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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>3-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

3-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Mar 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EF. I wore us down upon the he would -- -- benefit yeah if you go to the whole look up. Muslim tensions and my -- And you don't have this week. And they will have the decency to clean mind yeah this income. We've reached and now Christmas. Tom -- -- welcome. Seventeen I had news radio 930 couldn't quit cold -- completely cool whip yeah. Yeah yeah. Okay is there's a difference in public to enjoy the entrance and didn't find them now and then I took I chose my little well but with help from. -- fellow in the next room. Looks familiar. -- like John Sherman is our call screener. But no don't tell me don't -- don't give me any hints he looks awfully familiar the person behind the war economy before too long. Well it it's just got their facial recognition thing where if I see somebody that I haven't seen in a long time. I got that facial recognition thing oracle put two and two together so it'll come to -- don't tell me do not give me hints it will come. Anyway up -- -- good good all right anyway thank you for being with -- -- at the Friday. It seemed like it was a five day week does that. Does it -- that -- maybe. Now people complaining about the parking downtown. And let you know and I don't know -- -- -- -- get. If I have with the job. NF here. -- transportation authority. Once I knew the basketball lineups. What are the -- I would've bought some radio ads in the markets from which people are coming. -- setup press releases. That's free publicity. This press releases. To the media outlets. And you say. Please let your audience know that there will be gouging or extreme well -- gouging implies almost of the criminal. And we operate on a supply and demand basis year. Not in our economy. I pointed out yesterday that you know mark -- cars blow beating about the parking for sixty dollars. I don't see -- line saying a lot. Were such nice people in the county one I didn't gotta collect the county gasoline portion of the sales tax you can have that take that with you that the Dayton. Take that would give them with you factor at the Syracuse and it's just it's fall Venus. All of this is political posturing against capitalism. It is supply it is demand what do you think other radio talk show -- I -- name work for free. Wait if you think that when they're asked to do an endorsement they say oh well I'll be happy to do that are afraid well we want as much as we can get. I do I want it. So it. And if you wanna park close to the arena and you wanna pay the sixty bucks to do a free country. You have to know but it's -- if you want to but anyway here's a question. And it's a simple. Forestall what are other cities charging for parking other parking lots and other venues NCAA. What are parking prices that are. Bill what is there a supply and demand for park me that that that'll be interesting to find out never true. Sorry if I guess I'm giving the local newspapers -- ideas. Cerro. Maybe I shouldn't but I I guess I am anyway because this is just the way I think and the other thing is. Via an FDA. The minute I know. From which cities the people we're gonna be coming. I would let the local media outlets that are know that people could park for free -- you be self or listen L or justice who go to UB self. You'll be -- and take the train into the game and save some money. What you would bet. And unless again. I did -- 1 point this morning. With which I have to agree. Everybody's got their finger in the pie in buffalo. Any of the names any of the movers any of the shakers. The reason why you won't see public in person excoriated shouldn't. Is because one never knows were ones next campaign donation. Will originate. So. This is all -- the budget crap it's a big story over enough that the parking prices I'm sorry. It's capitalism it's supply it's demand. And anybody coming to a major event like -- -- always debt prices are going to be hot. They're going to be inflated supply that meant the demand is strong the supply is limited you charge what the market will bear. And if people are paying sixty dollars to park it's expected that to pay sixty dollars to park they may not like it but they'll do it. You know it's like the people cry for all the time how many people you know in your life. Who are continually say oh my god. -- -- money I got. My husband go to work. God I don't even make 20000 dollars this year all I -- that many a look at their fridge and they've got every kind of beer imaginable. And there every Friday and Saturday at the casino. It's usually Crimea river. You know this this isn't this is nobody's fault except your -- for bad why -- sorry to break the nosed play here. I -- I learned this at a very tender age. Well -- I was in my late twenties end up in Paris France. And this is not a recreated yesterday's show. But we do have some new people with us including some people behind the glass of the -- -- -- -- -- good as yesterday but we. It until it's going to be like this all day I'm just warning you sell bend over baby I'm driving our right. Metaphorically speaking metaphorically speaking. But. A lot of good at that