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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>3-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

3-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Mar 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. And he would rate. It. Hold to a the no one -- with an assault rifle. No. Yeah. If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. When that happened to that. Gary -- To strong silent. It was a romantic. I'm back on him when he moved him from -- to beat these -- and 930. I'd like you. You have blows. I'd like -- -- Here's what that was a -- yeah. I wrote a report that. I got -- Jane Fonda leotard. The time to what do you think it's on the way has met Jane Fonda was a rage because she was swept Jews forty them. 4050 and you get a body that was better than most eighteen girls and then people remembered all. That -- Jane Fonda like the one who went to him away to update the enemy. While all prisoners of war were being tortured at the Hanoi Hilton and one of them tried giving -- a message to take -- to -- more than the United States and and now suddenly the world remembered. These Americans did and American soldiers will never forget and I will never forget Larry. I don't she's apologized and I know that I ought to be more forgiving but she should've known. She Asia and better if they should do the things you don't do that is something you just don't do. But anyway such is life. Such is life anyway. Well what the Italian. What -- tell you in this thing first happened. No mystery well. I should release scale that -- just a little bit -- Malaysian plane went down. It went down in the ocean. It did not. Apparently come to -- landing in the ocean so cargo could be off loaded. It did not go to some secret airstrip to be repaint it is -- tool of terror. Anyone of a number of theories it did not fly into a black hole. It -- was not affected by ghosts. Play in is unfortunately. Crash even. 770 seven's no -- not lettuce was the second one but anything that man -- Can be I'm done by man. Anything that man does can fail. Anything whether it's a building a boat plane can fail. And folks the reason you know I got so much well. -- email for not being imaginative. Are you're not really you're using your thinking powers about this plane. I really think this whole -- through right Tom this is this is get educated it's going to be a tell Bob. And I maintained all along -- -- we don't know why it went down. Well all -- Malaysians in the Chinese basically told us is it's -- it's in the ocean and nobody -- Well of course nobody lived I mean even if they have it's too far is too far up. Too many days have gone by. And plus I would suggest to you -- the probability of anybody being alive when it hit the water is slim and none. And by suspicion is that probably most if not all of them were dead before it hit the water. So when this is all said and done. You are. Statistically. Going to be in the right. If it turns out to be pilot error mechanical malfunction. And a distant third something in cargo that ought to have been there or that was -- pact or that blew up. Inadvertently. I just because simply blows up does not make an -- an act of terrorism folks before body before September 11 what do you want. We had a valujet. Go down -- floor everybody onboard died it was going Miami to Atlanta I think. And in add oxygen tanks. And they are supposed to -- and -- been apparently there was enough oxygen in some of them a fire started oxygen fuels the fire. And the plane filled up with smoke. The pilot originally wanna -- to come back to Miami couldn't make the Miami -- clearance to go to the next available airport never made it. -- everybody died as the plane basically. Lost control -- that veered over to port and then hit you know I hit the Everglades nose first. And that nobody lived and comedy and sure how much human. Content was recovered from back crash site give the wildlife. That is in the Everglades you've been through the Everglades I'm sure of one of those -- we're back went. I've been through the Everglades a couple of times and if it's remote it's deep it's murky yes yes yes there are gators in Florida yes yes yes -- really really big snakes in Florida. And about these things unfortunately. You know the chain in the circle of life for free meal is a free meal. And the -- try to be flippant about this but. You know it is not too hard to figure out what might happen to a lot of people on board that -- those poor souls on board that flight in Florida and the poor souls on board -- Malaysian airline. When it is all said and done if the black box is recovered -- the cockpit voice recorder is recovered only event. Are we going to know. And even that well you know what that increases our odds of knowing what happened but it is not determinative you know. I mentioned the valujet crash in Florida folks -- damage that would reason. You know what the problems with determining absolutely positively what happened in the plane. And why it went down you don't happen right the fire on port. Cut the connection. Between the power source and the cockpit voice report -- recorder so there was only cockpit voice reporting up until the time. The wire burn through or or operate through target to be the way you -- it or was incapacitated. By the by the flights. And I thought to myself. -- the analogies why I hit -- go here again -- -- -- to the same damn show. There have been shipwrecks on the Great Lakes ladies and gentlemen to I can think of where if only there had been a radio. Transceiver. Is