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3-21 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

For people -- with their for their work. Qualities which I think it paid six dollars globally broke open apart for the work they've pulled it a lot -- old apart periodically forty bucks. Well I forward Parker to work that. For the better. Lovely is that not only tick off Tebow led to that are here for the tournament took off local people as well. My attitude is -- I am very much a free market man you know that. There's no question and they're not doing anything illegal. Because mark -- cars says the attorney general's office has said. The gouging. Quote unquote can only be charged. If there's some kind of an emergency situation or terrorism. OK so at this obviously was neither though so gouging. Even though it is technically gouging it's not legally gouging so there's there's a difference. But what I'm saying is we never seem to learn to. We just don't learn we work hard to get things like this tournament coming back to buffalo. The arena certainly looks good we got good restaurants downtown. An FDA is -- ready would have Dexter transportation available. The bar scene is very active there. Wasn't snowing I'm in. A lot of good things going towards. But you know what. In every group is always a patent. And I that's the word purposely want to use a pig. And it let's let's screw everybody we can especially the ones that may not come back because they're here for this specific game. And they made a comeback so it'll be all right screw them but they're screwing their own regular patrons to -- the -- says that during the week he -- -- six dollars to park and they said of the forty dollars these that I Parker read it doesn't matter okay that's. -- pig pig pig and and the -- and a hard way to go out of business there was money but in this town if they lose money the government probably subsidize. So that's the way it works so yeah I -- I believe in the free market yes. Do I believe in in being a pig. No I believe unfair business practice to I understand that cost more to go to Florida in the winter than a dozen summer I can figure that out. But what I'm saying is is there's a difference between that and just going -- a wall gouging and that's witnesses. And if if you want to applaud them for that be my guest what did you park their everyday and demand and instead of the six dollar -- forty if you if you really feel that way about it though. Because as an expression that is so true for all of you think that's not our problem 46 bucks the park for a couple hours no problem. There's a term called a fool and his money are soon imparted. Well it's part of the minute you get in the sixty bucks to park in the lot. You wanna -- -- in my guest. Let us ago who is next lot of people have been on for a long time -- is that David Lancaster debut on WB yen. Good morning gentlemen hello I got the -- I I I I these people should be ashamed of themselves. I think what they're doing is is unbelievable setting them very very bad example. Or this city they've represented this city what they're doing your car sitting in a parking spot. I don't even think it cost bit older than a collapse probably eight. To send up a car that error and then on top of their. You get your -- that it is not responsible or anything losses stole everything happens your count for sixty hours they're -- responsible for something. For sixty -- I want them through a tool wash it. And have a running when I get out you know. But it took part in an income you know -- Michael concert don't count. I think I'm I don't like paid twenty dollars or parking spot. I invite drive -- under some areas around her might show up our arms up like that. And -- free parking on the street if you if you can find it but if you're gonna count you're gonna have a little hard and trying to do that and that that that you don't even know the neighborhood anyway. Well that's that's the whole key is you don't know the neighborhood and because of that year your kind of nervous in my parking the car be there when I got back. What kind of a neighborhood -- we and they don't know their noted town and and you take you're taking an unfair advantage of them -- what you're doing. All right back. All the Ugly Betty you know crew go to victory don't find fault sort of common in on the from all -- speech in other cities -- you know congratulations that there. That your team got make it that are hoping that in your radio station you know. I -- go to the city you know you're going to dialed that you don't even know what channel you don't even call -- but if if they're listening. -- you know they keep coming up might help -- does this. -- -- War even come back and get that you are good -- Dave we need you on the tourism team. How -- I'm very glad that Syracuse is here because. -- -- you know when I'm away and it Michael Rochester Syracuse -- they weren't paying for the -- people out. When I go there I feel like I'm back home beautiful thing about that city. That is nice. Yet -- I I really enjoyed it got a great college town. You know a lot of ask your fans lot of issue fans and -- Yet you know what's funny is there. There are there watching the LSU fans and they're treating them like the FU fans. So it doesn't work out doesn't a vacuum that's just the basic thought yup you're going through downtown Syracuse reassure us up by -- ninety's nails. -- about a year ago that I went through. I went to the casino. To Arizona I decided I'm not gonna come back. Obama on the through I just would like a more scenic roads