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3-24 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How low low as major company and I'm sandy beach and I'm feeling I have. Because I went down a Randolph for my season opening trip to be on camera strive. For the award winning cheeseburgers I got there about 230 in the afternoon and the -- debate. I got to believe -- seven people already today have come up and asked about your trees were about that. Yep now the season has officially opened the cheeseburger a -- mine I paid for the cheese burgers I don't get a discount I. Friendly conversation with the owner and the the people who worked their butt. I'd pay the same as judo but I wanted to argue if you want the best cheeseburger in the world that the -- burger. And it's big it's big it's juicy and strangely enough it has great. Believer. Now Tony editing going on this weekend that you posted some interesting pictures. -- -- of the UN Randi where were you. Well one of the first one was. We have WP yen day at Darian -- one year and it was right around the time that they came out with a predator. Roller coaster so Randy and I decided we would go on hand to hand out. And I'm the the right has a camera captures you. -- candidate shot yet so you can buy -- -- called mop them. He has such an expression that I had to have them on my first question was hey here's total employees at a good time today a picnic sponsored by the rate decision. But I -- -- my next thought was we have all these beautiful women who work here. Why would you choose to go on the roller coaster with Randy why they didn't get bosh not -- wanna -- -- with me a bit. And said. Randy Brown as a -- not that who did nobody makes better ones and he I think his mother and he make them together is that -- -- -- -- -- -- and Sunday -- argument sometimes too much -- -- to get them all on the about the media distribution but it works out they -- they're going to the Fox Business just just cost of -- nothing else just that and be very successful by the way -- would like to thank you for holding the door open former. The and Randolph I'll look at it that OK. I think all the exits at the burgers agree that's nice that's very nice I wish I had been down there when the people. Who asked about the burgers and me -- there that would have been a nice surprise at one time after the show I went to Olson's and I was standing in back in line. And back at two guys and they said to the kind of person isn't. What flavor Rangel to sandy beach like and they -- turnaround standing behind us. That would match that often hear it really doesn't but yeah it was a nice drive down there. And I had a good time. -- and enjoyed it and on Friday night. Friday night. Buffalo has been known for a lot of things if -- industry if -- and communications. You know that buffalo is always known has been known as the place word talent goals. You know a lot of it had to do with KB radio covering these calls and people would hear guys like -- Reynolds and George hound dog rans and whatever. And then you came up wanted to work -- mean it was my story. And we've also known for great television -- we have some really. Great television people and none not and not would surpass herb Rick and Tom. Irv Weinstein cricket is our Tom -- who were on stage at the it's at the history museum. And and it was a great night to honor three fabulous guys who are very very successful. Well who got along like each other and they told some great stories and Danny never -- we're in the front row. A -- in a little bit here and there are having a good time because they're friends of dollars and and we all know each other and its a nice night. A four all it was sold out it was packed in a buffalo broadcasters nice job Heidi Raphael nice job history museum nice job so it was a great night. It's pretty cool because you're doing that -- is going through some old pictures and I found one where. Tom jewels to the weather forecast. From my parents front lawn -- -- has brought me my brother John had done decorated the house is such. For Halloween yeah we -- caskets and and fake tombstones that my brother made out of old Dresser so how did the weather forecast rate from the front -- and -- remember because I was producing. Waffles evening news with Tim wingers Susan roles at the time it we will watch give them. -- -- that's all that is really -- got Thomas a sweetheart anybody knows Tom jewels noses sweetheart. And is -- fabulous and Irv Weinstein is Irv Weinstein. He is he's got a gazillion stories he's not shy. And he did everything but sing and dance so it was a great night it really was and by the way let's city. They -- has a book. And he's doing a book signing PRD had won but he's doing another one. At the embassy. At the sabres store first Niagara center Saturday night. At 5 o'clock prior to the sabres game in the sabres hall of fame induction ceremony so. If you would like the -- get your book signed that's the sabres storm first Niagara senator Saturday night. At 5 o'clock Saturday afternoon actually he you can also. There's more information and final 37155. But great fun great stories and what they're feeling are fairly early good. That's that those are the good old