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Church Gun Raffle Not Sending Right Message

Mar 24, 2014|

Rev Darius Pridgen

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In Troy, New York after a sermon connecting the Christian values of America's founding fathers with the right to bear arms. And upstate Baptist minister raffle off a new Smith & Wesson and anti semi automatic rifle over the weekend. We're talking about it next with the reverend Darius Christian of buffalo. From the east side Baptist Church is also coming council president. -- pretty good morning. -- you great days from the time you have admitted to carrying a gun in the past what do you think of this story. Let me say I'm I'm I'm certain -- almost everybody else -- admitted carrier. And I am it's been a member and defend do believe that. People have the -- -- they're not criminals and their army and so I'm I'm responsible to care -- I don't know how intense it is harder. -- now how Burton all I was a little taken aback and I'd -- a story our story this morning. Some of the post. Because I'm not sure if that is really below. Of the church Halliburton -- separation of church street you -- that's what it feels. You want to -- it's not something that I recommend. This gum up the pastor raffle off from the -- a lot of complaints against those minister command. That those gun it was very similar to the rifle used. In the shooting at Newtown Connecticut sandy hook elementary school probably. Yeah exactly you know regardless whether it was that what they ignore the other. I would like to their homes are -- Beaumont already this you know. Are you -- -- still on the global background check I -- in this area I don't look like well look I really. But again I don't Georgian government action but it got something that I -- -- -- and I think they really just a little creepy to be honest with. You know he does have to go through a background check -- you mentioned. Does it send a bad message. -- -- -- I've I -- only public and I saw -- -- third week. And the pilot in Q you're just trying to really don't want to do it go. Two years thought process. This -- com but I think you can just. It's great to escort this I would hope and I thought this one about. Also. Somebody go to reduce surged early big -- so this -- that are being. -- new way of demonstrators are doing -- thing. I think I. He used that he would just trying to make it won't. Indiscernible. And I'm really and they are both listeners mr. blue -- that. The album due this short stack up the near or now I've heard everything that category it was a little -- out -- -- was. I -- really serve a little while I have heard everything you I'll arm and I blew open is not a bit. Am I -- -- -- beat you don't have to look at look at this churches and I'm not -- road game of the demographic I'm not sure of the neighborhood but I want to wake up in the morning. And then eat that fast there is saying we're gonna we're going to well alternate capabilities of it I think the community. Who will be lower -- a bit -- it. Who -- remember what would be sent an ever -- -- -- didn't -- my why should -- -- there are. But I also think they're good about what you want I don't want a good one after all and you know I'm somewhat strict curbs are. I hope you -- also open I don't know I want you won the national lab -- in -- -- the church and that might well. Reverend friction well -- thank you for joining us this morning. That's the reverend serious friction from Buffalo's side also -- council president.