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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>3-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

3-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Mar 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I wore us down upon the -- with great. Think yeah if you go to the -- to attempt -- moderately anxious and my -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm -- -- protest it was because of guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied when. There really is nothing like a short time now. Hey it's not mind he's 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. Man it doesn't like my great great great grandkids your tapes of this or whatever platform they capital listen to it I'm. They're gonna get an insulated like psychology. Just wasn't gonna show intro is they're gonna say well. Craig Craig Craig -- but the total degenerate scum that let me. -- hit it. To family tradition folks anyway it's at ten minutes after four. At WBM now wanna warn you if you're driving it back if you got a camera and you can safely take a picture 33 eastbound a bike -- street. Nasty accident and that is up back up. The you know basically goes on and start to clear it out but if you wanna get a picture of the back up. Do like the do you want to break okay -- send -- to newsroom at WB EN dot com newsroom at WB EN dot com in fact Alan Harris this is such a serious situation. Allen is working like triple duty today Allen. IE I quake that I bowel before the majesty of your diligence and hard work. Yet I hope everybody is okay from the accident but I I have to tell you -- -- and what -- AccuWeather. There's not gonna change and it is just it's the same frigate whether it's going to be till July. Done all right so anyway. As part of it is -- -- Betsy was whether spoken like a true buffalo audio or not. You know seriously. We have. Authorities until Frick in July done. A bomb. In troll like here there's something called the golden -- And basically. Jersey statistical table. Used in trauma. And it goes something like this the faster. You get to a trauma center. Within one hour after suffering trauma the greater the odds are not only of survivability. But of a better than normal recovery. All right it's called the golden power. And -- all and I looked I hope nobody got hurt in the accident on the 33. But in that it is a stone's throw from a level one trauma center EC MC. If you're gonna get in a bad accident. And it's survivable. There would not be a better place to get into an accident. So if this is your loved ones and their you know and her alive. To invade their chances of getting through this are excellent. May elicit some to they still have plus four plus three scales they use for injuries. Plus four meaning nobody's -- much like JFK. I don't know but. Anyway you know seriously thank god we've got EC MC on the big I'm a big fan. But EC MC and the people over there I don't think you'll find -- more dedicated our group of individuals. In the medical field. Ever. A bit family members at EC MC I'd go there might rabies shots -- rabies shots and I just can't say enough good things about that everybody. I've ever dealt with these GMC. Now. Let us advance here and talk about alternative medicine and what you use. Because remember folks there's a time when chiropractic. Chiropractor was thought to -- hocus pocus. And I have to tell you that I think some chiropractors are out of line. I think some chiropractors. Are idiots. First of all it took about five or six chiropractor before I found the one right for me. Which is why I can't recommend -- to you know because I need to face up. People with whom I work can verify this and that I'm not trying to brag. But I happened to be a very strong five -- 75 foot eight guy I'm strong I'm built like -- a powerful -- -- try to say Joseph would you agree about agree disagree try to sort of all. So you felt like biceps. Are right I think that I'm a powerful guy. And terms of my muscular pitcher ate my doctor woody what lately does that work out what does he -- he says this is gonna hurt because you don't have that you're all muscle. So -- Biggio so anyway we -- to joke. You're strong. But the only people seriously never underestimate the strength of short men because we can surprise. Anyway. Where was -- now -- so I need a guy who can basically beat the crap out of me. Because he's strong enough which represents 99.9 percent of the other guys in the world -- But I need a guy who's gonna be able to squeeze me. And get everything. Joseph if you take this recording and you added onto the -- and gay one. I insist upon play good on the year before the end of today show let's put it that what I need a guy who's going to be able to fully adjust me which requires a significant amount of strength. Because of my muscle structure. I wish I could say I'm a gym rat I'm not I would it's just it's heredity I don't know why are built where I am -- probably like descended from biggest. That'd be my luck. Well -- you actually have some kind of rare tertiary syphilis pick -- aspects of 15100 years great. Anyway. But. I told you earlier if you're listening. That because I discovered a chiropractor who worked for me. I was able to avoid neck and shoulder surgery I could not rotate my head to the left my chiropractor one visit improved to 50%. Two more visits 100%. Relief. No drugs known -- Just relief. From the pain and the ability to rotate they had to turn -- right to left right to left and around okay. -- Linda Blair in the exorcist except less pronounced. Now Ricky I brought that up earlier. It's an Asian thing yeah I know. I've