days and then people -- or recommend I mean people love them and that's why there were -- -- -- quite a soul Aretha Franklin I love Aretha Franklin. If good defender ever at the Franklin song to me is ain't no way when you're assuming no way. You wonder why anybody else ever becomes the -- slayer that's just the way it is and as she just had a birthday congratulations to her. And there is a picture of Aretha. What their finger -- a cake and that doesn't surprise me. But at the utensils I don't need don't utensils -- just a couple of the this is she 72. And of the party was held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Denzel Washington stop by that's not a bad -- that. -- got a -- And their hurt her -- there was there -- has an unusual name. It's KEC. -- LF. It's -- Tests -- an -- -- on grounds that because the city interferes with the KK. EC AA Al. I I can't business there's one syllable short on the opening junior brought -- new guys for announced that nothing KEC. A -- -- -- That's the best let him go it can account for cut out something like that but I -- -- was there too so happy birthday quick results is she's fabulous return for. Nobody does it better than a -- RW via. Watching the things Tony opposed it over the weekend on our FaceBook page. I came across some element scan and and send and get him on the official page. Is an article in the Springfield Massachusetts newspaper about. -- my connection with The Beatles well the night before The Beatles -- on the Ed Sullivan Show. I interviewed George Harrison. And I had the number of the hotel and in the room numbered that label gave it to me. And he was the only one there simply because the other 3 were in Central Park for publicity thing but he was there as it was feeling a little under the weather. And it's very interesting I had forgotten some of the details to the kind of -- in your memory. But will oppose that and I think maybe within the next day or two and and you'll find it interest. JP from 97 Iraqis a huge Beatles fan. And we get into conversations all the time about The Beatles he is really knowledgeable he's gonna get a bowl last. Can that will be good you guys it really has its it was kind of cool I'll tell you that it -- while I have among the there are gonna become liners forming. He used to do the the segment openers. With -- this is a George Harrison of The Beatles and analysts think that sandy regionalism and at the time. You're listening Joseph whatever his name is at the time your -- leader in spring via a Springfield my slice the use cells and I was the only one that Adam. And it was off the top by massively cut those and said you know we didn't live on the air and record -- How much did you know follow them or how much. Was was there are all already about them before and -- there was lots of buzz the bottom as matter of fact that was right about the time when. We had you know count -- and if we had a top 1066. Cuts were Beatles. And when we go up for record crops that this is no joke he's the bring about that fifty or sixty. Records at the time -- And they only wanted to hear to they would tool chart songs that The Beatles had. And you play one after the other if they don't wanna hear anything else nothing else for three dollars. And side there was Tuesday it was just vague groundswell. But it was actually well before it's over most people went. It's there was nothing much before it's over although it was a lot before it's Sullivan at Solomon just kept it. So -- -- -- post that. A within the next couple days now here's something gave me the chills when I read it aren't. I guarantee. It's gonna give you chills. I would suggest that if you're having breakfast. Pushed a cop pushed the ball away push to toast don't don't be eating or swallowing when I tell you this story conclusion are gonna you're you'll never forgive me. All right did you of days of stroke clear and the foods away and look what's. This is out of Portland Oregon. Daniel powers said. He found a rat in his toilet bowl during the middle of the night. And they of the people at the Health Department said in that area they get thirty calls about rats and toilets every year and I am thinking. -- -- As as I read this something what could be worse than that especially if I don't argue but he always turn on the light when you wake up in the and I. -- I know things are maybe got a little night lights -- does not brightly illuminated. A spotlight on it a bit. It well you wouldn't spend a lot of time in their words you hit a hole and what are you know I I guess would -- to make sure you always leave the seat now. You do not -- -- he bill you know because of -- Iraq combing combing his wet hair you know worries about you you're through a if you fight a mob wouldn't have -- I have a powered toothbrush that might help -- get. Or soccer little vibrating through Asia blushing at any loss. -- -- -- There's an event coming up. And it's coming up this Saturday. I got a communication from Natalie -- for she's the daughter Dominique over from hope for Jewelers and -- more. And are talking about a wonderful lady that used to work for the diamonds. I knew I knew her you know because we do a lot of Ramos -- whatever name was -- candy. And