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3-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Mar 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EF. I watched the beat you with great. Thing yeah if India the whole look. Anxious and my brother maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the pain -- why -- -- -- feel stupid. -- apple people in charge. I'm not only I don't know what they. Good. Kind of -- people know me. I'm very. Easily be 930 you know -- one simple -- Question and that has to have sharks went from didn't make everything that I. Writing it and I next time -- the watch in the godfather three. 45 times on the weekend and is gonna do the Austin Powers marathon is that there's been a much better mood. Anyway hey it's hourly and who's ready at 930 WBD. And met and well it's kind of funny if you wanna weigh in on the Buffalo News I I don't let up on my FaceBook. What are your thoughts on the Buffalo News already 62 responses. Not ready to do that show yet. Now not ready to do that show yet they Kathy Laettner welcome in my world's radar. That. Is not for the -- it know it is not. Say here's -- -- go to play dirty little secret about her relationship with the Buffalo News. To dirty little secret no I don't read with -- one hand. My dirty little secret is actually like some of the columnists at the Buffalo News even the liberal ones -- now that all cleared -- before you start thinking oh my god. -- opponent he -- well that may be true. The second -- -- I can't dislike Jeff Simon. I know hates me or he's not very fond of my politics open event. I can't dislike it I can't dislike him because I respect his intelligence even though I believe it's misdirected. I'm sorry but we lived any media climate where most of the people in the media these days are idiots. At least Jeff as a brave. And I'm sorry I respect that. Not husband. I think done as good as the buffalo treasure I've said before and I'm saying it now. I know he wrote a piece that was really critical of me like twelve years ago whatever. So lots he's an opinion -- he's a lot out so is Jeff Jeffers an opinion guy. But I gotta tell you where I think the newspaper really screwed up. In terms of the columns in Princeton does not -- even Geiger who writes like James Thurber is name is Bruce and reattach. His columns I have absolutely lot. And it doesn't write them anymore. And they gotta do something else. But I thought he was the most. You know what he was the most like meat columnist. They -- he was not afraid to explore. Other areas of life. Like walking paths and bike trails. He could apiece I'm rose one of his last pieces he did that had -- in hysterics. Because I totally related to everything he was ready -- So. Here's what I wanna caution. Look I know it's a left wing -- I will not disagree with but you must always. -- Cottam lies between news and open. Lose is supposed to be objective. Unbiased. Not only in how you report but in what you decide to report. Now. Happen to be privy to some dirty little secrets about people. There are things that I would never ever ever ever ever mentioned publicly. Because I think it's classless. Believe it or not. Despite my many flaws -- a human being. I do live by my own code of honor. And I don't care how low somebody else goes I'm not going here. Because I think it demeans me I can demean myself just fine thank you. You gotta die you have to realize that the opinion people there are paid for their opinion just like sandy beach Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity. Michael Savage or whomever. And as long as it properly identified -- opinion pieces I can respect people who disagree with me especially intelligent ones. I corporate I think -- wrong. But I can respect. Button is should be objective in how we report -- what you choose. To report. And that's a big one right there what you choose. To report. Now let me just give you one example. Of the Buffalo News bias. Affecting its news judgment. Okay its opinion affecting its -- judgment. The out rally. On February 28. Up by 23 to. The first one and all but. Originally. The reporter wrote the piece said. I believe the exact wording was nearly 101000 people were better. And by the time the second story cannot beat the number was cut in half. I believe the wording was approximately 5000 people were that are hot as the crowd shrink in size by -- like -- I was there it was more like 121000 people my opinion. Certainly was not fired held a lot more than five. So there's just one example of tilting the news -- it's. Editorial position which is pro formal probe progressive pro Democrat. Pro so called New York safe act. Because it likes to pretend that that legitimate gun owners are the source of all evil in the world. And that's just not the case. It's the criminals were the source of gun violence in the world and unfortunately is the mentally ill. The very very few mentally ill who get their hands on a gun. Or for that matter get their hands on and acts. Were a machete. Can do incredible damage to little kids and a short period of time. You get an explorer so it ought to take part of my little. FaceBook -- you can join my page if you want it spread by page around the Internet like Ebola. What every wanna do it's a FaceBook dot com you know how to get there it's Tom. Hourly my last name is LB is in baseball a UER. Power. You see it all the time hockey skates hockey sticks maybe you watched the show 24 hour wait there was at the L -- to the end to it. -- And you're gonna wanna find the picture of me wearing a tuxedo. Not the wanna be posing with the Dominican chick. -- before my stomach blew up. You want it yep you wanna I get the one where were in the touch that's my professional page I really don't have a personal page anymore. Not yet not yet but I want to ask you question. And it relates to diocese. And I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh program and I usually do for a Lanier. And -- in the mood. To slit my throat -- polar -- really -- Revere. Up sir sir I -- I've done good things facetious here. But. So called. It was apparent and the parent was very upset. Because his kid was being forced to watch. Al Gore of propaganda film an inconvenient truth. And the parent didn't know what to do. Well that's not really I wanna go today as far as Al Gore inconvenient truth. But I do wanna ask. If you believe. Your kid is being educated. Or indoctrinated. At school. Educated. Or indoctrinated. Those -- you actually pay attention to the homework assignments to come home. Those have you actually maintain open lines of communication with your kids I don't most of the people who listen to the -- probably do or at least try even those were divorced. And you wanna have a good relationship with your children. Because they'll be the ones at the end to make sure that they give you plenty of morphing into what you get out of here soon. 030930. Is the a phone numbers start I'm thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yen but up through there. None on Al Ahmad -- we've only just begun. Said the carpenters. I want you to think back on college. The best piece of advice I ever seen before what the -- came from my cousin. And it went something like this. If you wanna do well at UB. What you wanna do is feed the professor exactly what the professor want you to say. If you know the professor is a flaming liberal. Make sure that every term paper reflects his or her flaming only liberal viewpoint. And I agree with that. Now you can call it cheap slot. And -- may be applicable but you have to understand something you're not being judged. For your opinion by a jury of your peers. You are in and an equal position. You are a student. The teachers the professor is. Your -- And he or she has all of -- control of your great. You're not there to debate. You can't possibly have a debate because it's a terribly uneven power structure there's a lot of sand. If you are gonna give a liberal left wing Communist professor. -- term paper extolling the virtues of capitalism. And of initiative. And of anti state isn't. I guarantee you 99 out of a hundred college professors are gonna give you a because that's not what they want to here. And I got to tell -- because there is a power issue that you will never ever ever overcome. You have to remember. Why you went to school to begin with. You went to school to get a piece of paper. Like the one I've got hanging in my office that says state university in new York at buffalo medical -- graduate 1987. That's all you're there for. And those -- one I'd want to law school or medical school. Remember. One of the criteria on which you're gonna be judged when you apply it will -- your GPA. Well out of this person do undergraduate work. Well I see they got a three point one this person had a three point nine. Well how'd they get the three point nine chances are they -- the liberal professor exactly what the liberal professor wanted to hear. I have I've admitted this before this is not exactly some shocking startling revelation Mike coming out of the closet. If you were to read some of the college term papers I wrote. You would think that they were written by somebody else. Mean no they weren't they were written by a guy who knew the game was rigged who knew the game was rigged against me played along. Because they knew what I was therefore I was there to get a piece of paper this on -- graduated from college and I'm -- go to law school. -- I don't think that makes me a bad person I knew I was therefore I did what I had to do done. Maybe it was a coward. Wouldn't be the first time won't be the last time will have things about which we of cowardice even you big tough guys -- things about your ups and it's still trailed by thirty. Star nod thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yet. It will three although -- thirty start I'm 3180616. WBM time to hear from you all. Wait I just who Joseph Biden got a bunch all in chains. Let's go to. To Alan Harris now with traffic Allen. -- if I begin to develop violent tendencies reading the AccuWeather forecasters think -- -- commanders are doing it forming. OK Dan at all has -- or somebody's gonna have to because this is too much -- I'm getting like F bomb ready. Mostly cloudy and cold tonight overnight low seventeen. Cloudy and cold some snow showers tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. According to an inch or so ups -- a snow or so the high tomorrow thirty force I can even talk and on tonight. Tongue tied with depression. -- -- -- 34 the low tomorrow night well so tonight seventeen tomorrow night well. It is almost April we should not be in the teens at night. Agree. -- what is it now Joseph I forgot and so. Twice for it feels like seven. Money for it feels like step. And I have the right to bitch about the weather I was born and raised here. It's my privilege as a born and raised made about Polonia didn't come here directly from Tampa were from the Caribbean. Came here from buffalo. Now. My two topics. Are your kids being educated. Or are they being indoctrinated and talking about college I'm talking about. Elementary school middle school high school. Maybe college you wanna throw beta and and when you were going to college where you're giving advice to your kids in college. Do you think it is wise to buck the system. And try to write like George will. Or Rush Limbaugh. Where Michael Savage when your professor probably listens to sergeant Schultz. Seriously. If your professor is a Leslie Marshall plan. You would be dumb. To try to make arguments made by Michael Savage. You're gonna lose. You're gonna lose. Because great NSA is a subjective exercise. I will never forget a very powerless. Situation I have my freshman year. With this guy who proves that to be one of the