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3-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Mar 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBE at. I wore us down upon the he would write -- -- think yeah if you go to the hole looked. -- that ends this month brought. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'd had a right protest it was because of guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied me. There really is nothing like a short time now. Hey it's not mind easily be 930 excuse me while I whip this out. Might -- get to the final -- to Charlotte computers -- out of me again I haven't read everything about computer and then put my password and every flicker account I use when I'm on the here -- that's that's that's a lot of -- it really is a great time doing it's it's like -- a -- exercise you know get up go to thing unplug computer -- plug in computer then walked back to hear -- -- -- and every password of every count I -- during the show it well it's it's. Exercise. You know maybe it's part of this and corporate health plan but I don't know. I didn't get the memo but or. Good war alright it is nine minutes after six at the news radio 930 WB EM that. I have a question for you guys I just read -- a whole bunch of numbers. Before the news and an. Is that -- -- everything out of characters give you the nuggets. In general Cuomo's gonna be reelected it's not even gonna be close number one number two New York safe is not going to be overturned. It's but it's popular. New York safe is a winner for Andrew Cuomo it's not a loser for Andrew Cuomo and -- more over even more important. In upstate New York. It only has 52%. Of the people against that. Only 52%. And the poll has a margin of error of about 3.4 percent. So it virtually is 5050. In the area we're supposed to be strongly opposed. So. I don't see Howell. You can consider this state. Anything but. A lost call outs. New York safe is not going away in fact probably right after he's reelected Cuomo will strengthen yet. And take away more gun rights. With your full support. And you give an inch they'll take a mile. And folks to those -- -- which I believe this is where. Bet. The interest of New York City and downstate are completely different. In the interest of upstate. If upstate became its own state you know what the new center of liberalism would be right it would be Erie county. It would beat Buffalo, New York. I just what are budget thanks to Joseph -- for a look at this. Ronald Reagan's reelection 1984. He won the country electorally by a landslide. He won at New York State. Guess what can Cody he did not win. You recount put that up -- based brokerage. I honestly think we have the dumbest voters in the world right here in her account and New York State in general. Agree disagree. It 03 on -- thirty start I'm 3180616. WBE. NN let's go to about -- on the west side Dan hello. And because. I wasn't expecting -- all the little plays. I'm not keeping your weight can. Tell a story. And we're getting into something where on China -- -- Are you. Somehow or other New York State is covered with only the potency. I mean. All -- -- outside of New York City counties and yet we've you know the urban -- we've got a concentration of people listen. Who the Democrats. And that's that's the way you know but doesn't. I don't think our borders are dumber are smarter than anybody else Sicily was and so and this is that this is really the same as the anyplace except. We're listening to the dependency cult elevators here so we -- -- we are. But New York say it has nothing to do with the dependency called debaters it is a freedom indicators. No but I mean it's so it's who's for or against it on and it just happens to be. Party in the -- and you know. Politicians who are dependency called -- According to the Siena poll which by the way tends to be accurate. The Siena poll. I have to tell you as one of those that tends to be one of the more accurate polls okay. A majority. Of men and white voters support and why safe. Even stronger majorities of women black and Latino voters support. So yes we have bridged the racial divide everybody -- New York State. Well not everybody but the majority of people in this state are in favor. Basically doing away with the Second Amendment. Yup -- -- counties are against that. And that's the what I. I don't but I went into that before dad did you did you -- before the news break. -- But what I -- what I am. What I am concerned about is what the party machines millions senator process in the states manages to have to really. Every year it's getting worse and worse is becoming a model for the country god help -- but what what what is going on that they can get. Organizational. Support it meant and that's and that's count and then times low voter -- it solves that columns. So -- and so the ethnic leaders the unions. Economic lever. So hopefully -- are pointing people. And a certain direction and that's where they call and you know outside of -- -- urban cores like awful in all you you don't see the same thing. But. But -- myself for all these all these -- you're -- mean. In them these little these urban centers like buffalo and assist and