moment I walked up to help tell bar. In Paris and I said. Tiger right tonic he will play Taylor -- place. And of the guys I forget what French. It is for ten I just remember. Here's it's been awhile since I've had a French Canadian -- answer. Is another girl from -- to Beers. I don't -- others. Recent civil war between the Canadian strippers between the French Canadian women who were have been put out of work by the know most of period women seriously. They don't make you have a go to these places under saying good -- cultural anthropology. Part summons me. Two places and ends of inequity. And I must explore. So I can relate these stories to you about life on the other side part of what I do. So away. Ten dollars for -- I learned -- lesson. Went in Paris one does not drink kangaroo and tonic because it's too expensive. I don't know I just that this story about the parking it -- it just kind of makes me laugh in -- -- what were you expecting. Were you expecting a free market. We're expecting ten dollars for all they are about twenty dollars for at all what what exactly would have been Federer. And the parking lot owners. Know -- folks. Here's the latest tell all that this this statement by pulling guard -- or just political posturing is. Didn't invite out of -- descendant receipts from gas stations so he can write the check. To reimburse them for the county sure of the sales tax for gas to get back home know. Did he invite them to send in their hotel -- also they can reimburse the county bed tax no. So you know again it's hypocrisy is what it is and people in the media who criticize the parking lot orders also hypocrites. Because we don't work for free. Do you think that if somebody offered. Somebody offered the radio station. Who thousand dollars per minute and poorly for a legal product that we wouldn't take that we be idiots not to. We have to pay we had people -- It's either that is -- and people. Folks I just I just I don't understand -- You don't work for free I don't work for free. And as -- -- a million times and this is a very easy concept. In your life -- of a finite number of years during which you can expect to maximize your earning potential. In those years you must maximize your earning potential if you choose not to -- cry -- -- You know especially don't cry poor and then when I open up your refrigerator to -- that you have a beer or -- -- water something. I don't wanna see Sam Adams. I don't wanna see our -- Yunel -- Odyssey. Pennsylvania you water beer all honesty and don't tell me about your weekend jaunts to the casino. It really. Serious yet cracked or how much money to drop the casino. I think that it's like they say about the lottery its attacks on idiots if the tax on people who don't do math very well. I play the lottery Y -- I'm an idiot. Be my mathematical skills are suspect until you get to a certain level math were becomes interesting to me. And not number three joked you're still alternate -- Bob just to 104 dollars in the diversity lottery last week I -- uttered before I couldn't believe advocate -- said well. I'm thinking to myself what what is that thing showing in my -- again. And everything and the committee said did you want player's choice -- 304 -- like it. I didn't say kid I used another word than it looked around quicker than us I mean that Nokia. -- -- -- But it but the lotteries cost me more money published I spent -- -- -- 104 dollars. How much that I spent the gave them money over the years of playing the state lottery I spill are still way ahead of the game I'm still way behind. All that because it's patently stupid. But it's you know it is it's -- the door -- rush gambling is an indoor for an edge especially quick draw. Seriously. Quick draw it is video crack. Once you start with quick draw. Especially if you win like your first few times it's tough to go. It really -- because we think the next five minutes is gonna change your -- Ought to try to form number out of -- dollar it's. And that's when you take all is it. Sometimes you get. Lucky I've won big and quick draw -- relatively big. But again I'm not further ahead of it I had I I kept my receipts of the losses was able to take the losses against everything I ones it was tax neutral. Anyway it is I've -- Georgia to think ahead. Like the people who come to buffalo who expect the park for five for -- dollars Albany law. It is 320 at news radio 930 WB yet. Anyway. I don't TV stations in other on your side at all I would a third -- free ads next time for the people you know from out of state say. Here's were issued park for free in just donate their free time. I don't think they will be. I won't need. To pay -- pay after that I might show are right. We want people to come the buffalo to drop money. -- -- -- -- -- -- get this show again. But just the more I think about it the more. It's it I laughed. Because we wanna be a big time city then the minute we start at a big time settings people bridge about. Eight. Like up close that nothing happened there then the menace opens up there and people are willing to pay for parking at that rate. Subtly the -- why is coming to a -- And again. Next time an FDA I don't know what you did this time but I also not a real political organization. And maybe. Who knows maybe somebody's uncle's brother in law runs some of the big parking lots downtown