that we lost her. From ovarian cancer the village of Ken -- hosting the first annual mustache march 5 K. It's going to be this Saturday proceeds will benefit ovarian cancer research. For more information go to the usual website -- here's here's what it is mustache. March 5 K dot com mustache march 5 K dot com. And that would be most appreciated if you like to get involved with that she was with -- for over fourteen years and and just there a wonderful lady and very knowledgeable allowed jewelry and things several of the things that. I bought for Cindy over the years. Knew everything about -- -- were purchased by Overton sheet I did a lot of consulting with me get a getting on the right track so. Miss and for -- and this is a chance to march in her name the mustache march 5 K. Go to mustache march 5 K dot com also Tony it brought -- something that was really said. I saw a picture over the weekend. Jim Kelly and his daughter he looked like he was an idea a better hospital bill look like. And he was watching a basketball. In his daughter was holding onto his arm and -- it's add me to see that especially since. The report says that the cancer is them is growing not a good April -- -- He's image to see it's a difficult I think for us -- comprehend. Anybody it was a serious illness but especially one of our heroes who seemed indomitable. Seem like a larger than life kind of guy. And always a good positive upbeat spirited I saw under read interviewed and and and he said basically the same thing. Victim. That he's always have a good positive upbeat -- and so we wish all the best to Jim Kelly but it was said this to see him. And I love all the support that he's getting UC shirts. Jim Kelly buffalo has your back -- and things like that and you talk about somebody who's absolutely loved by the community. Yeah absolutely and so we we wish him all the best. The the tournament -- look like he'll over thrust right on this it looked like it was a big success. And Chris we had some some big upsets in the tournament in general. Yeah and -- of a lot of them came right here in Dayton beats Ohio State and Syracuse. Number seven and UConn beats number two Villanova odds are like UConn so there were -- exciting games -- near buffalo and underdogs really came out of -- little sections every had -- undefeated which about states now. Manila to number two seeds are gone and three of the number three seeds -- at this point yeah I I was watching part of the North Carolina game and at the end. The coach study had time for timeout and didn't -- man -- -- insert the clock yeah shocked operators start the clock late. So when it's time to call time out when it went back and look at it in determining now time -- argument on -- Man I'm glad -- -- to the practice for one -- already out because. It's crazy this year. The odds of anybody winning that billion dollars advocates are hostages nobody -- nobody had a candidate and doesn't surprise me -- the -- there are longer and general. A lottery game a guy would come back -- talk about today and cloning you thank you know our state well mistaken have two personalities and that's what this state had. We got down -- And we got us and we don't agree on a lot of things including the latest Siena poll we'll be back after this. All this is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listened to me tonight ten to one on WDT. And. -- backwards did you go to a sandy beach you know I've -- and -- at the -- and Tom presentation was a day may who has a long and storied. History here WB and got to see them. It looks good are we we saw some great stories. And is going to run into people is generally broadcasters -- unless we have an event like this we don't all hang around together. But it was it was a certainly good to see him. -- -- -- Was vastly secret they have -- American long time I'm very happy okay. So they asked her what the secret was to be marriage herbal all these years and she says it brought the house -- that. -- -- he worked nights chuck -- if it out of that networks covered it. Because here's like the first time I was governor Jabber KB wanna me to do and writes. And I said I can't I said I'd love did do it but I can't because my wife's a teacher which means I'd never see her. You know I'd -- I've already gone to work when she get out from teaching. That should be asleep when I got home I'd be asleep when she got up and and went to school. And so I didn't take the job little that I know that would work properly before you know Chris -- -- if you boxed on the line. Bought a few cars -- that money in order dark about what it's a good euros but I who these things. It's all surprised. Your boom sure boom. Right what we're talking about his New York State and New York State. I his hope was an out of your life because we're not a state where two states. We are two states would not want state where two states where downstate upstate that we couldn't be more different. Downstate is -- you know all about basically. A what that's about upstate is hold different mindset it really has like shouldn't there be a dividing line. And shouldn't we have oh literally two states instead of one. The latest Siena poll which just came up this morning you've partnered