that has really -- thing because these are the people. Or voting basically to castrate them so I mean lots of ways not just gone. Well that's just one issue if there's an issue upon which Andrew Cuomo's ought to be vulnerable it is and -- sake. But if he is only if that law is only opposed by 52%. Of the people in an area where it is supposed to be vehemently opposed screw. You know. Although I mean I I've been. Really really despairing about the situation the political situation. In all the guns drug that has something going -- But I mean we. The way the park -- party machine politics where. Men most effective. When people -- four. And -- You know because they're not turning out in the on the organization. The organization of their people turned out and the it does count for more and a and this is that this is really a model for for this part of the country where that's where were such -- trouble that's where the country. But here's here's what I don't get here's what here's what just blows my mind. If this state was prosper. If this state was in and it was an economic dynamo. I can understand. I can do that no state has seen more population loss percentage wise the New York State. And people stole. -- stuck on stupid. -- well you know. It's probably only gonna get worse because more and more people are gonna wake up and say you know a lot it is a lost callers. About how many people. Are really serious students of of of public policy and also barely listening to somebody. And this is lines thing is that as they had in this part of country. You know where they're getting point and -- and you know it's it's it's venues like like the one we're on right now. Where they at least it's solved solved in all alternative. To what certainty what they're getting their -- -- And unfortunately ago and I've said this a million times talk radio cannot change the world any idiot talk show host who thinks his show her show will change the world. You know seriously needs. Needs to put things in perspective because it can't change the world won't change the world never has that will change the world. -- -- -- -- we've -- scope then why and the NRA can have rallies until doomsday in Albany against and a -- safe in it the best we can do is only 52% of the people in upstate New York oppose and why safe. We've already lost. Well we're we're. We're contributing all in all you have to remember the early ninety's. One Rush Limbaugh and in the real reaction to Bill Clinton you know brought about the first. Break in in the congress. That -- critical that congress and forty years you know and that was in on Russia's out of almost by himself at that time but I mean in now we've got a lot of venues but the point -- the point is. Wish we -- those of personal needs feeling you don't you know. At the top of -- -- all the time because we're. Because we're getting taken for a ride people are just you know I've I I've played with loggerheads with degrees. Days and and day out by my friends all voted for Obama all of and saying -- -- one or two exceptions and I might. And little by little -- -- figuring things -- but you can't you know we've got to be out there we've got to be they're the only. Yelling -- -- I mean because this is. Then who do you know. You know I presume you've got a job I presume most of my audience has a job or at least would take a job if offered did you. In those -- at least two -- given up on trying to find one. When you were working full time -- supporting affair when you're trying to make enough money to pay your taxes and have a little peace in the Merck injury. At the end of the day the last thing you've got time to do is to show up at some rally at 1 o'clock in the afternoon I don't work there. I got to move on -- and happy to hear from you glad you live through the weekend but you know I I sure your sense of frustration and I honestly. These the numbers -- -- safe I find surprising and quite frankly exceedingly. Disheartening. -- All right thank you because the the legislatures when they wanted to record against analyze say if those were symbolic votes they carried no legal authority whatsoever they're just symbolic votes and the politicians at the local level. The local legislate tourists who voted against and why say it. You know to show that map. If it doesn't mean anything. It has no force of law whatsoever the only thing that matters is the law which is and why -- which is not going away. And that's just the fact is gonna stay in probably get even stricter and stricter and stricter remember folks. Pirates don't take the entire apple and deep throat. They take one by one by one by one -- and before he left before they leave you say hey what happened. Twenty minutes after six let's find out what happens that would traffic here is Allan Harris. All right well good good drive all we deserve -- deserve a break. Maybe. Today tonight the rest of the evening it'll be cloudy and cold the overnight low seventeen. Degrees tomorrow cloudy and cold and snow showers in the afternoon and night. There could be coating to an inch or so of snow high 34 -- low tomorrow night twelve degrees and holding 24 degrees thank -- journal. Adobe are kind of up a bit his