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3-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Mar 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That was missing something I don't know what it's missing -- but it's missing something. We have to figure out what it's missing. I'm just there there's something. That particular intro that needs them -- something else I don't know quite what is your great -- got a pretty good year for that and it's missing that. You know like you know the one and in the other intro is Austin Powers -- It's. Because that seemed comes to mind and it's just funny. Billy -- cool whip go whip that one is a punch you know that one's got that the -- has played his innocence we got to figure it out. Yeah we well we will also criticizes me your journal. Because you don't know these things until you actually think about them but what will resolve that ladies and gentlemen I promise because we wanna give you factor. Our tank we are up. Ten minutes after six batters ready at 930 WB -- and frankly it has been one of the funniest shows we've done this week. We're talking about alternative. Medicine -- thought. Turn the dial if you look chiropractor. You are going to an alternative practitioner. You are. And I'm not gonna tell you again what a chiropractor has done for me. Major improvement in my neck. And the more well I guess I guess I am and because my neck got fixed by this guy. I know that they don't need shoulder surgery -- wasn't the shoulder it was too much pressure from the Mac the muscles were too tight. Not. So -- there's wrapped. Do you believe -- take part in anything that would be considered alternative. Medicine now some people do reflexology. Which has to do with the feet. And I'm not sold on reflexology. In -- some people that believe that if you talk to certain part of the foot. You have a reaction in the liver. Or heart. To me that logically does not make cents. Rick I mean eight foot massage is -- -- can be. Would you give a man a foot massage. Sorry pulp fiction the beginning of the movie. And throw out the window forgiven his wife of foot massage. There's nothing sexual about it would you give a metaphor massage. You know what there's -- are right -- 030930. 803 on -- thirty starlet 3180616. WB yet. Alternative medicine the do. I mean do you are you patient has worked maybe tried it and it didn't work. It took me out but doesn't tractors defiant -- it wasn't a quack. Who knew what he was -- and it was strong enough to do week. Go ahead Joseph put that on the tape all you can't put on the takers is not recording -- -- does this mean that the show about can be online tonight. The show will be online tonight. You just can't -- great. So that's that's encouraging. What I say all players are going to be on the online as it -- often that's more fun than what I say on the year. -- has to factor -- bill so up -- my question do you is. Do you believe sure as somebody who -- big hospital in New Jersey where they had a spot for reiki and acupuncture. And massage. Argue a believer or do you think it's just a bunch of a charlatan like chicanery. -- definitely believer because. I had the good fortune of being raised. Sort of are chiropractic so before I had choice. And having gone through that sports injuries like you know many other people and luckily wasn't very secular and even at one point had my family had viewed by a well known orthopedic doctor medical doctor. Who also believes which was where. All right my background I do not have a medical background just stay. Likes my manager called a desire to research and understand things better and that -- both sides of opinion. But I can tell you that. That -- -- called that this gentleman made it was accurate and interest and went out any Doctor Who wished. To add to his -- her practice. One of those new discipline. Reiki massage acupuncture chiropractic I've -- some chiropractic. Would that be fast track. As opposed to someone started fresh and other words if you -- I decided to become an acupuncture honestly would. Though the full curriculum built in the eastern doctors that your chapter in practitioner. And someone was already -- idea. Medical Doctor Who would get 3040%. Ordered outlined. Well -- and others actually doctored there's an acupuncture is around here who is so well known he does Yoko Ono in New York City did you know that. -- are no I did not his name is Doctor Who. After all what the doctor -- And something that you said you've had a few people call talking about eating in changing its and it reminded me and I had a chance to look at -- You know the same hippocrates who's known as the credit goes to an armored also stood let truth lead -- medicine and -- -- the truth. I think that was 400 you know BC contract. Or is many Jewish grandmother said eat some chicken soup you'll feel better and very calm -- and -- you're glad yeah yeah yeah go ahead. I'm sorry -- I want to be like I've heard you many times as I'm driving. Two topics talk about wanting to research things in the past I can look it up. What started me on this was back in the late eighties do you remember. George Herbert Walker Bush you know the father. Being last we're not liking broccoli. Well he specifically said the broccoli gave him the wins which is what rich people describe that's a basic part. Right right arrest of -- -- he had the wins. OK well that's the very shortly after that are trying to discover that lycopene in tomatoes was sort of magic bullet. Again that there's no lawyer on the final magic bullet for a prostate cancer manner so there was a great deal