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3-24 Beach and Company Hour 3

Mar 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Fell -- Beijing government may we heard earlier this morning from -- Malaysian prime minister of their flight 37 the ended in the south Indian Ocean west of Perth. Not near any kind of airport and -- that that they'll be another press conference tomorrow. But there has to be I would assume some kind of a definitive proof of that that indeed was the the airliner. But a lot of little skeptical at least -- from the initial response. I'm not only our calls analysts are Koppel on -- on the monitor in front of me saying that the only will really know is we exceed. More of the yeah of the debris from the plane. So some people think that maybe this was a set up. Yes we -- we have either break and then suddenly -- big storm is coming it dissipates video debris field. Can't find anything else but we got that it was the flight this story is over. That might be or cover up for something and might be something that they just -- Siegel way we don't know but that doesn't seem to be a great feeling of relief. From the people that we've talked to or even the people I've seen on the via. On the monitor let's go to Rick in Akron Rick you're on WB yen. Comment about angry at at 80 vote. That's true it's thanks -- what. I I. In the meantime. -- on number. -- Orton play in it and it is playing. An airplane went from pro or law or an act protect go. While ago with breakaway without doubt. So there. Should be -- lawyer. And certain. -- -- So it -- act. And now I'm. Pepper. -- -- Let me ask what what the motivation would be of the yeah Malaysian prime minister would it just -- -- sweep it under the rug no further. Well worldwide scrutiny what do you think the reason would be. OK I can count on that one about -- -- and they know right from beginning. And people view. And information coming out -- now. Out of it made it means and -- it is like. -- What what can what would convince you if they had a serial number on the way angle or would do you know logo on the tail if they could recover that. What would be convincing to you. Extra part number. It is -- want it is working the last early weeks ago I wanna know why. I can get an airplane and apple. Like creatures and -- nonstop. Party miles. But they keep playing like it came out of my -- content in you know and -- -- people and our work cut compared. Yeah I don't know what the capability is on how much fuel -- Kerry but that was the original thought takes two hours to get there. An hour and a half to get there and get about two hours there in an hour half back. But I don't know these specialized planes and I've never seen any kind of mileage. Charts them. We're covering all wrong would be acceptable parameters. Or call any well it's fine. There. Ya know he specifically said and see if you read anything into this. The debris was -- west of Perth and many said not near any kind of a landing feels so you said that for a reason may be -- I picked up on that right -- right now. -- -- Gotten in and -- here are playing really. It's that group now. There -- government I mean look at black and I don't want you to know epic and the rest of the world. But it could rogue government meaning it and -- -- points in the Middle East. I mean. What you -- you more credibility into this guy it. This -- about Iraq and -- -- but it. Org or our Bob Baghdad Bob but the jury in there that's a well. Well what do you think brought it down -- something had to bring it down no matter what no matter what happens if it's down what do you think caused. I don't I think and people are people -- I -- probably gonna find out. You know a -- it then you know editor Marty Reid I. Israel -- we're -- and online media I mean it. There are out there certain European. Well look overall you know you are now working mostly -- a little. They're playing and I am actually explains things in anger over Hillary and upright and healthy and we look forward bird worked on. People. Well let's hope that it and let's hope that doesn't happen and earlier caller who identified himself as a pilot thinks the same thing you do -- so. We've got some different that thought process is up to thank you look I'll appreciate it. -- yes think about how much that makes sense because we talked about. -- before any of this information we said you know what if it's been. I'll I'll fitted it for what -- -- Thursday a weapon you know right in the and we said well obviously if we saw that a sentence as I was coming our way which -- -- it out but if everybody's under the belief that the plane had crashed and it's no longer. In existence now that suspicion is not there. Well bed the whole question is if the original intent was to steal the plane. And kidnapped the people in there or or killed of people out there. There would've been I think it's more things happening we we didn't have any communication from the time they went up in altitude came back down and took that laughed. We don't have anything beyond that that I am aware of but things change all the time on this this is Nadia. You know definitive answer. But there's there's no indication that there was a struggle we don't know that there was