never eaten dog or cat and I never will just say you know I think that's gross hell I don't even like chicken wings anymore. But it's based on the idea that we all have energy in that we all produce energy. And I'm sorry folks. How many of you know vampires. Ali's off the deeper and where's the heads. I don't vampires. And by vampire I don't mean people will sleep and caskets by day and then get up at night in suck -- I'm talking about people who walked into the room. And the energy level just goes it goes black hole as CNN would say you know people like this. You work with a vampire. Somebody who walked into the office and immediately all of the energy is drained from it. There are people I swear to you folks I'm not making this up and -- -- there are people who can brighten a room. They walk again and it's like. All like gosh I don't know why Mike did just got a lot better. Because they project is energy that is a good decent. Lively energy. I call -- angels. Not literal religious angels but angels of energy. And folks if you've ever operated eight flir camera. I have. Com you'll understand a little bit better. But. Basically folks with -- it's kind of like energy massage. Now some reiki practitioners will later hands on you some well it depends on their school of training. But I want to ask is -- -- votes. And and and seriously just what you think about there's. And and again folks I'm I actually do have a background in this -- I was a licensed massage therapist. I did not bother to renew my massage license because I need. -- I don't have time to do for money. And the people for whom I do what our friends and a look at a charger friend especially I don't need the money you know seriously. And I'm not saying -- -- -- How how horrible what ice what I feel saying OK I give him a hundred bucks go to somebody I've known for twenty years well I know I can't operate there. So anyway. Can I do with work -- different story that's called work. But. I'll tell you that. Many of you commented -- yesterday -- a picture right put up of myself. In my office and you said -- looked tired. Well. I was feel a little tired it had got a lot of sleep the night before because of the winds they just kept me up. Generally speaking. Before -- I will usually take. Some Valium. All right just a smooth out the rough edges and helping fall asleep. Even with the Valium. Were only talking about five hours. That's it. Last night after my first reiki session in over a year. I am not exaggerated. I laid down. And for ten hours I did not who I fell asleep and exactly the same position in which I I'm I'm I awakened in exactly the same position in which I felt asleep. Now you can say it's Psycho semantic. Okay that's a good explanation. But I know what I sleep well. I slept like the dead last night. Because she adjusted my energy tonight prove it no I cannot. But I know what feels good and I know when energy is in balance -- -- it's not a ballots. And I wish that those of you with your MD degrees. Would be a little more open minded to some of the alternative modalities that are out here. In terms of centering one's energy whether it's massage whether it is reiki. Whether to some people believe in reflexology. I'm not sold out but a lot of people are. Some people believe in crystals green tea -- -- also over whatever. 8030930. What do you do that people think it's kind of weird medically. -- I go to a chiropractor which now is normal but I also do reiki. I received reiki massage. Am a player -- I've been given a choice between narcotics and massage I'll take massage every day except I couldn't afforded -- well. I would -- and the money every day. It is about twenty minutes after for a WBBM. Be due to a view long time -- -- out -- -- traffic right now massaging your through the jam on the 33 is that Allen Harris Allen. And let me give me the right now for 22 who at news radio 930 WB EM sorry gang but what's the point in due to forecast where you know we're gonna end up anyway. I want your phone calls. Do you do anything that would be considered alternative. Medicine. And I'm a big believer in chiropractic when you find the chiropractor right for you all now I have to say this up. I started to go off on chiropractors and wanna finish that thought. There are some chiropractors I can't stand. Because I believe they are practicing outside their realm of expertise. For example. The guys who say well you know role if your spine is out of alignment you increase your risk of cancer. If your spine is in alignment you decrease your risk of cancer. And I think the myself dude you -- just decrease the chance to by being a patient 100%. Stick with what you know. We get back to a man has to know his limitations. And the minute a chiropractor starts trying to tell me that chiropractic. I will do for me what Viagra is supposed to do a lot of other. Here's as far as I'm concerned a chiropractor is qualified to put ball and back into position. And make sure that everything is cope -- with the skeletal structure which in turn will help the muscular structure. Makes perfect sense and it's worked for me. But when the chiropractor start going off on the -- engines. And start getting real weird on me. Forget about it I won't go back to. 803 on -- thirty is the phone number we'll start taking calls after 430 on this and I think this is a great topic. 