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3-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Mar 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 dvd -- I -- down Obama beat you with great benefit that you. If you go to the hole looked up Muslim -- and my brother. And she's glad it's. We've -- and now especially. -- -- -- -- -- -- 930 completely cool -- who -- Cool -- Yeah yeah yeah. Always laugh. But after five at the welcome it is the up -- program and if you are just joining us -- -- -- a -- here a compelling radio this morning if you were not listening to sandy beach because I got my W the yen net news alert text that the Malaysian prime minister. Was having a news conference regarding the discovery of wreckage in the US Indian Ocean. And immediately put my Radio One. And then that right after the news conference as said he talked more about it. Went to breaking news from CBS went to some calls from these guys it was absolutely. Riveting it. Radio. Sandy beach nine until noon I don't know if you've followed the story since then but basically Jersey giant storm. That is now ravaging the area where the wreckage was found which will do nothing to help the search for the main parts of the plane. But. Anyway that is the new development beer. And the families of course absolutely devastated. It took it upon herself wondering. Exactly what kind of hope. They had after so long that any of their loved ones would be found alive and more over. To what extent the media and and -- speculation. And stupid speculation. Helped to give them a false sense a hole. But the whole hostages they never made sense to me because what's the point having a hostage unless you're gonna get something for. That it just didn't make sense. And as I said earlier I don't -- repeat the first -- again but statistically what you're gonna be looking at. If if statistics and past history are any indication. You're gonna be looking at either pilot error mechanical failure accommodation bowl. Or mechanical error caused by something in the cargo hold posture and it definitely deliberate by the way. Barbara there's been no reputable claim responsibility for -- of which I've heard. If that's half if you're going to be a terrorist what -- is there -- let people know it. So. That again folks if you don't a lot of talking about. We had a value -- Miami to Atlanta go down in the Everglades. A few years before September 11. And that was a situation where the cockpit and the passenger area filled with smoke and the best theory that. Was advanced was that the oxygen containers which should not have been on that plane were not in the as advertised. They fed a fighter the fire quickly spread the pilot lost control plane. And everybody died. And that is valujet Miami to Atlanta all those years ago. And maybe it was a situation like that. But you know we're not talking about the Everglades which are shallow but murky and kind of -- planet unto themselves don't know if you've ever been to the Everglades -- taken via the -- ride through the -- words but they really are made you know when you see it on TV. Is he swamp people whatever. That's a part of America that you can actually feel like you're in Central America or almost on a different planet in the Everglades. Anyway. At this point. We're talking about -- talking about what you guys. Are your kids being educated. Or indoctrinated. At school. And for those of you who either went to college or who have kids going to college or you're gonna go to college. I'm offering advice it's free and it's worth every -- And here's the simple advice. When in college. Do as the Romans do. When in Rome do as the Romans do. Your professors are 99% of them are going to be flaming. Raging liberals. You're not in college to debate your professors. You were in college simply to get a degree. Which will enable you to qualify for certain employment. War is a prerequisite before you can and or masters or Ph.D. program where law school or medical school. You're not there you're you're not gonna win the debate you're there to get as high GPA is possible seek and take it to the next level. Which I know sounds like a 2000 Arab business talk but they're really as the next level and education. All right let's get to read slider on the WB and credit that at a catch up there before the news because we ran out of time but. Do you disagree with what I say about the the college experience and why you were there and what you must do to survive. Don't know I don't know I agree New -- percent the whole point of it is a year's spending particularly kids are spending. Their money. Redick and educate them and make them think better of themselves as. That's this -- get away to get through otherwise you know you make enemies of your professors you you know you -- up rather. You know I've learned more about life in five minutes and -- up late at night in Jamaica that I did it six years UB. Take it to the limit -- mention that you were talking about media by apple so yes yeah and you know. It got to take away what happened but if you hook was one of the. Because. Example of that. By virtue of the fact that that's what started you know and might say you know people -- -- -- -- is player or to -- it. Because they talk about. The quote unquote assault weapons the most which will be the year ago it damage. But the fact monitored the heroic forward. You that was in the car was found in the car. You know what it does it doesn't matter this point and click on that morning. Talking about that mr. -- -- you know