that came out of parallels to different opinion and steady that was started and -- And has gone on to this very day. By Harvard studies paralleled those and you've got some of them the book called. -- chemicals that Jeter and from vegetables are trying to circle back to your question. Well but at the same time frank I have to say oh and by the way it's great talking with -- I really appreciating the interchange. At the same time here -- were here's the conundrum frank. Here's the conundrum. At the end of the day. Oh my god I just used I just used a business cliche at the end of the day one that I just say moving forward and your. I don't remember him well I'll and I'll believe beat back these I -- what the program. Well let's raise the flag and see if anyone -- let's not reinvent the wheel all these open cliches. But I have to I have to tell you that it is also my considered opinion. That no matter what we do. At the end of the day care. We are largely subject to the inherited. Genes and the mutations. That come with them. And there is a limit to the control we have over our health. That much of this much of it was predetermined. By our genetic inheritance which for some of this sucks. -- -- Have you ever say to someone and you made an article in -- You see someone who is blessed with health ingredients you can outplayed them -- parents for good DNA. Well you know what I had a cardiologist. On my show quite frequently back in the eighties to -- general medical questions. His name was doctor David dean -- -- -- practices. And I asked him about -- and we talked about the Harvard study with the the 81 milligrams of aspirin when it's hard to bear fruit. And he said I'll never forget this the key to a long life is choosing your parents well. I believed then and I believe it now. And I'm I'm really it's been an honor speaking with you end I'm glad that -- from Colorado you you know that -- you you get pushed you got the show in less time than buffalo audience sometimes gets a thank you. We're. All right thank you very much -- frank I appreciate bet yeah you know folks that it's a lot and because sometimes. What I do is. What I do is is not conventional talk radio. In fact I'll let you know a little secret told John Sherman -- yesterday. I don't listen to Michael Savage you know I don't listen Michael Savage because in many ways were too much alike. I I I can't. I I can't listen to because I don't wanna be Michael Savage. OK I like Michael's please don't give -- rock idol like Michael Savage but in a lot of ways for report were alike in its frightening. So I got to distance myself. And I hope you understand it's like if you play guitar. Are if you are a rock and roll guitar quarter. Sometimes. You don't want to listen to somebody who plays like you do you wanna play like get elderly -- Okay -- because you want something different. Mike carry cash. A great example somebody who -- rock and jazz fusion before anybody knew -- the call. He just did not likely guns real well. Let's get back. Let's get back to the calls on the WB editors can end. Akron can alternative medicine in what do you believe -- -- serve burst. Experience. And AM in the construction and you know what there's there's actually used to -- hammer earnings citing I was underground with a razor -- translation peaceable and -- And others say that it dull blade is more dangerous and sharply it is actually -- all. It would have been a little or any -- -- the blade I ended up writing it -- crushed my index finger in my comments placed bowl ads completely off. Okay. Now not only that freaked me out but I obviously what I the first had to do was pick up those ads are back at my finger into Belmont. And go to that at all. -- -- -- Obviously that said there wasn't much they can do for me except they were scheduled me and appointments. To go see a plastic surgeon. And -- -- sorts OK that's fine because what they would support again. Was that they were running up the ticket graft up in my body somewhere. And replaced my yard catch on my fingers -- what -- should student from some world so my body well. Try to make -- very short near my girlfriend at the natural us. Which basically means stage she believed side and make any healing power that you get from mother nature that grows naturally. Is better than any man made Madison -- as a player out there. -- -- -- -- -- Grows like crazy all over replaced most people have a right or yards longer slower that you don't even realize this way. Free kill them I believe firewire. -- light. Okay Al -- looked it up okay continues to reporters. Okay it positioned. Plant at all to trial believes. Once they're dried. You actually mix it with the they actually taking. And it turns into agreeing bullying acts. Well she's sort of made that this sort of like came all let us at all. Which the bandages such such near the disappointment buying your fingertips and do it everyday actually go back to the doctor well -- Eight days later. I'm in front of a plastic surgeon he takes up quite bandages and start looking at my fingertips and he looks back -- that mean he -- This only happened eight decent ball and I have been correct sir they looked at -- he goes what did you see. And I sort side you know I was an emergency room it was gorgeous -- to that article you're the first person and seeing and what would you do. Look at history -- that search is already dead horse -- -- mention. That I used up or Derrick Rose in the backyard. Ursula said he doesn't approve of that I think this thingy. It's it was the first time that he I actually saw. Parents -- student that look