guys that I've never bitter and on route five through the city as well I'm pressures. As I came through. You get to see things -- -- winner on the right and there's a place that does nails women's nails and it's called ninety's. Nails. And this was last year this was last year and I can't figure out why any company would call themselves ninety's anything. And the time has passed it's long past the ninety's but anyway if you do -- there check out ninety's and -- I know it's it's about gouging that's all it's -- about being picky. But -- make hay while the sunshine makes sense if it's your -- in your sunshine but screw what tourists through Medicaid. That's at -- ball game because they may not wanna come back who knows they're here for tournament now. Maybe had a good experience they suspend a -- vacation days about the balls from the buffalo casino about -- Obama the good Smart progressive thinking. Our communities make him feel so welcome that they can hardly wait to come back. I'm gonna feel too great about bug them paying that kind of money for parking. Andy it's not a good argument to say it costs more -- new Yorker doubtless this emphasis of course it does. Cost more for Leo cost more apart whatever but it's it's it's of -- it's an intellectually vacant argument. Is it doesn't make sense at all it's like saying you know what see this house right here -- -- Today a charge. 500000. Dollars for this house says well it's been appraised at 60000 are themselves for 500000. Because if this house. -- on Lombard street in San Francisco. It would be half a million well let's not I'm -- San Francisco is -- in San Francisco OK get over it. It's a it is not my kind of place where you expect the -- the bucks parking. Now I worked in San Francisco where almost everybody. Takes public transportation analyst you have to do. It's very expensive to park there but there's a reason it's very limited land -- actually for San Francisco. And it's very expensive to park. It's a lot of people take public transportation. The unfair advantage we're taking of tourists are that they don't know the alternatives. They don't know if they go two blocks away from where this parking lot is it's gonna charge sixty bucks. If they look like -- National Lampoon vacation where Chevy Chase's car. Jack comes off the wheels while they're asking for directions on the wrong side of town they don't know that. So they may OK there's the arena is the -- -- you'll receive here sixty bucks. Sixty blocks -- If I go over there what happened you know sometimes it doesn't take a geographical long distance to be in a safe area -- questionable whether they don't know. We know they don't. So come on and just like said the spider to apply come on every -- -- of -- see you can we tipped upside down and grab your last dollar and much. Come back again soon here. We'll be back activist. So it was a few bad apples older or taking advantage of the situation by immigration breached. More higher than they normally are deeper. Other events at the arena. No I you can you can actually lose customers by -- By doing this I was gonna tell this story about I out of personal side you know all exorbitant charges apartment. One time Danny never invited me it was home. And actually I did what everybody else does I parked in his driveway and then I found out. There's a five dollar charge a five dollar charge he didn't even validate. So idea have been back I pay the five dollars but I haven't been back but on the line is Dan never thought I hope you enjoyed bet five dollars then. -- and our -- which match rate the rate. Because. Guys are both former famous person a book -- this out people come -- it's kinda like eight NCAA thing I -- they reached a little bit. Because this is not pick up this year Maria yeah I -- Maria is still five bucks I'm glad I have -- isolate it. -- -- you're going to see three people who are equally as famous as you are -- on tonight at the history museum. You know what. I would love golf but I have never been able to get charged with the people -- make it possible to do that. I'll really welcome here I would suggest you're damn number it's your broadcast legend I think -- show up at the door. And say. Will joke before tickets and other words if they give you a ticket to come on -- -- that there's a sold out and all that. I'm telling you know our American -- personally you're willing to sit on their laps. And next thing you pick her out so they are not a slam -- that. Just anybody that's the reason why you're out on it's not just couldn't really hit it. It's chalk up the -- show tomorrow will train showed them the -- art that they Colombo all right next. That I don't know you know -- world -- -- so Christmas trees are all around okay. As world whatever duplicate -- Columbus all of that TC. And what do Kreider is going to be there at the same as quieter. And he's got that at all I'll start stop portraying him. And all that it is going to be great and I just don't miss my friends from the -- It doesn't sound sounds rude what -- -- sounds like -- your doctor should fix up for. -- -- -- I wanna ask you this stand this is important about this -- joy at the Columbus. Building there how's the parking is -- sixty dollars apart. -- -- -- -- It. -- well have fun. Out of -- to show what. What time what time is -- tomorrow. Its outlook for members that you are an automatic like that it. Delighted by the general public it's 10 o'clock tonight show and did you ever train your care. Yeah I had a treasure crash Ramona it's time. I enjoy it and I think I had Lional -- yes. Yet because there