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Mar 24, 2014|

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It's time for buffalo means business with -- Shula on news radio 930 WB EN. The only radio show devoted to local business and the people who make it happen. Brought you by the Amherst chamber of commerce to health insurance resource for small business and vice Steve small will Ford and Steve although shedding Buick Cadillac. Driver assured under the Steve -- umbrella handle law office of -- -- Rodrigo. The team that's on your side and -- your court now your host. Buffalo radio veteran AM local business advocate -- -- Welcome back to buffalo means business here in news radio 930 WB EN and ESPN fifteenth when he my name is putting Shula. And we talked with all the greatest business owners CEOs key executives of companies at a rate here to Western New York. And we're gonna start we're gonna get the scoop on everything today and I mean that literally gave in this school. With Ryan Perry who's executive vice president of vice chairman. Your favorite ice cream that's Perry's ice cream so Brian first of all welcome to buffalo means business thanks buddy thanks for enemy we have. For -- on Saturday end here meaning each race and every day and you know it's have been married in forty. Come on I needed every day to add on gained forty he's I guess it is secret -- what I mean. Perry's ice cream in Buffalo News. Obviously that's one of awful things correct yes definitely what happens when someone leaves buffalo and do their do you ever get weird requests from people left. The -- -- errors ice -- all the time -- -- the snow birds that goes south and the ones that we'll have what it Carolina and and can't get the product to go to California. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we're gonna get right to the bones here and Perry's ice cream as a company when did you start we Saturday in 1918 my great grandfather was a broom maker unlocked -- In the condenser come -- Vietnam and basically along disorder known for making the -- not a real corn stocks back then. And the doctors that he need to find a new occupations and we looked and found on the -- and they'll grow up for sale. In Akron and purchase the route for 600 dollars in 1918. And then in 1932 started making ice cream for the first time for the Akron central school district and that's where we get started. Back then. Where you just make it like Vanilla ice cream chocolate -- the regulars if you were taken at top -- -- exactly and you know what those were back then it was basically you know Vanilla chocolate may be a strawberry if that was in season. So it's been 95 years 95 years in business. And who who are your customers I mean I know others others you know the people like Armenian everybody else -- -- -- face every day. But I know you'd use either a lot of we have a lot of business customers as well on the grocery stores customers -- right right. Yeah we would call you the consumer obviously the final you know customer of the product but then we've got so wegmans taps only in group which is -- sure -- strollers. Which dashes are part of hospitals schools. Amusement parks. You know the -- savers you know the arena. In Syracuse on the dome -- sponsored Syracuse this year so we're at the dome so you know pretty much hold on hold little variety customers. Is it is periods they scream just in Western New York or the phobia and you vote behind her were regional business we basically cover all of New York State New England states in New York City through distributors and we also do Western Pennsylvania. Any plans and never ever move him past matter. It's hard to move a brand due to the cost of of implementation and into the market in marketing dollars to do that. We do so nationally and internationally through our co -- manufacturing which is selling a manufacturing timed other. Companies that have their own products that wanna see it made to others' backs. So we will make it -- to their specs and they will pick up and take it from our -- and distributed you know throughout the world and -- your company's actually Akron that's where it gets the orders are up and you know at that small town USA. It's such a great success story. I mean and and it seems like Akron has some. Some business aprons are growing and growing area in the Akron is always had a large industrial base nearly Perry's ice cream -- roll -- door Ford come Akron rule I squared error -- specially medals there's a ton of oil industry and in Akron really is and so it's a great community is a lot of lot of tax -- taken care of by industry. Or one of my favorite slogans I'd say probably in buffalo was light visible Ares. Genius thank you there every time -- think about your mouth once ice cream. Did you go when it. Now unfortunately I can't take credit for northern nor can we we work with -- -- agency about a ten years ago that pick him up for that forums -- so we're gonna talk ice cream now how do you make ice -- I mean. What -- do what what's the step to make -- -- it's it's quite a long process but Israel simply try to make one match at a time and we really still follow my great grandfather's recipe of putting on the good stuff and -- -- we start with fresh milk from the local farmers. And the by products of milk also come from the farms for the upstate tuna and the Alaska. Group there. And so the milk the cream the skimmed the buttermilk and even -- way potter comes from surround she's here in buffalo so we really try to purchase everything locals fresh as we can get it. The products that we get delivered today milk products are an ice cream frozen tomorrow so technically you can get a -- probably within a week of when we made it. It's -- so from that point. What happens there you have the flavors. Yeah we put basic mixed together