like they were re generating on the might fingertips. Few. Kidnapped -- plastic surgery when you look at both chips in my finger and might come Uga barely tell that I cleanly slight stammer right off. The only thing that worries me is. You know what all I can think -- when you say a plant that grows in the backyard. Every year we hear about somebody who goes out thinking a mushroom from the ground in the yard is the same as a mushroom you buy at the grocery store and I would hate for somebody to think something is come free and it turns out to be. You know a -- That would not have the desired results. I agree with you 100%. That's why it is very important that you know which -- -- and when it comes the hardest. -- certain plants like its time you have to stay away from let's say for instance wrote wage. Our homes because of pollution exhausted the literally go out into the field. Or are not always up Obama you know -- define what sure looked in sports it's just like making natural -- and you'll see. -- -- -- -- Little product that's all broke her April 1 and I are good all moderates here that you mixed together. There is great for colds -- pots and have been experience and that burst at all on. -- a cost pennies on the dollar are -- and make yourself. Well interesting. Not for amateurs not premium. At that that are that have led to call. I certainly will but I looked it up but looked it up online comfort her -- -- what I'm gonna do that thank you. It is 623. Likely to break a 24. I do -- Darn sponsors getting in the way -- that now isolate Alfred Hitchcock. Anyway and it is the Alfred Hitchcock hour in other stuck with me for about three weeks now. We had a guy calling and accusing me of having my facts wrong it was actually a half hours ago. The Alfred Hitchcock hour is the Alfred Hitchcock hour you know what is slice -- the commercials that would have been over a half hour. I felt misled. And lied to. Felt kind of hurt actually. Just needed to get that out of my system I hope you don't mind. We're talking about that the alternative medical stuff you use and I will introduce another topic that I think is awesome. It's fun. Me give you happy ending on WB -- And by the west all the telecast of the Stratocaster -- by a -- to just for the -- that. The white falcons Stephen Stills my nephew has won I mean if he has won eight. Decisions are right it is -- 634 news radio. -- now the crappy ones made in Mexico. -- we don't go there we don't buy Mexican made guitars. All right -- we -- not normally by -- by the way Mexican made up bomb goes especially after watching the very prophetic Alfred Hitchcock episode. With a guy comes back Terry Slater the guy's -- comes back from Mexico. Out with a bomb go drama. With anthrax. Great Hitchcock made that show and what the fifties. And he already saw the threat of well not bioterrorism. But basically. You know not the Andromeda strain but you know eight. Situation I could turn into what happened. -- six. Alfred Hitchcock hour -- Alfred Hitchcock Presents look up bongo with anthrax and you can watch the episode on line. Can you tell when I'm totally hooked on -- TV that's not healthy. That a guy could be watching grown men dribbling and orange ball shooting it through a hoop does that make -- I'm sorry guys playing -- polls and throwing them in the year is just not my bag maybe just not my bag. I think it's boring as hell. One book guys playing with balls that's exactly my bag written by Tom. All right Austin Powers reference never heard anybody other topic here that I wanna get into an addition to alternative medicine is one that. I want introduced to see if it takes off and it takes off and although I should bring it back. It is this. -- it. Was a lot simpler. And more enjoyable before blank. I put up on my FaceBook page like was a lot simpler and more enjoyable before blank. And you know what. I have to tell -- I put some videos. That little jog your memories. And I did it with intent. Videos. That go back to where my core audience is going to be able to relate to that. The first time I heard Nirvana smells like teen spirit. I was in my basement in Saint Louis about three of the more. I was working a different shift that the big radio station in Saint Louis. 3 in the morning and put it together -- this -- -- outer woodworking a bookcase for my life. And I hear this song and MTV. Which itself is going to be joke I am. I consider myself -- -- this really cool I literally went to the TV and I watched in law. Kurt Cobain and Nevada doing smells like teen spirit. Thank you Joseph for being right on the game there I was hoping you'd read my mind and and give -- -- Kurt Cobain smells like teen spirit. But I don't basketball's. 83 on thirty start at 32 right now Joseph dollar late day short dollar -- you know whatever. You blew it -- it's your fault meant everything goes wrong in the show I'll put on your doorstep. It's got a team player I -- the editor. It -- this place is loaded with the players are Joan Rivers -- master controlled insurer and is your call screener. I have. I hope you follow along at home follow the bouncing ball all right let's go to. Medicine. Do it. First call I just have a question for Phil black automated stroke is a -- life was a lot simpler and more enjoyable before one. And I. I never would have thought of that and that's brilliant now talk to me about alternative medicine. Well first devised status and she take me. You know whether you're gonna stop no I don't believe I'm not sure it is more holistic. Madison. What I do believe in is a combination. The best we can do -- modern