'cause I know about the only person who has gotten relief from Ricky. -- were. Massage or chiropractors. I daresay. If I only had MD's I'd be screwed. Really they -- three on -- thirty start I'm 3180616. WB I can't wait to hear from you my fellow weirdos on WB via. Human beings -- -- -- it's. It's not suited to a team that wants him to -- home. No Politico the Alec after a Stratocaster or less Paul's once again it's gonna buy all three. Is that does that make sense anybody out there anybody. Away you know we always say the buffalo is you know the biggest were living room in the world. A day earlier this week. Does anybody remember. I forget whether I talked about this on the here or whether it was on FaceBook but somebody brought up the name Adidas -- that I said yeah well. Were politically miles apart. But -- we have mutual friends. And I respect her for actually investing like a capitalist. In rehabbing that old church -- with righteous babe records we should put our money work out that is she didn't ask for your money she's given herself. I respect that. So. I get honest to god folks I'm not making this up. I had no idea. You know -- we just hired. Unease brother Ross is whatever salespeople now at WB and I had no idea that was even in the works. So anyway I we used to work together back in the early nineties. Way to win and now Ross is back in the fold Indies are well known and well respected that account executive in the buffalo area. And that's good to be -- be working with them welcome back Ross and while it's like welcome back but it's like you've never left. All right it is up for 34 -- news radio I'm thirty WBE and the -- alternative. Medicine. Do you do it I'd love to hear from MD's. In your thoughts on alternative medicine. And I'm just gonna say one more thing before IE. Before I take calls and that is this. Up again. Always honest with you about these -- Recently have told based on the CT scan bit. My brain is messed up. That you know what that goes in so many directions no it's not what you're thinking it's. It's called cerebral vascular lights it's not a brain tumor. Does not affect my thought processes I don't think much bomb is nothing like that it's just it's a it's something that usually is there are two causes main causes or ideology ease of said that. Cerebral vascular lightest day you're born with it and given my great genetic spin of the wheel that's probably what happened -- -- -- it. The other thing is it can be an auto immune disease which would also makes cents. Because I've told you guys I have not been the same since I got back from the Dominican Republic. The food borne -- but I caught down there is still in me and it is not gone away. And probably never will would you sum that I'm gonna have to deal with a chronic basis and it's OK you know it's like whatever. But. The doctors. Wanted me to do an engine program. Which again pain. I don't care about physical pain anymore -- used to I don't anymore I don't feel. You know -- manager -- are gonna go through my groin up. Certain arteries and that in the migrant. And take a look at what's going on. I thought about it and said I logically walk myself through. Even with this test. The ultimate treatment is going to be the same there's only one the treatment to manage cerebral vascular like this it's called for Arizona to steroid. So whether or not I go through the angiogram it's still is going to be prep is well. The more I thought about it the more I thought you know what my out of pocket on this is gonna be about to grant. I just -- spend that money for a week and a half of debauchery in Jamaica. Which will do -- more good then another insult my body and the risk of infection. So why that's why turned on the edge program because it wouldn't have changed the treatment at all. I did the same thing with my pacemaker to. Halter malfunctioned twice they wanted to do it again I said know get the -- pacemaker and and they did it. After all I went to the university of Google medical school so I'm qualified to make these decisions. But. Alternative medicine. -- open my fourth or do you think it's all a bunch hocus pocus. I think that all healing modalities have their place including medical doctors I'm not bashing medical doctors or surgeons please don't misunderstand me. And it about a car crash a -- reiki can I wanna go to EC MCI a level one trauma center are right. If I got a concussion and I'm gonna go to doctor Levy if he's the best. So let's get to our calls Dominic in Erie PA you're on WB a pledge of holding dominant welcomed the show. Yeah all that but we -- this segment did you accept. Actually yes I did -- in cohorts in coordination with Joseph beamer who is my resident country music and eighties music expert. I -- just a little surprising to me I'm. Do we play -- before. That's -- surprise you you don't surprise jump if I ever come back with a Helen ready box if I come back with a Helen -- -- you have my permission to kick me in the new ads or what's left of them if you ever beat me. Okay. I. I guess we'll call it practice. Chi gong which is for the white -- Primarily stationery. And I I use it in place wanted to chiropractor I don't know very often unless you really need to -- And I find that helps out there in back in line. So it's called she'd -- longer and -- I'm sorry I can't cure when you talk when I'm talking. -- know you you go ahead because I wanna make you you're making a point. Our wallet is indeed his way to find if you wanted to do any kind of a search what are the most common. Techniques would be called -- circles standing. I did that to make -- -- we might have a different definition whole month. But it it's a missionary Tai -- And it is just. The prospect help or lying -- joints and get the energy flows. More open to open up any blockages in in Europe. In your meridian street you know the energy okay we're so what I guess -- Ricci your read it. Breaky breaky but okay. Out of what you wanna hold Dominique we need the talks that we're