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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>3-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

3-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Mar 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 got a dvd -- I -- the hope that he would rate -- -- If the whole look. Anxious and -- -- maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the -- is definitely feel stupid. Why have people in charge. Yeah. I'm not really I don't know what they. Anybody. Kind of evicting -- people know me. I'm very happy. These mediums including you know -- -- one simple request. Somebody asked to have sharks let her -- -- At all. Itself by our live news radio I'm thirty WBM thank you so much for being here thanks for making me part of your day thanks for making me part of your life -- try to save at least -- today and I mean I really do. His consider me. Like. Consider me like you're weird uncle. Those are you a certain age -- just think major weird uncle Ben he's the one who like after you guys -- but he says. Now you've really was spot with a lot of stuff. That's all I want in life. Anyway up. Thanks a lot and help drive home is good don't get a decent day at work he did it. Hopefully we'll get a chuckle or three when you're driving home and hopefully you'll be informed no new news on the missing jetliner which is good. I mean not for the families. But. It means hopefully -- on with these asinine theories that people come up with. And if you ever want to seat the sad state to which media have some not just in the US but all over the world. In terms of logical thinking and thought processes. This Malaysian airlines story. I think everybody these -- back when it's all over with when it's all overweight. And just analyze. It is how it was. -- By people and some of the theories that were just outlandish and outrageous and were grasping at straws. Williams aka that's all you need to know William of talk from OCC a -- Look about capital link up on my FaceBook page except he was around well before. Social media. William of Aachen did not tweet therefore he does not exist all right anyway we're talking about. Alternative healing modalities and I don't feel like -- -- again but chiropractic. Massage. Reiki. -- it works with your body's energy some people -- some people don't touch but folks. One hour of Ricky last night. Energy work on my body I slept. The sleep of the dead for ten hours I didn't move. I put my -- -- mask on. I was out I awakened in the same position in which I've felt asleep that never happens usually the cap wakes me up in the middle of the night grooming my beard. Even Sheen due to leave me alone last night or. She did and I never felt. Anyway it funding thought of as a feline by your animal in the and that also has a lot of great comedic possibilities were -- ago it's at twelve minutes after five at WB and by the way Sean Hannity comes up to 7 o'clock -- -- -- good friend Michael Savage. Comes up from ten until one you know what I think your -- on whether Sean Hannity and Michael Savage I think it sandy beach and let's get to the calls on the WBD and or would it be. Here is Mary is and that Wilson Mary you're on WB and hello. This is Marion Wilson -- correct. It is. And that's an -- because some. I started going to -- camp with the terror factory in Canada initially. Struck out like many people. -- the middle Ager I was sold a chiropractor let's you know Charlotte and now it always believe interpret it well after this. -- -- and Michael across the order is because she can do more then what allowed on the side. Meaning. It's keeping their supplements that my body is. Is -- she can't -- there or she can recommend -- again and then after right. I can't the supplement she -- me to see it and each capable of telling my. It's there or -- Which is I don't know -- on Albert here and also she's been able to die out the most. You're this year and -- my life but my friend hollered help for the helpless. And I am sure that other chiropractors and event because their understanding of whole body swell. I'm I'm really it is Japan -- thing and you mentioned the Howell. The different parts to the different client. -- she can't -- me it would have been -- that you -- So I know and when you recommend the size. When I go from actual town and you slowly more so than -- noble. Beat the daylights out. You've remember I have to interrupt your -- you are the boss of your massage therapist at an massage therapist does it your way there are people who would tell me and and legacy and now I do it for friends I I gave up my license a little heated battle just what -- But if somebody needs intense work. And they say I need you to just beat the crap out of me because -- strong hey no problem of the two -- massages because I. Just to -- doing the massage is almost as relaxing as getting a massage seriously it really estimated loses -- is really weird energy connection that you get I'm not talking lover's sex it's just it's a weird energy connection. But some people want -- really really light. Now as a client I don't like light fool fool massage okay. I call it a fool for a massage seriously if it's no heavier than Mike -- -- my back ruffles. I'm up and four. Well I again I didn't know Obama's side but for the year but that -- have been very fortunate chill -- and such -- -- -- very receptive to my knees. So I have to say that's a great art science can now. Well something