science and technology. Combined with the pastor of all of our ancient. And traditional. Application which would have to do without anarchy -- On the Catholic -- and Chinese. -- practice and so forth. And -- what -- they added there's an integrated approach where you're integrating them bastards well that's the leading edge of the matter and today I believe. Well let your echoing what I said earlier you're doing so much forces simply that I did but I agree and that's why I wish the people in the alternative medicine community so called would be a little more open minded -- the end these the end these would be a little more open minded to the to the massage therapist in the reiki practitioners because I think there's a place for a lot of this in an integrated approach your that your spot up please go up. Well it's called integrated medicine back danger Lyle has been one of the forerunners of that -- I don't like his beard I can't read anything you enter -- treat me Hawaii -- I don't like -- -- Yani just beard should only be worn by a guy with a windowless van. Yet he reminds me of an old -- with disappeared but -- -- at peace health care anyway. Not quite -- going with the windowless van comment that anyway. Well I know but I'm I'm losing track of my spot here. And no functional Madison -- something to and we had some. Good functional -- positions we're actually medically trained actor who went back. So learn how to apply some of these things that they can't apply the best of both. So you know again. I think is trying to pull everything you can you can make these choices on your own you can go to good medical factors. Go to good venal practitioners of other things. And find out for yourself and I had to do that after many years of being ill and getting nowhere with traditional Madison I started looking for answers. Started you'd think some of these old old traditional -- And yet. Near her actual results. And very yet -- them. And before I go too -- over my a lot of time here you mentioned genetics. I hit genetic testing done two years ago because I was there with. And with some things that I could not figure out or get it gets released from. And wanted and the answer is that I thought it could well. I didn't it was true for it and structural and genealogy and two amazing putt. When you talk about the gene your dial list. Dad has answered a lot of questions. Sorry but I think your genetics and 99%. Of your health. Well the genetic bear that. If you start studying the genetics and how you can tweak your own genetic. Ability mean you can church or not. Stern manner Chertoff Jeanne. They now know for example just vitamin. A couple of thousand protective. Well this is Curtis white vitamin. And some people speculate that's why we've got these clusters of auto immune diseases in western New -- we ever see the damn son. By the way I have genetic testing actually it's kind of funny you mentioned the genetic testing because I'd just literally got this. I just live literally traded mine out. And it says that I one story all the scientific mumbo Jumbo about that Kaplow groups and everything but the bottom line here is. Let me just read your mister -- Based on the preceding statements we've got to the conclusion that you were descended from a long line of -- bags. So that's that was my genetic testing and I can't argue with. Well if you did you have been done truly you can -- near your genetics through a company called -- well -- dot term. In that you can go into their programs and find out what -- health risk -- our. A lot of things we dealing with today you have to deal with -- -- and balances and they're very common. But I don't know you know what. I'm gonna have to take exception with -- hope and I'm not preaching outside of my realm of expertise here but. The whole field of health genetics is so new. That you have to be able to offer any cures for deficiencies. You have inherited at this point it seems to me it like it would be so premature. -- currently owns it yet to do with a wide range of illness -- That the information there keep in mind things don't go mainstream for twenty years after their search in published sometimes thirty years so. They didn't lie a lot of that the coming to the forefront now it's just hitting the mainstream. Well it's my firm I think from my two cents by Eleanor -- labor issue like just wanted to state my little bit and -- pretty opportunity. You you're not be laboring at thing I'm glad you called and appreciate your input into Michelle thank you. -- I don't think I do maintain that. Long healthy lives are determined by choosing your parents wisely and you know what's really awful. I think it actually goes well beyond your parents. Some some of us just get that bad spin of the we. Seriously. My doctors they laugh at me. Okay they do so with my consent because I left than they do. At the constellation of medical weirdness -- experienced in the last three years statistically impossible. I can play the lottery. Here is a rich and -- the water on WB Ian rich you're on a. There -- am I -- I think I have the answer your question or your statement I think we're much simpler web yes. And the answer to that is when moms were home before they flocked into the -- course. All what I yeah yeah that's. Okay when moms were home before they flocked into the workforce and I want you to tell me how you came to that conclusion. Well. If you if you look at Carolina contemporary of yours and a few years older but I'm sure that you experienced the days when you could come home from school executed. And mark was there and -- we're