no May Day there was no emergency call nothing. -- no emergency call you would think that no matter what the problem is with the plane we'd have some kind of vote. A signal from them whether they were being hijacked or whether there was something wrong. And it couldn't have been some wrong with the engines they flu like six hours after they went off course so there's not wrong with the engines how do you fly. Six miles a -- is something -- Scola. In if the pilot we're going to do harm to himself which was early theory there big guy as they simulator at his house. Then he wouldn't have gone six hours if you're going to do that you do right away. You just take it down it's over you don't fly six or six hours and take everybody would you. Corset that's and irrational thoughts of me trying to figured out his. Fool's -- when we come back we'll talk more with you wonder is ready and I'm thirty W via yeah -- suspension and again and that's CBS report that they were not near any or heading toward any landing. Strips so what does that mean if if no matter what the situation they had to be heading for some thing. If they just want to bring a plane down they didn't have to keep it in the air for six hours. The -- brought it down wherever they wanna do they wouldn't go six hours of flight time of there and take it out. If they were going to steal they had to have a destination somewhere to bring the plane. And the report said not near any landing areas so. I think that what we've heard so far just adds to the mystery. And I'm asking your views feel relieved toward -- feel skeptical on what you heard and seen. So far it's it's a confusing scenario not much question about that. It's code to Todd and Sloan Todd -- on WB yen. And he had been blowing smoke up -- -- he does want that to be overworked because he doesn't make any sense Pettigrew through that caller edit and anger. In particular piracy. Are the UK India the cargo drugs money order it's going to be used its future part it is bureaucrats academics -- The cargo area that brought up on our show by a pilot who said. Oh it was a 747 pilot he says. There are times when they have -- cargo of golden things like that so. That did that not has that has not been emphasized much but that could be something and maybe they were trying to get away with -- name the plot went south of there. Plane crash. Well I think Joseph public is strong Chris Wright called -- We're taking things about it is ludicrous wait -- turn around egregious scratched it used pressure right word is right exactly true. So there are supported by it's a -- mistake apple. No humidity could survive that much and document. That a pilot and a camera and -- white warcraft or at a higher room. Video to test out it would have been me it went down. Albert island off from Malaysia. Landing strips you only -- 700. Per cent to seven -- poll you take from it to land. Yeah -- video same pilot said. If you wanna go on a short strip if you don't care about applying Uga -- and -- survive have been taking off is another story so if it will work. Something in the cargo hole there might be willing to do that. Exactly and didn't with the terrorism part. If you are two things in my mind I'm thinking it's it's a terrorist attack. If you click if you wanna be proud ambition or -- -- -- gonna. To order. -- their way or something that happened and then you'll see that -- infer. Armor or another 91 or her goal something like that -- but it didn't and also like I told -- to. Do you -- -- your personal account called up with a that you can undercut our. -- -- -- Young right out my car you can say we -- meant that he is key and it doesn't make any food to eat it up that extra. I was very vague about that he was specific about the fact that it was in a remote section of the -- other Indian Ocean. There was not near any kind of a landing area that he made a point of that but it was it was very vague about the rest that he didn't say. What do you have a serial number do you have a -- go what's going on. Well unfortunately I don't believe that the people are trying to turn into orbit I do believe that the people onboard are -- -- Armed force to open our obviously our -- But I think they are especially if it -- took up -- -- by you can oracle and power apps on oxygen. At all as -- Yeah plus plus taking care of 239. People. You have to have some kind of planned. And I think their planned. I agree with you that they're not alive. Exactly and electric field at the example that some call let's stop by the way I get it. I think it's an early in the -- and earlier it really truly believe I don't think he crashed. Okay well -- US skeptical all along with everybody -- so far nobody's by and -- so far thank you. I'm Tony you can see our from our audience that it seems like there's more more questions than answers regarding this prime minister's speech. Gained had a feeling that it would that that's how I was going to be -- we had a lot of conspiracies going that this -- before. But are the fact that he was -- does not help. God he was vague and except for the point where he Bryce said it is in the southern Indian Ocean not near any landing strips. Why would he add that in unless he wanted through. Give you something to implant