not gonna do a traffic at 440 -- as -- situations cleared up pocket. Well what are the things about you you just mentioned energy parents and I talked before about knowing vampires not the -- to go see you know blood -- time but the people who will suck the energy right out of our world. -- in radio there called consultants. -- Stick -- and there's also people who just immediately brighten up well you know like whenever I walk into -- room it just brightens up like you wouldn't believe I've just a ray of sunshine sell. Joseph beavers Levin is as of right now so can you describe what you mean when you say energy patterns within the human body because most people I talk to think -- crap. Well. I'm not an expert but the human body uses electricity. For all of its functions. And you know if you think would be the nerves. As electrical wiring a conduit sometimes they -- -- And so the other doesn't blow it's free music is good. We -- what you found pot -- maybe caused pain discomfort in in certain joints. Similar if you like -- A blood -- And if you can open up those those -- Everything flows a little easier there and -- you become more efficient. Hole is in the summertime where you get that -- in the hallways and up and is getting there. Exactly and then you get back -- -- And you know maybe your arm doesn't work as well as as people understand the concept of chiropractic putting that well you know it did joint. In the right location quality elect electrical circuits need to be in the right location as well. Well you know what what you're saying to some people there listening and they're -- all your full of crap but I wanna tell you something Dominick I probably told this story a couple of times on the year before. But I trained as a licensed massage therapist at the new York institute of massage was the hardest school I ever attended I thought it was gonna be a cakewalk. The institute of massage was more grueling than six years of UB -- it was like premed. Within six months it was amazing. And I learned a lot about anatomy physiology and everything else but. There have been times where I've been working on on a client okay or friend. And I will literally feel their pain shoot up through my fingers all the way up to my shoulders. Others those scientific bases rationale for that whatsoever. But you know but in it doesn't happen all the time it would happen maybe once every fifty Clijsters. We're actually I could feel old like 88 almost like electrical shock. A bigger -- and going through my body. So when you talked about body having energy patterns I know what you're talking about the try to convince people. Who don't know the concept is like trying to convince people that third goal is exciting to watch -- Yeah I I would I would tell you in what can check out victory circle standing IG and it -- you did do. And it's very difficult to do we're wrong to the point where you'll hurt yourself you may not get any benefits. Almost impossible to conjure up any added in your. I will look that up online and I'm sure my listeners will as well three circle standing Tai -- Thank you for the call -- I never would have guessed you were into this stuff we talked a million times I never would've guessed. 45 years aside jujitsu like I've taken a lot of. Yeah how about modified probably guy you're -- that. You know to be honest that's just some other nationality trying to collapse martial arts. No no no it's called dirty as hell street fighting that teaches you how to maim kill and destroy with a minimum of effort. Maybe step -- thanks very much and glad you called -- All right -- You know the first few times get punched in the face it hurts but after the first few hundred you know you don't feel that you more seriously it's like well. Let's go to Eric in the -- Wanda on WB EN Eric you are on a closer. Hello kudos to X. Go -- night. Can Ortiz I presume note. You oh you're destitute in the side. Request would do -- you're used to massage. Morning class the first graduating class with my ex wife. Just all right excellent. My ex wife is a -- we've established that. I just -- -- new dishwasher. I realized it and have a working dishwasher at home so that was my little present to my ax anyway. Well I mean I didn't wanna do divisions at the birthday parties or that we just let them gather moss in the other in the dishwasher but. But anyway getting back to hear what what do you do what is your alternative medicine. Well I. Casual but we we had to learn a number of modalities as. As the track progress here to get -- licenses and and we have an opportunity to try and kind of figure out what worked for -- best as if therapists and and hopefully what we can convey to our clients. -- in the most constructive manner possible. And I personally found. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was fascinating was interesting. But most of the purpose and it went -- -- Guided towards that direction we're essentially -- -- I'm concerned we're we're lazy. And it would work at the massage actually went to the -- -- my personal opinion. It it was is that past answers that the way you feel now. No I. I have not had the opportunity. After all the years. To really. Engaging and can construct and therapy session with one who knew what they were doing another cut to today. I've really tried hard finding one this is that I got very frustrated very early. Well I have to tell you the difference between. Massage like Swedish massage which is at the modality they teacher at the new York institute of massage Swedish massage and Ricky. Are like night and day. Swedish massage deals with the tangible. The palpable. You know the feeling of the actual knots