multitasking you get me the 1984. Election results as Joseph has seen when I've been going through all day long with the computers Joseph took some mercy on me was a mercy -- Did you just give me a mercy lake. Joseph gave me of stealing. A mercy link from a guy that's joke. All right Joseph beamer master control also giving me -- elect in John Sherman is your call -- John what you're doing during that time. Here picked up. Is waived in the East Amherst on WB and weigh in high. I don't win I'm miserable. You are we able where it for a spring that we need to release a movie called bought some. Well actually it's not -- because the weather it's because of the political climate in this state which is never going to change and realizing. That. The other place in which I was born and in which -- spent the overwhelming majority of my life is politically a lost -- Well I agree completely I agree 100%. I think is like -- a category and dispute the validity and he says he comes from a the poll numbers come from very reputable source. However you know in my everyday dealings -- not even count the people that I won't quit because again it's either going to be -- But you're just randomly comes to political story of the gas station. I honestly cannot say I have met one person in favor of the New York paper. Well how exactly would you know that because. I honestly when I'm pumping gas. And there's somebody in front of me pumping gas I don't say. Do you feel about the same effect. Well I am not a lie in the pit in the big mouth and I do strike up conversations ruining your life you know you know it checked out or whatever. But it just general patent applications and everything you know at least two. I would say pretty much everybody that I popularly. What people may be kinda on the -- about it one -- two people but most -- are are completely against it now. I mean it hammered some I'm actually in the more remote areas to be tampered. However most of them biggest. A whole -- I think your house just tilted a little -- on -- let's wait for the subtle art there goes our -- now grip. I don't have the best -- fortunately I live out. On all talk about your house the sinking house issue. -- It seems like a lot of people. Are are not favorably and did you hear those numbers up I'm befuddled because it goes against everything that I think counter immediately with people. Well you know what it's also it's it's a numbers game. Went when you do a poll -- locked up unless there is unless there is some bizarre sampling error. I think this poll is in fact representative of where New York State stance and Andrew Cuomo is gonna be reelected it's gonna be a slaughter. And it and why safe is not going away and as it turns out most people in this idiotic state support and why safe. Because they've been brainwashed into believing the guns are bad. And that they somehow had developed free thinking of their own to be able to go down -- street and caused massacres. They've been -- Actually definitely and we -- they have a New York you know as far as -- -- -- -- -- -- because the politicians violators from this area. On -- we we both agreed upon large charges. I'm able my mind how idiotic a lot of them are there and as hard as they've been sinking ship will be abandoned ship and having felt this summer. Well all a lot of if you wanna tell us more about the Europe and more to him and a late for the break a much to Joseph beavers discussed but I can't tell time and he's absolutely right. Little handers they're 625 at WB yen. Is New York State a lost cause new poll says most of the states supports NYC big time and Andy Cuomo is gonna be your governor for four more years. Every time we take this live. In this movie was the president -- studio. I was so. And smile there. Seen here. This is the white guys version of baby got back. This thing you know. I don't feel like Brad Paisley and I -- turtle neck as you've kind of turned me onto the new era new wave of country music I thank you for that. Welled up. I've been. Not the best mood to. With computer failure end. Computer failure and a computer failure. Sojo is stuck with me and has helped me out of a jam. And hasn't punched me. So that's thank you Joseph that I thought his game. -- they -- anything like FaceBook page is because Joseph Bieber hit by the -- -- isn't good news. I wish it was about politics but it's not. Cordillera. The girls -- -- up the girls' basketball. Won the -- class A girls' tournament final over the weekend so cardinal error. Although I'm well done well out and you guys are in the process of fundraising for a new -- I don't think this'll hurt so very well done very impressive accomplishment -- best in the state. In our class a final the New York girls' basketball federation tournament of champions Sunday afternoon. I totally diplomat FaceBook page. All right it is -- 35 news radio and I mean I don't I can worries and W might not think it's newsworthy because not to eat but they don't care. And it's a fine school and I saw. BBC later. Go to -- BBC but there have been banned later. Not too long ago are let's get them back to the calls it's way in East Amherst and that wind up by his own admission says it's a big