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Flight Instructor Bob Miller- Malaysian Plane Theories

Mar 23, 2014|

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Wake up to Buffalo's early news with John -- -- rose in the entire WB EN news team news radio 9:30 AM WB and. It's hard line on news radio 930 double B and let's move on -- not having any box looking up with while import. But we do have an expert we can bring in and we can take your calls for the next fifteen minutes or so -- to. 8030930. Are there things that you think might be happening with this Malaysian plane. -- you've always wondered about that may be wanted to see if a pilot had some insight on we have a pilot with us he's Bob Moehler from Bob -- flight training Bob thanks for joining us. I think -- my pleasure. Am I right to assume that if a plane of this size went down. There would be a lot more debris -- -- spotting or is it just a matter of in having to float to the surface having it happen to be discovered. Well that you're not unfortunately -- play as as a pilot I have no more insight as to what happened this aircraft and any of the 26 nations that are searching for a but there are a couple of scenarios. And the airplane we don't have a tragic explosion and crash in the ocean. Then there would have been debris all over the place the airplane would have just come apart many pieces. It is conceivable however and about how rare this may seem it is conceivable that he landed the airplane landed in the ocean. Not unlike Sullenberger landed is Airbus three point in the Hudson River that is essentially intact. If the airplane landed intact. And then simply -- Good chance of seeing any debris on the surface are virtually nil. So that would be consistent perhaps. With what they're seeing on satellite. Well I'm not sure what I mean they've seen a couple of pieces by the if the airplane is sitting on the bottom of the 101000 feet of water -- that -- part down into the ocean. The satellite would not be and I believe this satellite -- only -- -- debris allegedly on the surface. What is -- I hear the caveat that you don't have in sight you certainly have knowledge what's your gut say. Well it is probably like this the first treatment first question I had I think the investigators did have it wasn't an accident. Well was that intentional. That the information that is being disseminated to believe the public strongly suggest that this was an intentional act. The because this the most physically turned off the two transponders were turned off and there was no radio distress call would suggest. Strongly. There was an intentional act. That that was intentional the next question I would ask was what that either a camera on board that aircraft or within the group. Could the crew have done something then if it was the crew. You have to ask yourself what does that not job -- put that was a crew member a pilot is basically gone berserk. Or was he part of a grand scheme perhaps to take an aircraft. There's some unknown land based location and you have for other purposes this -- to simply do not at all. General Tom McInerney the military analysts for Fox News Channel has been advancing that theory a lot saying as far as he's concerned. It could be Pakistan we certainly have sensors satellite surveillance that kind of thing and Pakistan. The theory and I have to underline of the theory there goes. If it landed in Pakistan and some other country. We're not gonna acknowledge it -- -- the seal team is on the ground trying to either disable the -- -- -- the passengers. What do you think there. Well it is conceivable that the airplane is on the ground someplace I know from firsthand experience in Vietnam. That you can camouflage and aircraft hit it and it can be done. Could be sitting on the ground someplace. Camouflaged. And in the next question in the that the scariest question to me. Is -- the aircraft is totally intact. It can be used as a delivery vehicle to go anyplace caring any kind of device. Some terrorists wanted to give it to do but again all they've all pure speculation. That's why I believe it's critical. Absolutely critical that we find some evidence of the aircraft hopefully get in the ocean and and destroyed had to say. But that would probably be the best scenario from a from a global perspective. How much fuel do these plain scary how far could go. And would it have the capacity to re launch of it was hidden on a -- somewhere. Well it could be refueled at preposterous someplace that was part of a conspiracy there's no question it could be refueled and it has the capacity that long range version has the capacity virtually to reach almost any place in the world. So I don't think that's an issue if it impact is on the ground at. This -- wintertime now in the in the southern half of the world and we're going into some pretty rugged weather so. Again we just don't know could be on land could be in the ocean. Is fuel. -- refueling possible in some of these more primitive countries. I would think so if if this was part of a grand scheme. To load say nuclear material on this aircraft. There is that indeed I mean if the perpetrators have the ability to make an airplane totally disappear with 239 passengers on board. Apple 24 nations looking forward I think they would have the ability to get fuel to it if it were on the ground. Let me bucked against the terrorism hidden -- scenario for just a moment. If I am mr. al-Qaeda and I want a plane why go through all this father is there a black market could I buy one somewhere. I'm not -- you can buy one on the black market -- you're raising a good point if al-Qaeda wanted to. It secure. 