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WNY Maple Weekends Underway

Mar 23, 2014|

Jason Wolf of Wolf Maple Products

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it is the first of the two maple weekends so where herb teas but quarterly through already. And wanted to get a chance to talk to one of the local producers of that Jason wolf wolf maple products in middle port on the line here this morning Jason good morning I do it. Yeah I was a little breezy out there yesterday to -- -- by the way. Now when we talked. The the discussion was about whether or not this was a good year I know that so far the weather is not exactly been conducive so. You kind of running a little behind you on par with past years today. As far as the season goes I would say we're behind. We need those freeze thaw cycles. Sample in the maple tree and it's just been so cold we have and have those close this year so were actually. The and at the beginning of the season if you will. And we've always. I'll mention the stat about gallons of maple sap that make one gallon of maple -- so what does that number for you. -- that depends on the sugar content of pure sample from an average like 2% sugar in the Serb. It takes 43 -- and to -- one. Now is that sugar content also affected impacted by the weather. It is it is that it has to do with. Last year. During for the emphasis believes believes and actually made the sugar. And it's stored within the tree. And when we get those trees. Thought cycles the -- there's actually mixing with the -- and that's when we get it if it's really frozen. And really tolerate it tends to be a little sweeter but we get less. And from one tree and I'm gonna guess that size kind of plays into this ever rough guesstimate for how much -- you can get from one tree in a season. Well on average. Written into the law of averages would maple it's about ten gallons per happen on a tree. Now let's treat one foot diameter can anyone kept. A -- about eighteen inches to two feet and received two tips and you'll get about ten mile per kept. And the danger in putting to many taps on there as you -- -- impact tree in a bad way. Yes it's it looked well we we just made -- wanna keep tapping these maple trees for years and your engineers there are maple trees have been kept for generations so you don't want to over kept. And take too much because that is the light -- of the -- You have an exact numbers -- how many trees you've got. I have product we only have 800 trees that are capped. With a total of -- thousand tips. He's that's a lot of a lot of boiling to get the essar from the sap that's for sure. At last have aligned with Jason willful wolf maple products there in the middle ports -- -- and it just outside the Orleans county line -- too far from Genesee County so there pretty conveniently located Google. Talk about how you can get there if you wish a little bit later on. At first let's talk about. The fact that syrup of course the main thing that you were produced by. There are quite a number of other products that you have -- maple in them that are available at your particular place right. Yes yes. I I do most of the maple true during which is the pure maple products which -- up the sugar and cream. And then my wife for particular step further and we call them value added product we do cold and corruption issues. Maple mustard. -- maple hot shots. -- -- Maple. -- mix. Some dry mixes that you have some sour cream to that are really good if you like French onion -- they're -- love French. Among people that it's so when -- -- -- As an aside the cancers were worth waiting for even if we had to finish them off our samples. Yes both go pretty quickly. And we also have some outside concessions from the stuff you -- on site we're actually boiling hot dogs and very dark. Maple syrups which will retain that maple -- -- pressure -- flavor. It's. It's a good mixture of some people who maple hot dog bit doesn't sound good but once they have wanted to equal it is good there's also some maple popcorn. Maple soft serve ice cream -- out there were also making fresh doughnuts and slate and placing them with a real maple quitting. And one of the treats that you also have aside from media the -- ones is that you actually I have one of those tractor tumors if you will a couple of thought. What -- call them carts wagons. Yeah there you go that actually go to the and you take people out into the woods and show them how you get the -- out of the trees and and how it comes back to the place where you actually do the the boiling in the condensing in the down to the syrups which. That's right we relate to we're maple weekend was designed to educate the public. And we've got the opportunity here to take people back in the woods and CR tubing system. All the -- collected. That is a tractor ride back to the -- so and of course dress accordingly it's pretty cold today he would -- -- 126 circle for. And so -- with accordingly and that's about a forty minute ride. And we'll explain how the two -- system works and then you can come up to -- the -- and actually I would processor itself. Nancy your dad's brand new tracker which he's. -- -- directories. My throat and my job well I think we've teased him enough. Those unfamiliar with the area how would they find a wolf maple products and was in -- port. Well we're located right -- for route 77 contest coverage that's 935 by traditional -- And I do have some of those streaks aren't so would the -- voters have their -- and -- it's as wolf maple and it got some girls on their. And you can just follow them signed -- nor encouraged would be harsh -- homes just put in my address. Ego that's Smart idea Jason thank you very much has certainly a labor of love and it's always wonder. Get out there and chat audience he what you got new. They -- it's every year we try to cope with something new and I just want a dimension that. Wolf lethal serve has not -- -- the little port where home with the boy scout saw all proceeds to benefit the Boy -- today and that's called troops haven't told them that the little -- fire. Up perfectly well thank you very much that Jason -- and -- I wish you well this season hopefully things turn a little bit better for it. That we're open for little warmer weather but not too warm wished only decreased off -- that's what makes a separate -- yeah. Ask for for you wallet winter extend just a little bit and if thanks again Jason -- -- you about Jason wolf -- wolf maple products. And as he mentioned that pancake breakfasts around this weekend there have been or will be 69. Total over these two weekends and there are 43. Maple producers in Western New York most of them in Wyoming county where there are twenty and -- which has eight. Four apiece for Kara August 23 to top what you would Tennessean Niagara counties more at maple weekend dot com.