something that can both send and receive at both ends of the vote ball the ball and the stern. Then people would have been saved. But -- only one radio is one place and the power goes out. And you don't have power for a where you can't get the people to the radio that work and you're screwed. So long story short. The up plane crash is less mysterious. That was this time yesterday but we do you think about the earth being 75% water. To big ocean. It's a real big ocean now the big question at this point. Is why was the plane so far off course why was it so far away from where it should it have been. Well why do you think. What what I start off -- pilot or mechanical failure. Now it's altogether possible that mechanical failure could have resulted in the -- -- incapacitated. -- about it if you -- if something went wrong on that play. That rendered the passengers unconscious and may -- unconscious. The play and may just have been going along on its own. Before it went down. Florida 777. But up -- that makes a lot more sense than some of the theories that were floated before we have an idea that infected gone down into the ocean. Which I never really bought into it. Now I guess the big question would be is an act of terror. I get back to my thesis that I can that I offered to you when we first started talking about the Malaysian airline crash. If you're having an act of terror in the forest and nobody hears you yell a lot -- bar is it really an act of terror. Half the fun I think of being a terrorist is being able to -- Home that's coming up the thought that I think that's that's the money shot right there. A -- at all let. You have just achieve spiritual orgasm if you're a Muslim terrorist enters into that. Did they've been through this passenger list how many times. Have you heard anything that any of the passengers at suspected links to al-Qaeda or Islamic fascist radical organizations because if you have I haven't. And unfortunately I just -- Trace it back to the idea that statistically. When a plane goes down a commercial airliner goes down pilot. Error and mechanical error are always going to be at the top of the list black holes never happen ghosts never happens. Mean I'm not saying that I don't believe in ghost and YouTube by the way if you go to church. Holy ghost holy spirit we'll tell you think you're talking about. Well just put me obvious up there things seen and -- seem so it's one thing leaving Goss it's another thing to suggest that somehow goes caused the plane go down. That's -- my opinion. And right again ladies and gentlemen have to have to bring you back to some sense of of center. And that logical thinking not logical thinking logical thing. When 99%. Of commercial airliner crashes since the -- -- -- -- since the beginning of commercial aviation have been pilot and mechanical error what do you think the likelihood is that this won't -- pilot or mechanical error or combination thereof. Excellent. In a bad way. And I hope they -- figure out what happened. Because. If I get on a 777 again and there's something structurally wrong with that plane that is a design issue. I wanna know -- by the way. There is no it here's the thing there is no evidence to suggest there's a design flaw with. If there was an issue with us well I -- -- 11 issue. But. As far as -- 770 sevens going down. Pilots have said it's one of their favorite players the flight. -- -- I wondered I just wonder what happened. And I will remind you. I will remind you. That mental fatigue. Has been responsible for more than one airline crash. Including a Japan airline crash back 20/20 five years ago that one survivor to 747. Little girl survives it in the back of the plane they went into the mountains she lived you believe that two broken -- but -- she lit. Amazing idea I can't imagine what that would have been wiper. But. The only reason the thing crashed was metal fatigue. Now wanna think about the wing issue on this particular play in this particular Malaysian airlines 777. I also wonder and I get back to the idea of mechanical failure. I also wonder and this is a question best asked of metal urges an expert in -- stress and mental fatigue and I am not one. I wonder. If the repair was done proper late. I wonder if the same quality of steel was used. I wonder if the new wing. Bore the brunt of the -- Putting additional pressure on the I don't know I don't know. But that that issue of the play and having had a mishap on the ground. With -- wing has always stuck in my mind is being something to not forget. Would it be absurd if this thing went down because some idiot forget to vote for apple one Phillips head screw in somewhere. Seriously. -- We are closer. They are closer -- the Malaysians the Chinese Australians. In other closer to locating I presume the the crash site proper. I would not wanna be on that search because it's gonna be grizzly it's going to be gruesome. After all this time of the water. You're not looking -- people you're looking at. Grotesque caricatures of people. That you would not wanna see your problem looking like that believe. Tom. It's -- You don't believe me look at the Internet it's -- So part of me says maybe these people are just better off just. Moving on. Without seeing again their loved ones even if it's possible. Because I don't think they want. I know I would. I know what it's gonna look like it'll look anything like a member of the person I don't need that image stuck in my mind. So that doesn't settle anything field. The fact that they have found the wreckage zone and they're zeroing in now more and more on the crash