C didn't want to let people know that they can park -- be for free and take the train down -- and back I don't know. But it's a small town and this is what happens in this epic but if I were running the NF DA. I would let markets know that people could come their Arctic to train get back home ten bucks or whatever is round trip. Which is what I do for the sabres games. Anyway I mean what I did for the sabres games once buffalo did have a long time ago an NHL team. I noticed Mike -- shock to -- review but there was a time. Not too far goal not on the distant misty past but in the relatively recent history. Where the city of buffalo actually had a National Hockey League team. Weed -- heavy triple eight team. And you know what. I laugh about it but it had to be done. I can't now I cannot bash what I call for. I'm the guy who said in this is a metaphor it's not a an act of violence. I'm the guy who said blow up this team it's not going anywhere you have to start over you have to get rid of the Darcy were gear tragedy. Blow it up and start over and that's what they're doing. So what I say AAA hockey team I do -- tongue in cheek because I respect the fact that they actually. Did wake up they got -- were gear and now they're starting over realizing that RC years was not the most brilliant man who's ever walked the halls of an NHL franchise that the man he had his hold over owners like I've never seen anybody in my life. And they finally woke up to the fact that you know he'd. And it's not personal against RC it's not personal. It were -- it truly is. But the man I could never understand how you could perpetually fail and make bad decisions. And be rewarded with contract extensions I thought the only person can do that was me. Anyway it. Because it's a 24 minutes after three. Bad news yes well you're a lot of self celebratory humor the Joker new to it anyway folks -- up. I was touched by a woman last night. So I'm pretty happy. -- soldier thank. Now -- not Asian. Well -- and call me honey what's. Buried his point. But. I ask you guys some weird questions. When we come back from a -- Look if CNN can ask about black hole swallowing airliners. My question is gonna seem normal. And I invite you to stay tuned for it because it's coming up right after the news at 330. By the way 33 eastbound is a cluster dance because of an accident it's already backed up past Greg writer heading eastbound so just be aware hopefully they're getting it out of the way but there will -- I wonder if they're gonna charge sixty dollars to park when you're sitting on the 33. -- into the. And the checks in the mail. This will only hurt for a little while. All right 330 foreigners radio 930 WB and -- three David Alan -- fans know where I was going with that and I just had to pull back. All right anyway. It's the saudis the three biggest lives and your on your own on that one don't can be it can be if you look at up needle like you. Are right it is -- 330 -- right now B David Alan Cole outline of the search engines in America just shot up considerably. All right now. -- a couple of things here okay let's talk about the missing airliner -- I don't. And it does not represent callous indifference on my part. It does represent a frustration. With some of the dumb ass theories I have heard. Prayers no to that. And for the record. I want you to remember. When they do find -- play and what happened to. I don't know. But. I think one of the few people in the media who's actually approached this logical. Using the always effective. Weapon. William of -- those laws governing mysteries. You look for the most logical explanation first before you go off the deep end. No sick on intent. When they do find it. It's not going to be the James Bond movie. It's not going to be. Terrorists. It's not Google landed in some jungle and been repainted. Going to be an airplane crash. Into -- rush. And I have to admit I was kind of helplessly because I was on hold -- doctor's office and when I was on hold what the doctor's office. You forget that message you are number not. Approximately time is seven minutes of sit there you are now number callers. Products but wait time is seven it's. And if they can -- PE. And I was concentrating on a not paying me whether we're gonna take my call so I kind of have heard rush and I'm not sure is being serious about here's. Among the cargo items this plane was -- lithium batteries technology used in cell phones. Now what do you know about some lithium batteries. Sometimes when they're dormant they blow up. Wedeman is as the voice of reason coming from rush -- It's to me that would be the most logical explanation. I've been saying all along 99.9. 99% a plane crashes are pilot and or mechanical error. And if you remember earlier this week I talked about one of the flights in Florida many years ago. That was carrying oxygen. Containers. In the cargo hole. They were not properly. Sealed they blew up and caught fire the plane went down in the Everglades everybody diet. That seems to me to be a much more likely scenario man. Well they land the plane of the ocean and then the big east came after the plane and the -- kill all the passengers and then the cargo doors were open they got the truckload of diamonds and gold. Out of it and they took the biggies and went away. I'll. Say it. Ever hold that ever ratings since the now maybe I'll be wrong but doubles logical explanation is along the lines of what rush and I think you'd -- seriously suggested. It would be it's gonna be something like that if they ever figure it out it will be something totally inexplicable. Something not mysterious. I don't think that the hand of god came down as head coach -- you Malaysia. And advocates -- baby right into the direct. I think it's something stupid. That human beings it. 99.9. 