was always -- dispute between why don't they don't have -- they're not realistic in Austin American flyer has lost political thrillers you know that sort. But you're way -- real literature. Wanna see funny Cutler's go to club mark -- glad. Now what I could use your dad I think that anytime you get coupled should thank god okay thank you down. Or see it though I love your -- It's an item again at that they show our Republican Tom many all your friends are going to be W have a ticket. I'm one from somebody will be there tonight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's at five holes and I'm moaning and so I don't think I think it was violent -- that's it here and right or -- -- we should start new hall of -- like Ambien is not a bad idea about. -- being and they told your boss to go to hell -- -- -- I think I can I can qualify for about one certainly buying cars should be and I should be -- -- car buyers -- absolutely. No question about it I've kept I put a lot of cargo baskets or college believe me but it's been worth that I love cars. And now we're talking about gouging. You know. I've I've come to the conclusion. For those people there are few and far between say okay Xbox it's a big event they should charge sixty -- order. There are people who actually and I know this is counter intuitive but it's true. Who like to pay more why is it gives them bragging. Rights. -- and doesn't -- me. A great seats -- these six I I enjoy the game I was right era. -- -- -- game and I had to pay sixty box reply saying at makes me a pretty big -- launch event there are people like that. Who liked to brag about how much they -- the -- cedars -- -- this isn't just an edit made. I had a couple of native people picked oranges up the -- -- -- them take the pop out and bring them to my home nice and -- The oranges because before a hundred dollars for that one -- but it's worth it that's the way they brag. So -- some people like to -- anymore I know it goes against my nature and against probably most of you but there are people will like that. If they wanna pay Mars is like it was that pay enough income tax. Well if you wanna pay more would be my guess right -- -- will be happy to receive it. Maybe you know thank you card but -- not made a -- what I know but no more. We'll be back what more -- region company -- than never doesn't have a ticket fervor and Thomas they knew that. They would go to dad's house into a coma from Brigham and through the doors themselves. We'll be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WBA -- and that call us now an 80309. Series cell calls are free and -- 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. I was see that money be spent you know structure of our. For a dinner and hopefully he'll or rogue leaders they voted out -- -- which escalated in the pocket notebook and -- over -- one. Agree absolutely agree our job is to welcome visitors from out of town. Treat him to you know make sure regular good meal have some fun at the bar enjoy the game. Any sightseeing they want to have the going to be her more than one day. And -- -- Accommodating for them. It shouldn't look like were hiding in the bushes waiting for Bonnie and Clyde to show up in the classic Florida we come out and ambushed them. And that's what it is and I don't argue 060 boxes sixty bucks. Where a third poorest city in the country. And that's sixty dollars is not seem like a reasonable rate forget the absolutely. Ridiculous argument. That that's what they charge in New York or San Francisco or Chicago or Dallas. We're not them. -- -- Okay and that argument just doesn't fly that that's a that's a brain dead arguments for. So I want an overview is as gouging is not tech. It is not legally gouging. Because mark calling cards and the county executive Jack with the attorney general's office I'm not a big fan -- his but I think he did the right thing -- time. They found out that in order for gouging to -- to be a legal offense you have to be in some kind of state of emergency or terrorism them something like that. Then you could be you could charge him with gouging otherwise it's still gouging. In reality in the real world but it's not illegal gouging and so that's where it is. But I do strongly feel that the tourism people who worked very hard to get people to come here. And they they had the people out on the streets if you had questions you wanted to ask about where to do this or where to find that they had a mayor good for them. Worked very hard for this stuff. I think that the tourism people should make a note of was gouging and send it along with all of the information to. Groups considering a visit to buffalo. At least let him know. That is not a conspiracy. -- their individual pigs within our community but it of the community itself is not that. Let's go to stand in Rochester stand here on WB yeah. Yeah I'm advised that what do you think is as gouging or not. Yeah I've spent an hour on the phone with my wife and I with the cable company. And you're going our -- all they evaluate their don't want to box. They took away the -- you're just found. They're telling me they're charging me more because there Eddie price gauging that nobody gonna -- without my permission. Are we didn't build it would send an accurate while ballots and expect eight hours. What a line item not explaining why we're gonna send this money. It robbery. So it's so you're saying read to your being Gaza because your held captive -- -- at least as a person with a satellite or cable you do have options there are other options you can go to -- so you're not