in your mind as a thought OK who wasn't there any landing strips they weren't taking it to a two re out retrofitted for something would go to regular a weapon. What happened to the people whatever he was big in some areas and a little bit more specific and other isn't even more questions. Let's go to a Carl and Eden Karl here on WB -- We're expanding it. I don't. I'm not a a conspiracy there's guys but I get this -- feeling that there's more of the story here despite all of the rest of the -- I think the terrorists took over the plain -- that I was involved. And they disabled the respondents. And like the previous -- that they took they take the play up to 45000 feet in the instantaneously kill everybody. And let me start heading sort their target. Whatever that was and I think that at some point. Some high level government officials in the Malaysian government government or wherever. Have to make a call. And what to do in the probably dispatch a couple recipes and should the plane down and on the cover up again. As a you know that's a good point if they didn't want him to get away with -- -- knew what had happened. Of them that would be a neat tidy wouldn't have put the airplane in the bottom of the ocean. And suddenly it's just -- crash and everybody forgets about it the terrorist under the credit. You wait a couple weeks -- the storm. Kind of role in -- what do what do competed and start. Yeah that's what brought up earlier caller said as more than a coincidence -- the storm is heading in the same time. And I make you very much. Yeah you know some of these things do lose these things are feasible let's put it that way. Lou we can't be definitive we don't know but it is feasible if they've taken over the line. And it was a may knowledgeable by any kind of government and they decided that the made in one that the emission Gilani further solution to down. No muss no fuss is under the water -- I hope our country is going to get involved in. -- now what -- happy piece -- the puzzle together because if you know some of our -- is correct that this thing is going to be about someday we. Well also all I I heard a reporter last week say and it makes sense to me. Why is that they were very very slow in inviting the US to -- part of it because we have the most sophisticated equipment. And probably of the best chance of finding or doing something. But they weren't quick to get us involved. Well if you wore something like some of these ferries that are Vince bows on the show today. Maybe that makes sense to -- A word they they want in time for the evidence the kind of disappear a little bit before anybody else that ball. Who knows this is. This is a mystery to me to mr. radio. Because the prime minister was not definitive it will be interesting to see. What they say tomorrow tomorrow's press conference if -- and if they had information that we're really nailed down why wasn't that given today. So that you portal it right on though on the speculation as to what's going on. Eight trailed Montreal on it under 61692. Trees exits on -- thirty. Your hearing the voice of an awful -- WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. -- Beijing governor have sandy beach the Malaysian prime minister where does this give you relief. All are more skepticism as to what he has a announced as they bring the people back to via the the relatives of the passengers and crew of the ill fated plane back to the area where they say. It crash. Does this and give you more skeptic. More skepticism. Or finally a little relief let's go to a Dominic in Erie Pennsylvania Dominique thanks holding her on WB yeah. Okay. The some of the relatives of passengers. Who I think are no reason why. Why it. Some of the cellphone continued to ring for. Now that's -- hopeful that it body contact with the towers it's turned offer out of range it immediately goes to voicemail I think in the race. They were claiming that some of those -- continued to ring until hoping to do voice. Okay where once the -- communications is disabled you loser relay for yourself on which means. Those cellphones were relatively low altitude. And we in I don't know 1015 miles of -- -- our current. Com. So I think if they -- the beginning days they actually were ringing. And then they got out of range or be or was shut dollar. I I suspect. At some point whoever took the plane. Figured out we'd better shut off those -- The they shut off the transponder so -- that's a good point. But yes it's the bonds actually were in fact. Ringing true. I think they're pinging cell towers. And anybody that watched any television at all. Note you can track the cellphone from power to power they use something called chick. If you're within range of itself Howard they can tell us exactly where that plane wise when that phone call was may well. It is surely read your phone isn't turned on and it sends out a signal or via our -- and find -- that's all of people find your leave messages on voicemail. But be a big question. I think would be we haven't we didn't hear any thing nothing coming from a plane at all. So audio Heidi who add that up. Why I think we're getting a lot of misinformation and outright lies. From government at forty that's like safety information from that from