else you can put. And I'd forgive me for interrupting and I will not interrupt you again in this phone call I promise but I wanna offer suggestions of people on. If you can't. Get your massage first and then see your chiropractor. There is a local woman and I will not name her and embarrass her and I've known this I've know this young lady since we went to school together I -- way back when we went to school together. And she was -- all kinds issues and I would do a two hour massage for her. And then she would see your chiropractor. And the chiropractor. Would be amazed. At how much easier she was too -- jobs like just. Very little pressure so my advice is do the massage first and then immediately see your chiropractor and the results are going to be that much better and now I'm gonna shut up and what you speak. One now certainly I love your action and what you just said. -- -- -- for a long time I couldn't pay out acupuncture because she had. My body was not flowing well enough to -- up at acupuncture. But what you do that makes perfect sense what Chia. In that may well. Oh yeah and the land and I guess I feel a little bit hard. I noticed that. And -- now based -- bit on the epic treatment that she is to get in Canada called -- -- forces stretched right. That you probably a bit chill. I don't believe I mean I I've never really experienced a -- apathy and I I I have no strong beliefs one way or the other. I write my -- only to say that may be something come in the forefront they'll all lipstick attitude opposed -- Simply MD. Yup I tried I try to hold me up with the once and I don't think detect qualifies me to offer an opinion. Yeah exactly anymore -- that they -- like it that you can't get somebody who really out here she is doing. Otherwise it's not. Well this program are you married the next time you see massage therapist. Do it right before you see the chiropractor. And she won't have to do. Any heavy touching at all see I like the size which somebody beats the crap out of me and -- chiropractor who is going to be strong enough to get through my muscles actually cracked what has to be cracked. -- -- -- And I and I can't. -- when I need that -- and -- how it's all news I know it's solid stone massage and boy that was really active site and really worked in that. And I want cheap anymore but that the land they were my brother with a row of an issue like spinal surgeon. It and in our flow and you work for. I don't need to know I don't need to know don't need -- now. Well I don't. And interestingly the -- to pray that you I'd like to go to chiropractor. Which I found it. Really uninteresting lot and and so maybe some they want it out loud maybe some will tell you that but the AMA really holster and I. Well only 50% of the doctors belong to the AMA anyway it's the most overblown organization in the world. Kind of like doctors who off the record will say yes -- is a good analgesic -- publicly -- never argue for a cricket is all kinds that he would come down on him. All right -- they can break call out great call my my pleasure well. Alternative medicine do you do any government and I'm not embarrassed at all to say I think that when you find the right chiropractor it can be a light Saber. When you find the right massage therapist it'll make -- huge difference when you find the right reiki practitioner. And -- committee view I don't reiki and as we'll be talking about martians okay. Your body has energy spent at the theory is your body -- energy sometimes with touch sometimes without touch. Ricky is designed to center you better. And I don't know what better way to define it if it -- actors -- What other logical reason would there be for me to sleep ten hours last night -- not even -- And I didn't even take any drugs and no and no Valium a Benadryl but the like that is slept that is not. Are right now don't say it Joseph don't say happy ending now now it's reiki. And by the way massage therapists I just have one simple request during the massage ST a few. I want quiet. I want peace. I -- wanna talk I don't wanna be talked to. I just want quiet and relaxation. And please in the name of all this whole. Could you please take every any song off your damn iPod. -- Let's find out about traffic right now on a -- I'm pretty sure he's got any is greatest hits on his life good talent there -- -- And -- we're looking at 35 degrees right now the temperature is it gonna move much overnight so what you feel is what you gonna get tomorrow. -- snow showers in spots in the AM otherwise cloudy and breezy 39. -- get this guys tomorrow night August this is why I get very discouraged during the fall weather forecast estimate to be the bearer of bad tidings. Breezy and colder Saturday night couple of snow showers what do you think the overnight -- going to be Saturday night fourteen Frick and agrees. Really fourteen and on its arch. I say it again. Up by the way those who drive in Williams bill greased street and union getting a -- decision you gotta make brick by the school where. There is ducks everywhere look up for the box crossing the road. Look up the box crossing the road. If I ever see anybody intentionally running him over it will be ugly. Because I lose. What I do tell our rule -- Andy all right 522 a WB and here is. Dina in Amherst. Welcome to the home of the 92 most important radio talk show host in America according to talkers magazine. -- -- a -- WB MA. -- -- rolling well. Here. Or not. I totally agree on -- and it