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Mar 23, 2014|

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It's hard line on news radio 930 WB and this is the people of good morning. We are talking this hour -- there the next half hour at least before Meet the Press comes your way at twelve noon. A little bit about the weather a little bit about springtime even though while you wouldn't know necessarily early morning that it was spring. Little burst of flurries and a cold weather still with us despite Friday being the first full day of spring. We're talking with Joseph -- Brenda I am don't know if you remembered that we had him on the program probably about six months maybe a year ago. He is a local fisherman who has been crusading against the ice whom for awhile. Now in light of some of the flooding we've had this past year. He's got some new ideas that will bring to the table a moment but lets us start right where we left off bring people up to speed Joseph thanks for joining us. Tell me again -- That -- in your theory -- is the ice boom bad. Well in. In nine nature. Everything revolved around cycles. And ice -- breaking up. Lake -- going down the Niagara river into Lake Ontario that was a normal natural cycle there's been going on for 121000 years. And when that your power bill each stop it it was pretty hot in here and profits there's nothing to do it. Protecting moblog shoreline. Or on any any other than just their bottom line. So by stopping it natural cycle it's sort of counter intuitive -- It's preventing the issue to release that energy to come down and the -- river. And clean the bottom -- shorelines pushes and pick up on the beach. Our clean Lake Erie in east Lake Ontario. I outlined the effects on their my web site which began to boom dot com. So we'll get that in a nutshell it's stopping a natural site called it on nature has evolved to -- depends upon. Taking a step further for me okay we're not scouring the bottom were not scrapings and off the shores so what. -- well. He gets this very quickly -- here on the acute botulism outbreak she got this massive green algae bloom. RT your computer will about it this past summer. Either -- part series about how -- curious and age. If you if you change one thing in nature there's this ripple effect in the archer -- one -- -- -- -- not -- she got real sick Lake -- that stinks that I haven't. The river and become literally to all the clever in the country it's just. Horrible look at that smile everywhere you go. Shorelines in the bottom all lined with a thick layer of rotting food and -- The sanctions unbearable in the summer time. And daughter Lake Ontario we've got with the collapse of the food chain there they're finishing your current fractional what it used to be only took big big big issues. You have seen less fish to be caught because of this you -- Well certainly and and also without the makeup of the finish. They normally would feel like in appear that they actually got. A lot of -- -- that the bottom cover. What you don't invoke at smaller affair with a bit bigger little bit bigger and for every like say five -- small mark you have a hundred smaller than underneath that you know he got. Huge -- the profession they're just mentioning. Annually -- is nowhere on the spot on her the very little limited patients on response so that. Lee Fisher they're out there are there these stick fish that are at the sole survivors and in people. Well listen again to break searching by. You know killed or captured or type competition adult and you're told they don't have much longer -- -- -- unique fish coming up I'm lumped up. They'll let the older boy. 8030930s. Numbered Joseph buried his series social local fishermen and activists he's the guy behind the man the boom dot com website we're talking about the ice boom in the that were river this of course is springtime when things start to move. And we'd love to have you aboard talk a little more about an 8030930. Joseph you're basically just a fisherman do you have science on your side what do you point to other than and -- -- You know the public you know. Feel that the her own territory it's a combination of a lot of things of biology and geology and observation on the water over years and years of time but it's. Everybody that I talk to detect any kind of science background they look at each of the individual components and it can't argue anything that they had you know well. On different simple minds -- there like a war split them cheer this is just. Well for lack of a better term that's like twelfth grade science that the most. But it -- such a huge. Skill -- -- -- for so long. I it would equate it to like the first guy they're trying to also warned that the curtain loud you know reportedly. Last week is date medical care. Which isn't it has an excellent picture in Western Europe after the other insurance. Compared the fate of the fire border -- -- you look at their movement that they -- on the Second Amendment. If the fisherman and it's her own who would unite the lady firearms owners -- this would have done addressed much better but. There shouldn't -- by and -- -- a pretty easy greed especially the clubs locally. This is a winter where we saw a lot more melts and to some degree more flooding in certain areas. Tied that in for me bring me up to -- America. Well there recently their their flight in we feel. And if you is that if you look at the contradictory. I wish they cattle but the police came down the river. And then -- -- Q school at the end. Arrogantly. Trucked the water out from underneath that I'm well well when you do that -- it's like -- one another vocation Spacek grounded the ball much. Picks up the river and you get this like look we're operating shockwave and that's what led to the flooding and and I -- like -- trying to draw water out Obama about ice -- -- cheers. What they want like who they don't want to get to deal with the ice. You know in a more ecological we -- environmentally friendly market. Which would involve redesigning their intake which would involve spending some of their group Coca crop that's there's 8888 permit the money we know that. And enlarge -- you've just answered my next question. Wouldn't wouldn't ice flows without the boom damaged the intakes and sat down hydroelectricity. You know. It should at their current design I don't know it would be an economic does -- a -- And if they if they want that you read -- -- the end -- were it would involve extending them further out into the water or. Do you there's it's basically can't come back to spending a little of their money to. To do it right there are critical for the cheap way out which is such -- stop all the I talked to -- calm nature be damned. 