99% of your lane crashes are airlock our past our particular. Our pilot and mechanical failure take it to the bank. Look at the one in Clarence dumb ass pilot and I feel bad -- something like this about a dead guy. But the guy was flying an airplane like JFK junior once he was so far over his head -- what he was entrusted to fly it wasn't funny. Like JFK junior had no business trying to fly that plane. He wasn't qualified. Of the to fly that it realistically he was not qualified to fly anymore and the guy from our colgan was qualified to apply the -- -- -- If you wanna put an -- behind the -- fine. But in terms of having to make your decision in mid air when the poop hits the fan because Mora. Unfortunately took fifty people where. I've always felt very strongly about that. Because you know what. Was that Clint Eastwood in one of his movies instead. And Ashton knows limitations. And that guy did not know his limitations it would be like me getting behind an 810. Well all I've flown single engine planes are at the eight tennis is just like a single engine stuff. No it's not. I know my limitations I sure as hell wouldn't put a passenger or fifty on with me flying into -- damned ice storm. I get up bad -- that night. That's because you're crazy to. Know I I'd like to. Bonds -- the -- bad vibes and I live where I live I can look out my window I can see the planes landing at the airport. -- I heard the freezing rain I thought to myself -- crap. Because I know what freezing rain in the does to airplane wings I know what airplane wings that are no longer aero dynamic due to the ability to control an aircraft. -- basically they -- you don't control the aircraft anymore. Cell. I've always had strong feelings about their pilot and I know it's bad to say bad things about the dead but the guy was African more. You know he had to die he should just out of himself and not take all those innocent people with them and the airline never should hired him to fly the dash eight anyway. To beautiful airplane I loved adventure. Unfortunately if you put a monkey behind the -- what do you expect. Sorry I'm done with. Because it still hurts it's still I was there that night and it's ice I will never forget the smell OK in -- myself passionate about it I do. And I am let's -- -- -- traffic is -- and drivers tricked the 33 Mongolian cluster here's Alan Harris. We know the good news about this is -- cutting medical center is a level one trauma center if you're gonna get into accident that serious you could not have done it in a better place. No I'm not trying to be -- is obvious guys seriously. Nobody got to fight ever given to a serious injury auto accident I wanna disclose PC MC is possible seriously injured couple and there are right. As far as AccuWeather goes it'll be cloudy a touch of snow and rain at times tonight. With little or no accumulation overnight low 33 tomorrow 39 and my spring has sprung side is in my office many -- you used to listen when I did the nine to noon show. Before the big promotion 2 PM drive. Many of you will understand that that I have a sign in my office that says spring has brought. And annually. Whenever I whip out the side and make a big deal of I cannot make a big deal of it yet because it is not strong. As I suddenly go back to the sir mix a lot song I posted yesterday with my topic life was a lot simpler win. Go ahead sir mix a lot. Remember what that was the end of the world my god there's a black bands singing about absent is innocent and once that jury. Even got a -- did -- got back. I think it basically un American and actually liked -- -- now let us if you're here. Let us get to some topics I I references before the news break. Folks. How many of you. Are in two alternative. Healing. What do you -- by alternative healing. Okay. Probably the most acceptable. Alternative healing modality. To middle a middle mr. and mrs. America is chiropractic. Chiropractors. You either swear by them or you swear that is my mother used Tuesday. My mom never went to a chiropractor as far as I know my father never went to chiropractors for hours ago. I -- the first person in my family I think to actually have a regular chiropractor. Now. That this is not a show about me it to show about you. And your alternative. Healing things that you do. Now I'm gonna tell you. There are a lot of character actors out there who suck. I went to about five crappy chiropractors before I found somebody who is the best. 