make over probably fifty different -- mixes. Which could be you know yogurt to a light a screamed no sugar added to. You know sherbet and all those. Then from there in the mixes frozen. Into small and do on the different package sizes that we've put the product in -- packaged ice cream novelty. And stick on Conan sandwich. And you know frozen there and then put through a blast freeze. And then you know -- -- and and put in the freezer for distribution who comes up with that he got some funky names. Of the guys grow very. Who comes up with those. It's there is really no set method of what we come up with some of -- suppliers that that send us the different flavor ingredients have -- names the -- -- if we buy their ingredients and other times we just come up for their -- Names on her own and the discount a random there is no specific way to to do them like the top shelf. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and like something like canned applause. Who you know with -- -- and -- and the puzzles one of our marketing managers at the time came up with that name those kind of just off the top of the shelf and pandas were big at that time and and now we wanted to basically taken and try to you know make it unique so the name is Kenny what is -- deposits to sounds strange and of course that we had to depend upon itself made up the piece that goes -- -- the shape like a -- pause and that's kind of a trademark you know. This is awesome. So what is the most popular Perry's ice cream flavor on the most popular is always an -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On specs and it. I'm just to give her variety you know to you know to the to the number one flavor federal and what what topic which -- city's most popular. Toppings probably hot fudge. -- -- -- So do you have any. Any new ones coming out anything on the horizon some different ones -- yeah I know it probably secret but well we've got some we we did release some a couple of weeks ago we had our annual trade show where we invite customers -- to try the new flavors and get ready for the season. He's a predominantly that the debt stands as we column hot dog stands that have the ice cream here. And now they're always looking for new things -- customers and so. We do have a pretty good list this year. Now we get the adults cupcake which is a player for Syracuse is her code -- branded. Product for them that's doing really well. A True Blue not true the blue is a UB flavor. For a little bit for doing somewhat UB. I'm trying to pick up on the sponsorship and you get it that one anywhere waivers after anywhere on know these are only at the -- stands sell had already you know outs you know for the store hopefully on the weather breaks here shortly. Everybody wants to get out and -- -- new flavors whom they'll be ready you know that time and -- -- when you wanted to match yet the other ones we've got blue moon which is them as a plan orange pineapple it's orange pineapple color blue that's more more attractive. For the kids there's coconut not bliss and toffee coffee. And we also have an all natural not chocolate so we came out with that is in the supermarkets. Come along with the French roast -- just good enough quality. Coffee flavor without anything and just and racecar coffee flavor. Well I mean an end and we have had a long what are obviously how I was I was he has -- business in terms of in terms of sales as it is that. It's -- a seasonal business. It really is the impulse to think about impulse sales which -- the -- stands. On the amusement parks a convenience stores that type of thing there basically most of those I was except for the convenience stores -- closed in the wintertime. Supermarkets -- sales stay pretty steady. Here around as long as people get to the store obviously there are consuming the same amount of food either -- in the home or away and and so supermarket sales state pretty pretty events as the seasonal. On business so yeah we knew we can sell twice as much in the summertime as we can. I'm in the lunar months so like you said that the differences basically those those roadside. I gross stands the place like that the supermarket business is pretty much the same earlier rounds yes I'm in the open promotions out on the different novelties. For the stores so that'll that'll pick up some business. And that puts on the supermarket business so he's pretty steady I would I would think someone who's who loves ice cream was addicted ice -- you know care whether it's August or January. They went for racecar -- you know definitely I tell people I have ice cream every single day and you know maybe colder warmer. Rainier should only it doesn't matter to me and I've got to have my fix ice cream. This is true story. My wife buys ice cream Perry's ice cream you know and should they trying to hide it for me and everything has been trying to. Definitely I find in this seek it out and eat it that night I mean you've got a very. Awesome product -- here without -- period. Executive vice president vice chairman of Perry's ice cream just that great Western New York named we're very proud yeah Perry's ice cream. I'm here in western new York and we're very proud to have you on the show it's Perry's ice cream. Dot com they -- in Akron we're here with Brian. End. Tell us one of the biggest trends in the desert camp -- because ice cream. Used to be just a deserve right now people you know time -- her. What are what are some of the trends that you you have. -- basically chocolates always been you know strong -- -- on every years in chocolate you know people indulge mourn the chocolate. Flavors this thing you know they're looking for. On. People are trying to portion control. And many sizes trite but a lot of people socket that they still you know 13. -- their consumption of of ice cream you know the