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Carl Paladino- Buffalo Schools & his Draft Trump plan

Mar 23, 2014|

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News radio nine. And water -- it is to talk politics the week started out with Carl Paladino earlier in the week telling Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business channel. That he is not running for governor but he's not taking Donald Trump's no for an answer either. He's going to launch a draft trump efforts stand by we'll talk to him about that. We'll kick that around a lot the first hour lost touch base with nick playing where the in -- calabrese nick is of course the chair of the year county GOP. Carla former deputy Erie county executive former executive director of the party actually. And some -- campaigns that you -- he's also gonna talk about house races little bit let's kick off right now first with Carl Paladino. Not only is Carl a developer and former candidate for governor but he is also a member of the buffalo school board. And that is a another reason to have Karl on top of a little bit about things like that. -- will get to Donald Trump I promise after the break but I wanted to start with the school board thanks for joining us. Tell me what the latest is there you found out that two deputy administrators under superintendent Pamela brown. I'm disqualified as they needed to being. Well not only. When they qualified but they hadn't. Been able to qualify themselves since. That they that they were appointed. In other words they have been. Completed. The rigorous. Requirements. For. Holding eighth district wide license. They each hold a conditional. School building license which is. Much smaller requirement in which they do goal. And look at your history and what licenses you might have from elsewhere. And they give you look additional. Rating but the cardinal conditional ratings and the district wide license you have to know what you're doing. Yet they have like 24. Hours of classroom work. In supervision and administration. In these requirements are vital because absolutely you know obviously you want you want highly qualified people making decisions in the supervisory role. And after you. Figure this out and brought it to the board's attention superintendent brown put them on suspension. -- she was ordered to thank you commit itself like she she acted deliberately actually she. In the meeting she was. You showed great reluctance about doing anything she says why can't we wait a little while and see if they can get. License. She obviously. And more knowledge and -- revealing tell us about the situation and she had sanctioned and signed off for them to go and get additional. Schooling and policies. Which they will -- -- Would -- -- by the educational requirements book which don't I found out from a CD that the state Education Department that they don't sent. Chooses struck in the put them. The administrative leave the first thing Thursday morning. And as of Thursday morning our console -- -- Christoph. Was. Required to allow confirm the information that I have given him -- let's get an object confirmation that the people warm places -- he did that by 5 o'clock in the afternoon. And effectively. The nullification clause in the contract took effect immediately when he when he made that determination and told police superintendent. And the president of the board that -- contracts wouldn't Allen Boyd from the inception because of fraud and inception when they when they represented in their application process to it that they were they properly licensed. So therefore when she made her announcement Thursday night. She was not correct obviously she's. You'll hoping that they might comply put we've talked to the people had a CD and they stated they've got a long way to go to get compliance. -- this whole idea. That emanates even on me and the superintendent and emanates from this. This school thinking. That on the job training is acceptable in the ball for the district -- -- -- 34000 kids suffering -- the hands of people word incompetent. Unlicensed. Don't have don't have the qualifications. They don't have the experience they don't have the education indicate that they -- -- coupled with degrees from our online schools which are not accredited. In the case of beyond what Williams we have a woman who has historically worked as say consultant. Four. The sudden -- company. And really has had very little classroom activity. And so. What the talk about again those two names yellow Williams and what was the other. Faith Alexander but she also uses the name -- Morris and we don't. I don't know what the differences. What did they do what with their titles and what holes now are there. In the case of -- Morrison. She's. They what they call it school leadership person. There are actually four of them. And they breakdown the patrol 57 schools among the four of them. And they actually supervise principles. Well she was a principle for one year and Palm Beach and she was discharged because the Palm Beach school that you as a principal -- -- that was failing. That's her only experience being a principal then they bring her in here 135000. Dollars a year. To be a supervisor principles. That's as bad as the three other leadership people all of whom came from failing schools they had to be removed from the