777 -- a large aircraft in fact if he wanted to do something in terms of delivering. A dirty bomber nuclear device it would not have to be anything as large as the seventh seventh there could be done ethics skeptics see for example fighter plane. So I mean the move whatever logic is being employed it's it's baffling us all and I think that might be part of the entry. Part of the design was to create something that was. So irrational or illogical that it's escaping. Those of us who were trying to find the answer. In your experience how often has the pilot psychosis kind of theory emerged. Is this sort of thing ever happened in that regard. Yes it happened with a very dipped a number of years ago where the pilot claimed. You know leaders -- and deliberately crash the airplane. That that's the only commercial airliner one I'm aware of there's always been some suspicion in general aviation that this suicide by airplane. May have and I'm sure has been performed. Over the years but with an airliner very very rare there's two people on a web front and sometimes three people up front. It would be it would it would be difficult to have a conspiracy where there were two people involved in something unless the pilot for the co pilot. Immobilize the other pilot. Now that you mention I think it was a large commercial plane but it was even up plot line on and CIS last year ever call. If someone had basically taken a plane and did did that sort of thing the idea of suicide by airplane. Maybe more conceivable with a smaller general aviation kind of plane and you're saying. Yeah I would think so. Hearing I am bestseller was on TV not that TVs these. Not the TV's anymore speculates in the and then we're doing here but but it seems as if that would be more likely percent. The FT IMI. It is hard to say what. You know they investigated and trying to find some motive. If the with the terrorist act that took the airplane out good chemistry dealt with the terrorists claim credit. For their nasty deeds. He has no credit have been claimed -- below the suspicions are I think in my mind. There's definitely was crew induce now what motivated the -- to do it. Well there again they were part of a -- could conspiracy. Or master plan if you will or one of the pilots just basically went nuts so and shut the other weathermen took the airplane out and a and a suicidal move it seemed like a horrible way to to do it by taking out 239 other people the same time that. It is in that kind of a scenario I guess that if they have. Talk about what could go wrong mechanically. That question has been raised the Boeing 777 at triple seven as it has been talked about is is near perfect an airliner that has ever been made. There's multiple redundant systems. The greatest risk to any aircraft and weather. This happened. That happened with the Air France 440 over the head north over the south Atlantic when it was known that penetrated thunderstorm. As far as we can tell with this one. Evidently there was no big adverse weather out there are so you rule out whether that leaves a mechanical. The issue if there is a mechanical issue day. Distress calls will go any number of different ways either both from the transponder. And by the pilots simply pushing up -- which on the -- announcing are making a distress call. Really is that easy it's just right their next to his finger. But -- yeah -- all you -- I mean it's just it's just your index finger pressed about men and moon shot May Day somebody will pick up on map. And there has been no no evidence of any kind of a mayday call. There's a quick button push push which you can do in the transponder that will put out a discreet code indicating that that we have an emergency onboard. The end -- system which is giving feedback instantaneously about engine performance. Would have been sent out a message as well so again that the mechanical theory it's a tough and a tough one to accept. What about the capability of radar and some of these small undeveloped countries. Is it safe to assume that this quote have been seen or or. What do you what can you -- in that regard. Radar is the highly effective if the transponder. Is turned on the transponder. Reflect the radar signal with a with a discrete code identifying the airplane. If the transponder is off and -- not reflecting or