way. We get in big commodities with a spoon and a container and you know sit in the recliner. About what you have like that what you have a little bit of ice cream you know you can't stop -- rates which that's right. And what what about. The fruits and stuff that you put in we cheer reasons I think that is at all from from Western New York party get that for visit. We'd like it to be but obviously comes through a lot of this it's -- words grown. First and then the others different processors. We try to keep that all is regionals weekend. And I would say probably 70% of its in the northeast. The fruit obviously is his purchased and brought them to a processors. To -- put into product that we can you know put an RA screen. Yes so it's we tried it but you know Vanilla comes from Madagascar -- You know cherries are coming from Michigan. Strawberry scum from you know California Oregon so I mean you do source the world. To get them you know the best products that you can that you can find so dogs dogs -- -- -- they do. My dog has. I was I was looking and your fun facts here you have on the periods they scream deck and and you know dogs lot of ice -- people of ice -- you have. Here it says in effect number fifteen on your website. One in five ice cream lovers share of the tree with a pat. I believe that I mean years ago when I was -- ice cream off a truck. We had one account -- -- that that -- stop it towards the end of the day. And that the lady literally would order a box of Vanilla Dixie cups so and that and the as soon as we delivered it -- -- at the box then and Siena had a Labrador and and we don't from the backs up and give them. A cup -- of ice cream. And he would take it himself and take the lid off himself and to sit on the porch and continually look the ice cream until was gone so. He got -- he got a box of you know Vanilla Dixie cups every week so you looking forward to summer. Who isn't great adventure -- done you know with a winner and it just keeps going on but. I think we're we're optimistic were open when it turns everybody's gonna just be flying an outside system. Get out and hopefully you hit the local ice cream stands and then try some new flavors. Brian Perry Perry's ice cream again Perry's I -- -- -- like visible Perry's. Go get some this weekend my name is buddy Shula and death thanks again Brian thank you -- will be right back with another segment of buffalo means business. You're listening to buffalo means this this -- -- show a lot powered by blue rock energy stop. Think switch and saves with -- blue rock energy go to blue rock energy dot com if there's a business he would like featured call buddy at 8430167. 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A lot in you know in our area over the past couple months and the owner respiratory services we got a lot of -- talked about and also handicap at Fannie. -- -- -- candy I was content -- -- execute the -- and I think it's the coolest name -- attending. Who is -- senior vice president here. First of all are welcome -- Schobel. Thanks for Travis. Sandy beach raves about the home medical equipment story in the pew he raves about it. Now we're gonna we're gonna talk about on medical equipment store for us to talk about respiratory services witches. The bigger business that you -- -- is that correct justice on. So what -- grow tell us about. -- background that. Is -- is it's. Getting into entrepreneurial -- actually. I'm frustrate their Christmas tree and I worked in the customer's house almost in New York. And 1993. I was started out working there African foreign national home care changed following -- the patience. And basically what happened is there's a cut with Medicare insurance has. And they cut the service which was me. And I decided to -- open -- company and compete with them. And I've ever started at 1987 and suspect. I've been doing that sense are you glad you made the leap from employee to employer in the beginning it was scary. But I'm so glad I did you know a lot of people who listen to the show that's that's one thing we talked about too is that. Is how scary it is when year when you. Take the leap into being your your own boss. Having fewer than -- than the Jack you have to you have to do everything has learned 510 different hats and -- still do bullet back and you being so young I didn't really realize that's the kind of business I was getting into. You could you did it. Very have to tell us a little bit about respiratory services. -- resources is a home care company that basically takes care of patients in their home armed with oxygen into lies -- she pats by perhaps any kind of medical devices that they need. On some kind of licensed practitioners to go visit them and daily basis. To be tricky and out of the hospital specially now with the cuts going down and possible trying to keep them from staying out. And staying at their home so they feel more comfortable who are the types of -- who are the types of customers. For clients that you haven't respiratory services. Everest or services geriatrics basically and more or less the baby boomers now. But also we're getting into the pediatrics where ventilator business so and and and I should probably mention your location -- respiratory services through erotic French and union road. In Cheektowaga correct and you you do it you have a little bit of a retail in there were people can comment. And you have a selection of a Walker's -- some screen you know some things that people may need. Four. Being at home in a medical situation or I do com originally with the name respiratory services I didn't have that because that was my background. On but with the wind industry when it it forced me basically to get into the one stop shop and take it that other equipment in in homes so it and -- is -- senior vice president. What is it that what