site. Does this make you feel better. Does it. Does it make you -- favor one theory over another. And again on gonna tell you is. Anyway you look at it and you can talk to any airline pilot about this you can talk to any aviation expert about this. Or you've heard you've heard and seen enough aviation experts on the news especially CNN in the past two weeks that you probably could recite them all by name. And they're all gonna come down to the same -- pilot error or mechanical error and I think we could probably include cargo as some kind of mechanical error. Here that might be a sub category of mechanical error cargo bit screwed up whether it was lithium phone batteries that somehow blew up caught fire. Or whether it was a an oxygen tank tanks although I can't imagine that that mistake having been made twice we learned our lesson -- valujet Miami. So I don't know -- -- our thoughts rightfully should be -- by the families of those poor people today. I wonder how we would react. In a similar set of circumstances because it's okay as we look at it from the outside. And you saw the emotion use the agony. Of those people some of them were being brought out on stretchers from the announcement that the wreckage had been found that there were no survivors. Couple wonder at least I find myself wondering to what -- in the hole where they claim. That their loved one was ever coming home. And I wonder to what extent the irresponsible speculation. Or the theological speculation. Added to today's misery and grief and built up a false sense of security that would only be betrayed by the hard cold truth of reality. Reality sometimes Sox trust -- 324. Yet the news radio 930 WBBM its hourly my phone number 803 old I'm thirty. -- 3180616. WB CNN. They say. I've always thought that was the argument went and lead vocals are actually Gram Parsons my bet my right words that mean for you guys anyway and port Graham died of heroin overdose or something back in the early 1970s government that he made thirty holy crap. Anyway it is 334 all right well I wanna play the Christian life because I had two great. Stories to get to. But. There. Now I'm I'm looking at my FaceBook page and have a bunch of doubting thomas'. People who don't believe the Malaysian government. OK let's that's fine. I'm all for a good conspiracy theory. But. Part of big conspiracy. Has to involve -- It has to involve -- it means motives opportunity. What load did the Malaysians have -- -- -- about theirs what motive do they have to look stupid. What motive what what could they possibly be gaining. By lying about -- Well get me wrong. I don't believe everything government says in fact in our own government's case I don't believe anything anymore from the Obama administration I think and so forth crap. I don't foresee myself ever believing anything from a bush again either. But anyway. What ever again are they gaining power now got power. Are they keeping I know because not being able to find a plane for so many days makes -- look stupid and a top and it. So where's the game gee I am not gay -- but gay how they profit by lying about theirs. Chinese nationals for the most part on board was some Malaysians. Soul. I understand skepticism. But it's got to be based on something. It's got to be based on something folks. Question. Let's say that the valujet. What a poster talking there's let's just say that the value jet that took up lot of Miami. Instead of heading to. West. Okay toward Tampa and then. Turning off to. Turning off the star bird to hit Atlanta and get my geography right there thank you what if instead it was flying to the east toward Jamaica. And it went down in the devil's triangle. Then what. Did that kind of theories would we have it was the devil's triangle. It disappeared exactly where. We think flight nineteen went down. You know the trading planes that went down in the World War II era that they never have found. What if that flight it has taken fourteen days to five it's remains in that -- it's trying to. And we know what caused that. Smoke in the cockpit probably caused by oxygen tanks and had no business being stored as cargo on passenger planes. These things happen. I guess I don't know any simpler way to put it. And it doesn't make it any easier for the relatives. But I kind of -- wonders. Boy that's bad English I kind of do wonder why spoke like that. But. Part of me tries to put -- -- you do you do this is well like you see the people on TV. And they are having it it's showtime. And they are just. Apoplectic with -- Now I don't know if it's a cultural thing. Or if all human beings are the same way around the world in dealing with grief I don't know. I'm not an expert on how people deal with grief. But. I honestly wonder to what thin shred of hope people work -- Over the course of the search for this plane. And I wonder if some of the irresponsible reports of well black holes -- -- Ghosts secret landing strips Carter -- off loaded or the passengers being taken -- held as hostages. I wonder how many of those reports actually added to -- -- By giving these people false hope. And then suddenly the reality hits -- the really not coming home that they really didn't survive the crash. And that if anything is found it's not going to be anything they're gonna wanna look at as a recognizable human being now not by this point. So my thoughts are with. The Chinese and the Malaysian people who lost folks on the -- And I think. That. If and when the cockpit data recorder and the cockpit voice recorders are recovered. Only then. Will we have a better idea. Of exactly what