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Possible Debris Find Linked to Missing Jet

Mar 24, 2014|

Steve Futterman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live now to the other end of the world -- CBS's Steve fought on and -- koala Lumpur or Malaysia. For the latest on this missing Malaysia airlines jet Steve good morning and thank you for joining us. Steve tell us about the latest on the search now this new debris field on the south Indian Ocean what is the latest. What was -- hearing and sliding the date for such aircraft that's cited a bump the forty in this. Southern Indian Ocean area which is the primary search area right now and the -- a couple -- -- Australia employee has. Located two objects one circular one rectangular. At this hour that's approaching early evening here right now. Around 1130 right now here in all of poor adults go get the navy ship is rationing true there -- And to get its hands all of the debris they need to actually see a vegetable reach it from the job like that we know the ocean. Especially that all -- Indian Ocean is full of all sorts of debris. That they need to find some debris confirm which from the plane fortunately and they seem to think it's -- should be. It will -- -- that this might be the real thing. The Australian prime minister called Malaysian prime minister to inform them of this idea I think kind of possibly significant so there is -- navy ship in the area called the except. And I think they're hoping for -- -- here it is what could cripple their the next few what that might take a good morning to get there are. It -- where it should there right now they need to have their hands on some of the slippery. Steve is there any definition. Or any description to these new objects that have been located. What one of -- -- this -- -- sure there -- one of Aldrich described it was saying -- I don't -- holding back information from Portugal are. Obviously. They are they are looking -- I'm sure through high resolution camera and everything. But you know and -- -- get her hands on it. You really don't know for sure pitched well. The -- -- cracked after a lot and once they confirmed that that won't know what has happened that they can focus your attempts on. But in the black boxes which is what people eventually after you. Steve. The Associated Press is reporting that one piece of the debris. Is either grain or agreement circular. The the rectangular one is orange with those colors to match anything from those missing aircraft. State might they might these are covers but it's okay argues by Malaysian airlines. And of course -- -- everything into every detail. Get -- -- put too much into -- and -- some people report before but they're there would be a sure urgency. I detect. With that particular chart and sometimes you know you it's all quite lean body language sometimes record that conjured -- that. I think we're getting right now. Now we're also understand the US is sending a black box locate her to the southern Indian Ocean what do you know about that. What that that's something again and then people would explain it -- -- obviously they can't confirm that -- of revenue the work that. But the general -- have this problem has gone down in that general area you -- think that it's very sophisticated lifting device. It will hopefully here -- the team that lockbox which. And evil or help book in that it is on the block box that we should probably actually in the plane indeed crashed into the Indian Ocean. Is under water right now so they want to be able to find where these are fox dark. That it Philippines after the start. So it is possible that. The black boxes still sending out a signal. It should be that you are looking like now our attitude. What are we going to do other black boxes -- decide to stop in between being what it it's water under either first quarter. Which salt -- their -- the bicycle off and things start being there. Needed and that which require a month up to six weeks sometimes longer but they if you want the video they do what I hear them and of course the law -- order -- get. The -- that creature that things are so that there shall try to do the things they're good that they can get to a that it should be what were triple. Steve are we hours or days away from knowing if this is from the Malaysian air -- You know. I don't know who argue that could be hours. That does the successful and that they shipped from Australia equation but the feeling right now the transport with a triple Malaysia and we think that. Either swallowed. That felt like it's the most optimistic. They'll. Probably it will be their part -- and hopefully you can find these problems you know it is -- of the -- plane could not. Stayed all night watching and they don't have enough fuel to be that. So they've given the except -- the longitude latitude -- what these items are. This -- will -- -- monitoring this much it's possible -- -- the color purple looking -- where might want to. But they've got to get their hands as much as three or four times they market their hand on the public complete. Very very interesting development thank you very much leave -- CBS's Steve -- -- reporting live from Kuala Lumpur -- Malaysia.