is your role with the company. I'm the senior vice president of sales but he's got a great name -- Edmonton entry yet yet radio and so my job is to basically. -- out there in the community whether it's actors offices whether it's. Adult care homes. Out of our group homes and my job is to let them know what we do -- how we can service them. And not just provide aid. Equipment but we provide the education. To help them because anybody can -- off a piece of equipment to. -- -- group home to a nursing home or to a house but. It's taking time to explain it nets -- that we X -- it's something that working with me for any period of time. ET in steals and all of us it's not. I want somebody has dropped off the equipment -- of anybody I need the right people. To sit and explain in nature and you leave their homes they feel very comfortable if we -- back the next day with family members and we do. But they get tired jab and it's my cap to bring our our name out there and making sure that were consistently week that things. Our current products at the respiratory services is -- it sure is there's are a lot of insurance involved with that. So so so. How would if somebody art is that a referral base business basically or to doctors referred to respiratory services are two people ask. You know to be serviced by respiratory services. It's a mixture of a ball is that you have word of mouth patients that are not happy with the search -- -- currently getting they'll transfer overdose. Or you'll have the doctors refer to like a preferred provider that they used to feel comfortable with the been using for awhile. Or the hospitals single for rotation basis of you know picking my top three providers and that they feels comfortable on the old. As the list again order thumb Michael nick McCartney's nickname is -- Who is -- with respiratory services along with handicap depending who is a senior vice president. -- product company and I have a question for you regarding him on a seat that machines to sleep apnea. Right now when I was growing up -- I never heard there was no what are you mentioned sleep apnea -- right now it seems like it's everywhere everybody's got it. And what what is going now with sleep apnea. I mean would it serious threat very serious actually it's it's been around has just never really been out and publicly diagnosed. And I have it. Now that's good kid pitcher actually taking care because that's something that's gonna. Actually -- -- are actually you know give you more cardiac issues if you don't take care of it and you know. Basically what we do is we try to make it so that be keep your round of the longer and keep you would better quality of life. Hopefully make you seek better hope your spouse of sleep better. And it's it's it's a disease that was never really diagnosed back in the eighties and now it's. More common what is it what is sleep apnea seat snapping his obstructive sleep that -- it's basically obstructing your Airways so you stop reading you gagged during middle of the night. Usually falsely. I mean and an act within the number one thing people complain about and I did is well. Es that you have this air breathing you know pumping into your body weight trying to sleep. It's it's not come to -- -- way that people can get a more comfortable match scorer. You know tell us about those options because -- at the number one complaint I hear with people who UC campers have sleep apnea is. They find the -- cumbersome. They're actually -- the technology's been every year these -- 834 different types -- come out that's one it's less intrusive on the face it's actually lighter. It's it's more smaller and it's actually something that the Tony knows -- on your face them more so -- getting really small and tiny but. At the same time you need at least a decent -- sold -- can actually. Keep your Airways open do you use -- he can't masks and machines at respiratory services in Cheektowaga. -- -- So somebody could just come in and and maybe get an assessment or do they have to have a referral or something new prescription from a doctor so that we can actually start the process okay. So again -- WB in listener and it's listening right now respiratory services. Does says anything you need for sleep apnea. Or the NC -- machines and are -- different masks governor or petty like some of these masks that are. They're and they're not the big bulky things that people are putting -- faces now now. Very nice in this make the same unit in the nice thing about when you come -- you might have an idea what you want what you think you're gonna have and we got. You're always going to be greeted by a trained clinician so it is going to be just a retail person it's always going to be trained professional clinician. That understands what she needs can understand your facial. It's is -- a lot that goes into consideration when you're hitting somebody with a mask. They look at any facial hair is looking at their site sleepers at vigorously -- their back. I'm you look at just how there are there features are a little bit larger of the smaller and we'll go will push them to the right -- this benefit them. And it's some of the massive -- smile he's hit one little strip that goes from the back Heather had and then you've got the two prongs of that. For the the nose so there's so many choices it there so if anybody hasn't visited what they look like they should because it is what it used to be. Here's a true fact I can't sleep without it at this point like I have to I. I have to go to sleep with -- -- I just I just -- but I don't keep it and somehow at 3 in the morning wasting it on the floor. But but I have to sleep with that. I go to sleep without -- very comfortable it's almost like up. -- key for me at this point you know what America comfortable with that. Slogan if you if you have Tibet