happened and here's the thing folks. Even if they are recovered. I think they will be by the way. The United States is sending its search teams now to the area. And I know this about our military and our search teams -- any of anybody in the entire world if you were ever lost on the ocean. Which military would you want to try to find you. Thank you yes the American military thank you. If anybody's gonna find it were gonna find. The sad thing is. It's quite conceivable. Those things could be found and tell us nothing new. That's the sad reality. It's happened before -- If they lost power like the valujet crash in Miami. Free and 201 pre September 11. The only reason we know the cockpit was filling with -- with smoke. Was because of the radio transmissions between the valujet in Miami ground control that's how we know that. Because immediately when the fire started on that flight. Immediately. The -- it. Almost immediately. The cockpit voice recorder -- debt. And I think the black box did as well. Yes the black box went -- as well because the only reason they know at what angle nose first the plane crashed into the Everglades some fishermen and a -- a small plane sought go down. That's not a new. So again. It may be for ever a mystery. -- -- Will say I mean maybe this'll be the stuff of movies. Maybe this will be the stuff of DB Cooper. Maybe this'll become the stuff of legends. But it's really unfortunate because none of it is gonna do any thing too soon with the to be a ball -- that's B a L I -- to be an ointment. For the aching hurting. Scorched souls -- relatives. Who have loved ones on board their plane. None of whom survived according to the Malaysian government. I don't know about you. But this does not in anyway shape reform affect my willingness to step on a commercial airliner. You are far more at risk driving to the airport and from the airport that you are in the sky being flown by eight. A pilot on a commercial airliner. All right and whenever I got a plane I wanna see some great on the pilot. I wanna see a military erect standing guys were waiting at the control of the plane. Because when I see that -- somebody's former military flying. I immediately think to myself military -- -- kick back go to sleep they've got it under control. I got to ask my favor pilot from Charlotte to Montego Bay next I see him. How long he served in the air force justice -- cents. He's the guy who thinks I'm somebody because I Wear the suit and I have a long hair. So we thinks I'm either a drug they are drug dealer or somebody really really famous. So we always like gives me the next seriously. He always your diet and -- this year -- Phillip and telling you folks Wear a suit on a play and they will never forget you these days. -- you know what you guys think about Paris. I reached a conclusion by the -- -- 342 at WB and -- this is -- the topic how -- you address when -- -- But. I reached a conclusion. When I lost the way. -- I want to be a little different. And that when I flew I noticed that everybody was dressed like Africa's top. Everybody was wearing sweatpants jogging suits. Everybody was dressed for comfort what they regard his comfort. So I thought you know what. I like watching those movies from the forties and fifties were people were on a flight and they -- suits and ties on and the ladies addresses on so -- emulate back. So I've done -- now the last few times have traveled. Folks you cannot believe the difference insurance. You are treated so they look at you and they don't know I you don't have that longer joked you don't have to grow your hair out like I'd get. Just put it showed -- and third -- I think you're a baseball player. Sure they're gonna think you're a hockey player. I'm sure it felt like wait here's a basketball player so loosely. Some interest for comfort I usually do. But on a flight -- like to Wear a suit -- like the worst showed. 'cause I like to be different what's the benefit of being different being recognized by the pilots always get on the flight. And the more people know -- the better the treatment the better this service you -- -- reached -- reached our rights media coverage can be spread out. Goes into it with Cinemax on the man how many of you are right. Folks I tried it again. I tried it again I'm sorry. You know that I'm not sure but still up because average of damage in a movie that's not the man they always change the schedule army but they have the godfather movies on. For the past week got -- 123. I gave god -- three a chance again over the weekend. I watch godfather three probably 34 times. And I have to stick with my initial conclusion. They should have -- given the different title. They should've called it something else. They should have called on the devil's advocate I forgot all about the godfather the game. I don't ties with the other movies and there's the surprise with Connie being in charge I know that -- that I just blow the ending. But. It's just it's depression. I don't -- number one. Can be depressing number 20 is depressing at the end. There are some great scenes in the beginning and in the middle. But number three it's like if they had you want some kind of a suicide watch. The last movie they should show you is god father three. Series I wanted to rip my eyeballs out. After us about the fourth time this weekend -- I tried giving given on -- shake again and it's sorry it just doesn't do. -- Yes and when I become a film expert. Well everybody's. The only redeeming factor is just what I thought. They pull me that's the only redeeming feature -- whole movie. -- -- The repetition. Of