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43North Generating Plenty of Interest

Mar 23, 2014|

Andrew Pulkrabek

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Business in buffalo is booming and a number of fronts one of the examples of those fronts the business effort called 43 north. And -- on the line is here in WB EN executive director and real Paltrow back morning -- I don't. Good morning radio while now hanging in their for an older Fella appreciate that -- thoughtful. Well I think a refresher is an order so if you would -- let's start with the capsule view of what 43 north is designed to do and how it's -- impact the city and region down the road. Sure the 43 Norton really is behind you. Go out to the rest of the world share the story about what our long western media or represent the terms of innovation and entrepreneurship and you know part of what we're really doing is making significant outreach to the media through social media on the web and you know we're also going out and stop talking -- -- southern Ontario throughout Western New York -- -- that the world is going domestically it. Programs throughout the United States and even internationally to India and and Israel. Now this competition has been open since February 5 and I understand there have been a pretty good number of submissions so far. That's exactly right you know we're we're very pleased that contemporary at least I got all -- and adapt. Overall applications we've got to almost thirteen hundred. Application then out of the morning. You know interest in being units representing 43 states. From our union we've got him throughout the rest of the world as well represented 42 days from far away -- via. I'm in Tunisia. Into. You know -- I've on the line with the executive director of 43 north Andrew Paltrow back and Andrew. You know you you what we're seeing are people that that we now. A strong interest in in doing something that aggressively working scalable business has either -- and they can grow very significantly that can locate here in -- take advantage of -- everything that we have available for them where would it -- membership. Where the incubators -- that will provide them for free or -- Start a New York on that will be located -- and so they're they're really focused on those types of opportunity. Are we eating at all -- they're coming in at the idea stage some of them are -- -- some of them are artists on in the market with customers. Also really covered the gamut in -- German industry -- point. We have a lot of high tech applications that are coming and are really that also all across the -- we feel like I advanced manufacturing and everything well thirteen hundred applications. You don't get that you're gonna have a lot of diversity -- -- And now one of the issues I understand from the F 43 north effort is trying to figure out where to put these. Business ideas once they are actually accepted by them by the committee once -- whittled down. You get a handle on that you still are looking over a number of different properties depending on what those submissions and sale. Here's a location that is loosely defined right now and with the company of winners high tech company. What -- like science and the need what that particular at the event. Manufacturing push in media hyping it all points in between so we think we have something about it's not locked in a 100% just yet. At what about the timetable for submissions image in the process is still kind of ongoing so I take us through. How you can make -- submission when the deadline is and when you might start whittling down in -- ultimately come up with a final decision or decisions. Sure. So the debate timeline that you mentioned already we launched February it the windows application you open until May 31. And what we want people to do go to the website 43. It's number 43 north. Dot org and the rate on that front page to be applying now that you click on that they'll be -- the application. What we're asking for some people at this stage is really. Essentially kind of an executive summary level -- such an idea how much companies go you. Let nothing get overly complicated. Should take about 1520 minutes to apply there -- -- each. And again political retreat north that'll work. We're going to do the first round of judging in June and from there -- to -- told a pool of applicants and we'll cull that down to about the option. Upbeat our company's overall. Rule now to build out -- semifinalists are at the end of June and then we'll go back we'll -- some additional leg work in terms of getting more information -- -- -- applicant due due diligence on our side come September we're -- now 82 round of judging. It's going to be really interesting because we're gonna do that live on the web. So that the companies get promotion. Which is a good thing and that you're going to be able to share with the public. A lot of -- types of opportunities that would seem to have all the companies -- live about ten minutes on the -- they'll -- -- Q and -- -- -- -- that -- and it can be from anywhere in the world but not -- -- local -- -- from murder -- will take the top eleven companies from that -- At the end of September and world quite convinced the outlook for the last week of October shouldn't come -- first series event the public is going to be involved in all -- -- -- they're gonna happen around innovation and entrepreneurship. And will make the final award on the thirtieth of October. Andrew last question for EU is there aid. One or two determining factors I mean you're looking for what's fits better for the city or what fits better from. An economic standpoint or from a business standpoint or the one one or two words it's a handful of businesses that have the potential team. Gain the most back freeware have a bring in the most money that kind of thing. Well there's one thing to note about the -- we you have one guarantee local one oddity about the prizes and the top prize and the million dollars cash yet. Mr. prizes that are half million dollars in cash to work better quarter million dollars in cash along with pre two meters long which. You know accept an injured along with access to. To start -- New York. That there is no one thing that we're looking for in terms of what makes its success application it is really about the overall package through it with -- skill and can grow aggressively. Well Andrew I think you very much that explanation and a good luck with wiggling all those emissions down that's quite a lot of things to handle things. Much can we love them and what what -- absolutely Andrew thank you very much again for the time. That's -- Andrew Paul -- Gonna get that right eventually Andrew poker but he is the secular director of 43 north again the number 43 followed by the -- north dot org. Is the website if you want to check out -- -- -- check out these submissions or answer one for yourself.