near you think you do or you're looking at different masks are different machines are restore service as we're gonna move into now. Another side of the business. Which is home medical equipment store. That is that around now for probably a year and half right in different. So it is on Broadway and if you just east of trans wrote this is the story that year at the great sandy beach talking about all the time the whole medical equipment store. And the reason he talks about it so much is because of what it has for so what what what what. Gill was the deciding factors -- -- another what convenient location for people to go to be able to to retail stuff that they would need at home was that the reason really for -- medical equipment. And achieve the reason that that store opened -- was what we saw coming for the future here with the reimbursement for certain products. And I thought it's time to open up the retail store people have to pay more out of their own pocket -- -- teachers not paying -- -- a pay for something that they like. Different callers to confession and doesn't look like typical medical equipment so that's more or less why did it and there was nothing in more. In the norte county area it's more in the south towns they have a couple different companies out there so I was trying to bring in more towards that store houses houses torn to -- doing. Awesome and I'm very happy -- it against I had that in -- -- and you have everything in there what are your biggest sellers of the -- when people come in -- -- fork lift -- scooters compression stockings this -- and death from license agreement some of the -- the -- cheers. When I walked in the store in and -- -- thinks this way as well it's almost like -- are great piece of furniture that you diet. Any of the top furniture stores I mean these lectures hope people who can't get up they can't sit down they have trouble in opposition seasons are. Like a godsend. To people you have rows and rows and rows of lift chairs. Can people go there can pick and obviously try him out there they can they're electronic rights and it kind of boost you up. We actually want people come to your store and actually try things out for the diet it's obviously that's the whole idea that store are gonna mention to deal website is HM mean WNY -- candidates each enemy. W and wide spectrum the whole medical equipment store of Western New York what other what are the things that people come into the retail store for. -- -- -- The laser touch one -- That's a big item or to purchase -- things about people with pain arthritis neck pain back pain this this laser touch -- tell me about that. It's it's pleased -- is more like attention with the actually a good kick to -- 12 punch. And actually is it's a laser but also it's also a pain management and and it actually noninvasive and it's something that is not covered by the insurance percent of going to chiropractor or going to year PT. On it's the same thing that they do puts me for patient take it home and this is lightweight it's portable you could put it in year you know your purse she put in your pocket. For four pretty quick relief of the most. Exhausting campaigns -- correct. On it can can people common disorder in check that balcony we do demos we do like six minute demo on people and try it out to like it usually purchase at. And we all soul com have Marcus who's our retail person that's there every day he actually does the demos for the patient and goes over goes over with them. And now that this spring is actually officially here. Scooters. And outdoor mobility equipment. Things like that you have a lot of net as well. Some of these scooters like ride -- Harley. I mean if these things are pretty nice -- ER I mean so. Airlift finance plans -- how people purchase on the scooters and you have a lot of them in stock as well we. We do do a finance plan on some of whom in the three month plan with people or we there's some from the varying expensive that they could buy so it's not too bad. It depends what bells and whistles that they want on it if they want to canned peas on or if they want one with the backup you know whistle on the back or flags it's it all depends what they want. Speed it's not a thing. -- or a longer bad. -- it's optional respiratory services which is French roading union in Cheektowaga. And the whole medical equipment store which years sandy beach talked about all the time and a BB yen. But on Broadway just east betrays a road in the pew in the open six days a week. You know springtime is here -- ought to get your mobility equipment from the home medical equipment store. I'm line at each enemy. WNY. Dot -- that's HN EW one wide dat cam. We're here we're penny camp candy thank you very much ready for coming in. Hitting and Mike McCartney. Just column -- who's a CEO we appreciate you very much coming on the show today -- for us will be decked out with another segment of buffalo means business. Right here on WB yen and ESPN coming up next. You're listening to buffalo means this this -- -- show a lot powered by blue rock energy stop. Think switch and -- with blue rock energy go to blue rock energy dot com if there's a business you would like featured called -- at 8430167. Or email being -- @entercom.com. Buffalo means business only on news radio 930 WBE. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wouldn't it be different that paying zero over something so big just went on and on. How things -- -- so we extended our 02 -- that that's how many. Yes I got the vehicle you one thing just -- Oh with -- 01 payment zero acquisition VC -- security deposit -- fourteen Mini Cooper countryman -- spend your choice lease for 259 a month or get a 2013 minute -- hard topic for -- flooding nine. Plus all -- many stuff -- no charge scheduled maintenance for three. Is -- 36 now. Don't be all new town many were you motor in many years -- zero. -- sign -- drive from just 229 a month. Bill during. Different zero to moderate fast online that so many dot com for -- -- full alert many. Or at least -- -- charts and -- regret -- price tax act. Chart it's -- fourteen. Just one brief spring news here in the winter is finally behind us some lawmakers and only wanna put the deep freeze on our future. The governor and state senator pushing the bad news budget -- will force schools to make more deep cuts increase class size and lay off teachers. All of the pay for a so called tax freeze that favors the wealthiest New Yorkers. And hurts the rest of us. What's worse this freeze could become permanently forever crippling local community's ability to invest in their children and the temperatures keep dropping. This bad news budget short changes schools today and does the same to SUNY CUNY and our community college while giving big breaks New York can afford good private schools and corporate charters. New Yorkers don't want our kids left home. Tell the governor and senate support great public schools serving every child paid for by New York State united teachers. We're back to buffalo means this this win but -- -- on news radio 930 WBA. Powered by blue rock energy -- switch and say it would blue rock energy on FaceBook or go to blue rock energy dot com. Welcome back to -- this is my name is what he surely you're listening to news radio 930 WB EN. And ESPN 1520. -- for our third segment of the show. And I'm now Pete Romano who was president and CEO of united materials. At first until I thought about it. I was and I looked at united materials and in when we were talking you know before the show and enlighten. You brought up some interest in points so you guys first of all welcome -- Thank you -- -- anti European. We're gonna give the website to Unita materials that congress had pretty much -- people would go to get information. So you are one of these big companies. That people don't realize is all over the place -- really aren't desperate talked about. Your big company with seven locations from Sam port Orchard Park. What's the main specialty of the united materials because again when when we get in this conversation. People are gonna know exactly what you are just like I did what what what's the main gist of what you do well but he we're kind of diverse company we have them the the supply which is through builders. Which is along the right I had gone by Scranton thruway builders it's puzzle kid. And until you mentioned that before the show I'm -- -- implement it became one of the cup. -- to mature in 2006. Acquisition. Prior to -- you know amateur for next country which is what -- known for big red trucks rolling around town right an -- -- in this type creature what do they say they -- united they say you I'm on him you know and -- girls and they also signaled this by an excellent album and a it's letting the world know that we have 46 billboards of their -- talking with what's available so. And I'm like driving behind locked country -- so I'm just looking at it in the electric circuits and they like to get the slide coming down it looks like something -- -- a delicate theme park in -- like what what. I mean. -- I mean now but I think about it the role they're all -- -- the -- obscene and. It is and you know where one the largest Western Europe and like you said it was service quite it quite a few areas in Orchard Park. Niagara county in the into the southern tier and also we go out east to. Towards Batavia. But it's it's a unique -- that -- -- behind actually as a virtual product. It's it's actually made of sandstone cement and cement mixtures. And basically. It transformed before your eyes so -- It's really a liquid product in the beginning and then over -- few hours it turns into -- country the last 506070. Years. So you you specialty is -- you really provided. Construction companies and do it yourself furs with the the mix the concrete mix the sand and gravel. Rick may scenario pocket landscape materials. That's correct got a Sprint's Roy builders and also a lot of you know and its rules and our tunnel on the location. Which is on young street we provide a host of of products for the conduit sulfur or the contractor. Brick block missionary landscape products will also carry things like -- creek and quick creek. We also carry the little fever we carry oaks in some different things week. We carry fire places we do I would have never known that -- And you can go and thereby fireplace you can only ask in order for her place actually our outdoor supply harper displays. Ira located at both locations on wall that in doing on street. And basically those outdoor displays. Have 24 hours a day seven days a week. They're open to the public you can come and -- culture colors different products you can see fireplaces and mailboxes and all kinds of products that are freer here larger kitchen your driveway when -- So you know you've got to be excited that this winners over to a construction season is out of way. Yeah I'm looking at the rose and looking at everything I'm like this winners taken real beating and everybody. But you know in the concrete business you already got to have a busy your plant right. We do we do we have quite a backlog. Residential markets picking up we do a lot of commercial work we're doing the Yahoo! expansion right now. We're donut new Delaware north companies we're doing their building -- on Delaware avenue. On the residential side -- things are picking up as you. Here in the market you know that you know new home building is up fair and we're capitalists in that market and we do everything from the foundation to the driveways to the basements -- Whatever maybe it. Are there really do yourself people who want to do well is that -- come into