amendment oracle and won't -- easy and he said one. Models similar -- is well. -- -- that propagate. And uncertainty and an -- accusing him in the but it had that media. Media -- It's been itself and -- usual -- Media you know correct. They use their own political agenda. What they wanted you know and money they have what happened you know oh I'm. From his side. Well the man. You know OK here's the thing to -- -- the headline I'm looking -- from the New York Daily News a left wing newspaper are right. Gun worshippers this -- Headline in the newspaper. And let's see if we can spot the bias here. Go on the worse shipper wins semi automatic weapon at church raffle in upstate New York. First of all gun worshippers that in itself is -- biased statement semi automatic. Do people even understand. Yet what semi automatic means you know people see that they still think you're by an African machine gun like boardwalk empire. You're not if you got it yeah you've got to squeeze the trigger for every -- comes out semi automatic. And a church raffle in upstate New York upstate. Schenectady Albany Troy -- the New York City mindset that's upstate. Now we have and by the way thank you political. Because actually you've you've got upset after report the next thing I wanted to get in -- this poll. Folks do we have the -- asked voters in the world living here in in New York State or what. I am. I am appalled but that's a liberal worse. I am in a state of amazement. Every time I read a poll. Dealing with. Andrew Cuomo. Or New York State politics. And my amazement stems from the fact. That we. Are we harbor. Morons. In this state. And not all of them were down state first of all. If this state. Well let me let me -- Do you agree or disagree this state is a lost caucus. Oh I have given up on changing New York State. -- -- -- No I'm a realist. I've given up this state is lost this state is doomed. And the dumb ass voters who stay here will deserve exactly what they end up where. Basically the dregs of humanity. The low life no work perpetually. Unemployed because they don't wanna work. Because it's easier to suck on the government nipple types. They will be the people left in New York State. Anybody with anything to offer will go to a state where they are welcome. Well let me take -- -- -- anybody with anything to offer with half a brain will be somewhere else. Because this state has the stupidest voters at this area as some of the stupidest voters I have seen any work. They only in this area Cody Brian Higgins. Basically be called the most influential person in a region. The guy is a mediocre congressman at best mediocre. Got no personal animus against them is mediocre. Most people are mediocre most congressman are mediocre and he is no exception to the general rule of humanity most people are mediocre. But his mediocrity. We are such a dumb -- area the -- I think it was mediocrity. Seems like super stardom of Beatles level. That's that that's pathetic. This state is in love with Andrew Cuomo. Rob -- -- folks doesn't have a chance. He's gonna get steam roll. The polls say that most of New York State supports. NYC. That most of New York State supports Andrew Cuomo. Folks this state is lost. This state is going to be left wing. This state is going to be progressive. High taxation. Don't bother bringing your business here because you're an idiot moron if you do. I can be Smart move your business hell out of New York spirit. And I'm -- what I -- Eric Wood -- stations in Texas and transfer. Not that I don't like it here this is my hometown I can't take it anymore. I cannot stand this stupid voters we have locally and the stupid voters we've got across New York State. If their magic as we're stuck on stupid. You people are aware that the reason you don't see your grandkids is because of people like Andrew Cuomo all right. Yeah you're gonna keep my vote for the because there's a unbelievable let's go to traffic here is Allan Harris. All right AccuWeather basically. Must I do this again I feel like the guy who were in the black hooded with a big pot belly in the torture chamber with a gift. Mostly cloudy and cold tonight. I know like. The idea of being in the -- -- doing this work -- my poor listeners. Mostly cloudy and cold overnight low seventy. Tomorrow cloudy and cold and snow showers. It tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. According to an inch of snow Ohio tomorrow the report the low tomorrow night well so tonight get to seventy degrees tomorrow get to twelfth and it's almost April. And it's 24 degrees right now WB yet so anyway folks cinema just saw this on WBN dot com. But they up. Majority. In New York State are in favor of Andrew Cuomo. Umbrage -- overwhelming majority in New York State are in favor of NY say it. This stay. At a yet -- county. Has the dumbest voters. I have ever had the live. It would be one thing if the area was prospering. Be one thing if we had people flocking here because the streets were filled with -- milk and honey. And jobs were simply in great abundance because socialism works. But that's not what you see. What you see. Oh I'm sorry we have to construction cranes in buffalo. And I'm supposed to believe that that's a sign of great progress I'm supposed to believe that that is assign a private sector growth I don't breaks. This area is. It's a pool pool. When I -- this area I mean this area voter wise is -- poll. In terms of economic future in the private sector this area is a pool pool. This state is a pool pool. And it's never gonna change. Have you given