8030930s. Or number let's bring in a couple of phone calls here. Kicking off with John and buffalo thanks for waiting -- Good morning. Hello yeah. I like what you get this guy at the Saban got to be careful that this silly things that are really -- You know it's true luckily you're in trouble and you know the western and especially it is very shell of itself by -- And it's getting a bit and LG blew up there and it's spreading west there's been a lot deeper -- it's not as -- -- a problem. But that is about. And anger over being thirty well and it's just not true when the cleanest bodies of water. I'm probably the whole northeast you know men and equipment to -- glimpses. Let let's let's define apple. Testified I think you might hit on him right there when he said not polluted. Let's define cleanliness John when you say it's clean what do you mean. But comparatively. To other bodies of water you can do a lot worse -- woman and an Acura world but he of that. Movies why I don't want to ultimately ensure there -- losing it or not at all. I was like what you're both talking once known can hear anything held. All right now joke come on and let's let's not talk over each other we don't hear anything. OK 82 compared -- the worst bodies of water as as a measure others are saying about. I'm being well adjusted to a sick society or in this case -- kick wherever you know measure of good Powell. -- -- He -- that chemical pollution and that would involve myself what that there appears chemical pollution that another man's issue. But the organic pollution and -- what's called leftover I don't maps and all the tape we could declaration. Organic matter that I'll Pepsi -- machine that. Laying on the bottom and did what it doesn't it should basically change it becomes you know OPEC it uses -- all the -- -- -- get there. Are -- food on the bottom there it is not it pitched and now he put. -- -- -- the -- -- the river through this it's his favorite river rose colored glasses but if you look at it I'm just. An objective. You know from a new pinpoint -- could see that she's you know every everywhere you go every and you look at that -- is just Albert with the that we -- John would you say it's. When you say it's clean. He's got a great Latin and when he says something like epic obviously not true to keep that people can see with their own eyes. That makes it is home after being true. Politicians do they see something that's so ridiculous. And the people just in the -- it wouldn't win him. When you're in here and it. Doubled our man in standby. I mean it's proven they can definitely you're much better off women in the bigger than any other. Part of Lake Erie anywhere else it's because it -- so back to clean itself. What what about the idea of. Just completely wrong in when you when you when you -- me messages completely wrong and make your whole argument so. Like OK so wrong and this one mean thing he's saying. And water -- that you love of the river and delusional. Look at a full again and that deliver -- quickly enough. Do you do you agree the to a view that the boom is not a good thing. I really don't have an opinion and that. I haven't been in that instead of the good message. And by seeing something that I when I believe it's patently -- and the obviously it's not perfect the river. But it's it's pretty -- -- -- -- -- Thanks thanks for you go ahead jump. You know I can -- owners work. People he -- chains -- they carried just one it's like the old Packard analytic which -- -- continued into the wall and they still don't give up their. Hate their their belief in the game. -- -- not a lot. Think it's -- what eight years and do something about it he's part of the problem like that fishing club that dark so we need to go back to drinking beer beer. -- -- -- -- -- -- thirties and number let's bring in another report -- break Scott go ahead. -- -- -- -- -- in Augusta I quite -- -- out of the -- but I agree with that completely -- And I acute that it does what what has done a strawberry island portable toilet the terms of nourishment continue to back up back up. We're not the brief but -- -- and -- it also that the courts are about the Herbert deeply. And I wanted to -- the river has it's really there's deep muscles and made it reverts your very. I think. I think some of it is one we're talking about what clean is that you've gotten certainly pollution. Yes. Joseph is raising the idea that there's all this biomass different and then may be chemicals. It's the chemical feet short does that inhibit your muscles each -- -- true and -- Gerber pure very clean up when I went out searching and I'm catching -- Along the shoreline. There what is really a great feel mock you take if you wanna eat so special I don't need it anymore because. And I'm now -- and the and the top early computer rated and over river ought. And -- cut their official or go to sleep that's dish it smelled like lots. Actually get started all of that there late and they have been a popular there -- -- like -- Markovic were deliberately cut them open in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right let's bring in Sean he's a scuba diver who's been toward the bottom of the river. Hi -- what he got. About indigo under a year at river is try -- which is itself. I don't know what did I talked about apparently he's not down in the bottom of the