the stores and and I went orders that are much more more than you would imagine a lot of people to take on that -- product they wanna put up that retaining wall and -- their papers. And they also -- with you know decorative stuff weathered via the mailbox or you know some of the fence post that that is going. And they do with the cells with a so so someone's hiring a landscaper Francis support our our audience members is looking for Lance now's the time that you're gonna probably. Hook up with a landscape or something for the spring or summer. They could tell landscaper you know what I wanna I wanna deal with these guys they can and they also can call us for referral list of some of the contractors in the area that. That by air products and user products every day and we -- analyst whether it be favoring John door. You know concrete. Placement for their driveway or sidewalk or -- cap whatever they're doing well and we deal with different contractors different. The news he had a brick house and on the masonry block again Pete Romano president and CEO of united materials. How did you did you come to the company well I started. And the business in the early eighties right out of college civil engineering technology that works for -- collision insurance companies. In 1996 I opened up a consulting engineering company where it was doing forensic work in consulting. I knew the previous owners of united materials before they came -- united materials there are individual companies that got together and created united materials. And basically they approached me in 20122. To come and -- the company so I am I actually transformed from my own company into this position. Still have a consulting company -- you know materials as my main -- right now. What are some of the -- seeing an outdoor living spaces like patios or driveways -- porches what are are similar -- -- -- new thing the trend lately has been the people look at their backyard now is extended the square footage to -- home. So if you look at somebody's backyard they put on you know 2002000. Square feet of living space. Whether he's sitting areas or places or is just for entertainment. Outdoor kitchens and stuff the spending a lot more time outside because obviously with long winters in buffalo you want to be outside. So we look at is an extension of their square footage so we see the trend going that where a lot of people are making the investment in their backyard or in their patio or in their purchases. So that they can entertain and a -- at that living space. What are some of the he would go what are when when somebody comes in air from a retail standpoint do you have more retail than you do. Business. We do it's it's it's as if we do a lot of contractor work but we do get a lot of retail business. We have a lot of walking people that you know looking for selection of Brecher blocker. Different colors are different products or maybe they want -- -- their concrete they'll come in and we have actually you know customer service right there and you know social somebody. So I had no idea like again if I wanted. Saying it concrete that was coming up after the winter in my driveway the concrete wasn't level. I mean right now he'd be like reading that. Foreign -- when I wouldn't know we've been the first place to start so you're saying that I would come to assimilate you. And you have to -- people there are people that could help. As I and we hope with the way out of what they wanna do we help with repair. Whether it be you know a crack in the wall leaky basement we have products that we concealing -- caught caught things. We have things for religious and if you -- transform that existing in a basement floor that existing driveway into something color and decorative we can help you with that. I'm from one end to the other we work with the design phase right through to the finished product. And then maintenance of that product efforts actually installed. -- he had no idea that somebody could just do that from soup to nuts. Tell you what they want done at their house and then you'll do it and we -- fallen Protestant to do that so you -- maintenance it. Two years a year ago on the road -- on them recently your driveway recently your patio -- your landscape favors we sell the products and that. And we didn't how to -- that I'm just realizing this right now as we speak and they show that so the big box -- your competition. Correct. I guess would have known them we care is in front Tutsis -- at home people hurdles but you've specialized specialists and customer service we've been -- most sober. In almost all over people grew up in the industry and the products and so when you go to what are your locations in -- fifteen split screen on sale in -- -- a -- a blender over here and you're gonna you're Tennessee. You're gonna see real stuff that is Israel stuff the only fifty inch wide trend is that coach -- Videos that we Europe. What are. Some of the I you're going to be plantation correct correct what are sort of where physically planted here contractors -- implantation of our products will be throughout the Clinton should. So what are what are some of the innovations that can be seen there. Well you'll see that the fire places you'll see some landscapes the retaining walls you'll see what that's happening with the different papers the natural stones. Which seems to be a new thing in the -- facades most buildings and houses now. -- after stones would carry a full line of natural stone and her a lot of -- you carry the stones at people put in their garden the white stones we do that understanding gravel up operation weak area -- -- -- gravel operation carries the the larger aggregate and we do landscape aggregate. We do filters and in Mason's hands and all kinds of stuff on record division which is Fries and a gravel and Alexander