relatives is more about people and anything else. We've got people telling is that those jet engines. Wearing constant communication. Liberals -- -- information. Well. Now I know that won't tell us where it ain't poor attacking -- condition of the engine. Yeah it'll tell you how long was running and things like that to an ever -- see if it ran as long as they claim six hours. That would eliminate a lot of things a suicide by the pilot you wouldn't take six hours. Maybe if there was -- being. You know terrorized they were trying to get somewhere that would make some sense but. It it there's no definitive answers yet that's the pro. The last flight tactic that was -- was it was heading directly towards. Diego Garcia. Which I haven't heard any major news agency mention. No I haven't. Our rights -- hear you say that because the phones were still -- although I've I've called like my own land line for some reason is it was working. And on my cell phone sounds like it's raining but it wasn't raining so. I don't know the technology but I do -- a -- of the middle of the Indian Ocean journal cell towers so unless you have a satellite phone. I don't think you'll be able to communicate -- Out and I think that's the most important information that needs to be clarified and it's no one wants to. That makes me very suspicious. Okay Dominic thank you very much so a lot of unanswered questions are many more. CBS is at the same and we said many more than our our answer it'll be interesting tomorrow. If they have information that they're going to released tomorrow and they feel confident about it. Why wouldn't they release that today. Instead of waiting till tomorrow and the prime minister just. I I'm not a conspiracy guy but he didn't sound like he's confident I mean it was very vague about new technology. And that hasn't been -- and blah blah blah. Let's see something let's see something definitive something makers believe that that is the -- of the records of that plane. Let's go to fill in Amherst failure on WBN. Yet a lot of things goal and I think it's political. I think add it to a military assets. India would -- but the Chinese dictatorship anywhere near India. Indo us. Indonesia. Went -- let the US navy search plane fly over Indonesia. Wouldn't get an air space to fill it. I think it's probably -- that on Italy -- the military and political guys where. Google and some other -- private companies in the United States. Were there you cry out or -- or you could go on your computer at home. Look coordinates and you know how how well. Yeah he's very different -- of intelligent design and within that grip right. Yeah you know better -- that they and I agree with the last caller I remember one of the first instinct that it appeared well. That people were using the family. Museum itself owns the called play. And the careful reading. And and that other gentleman explaining handshake meant that out they could. I don't know what we -- call proximity of valuation. Find out where these so old paint or comment for. -- The plane somewhere I think it's cost effective -- -- where there's bad. And I think a lot have to do this military political thing we don't want to give away too much of our military at that. And the Chinese don't want it way too much of their military at that I'm satellite positioning. And recognition as one gentleman I think called earlier today. Something to be effective to make it real like displayed. -- -- Why can't they state -- pieces of debris and. The -- something you know that's kind of mention this thing to get it it's the point you know. OK so do you think the plane is in the water you think the plane is -- hangar where do you think the planet. I got a horrible feeling that because of the scientists who were on the plane. They -- might have -- something where somebody. And I hate to say this because. I remember in the seventy -- for getting blown out for take it to -- -- Getting blown out but all at and some -- just for one passenger maybe being on the plane. And maybe there's something that's so far fetched theory that maybe there's something on that plane that was a value that somebody wanted. That's that's -- -- pilot. On one of the first as we did their show of a 747 said. Oftentimes he carried very valuable cargo including gold which required -- and armed guards so we don't know exactly what's in the cargo hole and nova over big said lithium batteries are in there that would probably be enough so we'll see what happens thank you thank you very much we'll take a break we'll be back. As it gets even more confusing every time we hear from -- here let's. I have another question the CBS reporter said they have no a wreckage that conclusively can be tied in to. The airliner will -- holidays making the assumption. That this is that. And they you also heard earlier reports saying there's new equipment that hasn't been youths is being used for the first time. Then not much in specifics are -- it's very vague in general and I don't know but -- seems to be. A question of are are you relieved are you skeptical more of our audience is skeptical including me because as -- so many. Unanswered questions and maybe as time goes by -- will buy what they're selling but for now we don't know what