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Helping Families Through Plane Search

Mar 24, 2014|

Steve Marks

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We open up the WB analog line. Our next guest is Steve mark Stephens and aviation attorney who represented families of victims of the crash of Air France flight 447. It went down in the Atlantic off the coast of Brazil and this was an Airbus 3:30 Steve good morning and thank you for joining us. Now within a few days of this aircraft going to some debris was recovered. And I think one or two bodies. Were recovered but. The time that it took to locate the plane's black box on the flight recorder that was awhile wasn't a couple of years. It it took almost two years. And port -- in an effort never stop the water and -- -- in Atlantic are very heat and of course the wreckage has drifted over time so. Took a considerable amount of effort to find it. Steve what are you thinking with more debris sightings in the Indian Ocean. That may possibly come from Malaysian air flight 370. -- still think the most probable outcome. Is that the aircraft fell apart or broke up. I doubt the tutor in route we're very quote altitude. That it was a dramatic. In flight emergencies -- is correct I would. Debris field should be in -- that -- as opposed to. You know thousands of miles away and -- followed in the original. First I mean the degree. And after that was look not located everyone thought it was probably containers or other type of degree in the water. I think that will likely to find out next couple days. Wouldn't airline seats in some cases luggage -- among the first things to be found. And yet nothing that resembled those articles have been found. In the Air France and and so there at a crack is that the ball and yet he correction used her per item. Luggage also quote. Dues and unfortunately the bodies. Sometimes there are hard to locate in and unfortunately. A lot of the debris is scattered especially didn't like Erica. So it depends on the nature of the breakup like locker hours exclusions and it's pretty. Scattered and smaller pieces and you know -- Tucker's. Hit the ground and -- Is it than usual this taking so long -- this really isn't that long and at -- you think. I don't think it is a vehicle that we haven't found any evidence playing. That part of -- in -- the fact it'll take some time to find the bulk of the wreckage. That's not surprising because the ocean very large and -- we don't have much of -- information and if the Malaysian government. We released the raw data that we could see exactly. Me the information and haven't doubted our. Our public officials here and -- because you look at it our military could look at it I think we will have a better chance. -- -- there -- what is their reasoning and delaying release of this so called raw data. I don't know why wouldn't normally go you know our foreign governments maybe a national crime -- you know naked politics. But the problem in this particular case like a lot of Florida expenses. They call -- Boeing's manufacturing partner. Interest that are. They run the investigation because you know and Malaysian officials to -- Indonesian officials don't care they don't have the resources to go to. They rely on air clean and archer who I'd be invested in -- investigator investigating themselves. And so you don't get much. Reliable information are we -- until investigation has opened up hopefully they'll be enough public pressure. Which we see is mounting. That the officials -- and and by US authorities to participate. If this is the debris field and and we may know that today you're in the next couple of days if this is the debris field from Malaysia -- what are we in for next. -- let me know gone through this before. I have on the road games what will happen as the locate. The most likely pattern to greet you and submarines. And other devices that go down -- to -- -- -- located -- and hopefully the signal from the black -- Well -- that unit that they could locate that if we are in the black boxes. And we'll that'll be the best. Evidence of what transpired because the like data recorder and the cockpit -- recorder have incredible information and -- we know everything that was going on that's on the moment. Steve good to talk review this morning you've given us a lot of good information thank -- Thank you. That's attorneys Steve -- she's an aviation attorney who represented families of victims. Of the crash of Air France flight 440 settlement 2009.