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Ides of April 2 Weeks Away (Tax Deadline)

Mar 24, 2014|

Esther Gulyas

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking taxes with a deadline about three weeks away. -- goalie as the tax lady from EG tax services with us on the WB and lifeline morning Esther. Why are you are great thanks for the time. Our web -- on WB and dot com this morning tells us that 62%. Of folks out there say they've already filed 20% say it's in progress. 18% say they haven't started yet is that in line with what you're seeing in EG tax. Well pretty much I -- people that are -- file early file early get their refunds. March people are people that aren't really sure and maybe they're a little bit of a crested acres. Usually the April people are under the gun they think they are old -- don't wanna be there. You know that and what happens every year but actually I just was reading and -- its web site. That they say they'd they'd received 50% of all -- anticipated return. And I -- that it's exactly right the rest of our progress -- people are gonna get their -- together this week. As there were also learning this morning that there are still a few stragglers out there who still file their income tax by mail. Rather them electronically what do you suppose this is. Well I think I think a lot of people especially maybe people that are pure -- identity theft. Think that if you use the computer that that the bad thing and it's going to encourage someone to steal your identity and while the computer. You know you have to be careful lecture at a secure sites. And that doesn't really stop somebody from stealing your identity what they do is somebody. -- you might not even know. Find out information outside of electronics. And they can start using error I. But I will tell you we do thousands of thousands of tax returns that I would say that. The number of incidences that we -- of identity that that are under are under in an annual year. Okay are there pitfalls are their pickups this year things that people should know about. Well I think what people. Oh really needed now is the -- job without a bullet and that they have like over 700 million dollars in unclaimed refund. For the year 2000 -- out every three years the statute of limitations closes the tax. The tax year and 2000 and is -- April the fifteenth. And many people have children that maybe they. Maybe two or 3000 dollars. And they didn't file their return or maybe people just -- it just didn't feel like filing but if you don't file your tax return. Or amend your tax return to the need to be amended. By April the fifteenth 2000 and you're gonna miss everything that if you don't get those claims and by the end you lose any money that's coming back bets. Important for people don't know that -- deadlines on the way. -- folks who use tax preparing software. How do we know about all of this software is up today it will all of the latest requirements rules and regulations. Well I think I think that if you're used to detect software I don't begin to worry. About tax software -- not being accurate I think the real problem is with the Cuban element. When they kept your questioning epic input information if you don't understand what your input -- Sometimes you can -- it imported incorrectly you know the old adage garbage in garbage out that kind of happens but I don't think he'd like to worry about. If spot where I haven't heard anything this year about their being stopped short which it. Astor great great to talk with you again thanks for the update. It's answer goalie as the tax lady from Ichi tax service.