'cause he's strong. He's long and he strong they try to get affliction on we got back so. That's August haunts me daily but -- take a true story but the year ago. And driving on the night. I'm trying to rotate I had two left of the got to get by this more on in the middle way into and twenty miles an hour I realized I couldn't turn my head. Now I hit -- Well I can go to C a neurosurgeon. I negotiate my neurologist. Are. Try chiropractor and I lucked out. Within one visit -- improved by half within three visits he totally fixed me. Totally. No surgery. And here's something else. I've told you guys about this before not only did he restore the mobility. The rotation ability of my neck. But in so doing also made me realize -- shoulder surgery. Now what do you think about bet. Won the -- projector using his hands fixed my net. And that was able to put me back into -- -- I know I don't need shoulder surgery when even the best doctors in the world -- and these after the names said you know what. Tom it's 5050. You're either gonna end up worse or better. And I said I don't like those shots it's like getting married again I don't like those -- 5050. So anyway long story short I go to chiropractors. Ole -- but it goes well beyond that. I did mention I got -- last night well briefly. Briefly. Has anybody else go on to somebody who does -- does anybody know what reiki it's Joseph had ever heard of reiki. No you don't lower rate here it's okay that's okay. He's hiding -- sure. I mean I have to look at jokers on just his face looks hauntingly familiar. John Sherman I've seen you every day you know -- is all about now are on -- explain it to. As best I can't coming up. Folks do you believe it as an alternative. Forms of medicine. Now if I didn't believe. Actually a question of belief belief is based on faith. If I didn't know. That the chiropractor. Healed my neck and that. Made it obvious I did not need shoulder surgery. I would across the health care system thousands of dollars. Instead. It cost me ninety bucks for three visits to the chiropractor. In my neck totally healed. You tell me who's smarter -- ninety bucks or somebody go through neck surgery or shoulder surgery 50000 bucks you tell me. Well it's a question of Smart I understand. 030 and I had 31. Other reasons I said go to the angiogram. I was gonna take next Thursday off -- it screw it you know line. -- is with or without the angiogram I still have cerebral vascular -- it ain't gonna change things one bit it's only gonna cost the couple grand out of pocket. Per couple grand out of pocket you know it's going to be better for -- a week ten days in Jamaica naked on a beach that will be better for me. Then do what an edge or act exactly what. This just doesn't change the treatment at all. -- that's what bothers me about doctors. Are those three don't like thirty start -- 3180616. WB EM I went to the university of Google medical school. Well you know the one bad thing about the delay on the east side the longer those cars parked a greater chance the Buffalo News will think it's gentrification. I'm just I worry about gentrification daily I wake up with a Morgan and I thank you know I hope slums they slums because otherwise we have gentrification. I worry about these things. Let's look at your -- Warren Buffett's house and that knocking his door and he'll take yet. And when you're done with that you go to Bruce Springsteen's house because he cares about you me and Obama AccuWeather. Becoming cloudy with a touch of snow and rain. Little or no accumulation overnight low 33 tomorrow will be at 39 right now we are out. 35 at WB EOK. So. What do -- get it through alternative. Medicine. Odd that you have tried and maybe it's worked well maybe it. Now others at one -- I don't want you to name anybody. Because I've been doing this a long time and I know that some unscrupulous people will say. This wonderful lady named blank blank and she's -- blank road in blank and she's the best person now I've got that in happening sorry I wasn't born yesterday this is not my first rodeo. But do you -- in chiropractors. Do you believe in -- And again -- isn't the right word because believe is like -- -- do you believe in Jesus do you believe in peanut butter Peter Pan peanut butter it's a big difference there. Knowledge is based on experience. And legitimacy. And all I can say is. If a chiropractor. Is able to fix my back. After three visits for a grand total of ninety dollar all of -- plus seventy bucks for the extras a 160 bucks. I'm so far ahead of the game compared to what I would have paid having gone in for surgery in any funny. Well. You know. There's reiki optimists are gonna forget about massage there's massage. Chiropractic now reiki. Is kind of interest. Now reiki I gotta tell -- it's not that it is the weirdest thing in the world and it's hard to explain. You almost have to go on line. And watch a video of reiki to understand what it's all about and it basically operate half the -- Britain's. You don't have to believe -- OK you might think it's hocus pocus you might ask for the empirical data and you know what that's an excellent point. But I'm gonna play this up and I had my first reiki session in about a year last night. I can get that the more specifics after the news break. Do you know. I slept and I did not move. For ten hours last night I literally lay down. I did not move for ten hours. Even Valium gives me five hours of restful sleep. Reiki ten hours a restful sleep. Now where are gonna continue this you get and his mother Friday fun things if I can't talk politics every day I would go absolutely bonkers. Under Israel at thirty WB yen eased some thirty threes a -- there's an accident -- Greider avoid it.

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