rule this planet fullest he's gonna tell you that some of us. So if I can. I took the analogy of what would go to there at the moment when not searching for middle and high stick was still trotted to fawn with a high stack is so that that that's just to put it in in context. Com you sing a multi national effort. Going on it is difficult for hedge my success to in the these weather conditions BI able to. Fall on small bits of debris. That is so Washington ran in the with the southern Indian Ocean at the Monmouth. As a minister said for safety concerns that I. We had to fully BS itself that the surge and put success to the sample what I'd be for good weather in the the coming diaries. Where the search of the will be joined by a number of Tawny ships. Will have victory MP3. On law solar Maury croft but more ships in the variable stopped relative respondents. The socialist tickets it's becoming more of a recovery operation in it was before. There and you were the strain assets including the ocean shield. I understand hitting out there what's its role hasn't helped. What can do Taj and two will be joining the episode action that the coming dies she's selling from Sudan issue would appreciate it takes. On to to come down and around into the search area. The Eiffel move will be working to put specialist equipment on board so that as we further refine. The search area that remark double to to go ahead and look full faith the Blackhawks this. They don't like under the same collaboration between the nations in terms of facilities and I lost one specific umbrella exclusive collaboration is doing very very good between licensed. For the side of it this vein a lot of cooperation between the US you Ky and destroy it in and out analyzing that satellite imagery. If bagged it was you type out of it seemed at first buddhists into the location renowned as being rough on boy oh boy imagery trying to. The digital ID imagery that everyone's getting a chance to toolkit so that sort of it's very very clever it is good from the aircraft and the V ships there's a lot of cooperation going on of the mime and it is a relatively small operation but it is growing baba died. We do that in the supportive and so at the moment answer the late Dyson in Australia. By another question is is information they cost to Malaysia this resist could you describe now. Yeah the under control and aggression for the you have let little things that I didn't. That. It's still felt that and he said the note that he didn't go down we'll all. As a Mississippi based information that we have and we continue to or fauna and any information that comes seeing. As I understand I haven't seen the report that the information from the British Open ought clubs custom license season and a kite more surety. That it went down in the southern Indian Ocean about. As you'd imagine as you get more information people get a chance look at more more we continue to or. On the suture it's. Great I didn't do that so it all I don't the most Intel's Madonna song. I'm uneasiness. And didn't face. On down to. Google indeed being essentially a four teams in the weather and how much of an impact he's going to have on the debate that started yesterday. Both answer very very good that measuring the tyrants we draw poise at the united from the last few guys in they held a mission there could move and opposed the war decide. Fight well by O'Keefe a very good track only in the current debris field should be as the with a please will go to guy that came. But at the moment it's so visible by a. Crossed and then whenever it people it's just seem to. To pick up there could be any different from anywhere around the world you know make sure that anything would be dealt with the most Leland and avoid. Is being registered and then we can choose from on the sixers can. And a hundred. Paul why don't why don't to those they tell some of the so it's again that's a Harley conflicts and I will title Longo what we have seasons that I took out of the system level Obama very unlike a yeah I am not worried that makes alleges I shall and that's that's my question into action necessary polio from my issue is being passed what will with a violent between Malaysia restraint and all the nations that. That of participating in the episode so long comfortable with all the information is getting to those people played. Made it to go to reforms insurance thank you very not tell the guys that they are all the nations of the participating in this. This is a Hawley complex search. You will develop over the the coming days as a minister since it's a searcher is 2500 kilometers away from here it's in the middle another way. I'm sure many of brain on the it crossed the debate now they've been understand the difficulties that wolf crews going through.