river check out but I banner from. Clearly wrong okay -- They generated measurement of arriving with fares to go down there if you torture -- around its. There's no baseline measurement -- -- swam around in 1964. And -- A comparison of what an official world background term but now. That would be a valid argument and not to mention a reverend who think that the -- is the boy delivers avoid efficient light. It's it's just -- well helping the river is greatly diminished there's. -- -- -- -- Well you know some -- -- there everywhere you where we can be quite. Are in great numbers and Mountain View it it's what kind of what he did when you when you look at northern -- I talked about their -- population older not properly. Implemented. Oh like age and weight distribution. So yes there's this year yes I'm -- -- their children think and I can go out now there's anybody on that river. Do I do think that there is any measure of whatever hell no I do not like ivy. Data popular hold -- -- break applicable calls on the other side. Joseph Barrett is here he's the guy behind banned the boom dot com more after this it's hard line. And his radio 930 WB and right now we're talking for the remaining five minutes. About the ice boom Joseph Barrett is here he's the guy behind banned the boom dot com local fisherman says that. By holding the ice -- we don't scrub the bottom of the river we don't. Move things along the shoreline enough and he says that that biologically. Has resulted in things he's noticed in the river on healthy -- in the river. Less fish in the river let's bring in a couple of phone calls to rate of three on 930s number. David and for Dionne hi thanks for waiting. You'd think you'd be just this -- many good points. I remember when -- -- -- naturally. That he is strong evidence that he's correct. It's ridiculous to -- -- to begin with something -- with the the -- -- ways of dealing with it without disrupting the whole financial system. So he's right on buffalo river keepers and so on shouldn't be picking. -- -- You know they stayed there -- and I met with them on your early days since. It seems to me they're taken money from -- understand out of that -- and I was there were great disappointment in my arms. I agree and I agree. Did it it's ridiculous to hold bad. The whole waters it is slow and delete your age and the caller who shared that the links cleaned every screen and -- all the clean itself. Not ridiculous and it's flown there. It's coming from the apparently. -- those are the things that are just they're like these people optionally try and get. Some traction goal and and there's only if enough people -- perhaps could not leave it alone an election that the they're not the case at all that in within the one thing I want to touch on late now. Is there it at some point -- -- it starts breaking up like in the pair seemed pretty cool page. It's more down the river it would be like America personal care -- we create court it is the Irish gym filled up the creek and people here on the bridge and watch it. And if there was ever to be magic bullet for what the Western New York economy. -- contours and the rest that Wear for weeks. Well although it's coming on the river what you are incredible. Beautiful spectacle. It's what is gonna rescue -- and our economy something like yeah what you got 31 mile shoreline he got all kind of rule except for people put up there are standard hotel in boot -- And do people know YouTube core stability in the local economy there -- All lives there. What is already here isn't you know isn't enough we need to bring its tourist dollars. A lot of Liu said so father Joseph is anecdotal let's bring in Jerry in buffalo he wants -- system. Some engineering data go ahead -- Yeah yeah every Beck I'm not against you I'm just wondered about for actually a great backing from the Army Corps of Engineers or anybody and also marks on the as a -- Rhetoric workable state for our. Invasive species -- think -- maybe if you -- a book with some kind of college in appearance of trying to program some hard factual but you know that you're -- Yeah I have I have contrary to that UV and -- -- and it has dealt with the Army Corps of Engineers and you're just. Big likes circular pattern where one person intensity up to another and up equities started nobody wants to take actual direct all. The only credit or blame for anything it's happening and got. It's will be the only document in a movie about something I can say. -- Army Corps -- Engineers you know guys are probably and they do -- eight Q but they're just basically following orders. Let's bring in one more called before we go here bill and buffalo wind it up for high. Had taken a -- Wikipedia at woodland peach state are. The twenty and Lebanon beach sanitary survey report completed by the New York -- opposite parks recreation. And historic preservation. Go to the problems of potential bacteria sources. Remind you that just north of Hamburg. Woodland beach has been identified as the third most polluted. Swimming beach in New York State. After killing 32%. Of water sample tests in 2011. But isn't that because there's a sewage out fall right next to the beach there that would necessarily tie into what he's saying when it. Well if you can take the boom down and fleshing out the late can. Disinflation a woodland beach and the huge priority for cleaner commerce swimming. I wouldn't say -- thirty seconds. It definitely magnified the problem could you up a conveyor that -- moving. What -- natural spring turned clean conveyor. They're rejuvenated everything pushed organic matter on the PH where could dry out in fertilizer disloyal. Which allow prayer grow to truly take root and stabilize the shoreline right now the worst part about this is that all the PG DuPont. He got locked up sort of fallen into the water everywhere you look. All right that's all we have time for Joseph thanks for joining us today. Now it's off to Washington and Meet the Press more on the mid term elections and the plane is well it's news radio 930 WB yen.