mouth. He is not. A pretty. I cannot be basically you know he's he's these -- the startled as I -- by these numbers out and why safe basically being popular not. It's not just downstate -- upstate New York only 52% of the people are that's. And -- say the margin of error of the poll is three and a half points so it's basically 5050. -- -- And I happen to agree with you but we live in the area. And the state with the dumbest voters who several of. Right now -- delegate battle or airport I I don't believe it. Your everybody I've talked to -- -- surveys and -- the people at other markets such. I have yet to meet one person that actually for the New York -- -- Every guy -- work with obviously given my line of profession it is you know completely against a column by. Just talking to people in general that the feel of -- or -- now maybe it just people say he's certain it's in your feedback. Which. That is not the -- mica this stereotype them by you know it is a different mentality in the city. There everybody I talked to live on the country that their program they believe they have a right to defend themselves. There and you know the New York -- honestly it -- me irate. That I get me wrong. I didn't vote or eligible for anybody come actually a citizen of the great state of Michigan. However are coming out here and being -- relief from Michigan. Might might view of firearms to totally different I was born more with some I was racism. Her modern -- you're born with being born with a firearm must hurt like hell for months. Thank goodness I can see it's this great thing now what -- I. I hear what your second part of me I wish I was able to come on the year and legitimately say well you can't believe sienna college got the pollster had a does are never accurate. It's not true -- has a very respectable track record and -- statistician in me cannot argue with the brass that he of the numbers which is even scarier. At this like I'm more upset with the people that I am with the numbers that the reflect the mirror reflection of the people. Right right Erica I didn't thinking is. Exactly who did they hold to get those numbers. We are more well here I'm gonna explain that on my interview Paul you go for a random sample. Your your ideal is to get a random sample. And the idea being that if you sample is truly representative of the population as a whole. You will be increasingly accurate within a plus minus rating. The more people you poll the better you can refine your plus minus rating a lot of the question by the way in a lot of answers depend on how the questions are written. The entire poll by the way at it's up I put up a link to -- a college you can look it up on line you -- figure out if anybody or any group or any area was over sampled. But again. If Siena College had a horrible track record I'd point it out here it doesn't. That was my part is that the validity of it now. Bit different areas I find that different people excited you have to veto it and -- the country or -- that people are going to be more Coca and or more remote which tend to be more outdoors you cure or you'll. On -- we like to hunt people beat eastern ten finalists to collect on in the city and a big part of it also. Well it's part protection goes you think that the way. They weren't in the way this effect limits what you could have I mean it really I think it really hurt the economy at New York. Given the number of people that I see that are pro -- -- -- -- -- Pre order for hunting whatever. They're pretty huge market there that can really increase. But they don't want their market they don't want they would prefer that market not be in New York State. Because that market is likely to vote are Republican or conservative were certainly not liberal or Democrat or socialist. And bottom line is they couldn't care less -- governor himself set. We've got to quote one of our troops what to Andrew Cuomo said he does not give two rats asses about conservative voters in fact he wishes they'd all leave New York State he said that you don't try to back track all he wants but that's what he said that's what he really believes. So anyway it take it for what it's worth a man happy to hear from me I wish the best. End. You're off to where just face or -- Quite a part of -- and I'm in North Carolina. -- I -- they are blue what was if you look here we can't figure a way to live on -- to work almost everyday should -- you know that is that. That's under so befuddled with a number. They you have because everything from -- I've checked myself on numerous occasions and it's it's been almost always pretty article is spot on it not. I -- all I encourage you I encourage everybody to do their own research and you know if you doubt what I'm saying about Siena College route to Siena research institute. Do your own -- search and you know yeah. -- I think which are gonna find is they've got a pretty respectable track record as they polling organization. I wish I could say that they didn't but the factors -- I'm -- I'm happy to hear from him and I'm sorry that the news isn't better for just joining us basically Siena College did a poll. Telephone pole 813. Registered voters the bottom line is Andrew -- going to