on our nose. Shows that are gonna be hard -- control safe act is not popular here at ball. Okay and it is very hard to find supporters of the say fact here. But guess what when you look at the whole state it's a 21 margin in favor of it to one. And that that says it is something about how. Andrew Cuomo governs he doesn't really have to care about us now he. As shown up a lot -- those big cardboard checks lately. And maybe that's a way of vote of buying our allegiance so that if he does run for president intentional and overwhelming support. -- New York State for him but the bottom line is when something has reviled as a safer actives and upstate New York. And -- managed to pass -- who won statewide. That tell you what it's like in the city. And does so that that's that the survey released by CNN shows that. That he's also leading Astoria in Albany Westchester County executive by 61. 226%. That's down from sixty Florida 22%. So. As to Reno is heading the wrong way but the year the governor has them less of a margin but anyway I'm so. He's got a he's got supporters total one publicity back he's screaming mastery you know India in these early polls and then. In case that's not enough for you. You know that the people of the State of New York in general favor you can't make this -- The proposal for college tuition to prison inmates. They favor that. Of course -- said he probably favors because a lot of those inmates come from the city but that's another story 53. To a 43. Percent. It's 53 to 43%. They favor a proposal for state funded college for prison inmates. The poll was 813 registered voters. -- margin of error plus or minus 3.4 percent so my question today is will New York State ever be unified. You see the point is what you well what you find out and you could find this out. By reading polls. You can find this -- -- where you work. Is that nothing matters it doesn't matter. Plain and simple it doesn't matter what you think it doesn't matter I think it matters what the people in that statement and got a governor -- supposed to rule a whole lot of the whole state he knows he's got his back in New York City whatever we don't like they love and in New York. And whatever -- eleven New York we don't -- candlelight we couldn't be more different. As far as I'm concerned and I see no chance of unification I really don't but I'm asking will New York State. Ever be unify what do you think Tony is there any chance we're gonna get a common cause. And and get together and it's because one for a state. Not a chance and all that's the the mindset -- sneaking down there. And so much different than what we how we look at things year yet they think we're all rooms -- -- what do you think Chris any chance of unification of New York -- I don't think so most major issues are we seem to be in the opposite -- guy if that they have got it it's almost like it's so distinctively. Different it's almost like not another state it's almost like another country. Couldn't be more different but I'd like to ask you about that 47 to 43%. Said a Republican can be Cuomo in this election. So that's unusual even though he's got support statewide. They think he can be beaten. I don't coffee can or not there's there's a huge jumped 61 to 26%. As far as who you would prefer now but it's -- the people in this survey believe that he could be beaten. Are so I guess anybody could be beaten if if they stub their toe on the campaign trail. Or if something or is revealed but I think by the time Andrew Cuomo. It has become governor he's been vetted and ways to Sunday because he's he's been a public figure. And some of it's not good but at that distance in the -- and so far. So -- basic questions will New York State ever be unified I don't think so so if if that's the case. You're thinking wait a minute. You know what. What our situation is in New York. With a presidential election. We don't even get the candidates here there's no sense that I -- coming here it's in the it's in the bag it's it's a -- gets a -- race caller whatever you want. No Republican is going to waste time effort and treasure campaigning in a New York say because there's no chance to carry the states are wide. Waste your resources. They come in here for fundraisers that's OK but they're welcoming her campaign you'll see of the presidential. Candidates have been debating -- New York State -- doesn't happen because then it's it's given away. And there will take -- it will take your opinion on his radio I'm thirty W via while the press conference -- at the top of the hour. In Malaysia. Are but the fact that they are flying. Relatives of the people were on the plane. To the area says that they must have some kind of important announcement now the plane has and the water. A first of all I would assume that they've done enough identification and to bring the a relatives there in the first place but there won't be questions answered until obviously more investigation is done. Because of -- and the water you don't know how it got in the water was that a mechanical failure wasn't a pilot error was -- terrorism. And you can tell that just from -- a record joke that you have an even examined up close split. Obviously they're confident enough. That