amplify admit that radar signal from the ground. Off all of appears on the radar screen is a problem what's called a primary target. Primary target is almost impossible to discern it could be a flock -- -- He could be an aircraft. It doesn't indicate anything about altitude. It's it's a tough one the -- and in the only radar returns and I understand we're seeing now. After after we've relentless primary returned only. That this came out early that there was a blip on the radar but nobody can. Really concerned what kind of aircraft for what kind of device was creating that -- -- return. So that's the problem. -- I don't mean to stretch it beyond your expertise and when no one may even have this expertise its secretive. What capabilities. Does the United States or other countries have in terms of all over the horizon radar. Military spy satellites things that might know more than we're hearing about now. No clues today I have no clue but there are radar stations scattered throughout the globe so. I mean there's there's there's radar on board ships. You know in certain areas of the world. You've got to get there there are large phantom of the world that is not they're not covered by radar at all. When you board an airliner from San Francisco there in the Far East you're out of radar contact totally -- -- capacity you're much to the in the Pacific. It absolutely now. So there are stretches where this thing could have just not been seen. The fact that it wasn't seen doesn't necessarily mean anything. That's right as far as having radar out where they're looking right now. There is no radar coverage out there about why that's the -- happily I think what it DT -- also is that -- -- Of the globe itself when they have an alleged when they have an area they're searching which is as large as the continental United States. He can begin to appreciate just how large this this. It's gonna pop almost an impossible task in very very deep oceans. You know approaching two miles deep. Him going into winter weather where it's it's tough to even get an airplane there's safely and ships have been in the middle of the winner. In this Internet age I'm sure this is all the buzz among. Pilot blogs and message boards that sort of thing. Yeah it is I travel I traveled to the airport throughout you know I'm with. Could -- commercial pilots -- corporate pilots and you're right it doesn't take long for this conversation to come up and in most pilots circled and I'm talking with quite honestly it's the the the consensus seems to be. If this is a conspiracy. That that goes well beyond. A possible crash. Actually I think that's a lot of the reason why the public is so captivated by it that the mystery the disappearance certainly. Makes it move ahead and and graphs by -- saw I grab assault. But in the back of everyone's mind the that -- 9/11 of the possibility this could be something like that. I think has people that much more interest it. What we'll certainly if there's a crash we couldn't have in most cases we can find wreckage. If there was the crash. By the if there was intentional and there was a scheme are designed an intentional designed to do something different with the airplane. That's the good reason why we're not finding that any any signs of wreckage other than a couple of satellite images of suspicious. All things floating in the water but. Heck we can't confirm that at all either. On those pilot blogs and in the conversations you've had. Which which one rises to the top is -- the terrorism theory more people thinking that. Or is it the pessimists pilot -- suicide by airplane theory rising to the top which went. In my circle oh with -- aviators pilots it's it's. It's terrorism. There everybody seems to be in -- it again we're all just speculating just like everybody else but from a pilot's perspective. The fact that it was a mechanical problem is highly unlikely the fact that perfectly good 777. Spontaneously crashed. Who lift intentional turn off of the transponders and the -- card system. Met. In -- unlikely the believes very very high and get them. Terrorism. Plan that is yet. Unfold in terms of how it works out we simply don't know. And in that regard as long as we're all speculating Bob what do you think happens next. You know it's interesting game I was watching morning TV and there's not much of this story on Sunday morning TV. Which means that -- last week of course it was just all over that. Is that TV and radio. I'm suspecting that we're gonna begin immediate gonna start believing -- losing interest in this story unless something comes up. Ended the problem may just fade away and if if that this part of terrorist plot to. Wait for -- attention to this thing could die off and then have that airplane emerged six weeks or six months later. It is and you do it in -- that that would be that would could be part of -- grand plan. All right interesting stuff Bob thanks for joining us. -- that's Bob Miller from Bob Miller flight training in Lancaster.