actually. About. Reiki practitioners and eat out about. What lifers. Like you know I didn't I went in. Knowing what repeat what you can -- Apparent let me -- kind of camp I'm confused are you surprised that a guy -- was a conservative area and who was labeled by the laughed as being some kind of closed minded neo Nazi and by the way that's kind of funny too because Nazis were socialist. Are you surprised that I'd be so open minded to alternative modalities. You know all learned that you're someone that second someone. Try to get there. You know there's no question about it. But with all that I have to try it once and -- -- And you you can see the benefit. You know it's so interesting Dina you said that. You have provoked a thought in me and I'm gonna keep you till after the news if you've got the time because obviously the subject is right up your Alley. But it's -- I cannot and pure -- prove this I cannot produce data I can't to a computer spreadsheet to show it. But I knew. After my very first reiki session a few years back. That it worked in the they have to keep on doing it. Unfortunately. Life got in the way I stopped taking care myself in that way and like -- say last night was the first time in years and I slept like the -- So what will hold on alternative medicine do you believe in what do you do. I mean look I am ashamed at all of trying alternative modalities. And I wish that. The medical community the alternative people and the more mainstream people which -- get together -- a little bit more open minded to each other because it's not. Just the MPs who don't like. Alternative medicine people so alternative medicine people are militant against MD's and folks there's a place for everybody you've got to find the mix that works well for you. As my personal opinion on WB. Back other topic I wanna introduce along with this one because. Well I guess I have eight DDH. Eight I don't remember what it's called now. Irony. But ally -- life was simpler. Before what. I wanna talk about alternative medicine please understand. -- because -- a big believer in project to find what's right for you. But. -- -- -- The other day that life had gotten really complicated. And really complex. And it dawned on me that I needed adult. Candidate. Hillary get back to Medina in Amber's too is a reiki practitioner who is not amaze or surprise at all. That this conservative aryan guy. On the radio would be open to chiropractors. And an energy and reiki. And massage all my goodness so -- What is your experience with -- how do you practice you -- laying on of hands thing the is simply do the energy work how long bury your sessions and more importantly how draining are your sessions. -- You know it's big and I asked that because they -- they the woman last night. I told you that I did not have a -- session in over a year and I knew that my energy patterns all. Messed up considerably. Once you start. At that your credit your body is green -- more eat more eat it. But -- -- I like I. The person get all of -- for the person practicing their reiki. You are basically. Dealing with some heavy duty energy okay. And the depending on the person. I don't know what you mean depending on the person is he -- -- persecute some people have some you know and that buildup. Well you know -- Okay well I looked OK somebody like myself or somebody else who's never tried -- who desperately needs like relaxing or energy refocused. When you leave an hour long session Hollywood it does to you as the practitioner because I know the answer but I want people to know the answer. Well there's there's there could be an immediate effect some problems something -- -- very energized after and sometimes I'm just. I can just -- about. And then after a couple hours there were couple days even and it's still affecting me. -- And did you hear what I said earlier about vampires. That's correct that's so you're saying might just -- He's accurate look it up with just like your players can hear. Energy yes. -- I can forget where I was going with the. A bit -- for people who -- listening. I made the reference earlier to vampires as being people who walk into -- room who sucked the energy out of Rome and if you're reiki practitioner and you're dealing with somebody who is an energy -- -- it is got to be literally draining for. And then there's people -- Are particularly that type of person but they debate can. Britney and other people's -- not even know we like. There's no way to describe it it's really understand. You know it's such a hard thing to do. Well I think what you say about people have to experience it is is is correct and really do. And it's it's it's an ever evolving experience for me has been doing it for years straight right now I just got my arm Ricky master. -- Which means that now I can teach. And that are complemented each hole is just completely changing my I myself might eating. Do you also I hope. I guess there is no right or wrong answer editors but you also are aware of your own limitations and you also know when somebody is so Fargo on you can't help them you wouldn't eat I -- And -- of -- and she kept quiet -- then a couple weeks ago and she sent her -- wouldn't even go near him he went to go. The way hurt him on him and hurt she gets the crystal crystal. And come to find out. -- what. Actually. There. Oh ill intentions. Well well. Well look if you go to a place and they're not Asian don't expect a happy ending. All right look out sorry I get this that remember