new York and we deliver. Everything we do -- -- so. If you come into our store and pick out. A series of landscape products we can deliver -- now. Paul I -- world. All polls. It's our reach three it was a New York chairman -- scanned my partner in crime here. But this is an interest in business when you -- united materials I had no idea were talking about. Well you know I think -- probably went through it already but seven locations and it's quite a vast operation that they have been. We're gonna actually I don't know if you talk for the ship were going to be it. With the BBM are going to be out it their location on them Walden avenue near transit that's a Scranton through children through a builder ship. And it's division of united materials and we'll have a our own Dominic cork tees out there giving a little how to. And showing people around -- showing the displays that are all there are so they can. Walk through and see how it might be with their backyard when they put that favors down and when -- builder burger place and you know with their. Stamped concrete and whatever they're gonna do. So again here at. CEO of united materials what are the locations that people can visit. For anything that you really -- Walden avenue reserve what I would call flagship for the -- -- focus pillar of salt or -- play. Every Saturday we do -- do it yourself for Horry open house sort of thing where. In common and will have one number vendors are showing in two installation. We usually open that up in the first week of April and run through the summer. And also fight when you're young street witches there you know bill was supplies Europe and united materials. Materials like. -- plates or for that location. Again I'll purposefully 24 sevenths open and we also open on Saturday starting first -- April deal for the summer. And and people can have is they -- cashing carry -- -- some of these -- -- you bring a pickup truck and you -- stones or anyone anything that you think you know. You don't have to go to the creek bed to do this stuff for anything else he can go right to it. Right to your locations carrier aggregates most locations. A uniter you can even actually pickup at the ratings locations to. -- You know were in vote later part of march. So -- or -- season isn't so bring your biggest season where we're starting right now Austin as the welcomes the ground but he starts getting happy about it now -- -- And doing some landscape work uses -- when we start and then we run. Pretty much full throttle through October what what's been the biggest what do you think the biggest problem. Consumers are seen. You know around -- creator on the foundation because of the winter what what is this what are we Rudy when you hear in this year. I haven't heard anything. You know tankers pre sell them last long long time. Haven't seen too much problem with the with the freeze that we've had. You know the trees in the weather changes but. Gentler -- tonight Bridget. So promoting -- the most. That's and all you don't expect reiterated an -- let's let's just well. You know we can concrete instead of let -- -- dining are a sales manager because of read trio is please take the opposite he says I gonna start a company called -- concrete. Is that a retreat -- me. But argue with -- time about it that it the biggest situation right now is the frost is so deep in the ground and we've figure three feet. I think we're -- deeper and that's it may take longer time. For -- from before and those controls construction. While Seoul. We're almost out of time here but -- wanted to ask you one thing what's next for united materials -- meeting on the horizon. -- -- Factory girl that Hitler good -- that -- next thing for you would agree with and -- -- want angry you know and Ohio Rhode. We're -- straw lives in Ohio which seems like all the roads are concrete so I don't know why were different appeared. You know I I think the less. And -- they have potholes and all the things we see here if you were to have that kind of you know why don't sleep. Mister question questions is it more expensive and elect. The myth is that initially it is but over time. It's so if you take like a book. Which if you stretch -- road thirty years or forty years that's roughly. I mean I think a terrific driver and the moon the had hit it hard literally dweller god part of Kansas is just brutal now. Well we're looking to grow the company were under and ten employees strong and that's what makes for a that's a lot of employees and we're working working well to make sure that in them there in the work and work with the business and patent server customers. A really appreciate the time I integration templates that come out here Pete Romano president CEO of united materials. And again just just hit those two locations that the main ones of people there to go to sixty Walden avenue and -- and -- -- street and come -- and you can also go to the website united materials that counts -- if you haven't doing yourself for opera project. Create a contractor -- you're dealing with make sure to go to these guys. Because they're the best united materials and Pete Romano thanks Paul for stuff but it is a little accident we wrap up another buffalo means business show my name is -- Shula was see you next week. Here -- news radio 930. WBE NN. You've been listening to buffalo means business with -- buddy Shula on news radio 930 WB PM. The weekly radio show that spotlights local business and the people who make it happen and brought to you by the Amherst chamber of commerce. The health insurance resource for small business and vice deep ball go forward and Steve -- should -- Buick Cadillac. Drive a sure -- that this team follow umbrella. Handle law office of Ralph C will rebuild the team that's on your side -- -- and -- in New -- court tune in every Saturday it's.