eventually became like one of the leaders of the African American studies movement in America. I was a more. Go figure. I resisted give up. Dollars as dumb as a -- I wrote a brilliant essay he gave me a crappy grade are protesting he would change. That was my awake and said you know what I should listen what my cousins that I should've just given them the liberal crap. Yes the white man as bad we should all be exterminated thank you. Are right it is up for 24 news radio 930 WBBM. Will get -- and calls on. They don't treat older than thirty start -- 3180616. WB EN. I don't usually do dedication for my bottom of the hour music Bob. Bennett's got a lot to my dad Kaplan with the local band hit land because that's what his favorite songs. Well this again -- sometime after that Griffin there during the middle of some song in the same -- and and I nights ago I I -- we have we have the same birthday September report. And I walked up to a -- after I have percent of -- eight. That was -- black war in Deep Purple and burn right in his eyes got all big it is it. That's as the guy can't play it does not happen is -- if you are bit yup I know that's on. By the way. You know let's say let's -- given the more pictures they go along -- let's just that the Toppert otherwise we'll start rambling and -- it's Monday and I we committee were blu brain on Monday. And nobody talked all weekend long took the cat she -- in talkback. So basically it's. Yeah I -- you're blue bring the only way to put it. Accumulated thoughts that have been building up all weekend ready for me to spew. Starting at 3 o'clock. On Monday. Blu brain let's go to Kyle in Lancaster -- your kids being -- vacated or inbox terminated in school. Did you -- your doctor Nader and the school teacher myself elementary level. -- which you speak about the higher education and the liberal left wing mantra it's -- trickle down -- my -- with a common core. I give an example. I mean people people maybe you don't have kids in school we've heard a lot of common core common core common core what is it about common core that is just like. Listening to well Leslie Marshall. Well the coming court is an international curriculum. -- to -- -- and education and the gates foundation. That spot to America through the beauty of the UN agenda 21. Itself couldn't even if we do our homework we will find that that is true. We have it not just what wherever from wherever it cops give me a specific liberal -- that is being inculcated in our youth based on common core in New York State. OK it is -- -- -- -- America -- -- Fujita gentleman that discovered America. The kind of court makes a lot of -- and -- but the students are learning a lie. Because I guess there's some gray area weather is log books were legitimate. And if you really did discover America. It really hit the left wing curriculum and I can thank you -- the -- Don't know don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't do it. I won't read it I'll throw it right up because a dreaded. And you don't have to -- the other reason I called -- the buffalo and it was it I didn't the common core heavily. Warren Buffett is working with Bill Gates. Arm to bring that common core to America to -- the technology technological aspect of the common -- to America. How do you teach liberal computers. -- this is something I don't understand with science and and the liberal agenda with history I get -- you do it liberal agenda with English -- get -- -- -- you know they've been back DB eight degrees or you know the bad stuff that would be B eight degrees but you think about that elementary middle or high school level hot -- bias. Science -- It's interesting because well out -- and dumb down. Okay there has been -- down instead of unity -- thought processes that we know from experience. With the economy with sticks and circle. And these 22 equals three quote that acceptable. Or how they're doing it in -- air in and then went right Malaysians like. Yes it in size and also said he considered -- -- the common core curriculum as -- yet there's just sprinkled. It doesn't come out yet it really it particulate its power -- copied out. We lost control our education. And care and education. Bill Gates. The other corporate -- Well as a general rule if you listen to this show. All you have to do to know the correct side of any position. Is look at the Buffalo News editorial and the exact opposite of what they advocate and advocate is where you should be. And as you pointed out Warren Buffett. The Buffalo News is just rock solid behind common core just like it's rock solid behind Andrew Cuomo rock solid behind and and so called NY state. You know locked objectivity. I. Won't. Be that I think. You know without probable you know and you can document appears in at least it would warm bucket. -- the Buffalo News has become a horror of the progressive socialist movement. It is not a newspaper if you wanna read it because you're like the opinion pieces fine. But as far as eight news source the bias in its story selection and the way in which it presents various people is that absurd image to the Buffalo News let's put it this way. I think if the Buffalo News had to choose between Jesus and Brian Higgins it would go Brian Higgins. There are politician that focus now. -- remove the power from local control and giving it to international corporation. Will not let people what they also what's the big deal well how about it. People come from England. -- England not how I know your answer you know I think England had that it could take an American revolution that there are actually. So we want our kids learning English you can the American revolution. Actually you might -- There are you surprised that -- some of what the common people wanted back then in England in the 1770s. They were kind of in sympathy with the -- saying hey let him go. Sure they're talking about the people that write