they're selling exactly. Let's go to John and bubble of thanks for your patience John you're on WB -- He'd had seemed to get more than an hour that goes along here. Yeah I really does it's if you don't have wreckage with serial numbers or or logos are selling. I don't know what they're basing your number go -- John. Hey you know I was lucky my -- MSNBC. Last week when the last ten minutes some kind of they said they first saw this record in this area and they. You know they broke the regular programming -- reporter I'd never seen before commanders are talking about they think these. The satellite photos show in these parts float around 15100 miles up Australia. It's your conspiracy -- You can see where this one year earlier callers and -- now. We think this is where it is and but there's a storm coming to watch it -- away now. Another -- because I didn't really hear this press conference today but I suspect caught a piece of it but they were just saying. Is now other equipment to me in bishop within range of the -- birdies to get planes weaponry and to put the dollar offering the family members who were Soviet area already. That's it that's a good point and as the prime minister seem very vague. Not much in -- solid knows that in there will be another press numbers tomorrow but. If indeed they have something solid -- and they offered up today. Who will want you to just this year these artists of this whole thing is there anything you're gonna give you all potentially. Nothing should surprise you they want to unitholders greener when. I called is that they haven't been thinking about the two American toddlers that were on the plane. Who they are -- were on the plane and you know the one adult. Mail it was a businessmen and aggressively interviewed via his I've seen his fiance being interviewed. And she's not concerned but they haven't done anything. Who these two American toddlers were on this plane or why they were going to Beijing from Malaysia. -- and plus they said that they did background check on everybody on the plane didn't find anything wrong. And yet we don't know after the fact that two of them were traveling on stolen passports. Yeah I mean it really seems like. They've narrowed down nothing. Yeah I'm. John let me ask you this -- let me ask you this when this story -- -- didn't scare you away from Rachel -- out there that. I I can hardly wait maybe you can and at least I. Four day -- John Bridget outline. Yeah there's so many well of course we didn't expect a press conference with every. Every T crossed every I -- we didn't expect that but it was very vague. And so vague and especially since now logic would say if they're going to bring the family. Of the -- of the passengers and crew to the area they must have something pretty definitive. And then CBS says there's no records without identifying numbers remarks that they have. So outside of that what could they find -- you have to be electronic. What would they find electronic in the middle of the yourself Indian Ocean. -- this out. I think that of the thought with the big storm coming up. Look we've got that yeah that we do is you know we described it as a piece of the -- prime but now the storm is -- -- always so there's nothing missing here. No questions asked. And in today's society. The less people know the more they want now. And everybody is going to want to know this if it was being hijacked and was shot down that that's -- that's not that far. You know especially if they kill the passengers. And rather than let it be successful shoot down into the Indian Ocean now makes sense but maybe that would be an international incidents though we don't know. Not sure frank and west Seneca you're on WB again. Sanity I agree with two of York. Previous caller Baltimore's first guys that. That he's the the pilot and mechanic OK yes he said the robot identification. Right. The other pilot said he thinks that it that plane is and a anger felt more I probably agree would go. However. Wreckage that scattered all over with the storm. Is probably in the deepest possible. Part of the Pacific Ocean and it'll probably be unreachable. Yeah I heard earlier that they might use submarines and get down to some deaths but. The if you want a bad place to try and find -- is probably where they're looking now. Outlawed are very overall by the RUN a lot of other people I'll tell you that thank you thank you very much. Yeah we'll find out allegedly more maybe today maybe tomorrow although the prime minister gave the press conference today we don't know who's giving it tomorrow. But it was a very vague. Ended it didn't have anything that would console me a fight if one of my loved ones was on that plane. But they're heading there there again. If they bring them to the area they think the plane went down once to see. Unless something still floating now we do get a call from somebody who says those wings afloat for a long time. But the plane's been gone since what the eighth margin itself. More information tomorrow that about wraps it up from Beijing company we'll see you tomorrow at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty we are WB yen. We'll we'll moves they never had to these --

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