up on New York State because I have. It will never change. I don't know about you. Tilting at Windmills -- my bag baby. And it's not just New York City you do realize I hold you realize that. Even if we'd started our own state west of the Hudson River that Erie county which still be filled with a bunch of liberals. Basically buffalo would become the new New York City you do know that right. Seriously folks this county. Is filled with some of the dumbest voters in the state and the state has the dumbest voters in the country. Stuck on stupid this you guys deserve exactly what you get. Because you voted for I didn't you do it. Maybe not listening to bishop icu as -- anybody who could be touched by my voice or assaulted her in -- the bottom of voicing your proper. But I cannot think of a dumber bunch of people. There as far as voters the people in Erie county where New York's -- -- seriously in Brussels absolute in missiles. It is giving its gonna change. I think this -- a lost cause I'll get into specifics from this study but they're gonna depression just tell. -- Ha ha ha yes yes. Close close. -- -- -- Right it's up 533 it is radio I'm thirty WB EM so the bullet got to a poll. On. Cuomo and analyze safe but the page for whatever we can't I can't link to. -- hit the copy thing at the -- thing it's his error page not found. Sale to go to our website to reference the poll. Two which I'm going to be referring here momentarily. But and I have also been trying to get. Information on the 1984. Election. Between that Ronald Reagan. And that literally get -- you was it. -- Walter Mondale. Now the room was in it and Dukakis Michael Dukakis. Well whoever once geez I can't believe it or Robert. Now Dukakis. A crap. Well anyway that's what happens when you're busy trying to copy and paste the page about exist. Long and short of it is this is. Certainly -- -- those of you who were up. Those of who have access to the computer. I need the -- fort Erie county Joseph what you do is please if you care I need the results. Erie county 1980 Erie county 1984. Presidential elections. And I want illustrate how stupid we are in your recount. Because is ever call in 1984. When Ronald Reagan won a landslide reelection. Even one New York State believe it or not the electoral votes of New York State. Erie county voted for the other. It argues -- Argue freaking serious. So. We are surrounded. On all flights. By more runs. If you think like I do let's say 75% of the time. You do realize not only is it downstate. But it's Erie county as well. County is as bad as you're account is they had little New York City. In terms of its liberal. Thinking and it's absolute. In lockstep. With the Democrats. It -- if I saw that it was working. Hell I might be one. But I've seen what happens. You've seen what happens. If it goal for me to no end. That the same people who bitch about not seeing images. Not seen other grandkids. Will that go to the polls and vote for Brian Higgins. They'll go to the polls and vote for Poland to go to the ball as long as whoever is on the ballot as a DF there and they get the ball. And then you wonder why you taxes are high you'll wonder why you can't get a good job. You wonder -- the private sector job growth as a key private sector job growth you'll wonder why so anemic. And you've only got yourself the market share -- it's beat duke -- it makes you feel. You guys maybe the people listening to the show. But we live a bombed the dumbest asked voters this country has ever. That's quite -- Think there's a place in the country is -- stupid couple in Eric. Totally different I would get it why don't we count. Holed up for. You know I wouldn't. Know about the prison. Well I went through the approach. And driving through the -- it's a whole different mindset. It's a totally different. Nuts like guys -- W word use spirit of the times in a totally different. Dimension oh that's great were not really -- but it's not a good image. No not to mention dimension now voters in Erie county that dimension. But it's a totally different vibe they'd be there it is here in Eric. And this is painful for me is these things. But are the true. I can -- -- Here back in the 1920s. But I gotta tell. You wanna talk about the dumbest voters in the country. Who will vote for they offer -- -- the after -- Date of planet right here -- -- -- Well Tom what we need that I was break up New York City for the rest of New York State aren't I wish we could. What you realize that if we did that buffalo would still be holed the stupidest voters in the state -- you know that right. That you wouldn't change buffalo Erie county one bit. And I notably at heart. But it's my opinion is it's a cold hard reality. It what do you call an area. That is basically the -- you sir may I have another thank you survey have a what -- call -- That is constantly begging to be punished. I I call it stupid. I can't mince words I'll get to the -- story coming up but they here's a guy who's already fed up -- Chris and that Cheektowaga. Chris I certainly hope my medicine isn't too bitter. Don't know that that's their brother I could agree with you more I can't wait to get out of buffalo I don't know -- may go anywhere better than here it feels like Groundhog Day every single day Ellen. -- to keep me company. We don't believe -- there are worst places in buffalo in general now we happen to have. The work we have the stupidest voters in the world and Erie county New York okay these these dumbest. But yeah we do redeeming qualities like a winning hockey team and a