I got the Asian guard to play I'm glad you called in -- and -- really. I'm happy to talk to somebody who who. Who gets -- and because -- most people -- I mean look what my own mom but he she does not understand -- My brother I try to explain this to him he would just it would be lost on him it's something you've got to experience. -- -- -- thank you very much a reiki basically folks is energy works and people use hands some people use their hands touching. Some people use it is very close to the body. And it's like anything else the more you do with the better you become at detecting. -- hear you need to be. A good massage therapist can regional body like a -- Like about -- if if -- go to friends back -- no immediate. Where I have to be. And it again it's the training and it's the experience. And I know I'm not looking for clients I don't charge and we do friends anyway. Let's go to Joseph in buffalo on the WB and Joseph hello. I don't have served a victory in the local. Welcome to the club. There. Okay well. I did some problems -- you knew it was all the food that was beaten. Woke up out of that would be -- -- -- in the land that was and so what you -- just to go to -- -- through. That happen to me once that frankly Cipro took got to win a couple of probably two different things. DL well then. It tucked right away from the actually go to casinos go through usual answer to what herbs and -- -- -- help sell gold. So right there to do that austerity organic and we do what 222 pounds. And that would both -- to go away -- sixty KK game anyway had I pray. Oh did you also go to the Dominican Republic on vacation Leo okay just wondering. What. You know it all what you eat and people -- organic cute it's so expensive that. From what I used. English and that we have remained. You know what you have said Joseph what you have said is remarkable. It up for you -- Because again I hate to seem like -- you know you you took the words right out of myself. But I know exactly. Of what you speak. I feel a million times better since I gave up diet -- express I still have the occasional by Pepsi or diet snapple but I used to go through that crap by the carton now in order a drink I drink water with all natural true lemon no -- cultural lemon flavor. It's not chemical at all. And it's made a big difference and as far as food. Do you know if I noticed -- fast food hamburger joint -- have a fast food hamburger. Within an hour I just feel like I got hit by a truck I can't beat their crap anymore. That's great president who -- -- more than thirty organic food. Your body changes your buddy told you what it wants. There was stuff that I would never even thought of eating -- -- just like you know there's stuff where. Occasionally look at myself public way to -- heating system dictate could be. -- the world like your body telling you hate this what you need sole weapon if -- -- president. For you don't want it. Story Joseph idea October surprise storm. Okay. We at the radio station is kind of like. Working in radio station managers when crews are putting in a lot of time. So often order out. And what they order out they get pizza and wings wings and pizza pizza and wings and finally after like four days in a -- this crap. I finally said you know lot. Enough pizza and wings how about some fresh vegetables about some salad. And all my gosh you wanna talk about a huge difference my goodness. There's nothing there's nothing quite like a freshly tossed salad. You know actually it -- -- in the food it is -- could be -- could be used to eat this food it used to be great at what it but it was like I was addicted to it. And wake up and aborted. It and I -- my way forward deeper better what I want police -- like game that lake. -- -- -- -- the TV about seven years ago and that which felt let. Internet I've -- it would -- the commercial was you know. See Joseph here's the thing you sound -- look I know that. Being a single man with caps I know what people say about. Okay you sound like a real man you Celek a buffalo guy you got a lot of crap from your friends are people know you about what you eat and won't eat because. I call me but when I tell people like -- even watching watched the -- chicken wings and -- they look at me like I was born on your readiness if. -- -- Yeah if you go to parity isn't -- the spread but yeah well because he's sick now. Actually it's like. I but when you need to it would eat a lot of food a tribute to -- and myself -- There are you sure we're not like. Are you sure that you're not a hologram of -- yeah because we style like the same person everything you're saying I'm like nodding my head. That's bizarre. All right so what else -- in addition to eating organic you do anything wacky like Ricky enormous -- as your crystals or meditation or IG. Bill but I -- That opposed. I won't learning new things you know anything that can helped put. You know your people what sail aboard an update I would say it to win it -- even hurt more than adults because. You'd change your -- the -- and so the issue. Pick your river. Forward you know you -- a week ago with somebody people do things plate. Always the thing is located. It will what anybody says today to meet for. Organic food. It's like when you see people that are overweight those people or government. Or nutrition. You are so correct I get a lot I have to let you -- because. We basically sound like the same person people are gonna get confused. I'm glad you called her excellent and