held captive by that thank you you know him you know like I don't like it. My dish bill has gone steadily up. And they're always adding stuff you don't care about you know like I need fifteen shopping networks early do and I need a lot of stuff it's not even in the English language. Count me in it takes me longer to go through all of his junk stuff. That I have Vince stuff I actually was and I got the thinking tonight how many movies don't actually watch on HBO or the movie channel or the stuff I have. Problem slice of his dvd or specialized programming. The -- Alaska's stuff that I wide sure those kind cops. But the premium stuff that I -- -- and watch. I'm canceled all that did you yeah I watch him you know I'm I think I'm gonna go to of these because it's ridiculous generally you -- -- Iowa. A realized that it creeps up that's the way it is well this wasn't -- creep although it could have been a -- that made the decision. The usual twenty dollar lot and at times these six dollar a lock for people who. Who park on a daily basis was sixty dollars. And we had a SoundBite of somebody who said. I told -- park hero wait they said doesn't matter it doesn't matter of course the person with the flag out there that isn't the person made the decision. The person who's collecting money. Isn't the person -- decision by the and it's important to know. That of a buffalo are making great strides in some areas but in many areas were still stuck in the fifties. Whereas somebody comes and it's now let's find a way to grab money from them that they didn't plan to spend. Let's get them for the the parking meter if it's expired even by a few minutes let's get a ticket for that. Let's get them from -- parking too close to the intersection and anything like that. Now let's -- them because they don't know if they don't market this slot where the next -- is it's that they feel comfortable and safe thing to want to. I mean so you'd have a distinct. Advantage over somebody coming in just wanted to have a good time watching a basketball game and having a little socialization. So you say we've got -- why can we do it why why should we -- because we can. That's the kind of mentality that puts a lot of people out of business. You wonder why via while a lot of businesses go out of business they don't know how to take care of the client. Plain and simple they -- when they canned and and and things like that and it's not good business practice. Because you'll stay with somebody a long time if you think they care about you if all you think is when you turn your back or grab your wallet and run with a not so much. Eight Austria on Montreal 1806 on 692 visits are 930. Is sixty dollar buffalo parking gouging we do we know it's not legal gouging but is it. And also I'm -- got into it yet but I have a what do we pay too much money for 'cause I have a whole article out of a September are kept the for my future file and there's a lot of things that we're used to buying. That we forget and everyone's analyze their -- and go. -- -- why am I paying this much of this it's funny because it kind of becomes part of your life. And then suddenly it shows up for a sense. The finger -- annoys me the most I'm not I'm not a cheap guy. And I I am I think I'm very generous guy and I'm not afraid to spend a few dollars here and there the thing that annoys me the most. Is when you're waiting for your table because you have a reservation -- -- tell you to wait at the bar and being a non drinker I was get a Diet Pepsi or Coke. And they charge like three dollars for a -- chick. That much. That annoys me more than the cost of the dinner well. It really does and that's why when they say wait in the media in the bar don't just wait there right next to the person's going to -- me and stare at them. Scare will be back after this. I think it was all good it's a bit of -- it's well we're trying to raw red carpet outer fringe of the convention and visitors bureau. -- besides all the folks here you know others who were cheering well great economy of the cal just give us much care you -- Now sixty dollar buffalo parking. It's I think it was outrageous. -- simply because it's it's a mindset it's more than the sixty dollars the mindset is some people are coming to town. That are not group probably most of them are not going to come back. Anonymous anytime soon so let's -- into the wall because it's something that they really really would have to have. So instead it's 18 let's go to Florida and them let's go to sixty dollars it even buried according to what he was was about the play. Simply because they probably figured. That. Ability Syracuse it was the highest while Syracuse was either playing horror -- before there. OK so they figure more people are gonna come here for the Syracuse team so let's raise that then. Two to the Max and and to me that's just the wrong attitude I believe in the free market. I believe you I don't believe in price control I believe you should know I get the free market gets but there's some common sense here. Issues that need to be addressed and I just say you know maybe -- old fashioned. But the word fair occasionally is a correct word to use pop -- unfair business practice. We know that things that are in demand costs more we know that it's it's it varies depending on the season where you're going somewhere. We know the closer you parts of a stage the more gonna pay we understand all of that. We're within just fall out of a turnip truck. But the bottom line is is a difference between that and just playing gouging. Just plain gouging. And I'm thinking I wish that