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Erie GOP Chair Nick Langworthy- NYS Gov. Race

Mar 23, 2014|

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-- morning this is Dave Bebo for the rest of this hour we're talking about the Donald Trump for governor campaign. About a week ago Friday Donald Trump said no he's not interest in running but then things heated up a little bit again. Carl Paladino says he's going to nonetheless lead a draft trump. Movement let's talk more about that let's bring in Erie county Republican Party chair and playing -- nick thanks for joining us this morning. It tell me what this means to you I know you closed Carl and I'm not trying to pit the two are you against each other. But I can also see a scenario where you and other county chairman -- eventually reach a point where you say. And -- it's too late for this to happen it's not constructive anymore are we there yet. Well I'll I'll put it way Adam I always took -- -- -- face value when he told me he was strongly considering it despite. You know both in the media. Opposed -- is potential candidate he. That he would never run tried to ultimately failure when he fittingly it rested. In -- McCain's failure when he says that this proud card for this year so. You know I think it's very important at this point there. You know we -- to unite the Republican Party and -- work forward. In in build towards general Election Day in defeating this governor -- to quote. Does that mean uniting behind rob asked to Reno or are their other options other things the you can picture happening. I mean so far what I see is a -- street candidates uniting rob good you know I've said this since beginning when he first came out here and in December -- be excellent governor in an excellent county executive Westchester County. He's a true conservative. He's someone that -- you know fight for a lot of the values that we trader here what you are keys you know strong. Indicates that the Second Amendment against the New York -- acted in you know the encroachment of the state government about our legal commercial of the here in your state I think a adding we will be well served by -- history -- and it -- -- Does the draft trump effort make any of that harder. I'm thinking of fundraising for rob -- you know. Well I mean rob -- Yet they don't you know building a political support ended the financial support the -- more on the political side in the financial side you know in terms of their race and you know I don't know that the draft compliment me you know change its -- and -- the one thing I will salute -- -- bit. Despite any of this section of Donald Trump or any other candidates. You know he including you know this governor -- stop every dollar begin to -- him. Rob is it's in the pocket stood all of face off should just move forward on and don't plan so. I explained that kind of -- it Kirch. I note that same day as the Trump's speech in Syracuse about two weeks ago when that was there was some discussion in the Syracuse post standard newspaper. And as of then unnamed third person not -- pilot in that Donald Trump. Not -- best you know but somebody else out there. I remembered during that Syracuse speech. Donald Trump made reference to use specifically as telling him no there's nothing to that. Can you elaborate. I I I have heard. Of no other candidates seeking. The Republican nominee for governor I mean the only three need to have been in discussion this year I was -- stupid Steve McLaughlin. We took himself out of the running very early. You brought rich Reno who so obviously an announced candidate. I'm Donald Trump who is said he's not interested in running and Carl Paladino -- now city -- right so. As -- right now you know we want declared candidate -- at street north Carolina Republican Party. When Carl Paladino speaks of bringing trumpet and he oftentimes talks about dysfunction. And and slams a little bit on the leadership of state chair and Cox. Donald Trump to a lot of something's that's similar. Michael Caputo who was pushing to trying to trump and did a lot of that. If this goes on. Does dissension rise against the state chairman. I I don't think you know on a daily basis with their ascension mean you know no one is going to agree with -- signal party chair. Whether to -- chairmen meet your Jiri county. I'll give you plenty of people little disagree with you every day that we. You know these are tough jobs that actually the bigger it gets 62 county chairs in the -- The senators is some members all the local elected officials I mean there's a lot of people. That yes -- try to keep can't be. I -- us who -- situation on a smaller local your your account yet. You know economic everyone can't be all the time you know it it's. Bill Walton himself -- -- you worked very hard job. You know I am not only -- night I am issues but I respect. Certainly the office he holds it and the dedication he gets to. All right let's quickly try to bring in a couple calls here and 030930. Your county Republican Party chair and playing where these here. Stand in Rochester -- know you're not Erie county but come on in many unforced. Good morning gentlemen. My cake and the -- problem is that he's duck and run. I was simply because -- he would have higher aspirations I believe -- president to sixteen. And he loses. In the the governorship. He will be political -- kill. All right nick what are you what you say there do you think perhaps that. Donald Trump resigned the presidency. Well I think it there certainly been discussions. In his ample -- presidential run I mean. Or is it just in time going that there were discussions of ready for the governor. You know. They don't have Internet you know down the road I think if he goes to all but yeah. I'm not April 1 is -- advertising you know perhaps it's towards year round. You know his presidential aspirations and it provided leadership on you know against gun control measures. You know. -- will tell the interest in running for president you know pick them all the stories I've taken at face value maybe not interested in running this year for governor of the state. All right let's quickly squeeze -- one more time in buffalo go ahead you're there. I don't think are yesterday. An article about what news regarding can't do that Clinton has run a Michelin would be stated that. The Republican Party has an obligation to run a candidate somewhat of a backhanded endorsement. I was wondering where their principles stand on your election. Considering another run anybody. All right what -- there is Kathy weapon she's the one running against Brian Higgins Republican. And what Gordon jump on it. So we brought in from the real issues -- Europe Regis so I'm not sure what what you're points. You -- did not run Sergio Rodriguez you get no backing whatsoever. Surgery that I we've got -- premiere. Then again it won't want that Sergio Rodriguez would the Republican endorsed candidate for mayor -- ballot Republican candidate from. Was he endorsed by the entire county committee. In he would be endorsed candidate to seek immediate that the municipal project that he knew well and get out of office that the county committee endorse or its municipal office comment just like it because he knew he didn't endorse for interest and to provide or -- -- or city. -- -- We -- in 2000. In thirteen so that so. You know you have answered a question. All right very good that's how we have time for nick thanks for joining us one of these days we're gonna get -- studio time -- up with a Jeremy -- you're the democratic counterpart have I have all fun hour. So much thank you that's -- Lang where that chair of the Erie county Republican Party.