failing schools. Because of their that the school came priority schools and the only way the state would allow the schools stay open would be changed the the principal and also change 50% of staff. What they were read more in each case you treat people and then they were promoted. You can make this stuff but they're promoted to beat the supervisors. Of principal of the principles and approximately thirteen schools each. I mean how -- I didn't do it how you take the person who was a failure of the as a principal and make them in charge of principles. But that's the mentality of these these incompetent people leading this sport devils advocate of five board members who compose the majority. Devil's advocate if if buying trying to turn around a school or business I'm gonna want people in my cabinet underneath me. That are loyal to me that thinks like me. That might not be technically qualified but are on the same page with me is that a justification that could work for superintendent brown. Well that's that's obvious. But you know in this particular case superintendent brown for the first six months of your administration. Was a complete I mean she was a complete book she was hiding in Iraq issue what you've -- -- executive. -- executive staff meetings when she did -- -- mentioned that you would get verbally abusive and she's just not up to the jobs so the majority they they saw that happening and that's why they -- now hired this Mary Quinn. They've brought her -- to act -- -- that they thought bill. Superintendent. And in fact she did she says she. She came in first this paid paid by a group of not for profit -- awful. And then put right down to the the board. The book the board patent fees. And then supposedly has a leadership consultant -- When we finally got an opportunity and I at this for months for an opportunity to question -- We finally got an opportunity to question that we asked -- what the more capacity she was there she is on just to consult. And I said that's not what I've learned from probably 25. Second level administrators I understand you to -- you actually supervise these people in many cases you intimidate them you push him around. And end. And this -- superintendent in -- default. And and she. She lied to board then she should know that's not true. Well I mean there's so I'll breeze and they could be because. Obviously I could bring 25 witnesses again. Too -- and so -- other board members obviously because we listened to those people most people tell us what the effects are. So that's why we destroyed a sure bet that she was just discharged and we ended our investigation of -- think -- she was gone. Want to separate occasions in November of 2013. Superintendent I guess superintendent once and somebody else mr. again. Do you -- any intention of bringing merry when Beckett and her response was absolutely. In the meantime should work with Mary went to take -- take that test. To be a district leader and and that was all being done is subterfuge we we -- we had no idea. If that February 26 meeting that bit late in the meeting she was gonna bring bring up the idea of hiring. -- quoted as deputy superintendent and stick -- -- took the test in December. And finally received her certification that February 13. And when she received this certification. She. Listen eligible for the position of deputy superintendent and that's when the majority in the border pointer. I wanna make sure we have time before we're done here to talk about Donald Trump and we'll do that right after the break. But but let's summarize the school board issue now what happens next does the board then look at what the superintendent's doing. And take extra action do you help her find a replacement for these people. How do how do you proceed how does the board proceed. That's up to the majority members of the board -- really because they're gonna have to. Either support. What we're seeing and by the way this that this is -- over I'm gonna reveal again starting tomorrow. Another person who also was brought in from outside it was a principal and school. Who is who served until February as a principal. Illegally because he he did. Proper credentials he did have a license. And they allow this nonsense that continues I mean there's. All pigs are equal but some pigs are more equal than others and that's. Out of animal -- sure. -- NF philosophy it goes hand in hand with the incompetency that we see every day and every day -- the revelation there. And it that's a problem when you have a leader who. Who just has never led before doesn't have any experience league doesn't have an education in this administration supervision. And enabling her and only for -- reason that's because issues an African American and that that was that was a very very sad day after we finally got James Williams an optical and bring it. Another person who's not opted -- And I don't care -- black white green glue whatever right the idea that you get the very best person. And and and that's that was a failure of the system and as a result parents are suffering kids as suffering. We should be moving toward neighborhood schools that -- of this policy cost should be doing all kinds of things. That any intelligent board would do we sit there. Having to be at the mercy of the majority who were not inclined to do anything. They talk talk they talk to