now all I can say is you know we must be related like really close we somehow the politics. I -- my my pleasure he's absolutely. Right. He is on every single thing he -- first of all folks. The only diet I will ever recommend is a free one. And it's not really -- diet as much as it is. A system to make you accountable for what you eat on a daily basis it's free. It's on the Internet it's called lose it dot com. The first week I lost that ten pounds because it may be accountable for what I was -- And then it was a gradual drop often wait. Now the last twenty pounds I lost I didn't need to lose and it didn't want to lose unfortunately I I became ill. With the food borne illness which really did a number. Calm and that's OK you know what I don't regret my travels. And pay the piper. Negotiator and wide about it. One of those is that that's been its life. Got problems that much. So what are you lose it dot com and then what you'll find is that what you'll actually notice the foods that make you feel better. You'll know when you feel energy and you'll know when you feel like slugger. You know when you feel absolutely like he could take on the world and when you think the world is just gonna kick in the Mets. So once you start losing the weight. If you pay attention to your own body it will tell you what it needs it will tell you what you Craig. And listen to your body. Listen to. Because it's always try to tell you something. Might as telling me I need to break. It's 547 news radio 930 WB EM. Hourly with you and if you see any traffic issues at all which you need to do is call RW BM traffic command at 8030321. 80380321. That is the number to call whenever you see major traffic issues happening and Alan Harris always appreciates the help I know we'd do on WB yeah. She is it. AccuWeather our computer died out of Arafat aide Jim Kelly you're listening to the show our chief -- chart while our computer guy. Joe's computer has nose -- and I we have no audio now from that computer. Tonight it will be cloudy a touch of snow and rain at times little or no accumulation. Overnight low 33. Tomorrow 39 cloudy and breezy tomorrow night we're gonna beat out of fourteen spank him degrees. Right now 35 at news radio 930 WB -- OK gang. We have. Two topics and I'm just gonna focus on the one for right now that I'll really introduced the second topic after the 6 o'clock news. Do you believe in alternative. Medicine do you do anything that's a little doodle like. I believe chiropractic has a place and I know this because. It helped my neck the rotation to the left in my -- After three peasants with my chiropractor. That I I lucked out on done healing relief awesome ness. So there's that. Reiki how you know it's called it about acupuncture. Acupressure. Reiki massage. Ever. Here's frank and William bill -- WB and frank you are on what are you don't it's a little bit whack a -- health wise. Well I wouldn't say that first of all I'd like to -- -- -- from Colorado two years ago real quickly and I have been listening to you that time and you are absolutely -- a breath of fresh -- esoteric -- what they're edition and a big dollar camera so I love it. Well I you know I I didn't hear which is out of her big dollop of humor but I did not hear what you said before. I should. Essence Erica. Matched -- have -- edition and a big dollop of humor. I'd really appreciate the fact that you totally get me after coming here from Colorado you just made my whole week thank you very much. -- that's what I hope. Hoping to be that's exactly my brand myself. Well -- it's a pleasure and I want to just. Explain something that had been involved in business level about thirteen years ago in northern New Jersey. Hospital which has since become a teaching hospital I won't name it but they were very traditional Allen Patrick you know which which is word that you used were that normal. No medicinal. Medical harm upon a -- from ecological. Our direction and all of a sudden they raised a great deal of funds and added on -- to the hospital. And it was almost on the other side of the kept indoors it was a beautiful and amazing match and I was part of a tour with about fifty people and the president of the hospital Accenture Accenture and the interesting thing happened. Meeting a bit -- we got about we walked into this atrium. Water. Waterfalls in the middle just. Absolutely no money spared on either side -- Either side of the battle where acupuncture -- you just mentioned. She's a practice. Reiki massage. Sudden. Something rather forget -- -- I couldn't take it anymore stopped and it said. -- Two years ago these were considered quackery. And he turned around the person in at 101000 dollars to say yes but they haven't really code now. OK I want to. Talk -- more after the news I have to break this is not optional I must do it. Because I want I'm gonna want your opinion. On whether it's quackery. And just for the billing code after the news or case or what I want you think about that so watch -- hold on okay. Our our right if you can't I hope you can't. Because. In other a lot of things used to be considered quackery that proved to be efficacious. Now I don't know let's put it this way folks I don't know that reiki. For example energy work is ever going to be empirical -- measurable. I don't know all I know is tell me why else I slept an -- like the dead last night. Haven't done that a long time. The message on a W media.

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