that this is something significant and so we will have a press conference -- to. Yeah we're gonna Kerry would get into the press conference when it starts and you get the gist of good over everything so. Good because you think about it like this. The kind of getting into the heads of the -- people. That they wouldn't bring these are the of the relatives. Of the people on the plane to the event unless they had something important. And obviously if they get a serial number or as as the firemen said. As part of a low -- of the airline or something like that. And determined that that is the plane but the big question is of course how to get there. Well and obviously he feels confident enough with the phone is in fact enough to say OK yeah come on over and so we'll carry that for you Columbus. Meanwhile we want to know what element of state ever be unified. -- this latest poll it shows bet that you know how much we hate to say factor in Western New York okay. And and -- not alone is the same with Syracuse Rochester we hate to say effect. And yet by a total one margin to Dejuan. People in New York love the state backed. So that tells you how overwhelmingly. They like hit the in downstate. And so I'm asking with with such a divide. Is it possible to unify the state now in those states are totally unified. But most of them have to have a pretty good indication of people's thoughts and value systems or whatever but ours is hold Lisa -- Let's go to Brian Brian on WB yen. O'Brien. And O'Brien yes. Go -- Brian. RJ O'Brien and O'Brien. Does Ryan from Family Guy. Hello Brian Brian doesn't always on the air on today. To that we don't have some kind of electrical. Device like to push a button and send shock -- through it through the phone. A bright waited like ten minutes. We get economies are some government is going through its role in effect could already going through tough time I'm not sure -- overheard exactly. Sell so well New York State ever reunified. I think the fact that as I said we don't. Were taken for granted. -- the state is taken for granted by the national political figures because they know it's going to be a democratic vote. We are taken for granted. In Western New York by the people vows say because they know that no matter whether every one of us like something or doesn't like something. That they can overrule it because they have the numbers that we don't have. This is a case where I really wish we did have. A separate representation because we did know if we if there -- two states we have our own senators that would be nice. That would be a nice things to -- to have. We would also have our our room -- they would have there's and that's the way I think it should be because this it -- along for the ride. Get used to it. -- along for the ride whatever -- wants downstate gifts if they like it. We get it if they know why do we don't get it doesn't matter what we -- but I am asking is it possible. Of that so we could be unified second thing is a pastor. Decided you know what he says them. I'm connecting their Christian values of America's founding fathers with the right to bear arms. So I Baptist minister. As auctioned off a you know rappel off -- Smith & Wesson semi automatic rifle. Some other ministers have been critical album. The grace Baptist Church in Troy the ministers said in an online letter that he wanted to honor gun owners. Who have been so viciously attacked by the anti Christian socialist media and politicians. The local newspaper reports the winner it was a 42 year old I got from Schenectady. Who have the cultural background check before he gets the gun but so they gave away a gun and some people Akron is critical of that if any time somebody does something like that usually a -- fire. Accompany or whatever. David sounds like they're giving away anthrax. You know it's it's -- it's a rightful. We've had rifles as part of our history our whole lives. Without rifles the British should have taken us over without rifles the Germans would have taken us over. The Japanese would have taken us over and everybody were taken over without without guns. Guns and how you defend all the other things that you enjoy in life when you have to do. And guns are also used for a pleasurable activities like a target shooting. It's very rewarding and fun thing -- thing to do meanwhile let's go to the press conference in Malaysia and see what they have to say. What's in the middle of all these new region. West all. This. These -- remote location. Follow Ronald and it involves old man inside us. It is very cool. We do you use hands. I regret that I must inform you. That calling. This new page. Not and me please send zero. And in this. You know. Brutal and didn't press conference tomorrow. We. This. It is. We want to inform you this human. This auction. We shouldn't -- Commitment to openness. And respect. What about us. Two principles. -- -- do -- -- beauty. Militia allies. Have already spoken. The county's little passengers and crew. Couldn't phone them. All of this -- Put them. The past few weeks. How do opportunity. I know. -- use my speed. I imagine yeah. Respect the privacy. And I know. This -- didn't. This. Period.

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