some of the phrases from my godfather one becomes annoying and try it. My father taught me many things and you know how the rest of actors. Keep your you know keep your friends close -- enemies closer if you sit in the back of the limo you know he's thinking here is that the strip. Just well up -- So if I watched it four times this two and a half hours long you calculate how much in my -- to -- week and a blue watching god father three try to figure out Biden premature might. Casting judgment on. All right well for that. Because so we have some more pressing things I'd like to get into -- No well. Combine a couple of topics here. -- I think about it's. I have two winners on deck at white city based in a great job on the Malaysian aircraft story today. Out of your -- this morning. But I got that news alert from WBM I turn on sandy. Everything I needed was right there on sandy beach enjoyed the news conference -- his comments afterwards at the news updates and it calls so great job by sandy beach this morning on the Malaysian. Air crash I was it was must hear radio I was totally riveted. I had an appointment at eleven I hated to get out of my vehicle because I wanted to hear the rest of it but I couldn't. Now coming up on the show. I'm gonna have to decide what the hell I'm gonna do because I've got three topics that are all kick -- topics. One of them deals with education. And whether kids are being educated or indoctrinated. And where do you think in school you should just give the liberal professors back the same tripe they teach you. Which is my abacus that's my position. My position. The one is. You know if -- church around here that was rattling off rifles. I would be tempted. To go to that church. But my fear is that the moment I set foot in -- both of us would spontaneously come by us so there's that. Recent my bag and pull out those papers and everything just went flying all over the room ghosts. Anyway up AccuWeather mostly cloudy and cold I'll come. Latin mostly cloudy call but I seventeen -- is serious. Tomorrow -- overnight -- twelve. OK you know what I'm sorry the FCC should allow me to drop the F bomb. Just like the baseball player did after the Boston bombing because I'm speaking from the heart. All I wish a good drop good god this is horrible. Year. Seriously. This that you may. Mostly cloudy and cold -- seventeen degrees. Were approaching freaking April. -- enough. All right got to throw a little German report out of Spanish won't bus us or Europe try to be trying to link. On this program. Are right now. Damn you want education you guys want guns. I don't know what the Malaysian jetliner today. Nobody's even coming up FaceBook except the people who think I'm crazy for thinking the most logical explanation as the -- -- hold up. Yes the people who think I'm crazy for believing the most logical explanation is going to hold up. In other words I'm the logical one and I being accused of being -- a doodle. By people what they ghost that. I guess I'll take that -- an honor. Think -- cargo was mysteriously off loaded like what. We think Malaysia airlines were smuggling ICBM the North Korea they're working on their own over the belong to missile program. Did you. You wanna talk about symbolism here folks I know that there's a lot of symbolism involving Freud with weapons among the liberal left but -- get much worse than calling your missile the dog. I didn't play so it's like everybody can -- up episodes of these things has got to write themselves. Right all right. I've got a couple questions I can't stick with just one I'm sorry. I'm I have adult deficit disorder. And adult attention deficit disorder both of well -- deficit disorder because I'm still waiting to grow up. But the at all attention disorder are right in school. Are your kids in your opinion being educated. Or are they being indoctrinated. Are they being educated or indoctrinated. And what I'm gonna tell you about going to college you're not going to light that I'm gonna stick with it basically wanted to tell you is. If you -- liberal professor every term paper you right. What you need to do. Is give the liberal -- right back to the spoon feed it back to them. Because you were in college for piece of paper not because it's -- debating society. Its hourly rose -- vacuums and -- you know when your you think about by a seven. And you call that person in the business to get the real story I -- there all the time. A lot of people and I will not hesitate to call to say hey you know what's -- true story about this what's a better value here. I've got my little black book of experts and whenever I talk to Tom Rose about vacuuming I'm bored out of my mind because it's not that important to me. I don't need the whole works. -- rose at bats that's his job to know vacuums that's why I trust all the buyback you needs to Tom Rosa. This is his passion not much. I love -- clean house but I wouldn't know blank from shine all when it comes to buying a new vacuum Tom -- ducts. Now I -- see below for Roh's ex vacuums best thing ever know me I. -- don't wanna get the paper over ten years almost daily use never ever ever even a minor repair on my -- He's also got electoral locks he's got great products and he can fix any vacuum why because that's his passion -- life. Vacuum cleaners we've got some of them Tom -- X is vacuums. And he puts his name proudly on a story I'm proud to speak for. Rose -- vacuums Sheridan and we don't closet Amherst southwestern and McKinley across from monro muffler in Hamburg you can rely on rose --

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