great football that. I have a it right right about it. But you've got to -- -- because just -- for the sake of moving is kind of counterproductive and it's a big expense you don't need you gotta have some idea of what you wanna do and where your skills are and where you might enjoy living. I would riveting reading over the people at the same mind -- really really come up close might have something in palm -- Taxes. Florida like that basically the same thing it's even mentioning over over over the last couple months. But you also have to be careful of the Florida is. And there are good reasons for a leader liberal pockets in Florida are like Miami Florida went for Obama. Don't forget that. Idol but it would -- it's still it's a more comfortable than living here I mean. I'm not looking forward the date when Cuomo decides to send his -- as storm troopers throughout the neighborhoods and brought in people -- target. I can see that happening maybe it's farfetched idea. -- -- I think if it's not going to be equal ball it will happen in this country in America a lot sooner than later and I know that may sound paranoid but screw you if you think it is because. When you've got West Point doing studies about how they're gonna deal with right wing extremist groups and Alex Jones -- today by the way he has a source on this -- -- it's not just Alex Jones talks about training for a disaster and a conservative response to a disaster how to deal with those that the conservatives. Pretty obvious that day they have the power be they plan on holding onto the power and see that anybody who dissents from the socialist up point of view is going to be dealt with -- up properly. -- So -- guys greatly if it was a disaster or if there was situation where somebody that whoever is whether the president had this sort Cuomo sent to people around people. I don't keep people in -- state and indeed other open on the really don't I've lived here. Well how how exactly would they do that. I don't wanna help somebody New York City. People. We're we're a bit wet and I'm confused -- banding together doing what. Politically. No literally it is stated that it has -- to Europe decides you use violence against people around -- -- forcefully I don't keep people in Western New York. And together Q repel or stand together. One way or the other whether it politically or you know now allowing them to go out to wherever. Well in other -- social media there's the Internet but. Have a cell phones. But. Also you also leaks leave presumably. You know you start -- word a few hours before was gonna happen that -- something was in the works because there're still some people all the -- dwindling number in law enforcement the older guys generally who have a clue as to why -- there and what -- true -- news and the -- and who take their oath to uphold the constitution seriously I've said before and I'll say it again I've -- I've been less than well home. I've been considerably underwhelmed by the knowledge of the constitution and respect the freedom of a lot of the local -- a lot lot of the younger local cops I've encountered as opposed to the older guys. -- but anyway -- I am I'm -- here for everybody got to let us know where you're going because. You know before you take off on a journey it's always good to know in which shed direction you're gonna have. I would like Texas that would that would have grown grown up in Texas -- then side Cyprus Houston. Just great people. Well I find Galveston interest thing except that dam flood they had back here you know in the early nineteen hundreds. Everywhere everywhere you go there's going to be. The problem is now -- tornados complete -- Clijsters always some. Yeah I don't I know but you don't Texas doesn't have. A state income tax you -- does have -- -- us. -- All right to make you thank you very much -- -- we're talking about this by the way and I I hope to put a link up on my FaceBook page but for reasons beyond my eight comprehension. And personal knowledge. I am unable to well put a link up directly to the story that I'm most want a link to for my FaceBook page to get the 404. Page not found error so. -- I have no idea of hell's going on there to play against hate. -- now it's just the computer thing. Like every time we miss an hour of putting up the show on line. My god I get emails like you wouldn't believe. -- try this audio. No old sometimes we get technical -- Problems here at the radio -- been known to happen. In fact usually once or twice a week my computers -- got me in the middle of a show that's what I say hey Joseph would you commit here and reboot. You know we have technical issues here just like any other place that deals with the electronics. So if you're missing an hour or couple hours of the show. It does not mean there's a conspiracy -- is simply means we have a tactical error and a glitch. Believe me it happens always has always will but this story we have at WB EN dot com. To me is just so telling. About the idiots. In New York State and here and you recount. -- year after the safe act was enacted. Voters in New York State now this is the entire state support NY save two to one. 221. It's not even close. The majority of voters in New York State. Support. New York's it according to Siena College two to one. It's not even close. That in itself. Should tell you the mindset of the typical New York State voters. Morons. A lot of that's downstate. But even upstate it's closer than it might think. You might think that upstate is 90% against or might it might get a percent against -- say that it the case we're good at that coming up. I don't wanna kill you -- numbers because numbers make bad radio you don't let's go to radio the occasional F bomb. You know I can't use it -- it occasionally about. Cuomo's ability there's been some slippage. In almost popular. Some slippage. But check this out. He has -- 35. Point lead. Over the only guy who is coming out saying you wants to run against him rob -- Reno. -- Am I supposed to believe. That by some -- act of Providence. Rob Esther -- I was gonna defeat Andrew Cuomo. Not all highly unlikely. Even if god -- bit. I would never wish this on anybody and don't anybody misquote you missed week god forbid something bad would happen and well. -- would be unable to run for whatever reason and I don't wanna see that happen. God forbid. Whoever else read as a Democrat. What do you think would happen they went. -- you can't go wrong in New York State. Running as a liberal Democrat for breast. -- socialist what ever. You can't go -- it's the easy way. General Cuomo 61% of the vote -- Esther -- out 26% of the vote it's going to be a slaughter. It's going to be a Turkey shoot for Andrew Cuomo went Donald Trump. Let us all down. That happiness man in New York State was Andrew Cuomo. Because he knew it was gonna be -- Folks asked pastor of should it bother running -- campaign. Nobody's gonna give to it who wants to get to a guy is gonna get slaughtered. It's he's gonna he's gonna get -- I'm sorry but it just the way it's. I'm gonna controls basilica. Opposition among the say effect -- opposition to the safe practice. Concentrated among Republicans. And conservatives. And up staters. Now forget about Republicans and conservatives let's just take up staters that I said -- -- -- to the question. Upstate New York. How many but what percentage of people in New York State upstate New York State. Are in favor or opposed. To NYC. If you ask me that question I would say you know what I'll bet you it's 75%. Of upstate voters are against and -- safe and I would have been dead wrong. It's close. Check this out folks this is so disheartening to me. So disheartening. 52%. Up upstate voters. Only 52%. Are opposed NY -- Only 52%. 45%. Are in favor. 45%. Almost half. Of upstate voters support NY safe. So if these if the best weekend don't get upstate New York. Is 52%. Opposing and -- -- screw. That's the fact Jack. Trying to use anymore cliches anybody wanna disagree with me. -- I just don't see any hope. For New York State immediate you're listening to the show. If if you're a Democrat progressive liberal whatever my god he had an orgasm. But for people. Now. But but for people who. Feel mostly as I do about things and you're never gonna have 100% agreement. It's the classic. Gotta tell. It's almost like you feel like an exile in your own country. I have to break 5498030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB -- is New York State a lost cause I think it is. Nothing good thank you -- is -- -- on -- thing ever -- most of your humble host. I live to -- spreads. -- this even stresses me out even more overnight it's going to be cold overnight slowed down to -- seventeen degrees cloudy and cold some snow showers tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. And the overnight -- going to be twelve degrees high tomorrow. 34 right now it is still 24 at news -- 930. WB yet. Folks is New York State a lost cause. And I believe it is we've got the full story and I don't know why I cant for for whatever reason I'm copping the story from WBN dot com. I've tried to put it up on my FaceBook page. And it's telling me that the page is and found even though I know it's the year. So I have no idea. How it's coded Alec and re coded at least I'm trying to do the talk shows so it just have to go to our website and it figured out. For yourself if you wanna have a a copy of this poll in front of you. But basically folks from -- New York State doesn't have a pressure. If only 52%. Of the people in upstate New York. Are against and -- say. That tells you everything you need to know. About the future of the state. And about the upcoming election number one Andrew Cuomo is gonna win reelection. Number two it's gonna be a slaughter. Number three -- safe. Is gonna stay no matter how many rallies we have. It's gonna stay the law of New York State and they will probably even further restrict it will probably now that they see how popular it is. Even in upstate New York 52%. Is nothing. And let's let him forget the margin of error. 52%. -- barely barely over half of the people polled are against. New York safe here in the area were were supposed to be vehemently opposed to. Now you try to figure this out. Here's what I find interest. Now you might say the poll is a lot to break a 54 your -- -- -- the -- -- And that's what I find interest. When you look at the map of the counties. That have gone on record as county governments to oppose NY -- The entire state virtually. According to the map opposes that -- -- At least upstate almost every upstate counties gone on record as opposing NYC. Yet the data from this poll. Indicates that is that it's what's. Bad. It is not that unpopular. Are they. And at a loss. To explain that. Except this Davis. That legislatures. Are made up. Of people who were voted into office at the local level. At the local level. The pressure can be intense. And they may just see it as a symbolic move which it is can not go along. With NY safe while mowing that is not going to change.

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