the -- so we know who they are. I'm pure execution there's too much power. What -- we control -- control resource. So let me ask a question I look at your your point is made your point -- major point is noted on a common core -- I don't wanna turn this in common course -- okay. But when it comes to. Education. Higher education college education. Are you -- encourage your kids. To spew and regurgitate. The liberal left party line. For every liberal left professor because I'm good to advise you that is what you do. While I'm Cutler so I -- -- they. I'm -- of the -- make his -- Yeah but you know that's a mistake because again you have no power as a student all of the power is in the hand of the professor. You don't get a review. You don't get a trial if the professor says your papers -- 66 -- Well. Law Alan partridge -- it likely that the way you. I clicked the little -- just play. You got a -- but sir you will advise your kids. That don't try to go against the tide you're only there to get a piece of paper that will either get UBS degree a BA degree. And then qualify you for masters -- Ph.D. law school medical school or whatever. They are I are expecting colleges turn into a joke because these young kids out there that get degrees or six years making it up McDonald's. Are indigenous to our reports say it is too many human beings not enough jobs and to -- degrees out there that are being pushed by the private corporation. All right I gotta go thank you for your call. Are right are your kids being indoctrinated. Or educated in the schools. Right and again I don't wanna turn this into a common course show. I want examples of what you have noticed a longer way like the pair -- called Rush Limbaugh today saying. That his daughter was going to be forced to watch Al Gore's propaganda film. Which I -- objective as well. I -- it looked through my daughters are Catholic school textbooks. Catholic school. And ice the last. At the inaccuracy. I used to laugh at the spin and the B guests. And the good news is. Maybe I shouldn't admit this publicly but my daughter came through that and she actually is well to the right of center. This is my son. All right let's go to Greg in the arcade at WBE and the Greg -- you have an issue in your family I want I want you tell us what happened sir this is serious. Yeah all my daughter went CU being inspected and didn't iTunes. -- She wearing wearing it well which is. But what you -- She also believes in what. What you have professors. Told earlier about we. Insurers. Such as education that you wouldn't that. Most -- -- there's a difference between going along and pretending you agree which is what I did because I knew I was only there to get a piece of paper and actually believing what you're writing I just laughed sarcastically recover to term paper. Well I wish I thought it was like. But there. No cheesy. Sitting -- -- that typically. She really does its -- And you can't you can't. She is gonna be something to which she has got to reach your own conclusion was she always like that did you ever talk politics whether did you have any sense for worker Ed was in terms of political orientation. -- discussions did not. All -- what you would go to college it was -- you don't. But I mean but I'm talking about before she went to college Michigan just aren't governor shouldn't spontaneously appear one -- your daughter to age -- -- I was. Don't know which are still live. As a ceremony and right you know -- -- there's like. So you don't know she might have been liberal going there she might have been she might have been liberal to begin with and this simply fed her pre existing liberalism. Well what other options more open minded suggestion that -- and somebody says -- Making certain. Well I think -- again. You also have to repeat you've also got to do some calculation here Greg bad. You're daughter as a young woman. Is likely to be at the most liberal point in her life and once she does get out of school. And when she finds that the progressive socialist economy offers her nothing except the government -- on which to suck. And her tax money is being sucked former page correctly you wouldn't -- but isn't that that was my daughter to Tiffany which you saw the taxes taken out error. Italy paychecks. So there is -- and not give up hope love Turkey or close to your heart. Looks like you. You know. Correct -- but I will I hit it right to invite. You know what -- with all due respect. Sometimes I think -- I don't I don't like authority. I don't know if you figure that out Craig but I'm not real big on authority. And I think sometimes the more you try to convince somebody over whom you have power like you do have power over your daughter you're only daddy she's ever gonna have. I think the more internally people want to rebel. So I think the best thing you can do and I'm not claiming expertise here the best thing you can do. Is to let her reach for own conclusions -- talked about this before I never GM -- politics down my children's -- ever I always told them to think for themselves. All right which certain corners -- You know. Yeah. Is there some way we can make sure she does not reproduce. -- -- I would take a gamble where you're either gonna call the best senator -- they're terrible half itself. At that that she. Does it up I think about liberals well because -- they all believe in abortion not reproduce. -- Relative go where you know this is dirty pool. Noticed get a dirty pool here if you really really really wanna get -- post this Colombian a mop. But this is dirty pool right here. You can say honey. -- that's sonogram you got. In the first trimester the one that showed your fetus do you know that the liberals believe that that isn't really a human being. That is just basically a bug that should be squash upon the whim and caprice of whom ever -- is gone from them. Start out that. Because that you know what my -- paycheck was her welcome into the world of being more conservative or at least editions that conservative -- -- literal man. You know she's not -- stick in the mud by any stretch of the imagination but she certainly is not a liberal but if you tell your daughter. It to look at that sonogram. So does that look like human being to you or -- or does that look like a -- And make sure she knows that people like Andrew Cuomo and Barack Obama believe that even in the third trimester. That is just a disposable. Piece of proto plans. Like what fortunately she does not feel that way at all in she knows. What she shouldn't -- -- Now that's what I saw on on the sonogram was it was a human. -- all right what am glad you called Greg I really am. And I wish you much success and you know your daughter's 34. She may come around sometimes when people have children they become more and more conservative it's the nature of things when you start becoming responsible for another human being on this planet. You do tend to become a little more conservative. -- Barack Obama. That I really want to say thank you. All right great well look good luck and just looked at because your daughter's a liberal does not make you bed purse. It deadening effect. There's a lot of pressure out there -- is getting it. Independent free thinking. I'm talking to a lot of intelligent people. About free thinking and independent thinking. And moderate intelligent friends unanimously. Agree. That it is frowned upon. That people want children were younger adults thinking out of the box they don't want creativity. They want good little worker bees who don't raise a fuss -- don't believe everything the government tells them. That's what they want. -- right 803 all right thirty start I'm 3180616. WBE and that it is hourly. Joseph beavers master control John Sherman is your call screener and we'll hear from you or your kids being educated or indoctrinated and I look I know bit. I know that this might surprise you but when I was go to college. If I had a liberal professor I would write liberal term papers real simple reason I was entered the debate. I was thirty get a piece of paper that we either give me BAA or would give me BA and that contrary to law school but I knew why I was there. Was entered the political activist I was there because I had to be there. -- W media. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- AccuWeather. Folks I need this is just -- some real enemy mostly cloudy and cold tonight seventeen below tonight tomorrow's low will be well overnight. -- tomorrow during the day clouds and cold and snow showers. Maybe according to an inch or so snow and high 34. I wanna Wear flip flops I wanna Wear sandals beavers where it is flip flops today I almost -- -- I mean it's finished 44 degrees feels like seven at WB CNN are your kids being educated or indoctrinated. In schools. That's what I would like to -- And by the way NASCAR's national -- discovering America it really depends on what part of America. You are discussing because there is considerable evidence that wasn't Christopher Columbus that it wasn't passport -- That in terms of European setting foot in the eastern part of what we call America today it would then the vikings. But they've actually followed it ruins a viking settlements. In our part of the world going back to well before. Before. That's what you -- Columbus no disrespect. To my Italian American listeners on the lottery prize on. But one must look at the facts of history that one must draw one's conclusions in fact there are -- So it gets which describe in detail. Some of the viking settlements in what we now would call I believe -- from land were Labrador. But I can't retrieve it from my memory right now. Actually there's a great account of it in Harvard classics great. American historical documents American historical documents published in 99. Which I stole from my ex wife but don't know alright it is I borrowed it permanently. She knows it she's cool -- it she's downloaded. Are at 450 -- must -- break Joseph. Well ultimately -- Spread. Spider WV and -- well. Fred are your kids being indoctrinated or educated in school. Reminder. They're really decent school and I haven't seen much evidence of indoctrination you and I know that will happen and it's unfortunately it seemed to be inevitable. At what grade level RD. Oh well you haven't seen evidence yes. The falling in the schools are falling behind and doing their fair share to carry water for Obama. The only issue. And say you know the whole Harry teacher -- one and week yes sir. -- Kuo beat -- -- indoctrination. Bulk -- but it's not being beat in there you know by every future. Where you know I'm divorced so -- that with the amount. But actually ought to see them often and we talked a lot and that's it and you don't. Wish my equipment. Like -- make mine. My idea. -- my. Name is known to them. Well I noted I I don't talk but this before but I can sometimes be a very powerful an obnoxious personality and rather forceful in my views -- -- as a result of my awareness Tibet was always very careful. Two tell my kids that they had to work out their own politics and that they did not necessarily have to follow mine. That they had to find out the truth on their own. And even if it was different than mine I would respect that because as long as they can offer reasons for their beliefs. Who might question. Sarah I've got a break for the news if you've got -- sale which uphold are your kids being educated indoctrinated in schools and in college. You -- disagree with my advice if you wanna succeed in college the best thing to do is to agree with everything your professor says and then and every term paper. You back exactly what was -- done you. Because you're only there to get a degree that's it. You're not there to debate because you have no power.

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