be reelected governor New York safe is never going to go away. And basically you're screwed -- if if if you. If if the name and -- global makes you wanna puke your screwed if the words NY safe. Make you uncontrollable -- soil yourself your stroke. And this is I got this is New York State. And you can look it up 1984. The entire -- the surprisingly in 84 New York State actually went for Ronald Reagan. And the area which he did not downstate a sprinkling of counties in college country in the middle of the state and of course you recount. Voted for Walter Monday. Welcome to you recount it. Here's Agile and buffalo on -- WB and Joseph what's your take on this. -- that I endorse. Juice to the field but what I want to be governor traded bring up -- day. Well Joseph if I actually answered -- is doing I'm afraid I'll be fine heavily by the FCC in my employment would be terminated these numbers make it. OK let's say we hit 42% for. It would be pretty bit. OK so we get 50% how -- that question yes. I mean everybody can say oh that's incorrect or -- say it's going to be good but -- -- 50%. Of people -- -- against that -- of people -- -- wake. I can find the exact wording or you can actually find the exact wording if you go to go about my FaceBook page. And go to the top story in my FaceBook page you can link to the entire poll right there. OK here's another thing what do you start to pull your people go out talked to other people I do what I like get out of -- for your. Speakers there whereas before I agree I totally agree that that. Because polling is a science it's not something that you just go out and do Willy Nilly. It it there's a methodology to it it has to be followed there're standards and have to be rigidly adhered to it's not a question of just going out and talking to people it's a question of first of all deciding as you pointed out. The questions that are going to be asked secondly who is in your sample and thirdly reaching the people in your sample and then figuring out. The margin of error. Well I'm just figured if you get people that look but do you go out and talk to people -- have a thing next week and have people call in and give a little luster ran probably people they talk to and what the what they came up with. It would be say it wouldn't be a scientific poll that it would -- an -- what you do well this this poll was scientific this mean that the poll that I'm holding in my hand the is a scientifically based poll that has gone according to accepted statistical methodology. Anything that I do is going to be. Half -- and unscientific. Mean I could commissioned a poll but I don't feel like spending the money. Well I think 50% -- think. They had slowed. A good direction and I think those people are -- you mentioned -- -- that somebody you know appeal or even what what they're talking about oh yeah I think it's good. All I think I ought to be perfectly honest with -- -- I think it's an abominable direction. It if the opposition if if a hotbed of opposition to and -- safe is upstate new York and the best we can do is 52% of the people asked oppose NY say I think that's pathetic. -- -- -- And this whole males females. And everything. It is supported statewide. And I could get the specifics or you can get the specifics if you click on the link in my FaceBook page. Basically if there's one thing white people black people Latinos and everybody else agrees out of New York State it's analyzed it. Well enough for NY say it in in New York's. I don't know really nobody's fault to be because there -- -- exactly who is against. Because you're not like an -- I can explain that to you because you're not doing a scientific poll. You're you're doing I mean if if if you're like I am most of the people with whom you hang out -- kind of like you think the -- correct. Okay is their -- it's not a scientifically. Based poll. Well late to a lot of scientific thing spotters reported -- -- they're good for yeah. -- -- it's not it's not the same thing these are cold hard numbers done by an organization with a pretty good track record of polling. Well look at the president probably keep being done to this. Yeah I I can't I don't see this as a positive I think this is ace I think this is a horrible place. To be in terms of a number of people who opposed NYC 52%. In upstate New York. It if it's if this support is that live in upstate New York. We don't have a partner. Well I think that education is just the biggest part of it by educating the people I mean but if you explain it or -- particularly would do Poland. You know put a lot of people just say oh what the state back so we had it's got to be good at the state. You know you're getting injury is a good point but again that's -- that's orwellian. And one of the essays I suggest to people read when we -- our show about the real world vs the artificial BS world were taught in school. I suggest that people read I read the essay written by George Orwell politics and the English language remember 1984. George Orwell had a lot of fun -- it because he talked about things like the ministry of plenty. You know it's orwellian doublespeak it's a cliche but it's true and if you call something safe who's against