in the adhesion and try to work them out. That Swedish massage. Reiki. Focuses more on the energy flow and I never would have believed the difference unless I actually personally experienced it. And I have to -- here and believe me I was skeptical Eric I didn't go into thinking it was going to be a big deal the first session I have like five years ago. I would I would love to get it maybe possibly operator you what you were coming universities. You are gonna have to find your own person and I'm gonna tell you why because. You will know when you find the right person for you. And I'm not trying to dodge a bullet here. And I -- I will tell you off the one of the people and it was excellent OK so hold hold up. Our August I'll do repairs. After all it's a professional courtesy I'd be doing even though I didn't wanna pay Andrew Cuomo any more money for New York State massage license that I don't use if -- gonna work on somebody it's a friendship thing. -- our Manso hold hold put John hold. I'll get you the name guys up the year it's 447 news radio 930 WB yet it is hourly and we're talking about. Alternative. Medicine you know most of this week we get sick we go we go to an MD and I don't. I mean what am I go to we urologist when I need help with. You're illogical issues I go to -- or colleges if it's a neurological thing a cardiologist and so on and so -- Puts -- there's more to -- man it's mind body and spirit. Mind body and spirit. And I wish that the people who practice the different modalities or methods would be a little more open to one another. Because I think that working as a team you can really make a big difference for your patients clients for 48 -- Ian. All right there it is -- -- -- does it mornings and afternoons it's an enigma to me because I would have burned out years ago Alan -- -- he is art is working men here at the radio station on the being sarcastic. -- for today it's gonna be cloudy this -- a touch of snow and rain at times with little or no accumulation 33 the low tomorrow rain or snow shower in spots in the morning otherwise cloudy and breezy the high 39 for those of you will be snowboarding. Or -- whatever -- bill and the majority of the way that as your name right Joseph the latest temperature is. Still 35 degrees -- news radio 930 WB. ENRA. -- alternative. It calls ago. Hey guys if if you want all politics all the time I do want it. Sorry -- can't I can't dole jetliner were all the time -- This is a lifestyle topics. -- -- -- Do you do alternative healing modalities folks believe me there are folks who think that if you go to a chiropractor. You whack -- do. All right despite the fact that chiropractors. Helped a lot. And I will tell you absolutely positively. That without my chiropractor. I would probably at this point in -- and I've gone through shoulder surgery. But whatever was screwed up my shoulder eventually started screw it up the rotation of my -- chiropractor one year ago within three treatments completely healed -- To the point where I have the rotation of the neck like a twenty inaugural bugs I think that's amazing personally. -- other things to some people use crystals. Some people use. Dietary supplements some people use massage. All of big advocate of massage. And I'd like to insert my little me give you a happy ending -- -- here but I'm a big advocate of it because. It is. They want. A choice between a ninety minute massage where somebody is big in the knots. Out of your subs -- -- region. We're taking a pain pill or getting a shot -- McCain what do you think is more effective in the long term. About addressing the problem and it's source the knots the adhesion underneath -- -- -- All right let's go to -- guy in Batavia. On WB a guy what do you think alternative medicine do you or a loved one do you use it. Yes. I mean for the most part were LT and it's just a regiment of exercise and you know vitamin nutrition. I was also calling though that my mother at the same condition -- been diagnosed. All the young -- kill this thing. Yes she's that ball like that she was treated that is the later status report from not outwardly but. -- bottom. She ended up being treated here -- these you know effective reflect years ago and had a terrific urologist. They can do for all we can do is give you tried to zone -- that fit. Directly that a medic getting -- dosage correct is that critical fact that the issue is. I mean they've been getting her treatment we have another doctor in public -- and he really just gave him mega doses. God I you know what guy I I -- that pain in the -- patient with my doctors I look my doctors in the and I say. If this predator zone makes me look like a chipmunk I'm flushing it down the toilet and I will elected die young. Because I'm not gonna go through life looking like a damn chipmunk like my father -- And we've been. Our valley venture a lot of a different medical it is my brother at a map and also mistreated here in Western New York side by so that my kids -- respect our entire childhood going to hospital emergency. Yeah well the Bauerle family fortune I'm pretty sure built a whole new wing -- a certain nursing home and Elwood avenue and -- Wanda we laugh about it every time we go -- and the elevator still stink like thanks for the call. All right 8030930. Did you alternative medicine -- mean do you are you a patient of alternative medicine. No -- I'd never think go to chiropractor for cerebral vascular like this that's out of his or her practice here. My opinion. I go to a neurologist or brain surgeon. I want you for brain surgeon and surgery ever says relax it's not brains well Texas not radio.

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