he city fathers who are in charge tourism and they -- got a pretty good job this time. And they're very proud of and they should helping the people find the things that they they want. I wish that they would put in future presentations to groups coming here which lots intend to gouge if you're going to anything at the stadium. I would love nothing would make me happier. Then to see them take it in the shorts because they have no concern for you. There's saying screw you so he got a chance every once in all the -- you back. And this might want to. So maybe it's not a Smart move as they thought it was. Let's let's go to DIA and would be next Diane there a number Libya and -- I I agree with bill. And all know them. Or a bit more pointed out pocket and it went into the game I. That's it as a game cause I assume there and demand but I don't know the prices of the game. OK now I within by the city of buffalo doesn't. Do probably they changed. But they're packing situations before but -- -- you know it's cute baby in the building up acting I have free backing. Or are -- -- looking to lead the pack in have contact who has packing plants that they can't do things like. I understand what you're saying but every time site and its own right we do need more parking usually and it's a great position to be damned if you're booming enough that you need more part of but everytime somebody suggest more parking. The pointy headed bicycle riders get a dog to get there on -- and I'm not because they think everybody should be riding bicycles and they don't wanna see any. Any of parking ramps -- parking lots and so they're always against that is always with political battle goes on the. They don't follow. I believe the dump out our buffalo -- good downtown. Word of the left compact king yeah you know activity isn't just got riots. I've always believed that your right there are times where I used to go to certain things and I'd spend more time. Parking and saying I'm never gonna do this again and then you finally find goes someplace departure relieved and you. And you follow through trying change it next time it never changes we always need more parking but those who don't want a don't want. Let the upper body but the point the way to work downtown because you know I would hope that the called. I'm ending war and good reliable but the pact when we didn't think I -- that the pilot -- probably differently than what -- it happened act and. And you know downtown I know downtown somebody coming here from cities Syracuse doesn't know downtown so they don't know if I don't pay the sixty dollars here and I go somewhere else will mark -- still be either when I get back. And agencies so we have an unfair advantage Barrett an unfair disadvantage and I don't like to take advantage of people like that thank you. Really don't. Let's I don't mind that your manager my dear friend Don from Pennsylvania hi diner on WB yen. Like good morning -- Tony are you guys today where fine -- what's gonna what do you think about this. I think you guys rip and saw it. And you have apart from buffalo done. No I've never Arctic about the -- But but a long and assured this is this tournament run like four days among the state. And there's a lot of people recommend for all four days. And if the NCAA gets enough complaints. Especially about. Parking gouging. They should they simply won't schedule these games in buffalo in the future and it it's an economic boost to the but buffalo to have. People come in for four days and spend a lot of money doing this that everything open and that's gonna be in jeopardy. Absolutely right when they announced this everybody is thrilled as we should be a lot of hard work when android we've done -- before we're doing it again and we learn every time it gets a better better situation every time and then there's always somebody. Who does something like this to kind of ruined the moment and kind of put the the poison apple in the barrel there and and it's it's sad because it's for a few quick box and they don't care about -- business they don't care about downtown they just care about gouging some. Well yeah and -- and but you would think that whoever. At the powers that big in buffalo who would go to these people and say hey listen you'll put this whole thing in jeopardy don't always hear. We we can't live with this I mean is that the complaints are going to be numerous and you know we everybody could lose out in the long run and a. Well I'd give I give our -- executive credit even -- not a huge fan because he's tried to say something or design but the mayor is strangely quiet as the mayor always is he's probably Al buying a new suitors something. But we haven't heard from him because I would be willing to guess that maybe he's not that upset about it because. They are friends are contributors or our allies or something like that Donna got to run we're up against a hard break thank you thank you always good. Talk to my dear friend on and he's right. The NCAA may not be too happy about this kinda stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And their -- after you've enjoyed your experience here come on back if we have other things we hope you come on back instead of eighty here let's get. Because we're close to the arena they don't know where else they -- they didn't know that big a part of public lives and take. Public transportation and let's get a who cares if they ever come back we'll have hours and that's the attitude you know it that he had a notable loser. We'll be back after this.

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