just. Then what you had parents around all the time if you had a problem in the neighborhood. Where much more well let because you had it my network. That he basically couldn't get away and it. And yeah I have a lot of people there. Reaction statement will be capped by and we'll keep what you have things. That perhaps were ideal but that answer your question I mean I think simply stated that really was the turning point. I really can't argue with how you got to where you got in your thought process however misogynist take care of some of the more liberal feminist listening may believe viewed to be but your your right as far as we could never get away with any thing in our neighborhood because you're right the moms before Twitter. Before FaceBook. Bombs had their own network it was called parenting dot com and they used to tell everybody what little Jimmy was doing. And they were in your right there are always home might in my house. Drawn up a mom was always a moment ago. Don't you think it also extended go to you know these these generals you know they talk about young men today really not knowing what they're placed it. Bet that it would simpler. You know up -- period. Are you -- We're we're going against the grain here I realize that. Double without a cause and come back with the beaver hats and Ben Davis slap sorry I got it when my Kid Rock routine now you're not scaring me you're actually making me think. And I honestly. I don't know if I mean life was definitely simpler then and probably better than. I guess it depends on whether your kids then ordered the bulk. Then because I wonder how many women who were home rhetoric during the day I wonder how many of those women. Felt as though they might be listening now they should have been born twenty years later. So they would have been more open perhaps to pursuing a career and leaving their kids and they hear. Oh. True but look it's an interesting thesis and. I'd be interested in hearing. Double -- your other listeners and comparing. You know their ideas on -- -- -- Well what you've done a is open up a can of worms be evils are convinced me I need to bring respect for full show and strategist with -- not a happy ending with a cell. Up we'll see if people call -- on this because it's a polarizing topic here for making it perfect for my show -- penetrate even though we do try to bring people league. How I roll ask sandy -- And it's 647 news radio 930 WBM's hourly to topic number one do you believe in alternative medicine and what's worked for -- Reiki I swear by Ricky. Trying to explain it is difficult as number one number two. Life was better and simpler before blank. It 030930. Start I'm thirty. 180616. WBM and are -- this our radio station is kind of like the all star team. A buffalo broadcasting. Morning's jobs -- and rose 5 AM until mine they get started with all the news today. Sandy beach nine until -- Rush Limbaugh knew it adultery. There's me and the other Sean Hannity seven until ten and his dear friend Michael Savage -- to one and then George Noory overnight. So really this is the only place would be. Just say AM nine their news radio 930 WBE. FaceBook postings get a lot of action but I don't think I could use do this as a radio show because the FCC -- accuse me of something very very bad. My program director would probably say no you went to a Michelle. -- it's a simple question. I can't do it on the year here it is you are -- Do you leave the door open when you used the back through. You are married do you leave the door open when you use the -- -- You can chime in on my FaceBook page -- it's a great question. To me that the deal breaker sorry door closed all the time. -- Deal breaker. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WBM. Let's get back to the calls here and the. It's poll. In south buffalo -- life was simpler before. It's. I don't know where does that happen exactly all of the way. When I left home and became an adult and had to -- videos and began dating. Whole plethora of being grown. How many times in your life have you asked yourself the question when life actually feel as though I've grown up Paul. Got I'll wait my whole childhood I wanted to be grown they'll actually got here wanted to be a challenge. You know thank you. I'm the same. We would have liked you know we've led to. I don't wanna put you guys soul -- but two people calling in with what they could have achieved nearly perfect mind meld. Because a I'm still waiting to grow up beat. I remember how much easier things were when other people do -- do stuff for your. And after early word you have to do what it. All right Paul thanks a lot and appreciate the call. -- livery to your brother take it easy and I hang in there. All right it is coming up -- 655. -- nice way to end the show I don't wanna take it more calls because I wanna leave of that upper high note plus I'm out of time. Folks I will bring this back as a topic. Life was simpler. And and better more enjoyable before blank. Because. We always look at the good old days and I always like to throw the copy -- in the year. That the old days if you wanna really think gee I wish I was born when a rush Revere was riding the horse. Yeah role. That was also an era where your entire village smelled like. Your village was redolent with. Some OPEC is we tend to glorify. Point it seize the moment. Point is I got to end of the week thanks to. Joseph B yet be a -- -- for being here today master control. And some secret I've faced the judge juror for vehicles career. -- Know you're self. Yeah.

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