talk that there there for the kids but really -- care for their -- empowerment. And for the wrong -- to satisfy -- own desire to hold some kind of office like that. I wanna make sure we have -- -- talk more about Donald Trump for late for commercial break let me poppy an old Howell picked that up on the other side. Carl Paladino is here this is the week where he announced he's not running for governor and instead he's trying to start. A draft Donald Trump movement despite the fact that trump says he's not interested in running for governor. We'll have more about that after this hardliner and he's ready at 930 WB Ian buffalo WBE. And it's hard line on news radio 930 WB and this gave the go. Carl Paladino is with us this was the week you probably heard it when he said no he is not running for governor again. He ran against Andrew Cuomo as the Republican candidate back in 2010. He had been talking about possibly making another run a but instead it now says that he's leading a draft Donald Trump movement. I'll tell me about that because the Donald is obviously said he doesn't want Iran. How do you think you change his mind. Well first. It became very clear to me that I could not put my family through that nonsense again it was just too much it was overwhelming for them. I'm a thick skinned person but. -- my family's supper that kind of nonsense and so. Debilitating to me so -- that the steps the primary reason that I I declined to run. As for Donald Trump. On Friday when he tweeted. It it was somewhat of a disappointment to a lot of people out of his supporters. And he received an overwhelming. Response. Means simply debilitating response from. Hundreds of people who. -- two reentry the room. He called him Monday morning and he knows he said pieces -- pieces -- media acted prematurely. And I -- you know. -- -- He brought up the guardrail to me -- because he would he would -- In a conflict in the attending a gunman Hollywood this only to the apprentice he could get away that -- And I. Polarized place and so it is very very important that you content of this and actually effect really on April 1 in Albany it. And he says you know college as you have my commitment I'll be there one -- you one way -- another beach he's gonna have to wait. And not care so with dad he says. So what else what else you'd think they should do and I sit. -- heard -- say what a play when I'm thinking in you don't have to answer it just. You ponder but what I'm thinking right now is that. I'm gonna really the troops. -- cannot buy into. And actually you know candidacy. And really troops to. To do -- draft. Trump. Effort. And does this mean you're you try to gather enough chairman enough delegates to the convention. That would knock or keep -- -- from going on the ballot. Yeah out in a way I don't think history and we're going to bail in the trunk won't even by just 51% of the weighted vote. I still I don't think mister Greenwood. Do primary or try to do primary. Against Donald Trump. The revisionists. They're they're still from my perspective. Battle days in Israel camp and I -- -- still battling with this this question of all of denouncing the right house. We we have. Huge opportunity here with. And -- powers in the state who were really really. Put back the thank Cuomo and skulls -- effort to. Take away your guns and it was really disconcerting to a lot of people will they be Democrats Republicans independents and whatever. And it's that is the foundation for the belief that. Republicans can win this year. That in the in the tracking issue -- -- two main issues depriving millions people. Of an opportunity for an economic. Resurgence in the southern tier. All for the identity of one man -- governor who. Wants to deprive us of what. What about 36 in the third of the of the 37 states that drill -- fracking. They have rules and rules to protect people from the water pollution they have rules to protect people from everything. But. Andrew Cuomo uses that as an excuse me that the it's still study and after three years and study in this pollution problem. Almost out of time Karl quickly tell me again my closing questions seem to be the same one for the segment. What happens next you just knocked on doors line of people exports from and then take a convention. You can see it's starting April 1 you can see very clearly that the people of the state New York -- down -- either. They're gubernatorial candidate he has the money he has that the killer instinct he has the got four. And very clearly he he knows that you cannot keep rhinos. In the Republican Party united with the rank and file out there who were gonna vote and put two person office. They get to go -- skulls Brian Kolb OK Judy rader George made -- errors. Homelessness they all have to goal they have to be driven out of the party. And and we'll deal -- it -- their seats in primaries if we have to to get rid of them. -- extreme Muslim wont to do that actions unwilling to. Support that idea and for that reason you know -- primarily for the reasons why we need to we needed -- All right we are -- time Carl thanks for joining us today. Thank you. That's Carl Paladino up next we'll kick this whole draft trump idea around a little bit more. Standing by nick playing where the chair of the Erie county Republican Party all of that after the news it's hard -- on news radio 930 WBBM.