safety. -- Arrow right look I'm glad you called that and I wish I mean it looked. I wish I could see the upside of this but I can't. Read and -- What if he's gonna happen regularly let me just give you a reason to reach for lithium or whatever your doctor might prescribe warrior let me give you something else what happens the next and we have a school shooting. What happens next we have a massacre how much tougher than it does and -- safe yet after Andrew Cuomo was safely reelected what happens next what the next obvious step. Growing -- we -- to have become well you know what it's going to be it would be a tightening of the law. Because remember something never let a tragedy go to waste. -- -- -- Other color of the CNN before me. He says that he talked to a lot of people like against corporate -- all the data -- -- she went off by before like five minutes and I thought it was great. -- what would speaker made. Not an -- I try not to talk to women -- gas pumps. I would bring in Louisiana we warn you against then she went through everything are right they look I. I got to move out of some other folks I'm alleged call that these really see my callers or at least the intelligent people in the area so I mean of people listen. And unfortunately we're surrounded by morons I don't know what to say it's like we're seeing your sanity adrift in an ocean of idiocy. No we could do we can call Lauren we just have to educate of that so. Well some people I'm sorry are too dumb to be exploited. You're never gonna get 100% but there's a lot of people letter out there and -- their ears open now. Now I let I you're you're more optimistic than nine. Well like you know what it. I -- -- -- I got to go because I'm getting I'm getting the evil I hear from Joseph I'm already too late for the Rick what -- thank you. Hoops evil -- Joseph don't curse don't curse -- Already it is coming up at 652 would WB EM let's go to let Charles in led to pew Charles talk to make. -- I'm just wondering what you think about on the -- that Hollywood poured into the campaign. Arm the UK and other things besides money. I'm not I'm not sure how much money Hollywood as you say is a -- and Andrew Cuomo's campaign. Very. And may ask you a question but would you expect from a pig but it grunts. What would you expect from a dog to bark capita me -- Hollywood is liberal we're gonna donate the liberal politicians. If you think they're doing anything more than just donating money. Mean. Like like what he's crafty -- scripting news polls. Arm and your -- because I know where I don't know. See all I don't know what the motivation would be for a four Siena. I mean if you go back and you look at the previous Siena polls what you find is today if it's a pretty reliable and accurate polling. Our number we're not an. You. Served don't think what I -- -- for gospel do her own research see if you come up with a different conclusion -- can prove it let me now. I don't like they would out in New York look I don't like it. I don't like the numbers but I got to accept that. There there's things like that you don't like what you have to accept. And this is a liberal state it will always be a liberal straight. And it's not going to change in fact it will get increasingly liberal as more and more conservatives listen to what Andrew Cuomo says and get the hell a year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Radio play gonna help me pay for gas. All right. It don't shoot the messenger folks. Don't shoot the messenger I know a little something about social research and statistics and if -- -- group had a bad reputation boy I'd be all over that like white on rice but it doesn't. Let me go to -- Jack I've got about thirty seconds to a minute for Jack Jack you're on shoot. Okay I didn't show it historical but you know but I W if you hit it -- it that they sit there. -- 300 people that didn't want the street there chitchat and people that they're and I don't saying to myself. There are well and good owners in his voting districts like Indio got under halted the so that's pretty pathetic. And nobody bet that but I want to first say there Vera. Are rarely. We have a much plot we only get 60. 200 people -- let. -- also in the middle of the week I mean I think you got to cut people some slack. Because it's the middle of the week and it represented expanse striving to Albany in the driving back to to buffalo were you know getting on Abbas. Sir I I unfortunately -- up against the clock so I I have to -- ago. But on you know the -- say that the rallies unfortunately. They didn't do anything. In the bottom line is we have analyzed rate will continue to have been wiser than we'll continue to have Andrew Cuomo's governor -- like it. What do you think you think that if you think I'm dancing in the streets and Ecstasy help well. I think it's disgusting I think it's deplorable. That this state is so far to the left but you get which it -- hurt and you get what -- vote for folks I don't know any other way to put it. I want to thank John German for great job call screening or they -- report superlative work. Behind the board and I'll leave you with two words. No yourself.

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