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3-21 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

OLO is region coming up sandy beach I'm not happy today not happy because I I think I'm gonna have to sell one of my cars. You -- -- -- cars are really do my whole life is cars permanent cell won the reason I'm selling a car is so that I can afford to take the other -- market in downtown buffalo. I hope I get sixty bucks -- I think again I think I got a shot at that it has agreed to come and they had him there. Not a long line. Lots of things going on today including successful. Yesterday's successful -- of the downtown. In the first Niagara center for earlier tournament will be talking about but were especially going to be talking about the cost of parking down there. So let's see what else is going on here this is from the the be the -- -- I love the camera -- because. In every issue they tell you about the tough kind of crimes that the cameras police department after response ago. I mean there are very good police department and some of these are very dangerous calls here's one out of a march 12 are you ready for that march 12. A resident of spin -- court reported. That a person -- a neighboring apartment was yelling and causing a disturbance. Police responded and discovered that the female neighbor was -- she was angry she was checked. With a man in her apartment you know what the guy in her apartment. You guys and never gonna guess that. I'm gonna ask you each get one guest alarmist got a guy in her apartment and she's furious with him and -- so much salt. The neighbors have the collar jobs what do you think the guy did he insulted. When you think I'm -- piggyback operations there he -- media are. -- polls. The man reportedly -- his error in the living room and left the hair on the floor. Isn't that something -- golf and absolutely they'll never coming get me for that I don't have any there it's well I haven't but it's beneath my scalp. And that's that's the way it has but how do you make that call and how does the dispatcher and not -- I'd like to call I have a I have an emergency -- what's going on my boyfriend just cut its parent left and on the floor okay will send us on the swat team over for that. It's amazing. Is that debt that is thanks to the cops after going to respond to are just amazing. So. That's that's why I don't think they'd pick up the hair is is it doesn't say what the disposition that this did they bring a little bag in hand up what do you know. Players sweep it up into a bag and take it away exhibit a exhibit and then if that's exhibit -- goes to trial. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In -- my name index was champions. Who really good job. Because I expected to get a pat on the back. Because that's what -- and they don't do it for us I feel badly I'm Damascus Gregory next time I see our which -- -- labored. Are let's say what are we got -- going on today today we got what everybody's talking about and a Tony yesterday you mentioned to me and we which -- we're doing. -- story. So we though we did that didn't get superseded by this but you mentioned that people were posting. That there was gouging going off. Going on in the parking lot situation in downtown buffalo. Andy and we talked about it at that time it was like forty dollars forty dollars is normally twenty. In this slot but it went to forty and later -- it gets better. It went to sixty. And then went down again strangely enough after the Syracuse game. So like apparently the attitude of the parking lot owner was growth of these Syracuse fans because they'll be the biggest group we can screw. I mean. That. And I want a lot of what you want to put yourself in the place of a person coming to buffalo may be for the first time. All right a you don't know. Where the arena is so you punch at him on your GPS. Okay -- -- there is it's nice on the outside I can hardly wait see this game while I'm gonna have to park. It what do they do they look for the parking though Watson spots that are closest. To the -- of the event because who knows maybe they don't have a lot of time to go searching and here and there and everywhere now I heard someone. Interview room with -- on this morning from the you know a welcoming committees. Who said that they they went on Twitter and tried to guide people through. More affordable parking and sixty dollars and they said he says I think we did a good job is as good a job as we did do. A certainly a -- that there are again. There's a question of is this the free market. Or is this fair business practice. Or is it screw anybody any time you get a chance to. And to maybe I have a different opinion and Tom bow on this aren't. Tom volleys opinion is it's a free market. And you should be able to charge what you want. And his of his opinion and he's right about that it is a free market and you should be able to charge what you want okay. But there's a difference between unfair business practice and what your legally allowed to do he also mentioned that if -- in Boston. As I grew up in and around Boston what the radius Limbaugh's. -- in New York -- or San Francisco. And places like that it costs that much to park but I got a clue. Got a -- for Tom and I got a clue for those of you use that as an argument we -- in San Francisco we ain't in Boston we're in buffalo. All right and if the word gets out that if you going down for any kind of an event. They're gonna screw you if they can that's not really -- are very good for people wanted to come to buffalo. For any events or for any sightseeing or just a summer visit. Our baby video water frog or concert. And that word gets around really fast. I think it's our obligation. As a community to welcome visitors. There are many many communities that really roll out the red carpet they make sure the visitors are accommodated. They make sure that everything is though it is as comfortable as they can make it. Because there's enough -- anyway and traveling did you get Roma are lower your reservations laws how party you have to walk is it raining. I mean there's a lot of stuff anyway. So the last thing you need is people purposely trying to gouge. Now I have to applaud. Polling cards and -- I am not a huge fan of Poland cars. But in this case he was right. He thought it was gouging -- it's -- went to the attorney general. The attorney general said though even though it may look like gouging and feel like gouging technically. Legally it's not. And in order for gouging to occur and has to be some emergency situation. Which this isn't or an act of terrorism which -- also be an emergency situation it wasn't either of those so technically it's not gouging. But you talk about fair business practice this is the kind of thing that gives businessman. Who legitimate businessmen good people who wanna do the right thing a bad name this gives ammunition to those who think that everybody who's in businesses out this world. In this case that parking lot was out to score. So now not everyone will agree with this and that's fine. And that's why we don't talk radio. Some agree some don't but I wanna hear from you know is if you think that's gouging a normally a twenty dollar a lot it turns into a sixty dollar a lot. A because a lot of opt out of towners and manipulative apartments that is that gouging a we know it isn't legally but is it. In in practicality. And we're gonna get beyond that. And ask another question we -- a lot of things and some things we get used to paying what they are but every once in awhile. It'll hit you that you know paying too much finesse. This is costing me too much air we're gonna go over a list of things from an article that I have from September 23. Which I thought was a good subject and it's never come up as. As the subject on the show what we've paid too much money for I think you're fine there's a lot of things we pay too much money for. But we've gotten used to it that's so it is okay. This is beach in company I'm happy today that I didn't have to pay sixty dollars to park in its -- -- -- they'll be no movie show today an emotional today has been scratched. But hopefully it will return next Friday will be back after. But -- lord do -- going to make history museum tonight. To see our -- and Tom for those -- you. Who haven't been ever -- LB Irv Weinstein Rick is dark and Tom jewels. They were big dominated local television that channel 74. For decades and very well loved by the community. And a terrific guys all three of them at one time. Our radio station in their television decision -- the same people capital cities. And so we've got the November and they got the analyst pretty well. And great people great broadcasters great people a lot of fun and I'm sure there will be a lot of great stories it's sold out tonight. It is so locked away one of the few times that I actually got a ticket from -- and I'm so I'll be there looking forward to -- I think Danny never that the confinement history museum will be there. So that should be you know a lot of fun tonight. Today's the day for my buffalo -- is they thirty dollars -- devoted to your low restaurant lounge and -- -- for just fifteen box. Blot out for our happy -- Monday through Thursday as well as there Saturday and Sunday brunch go to WBN dot com and click on my buffalo perks logo. So we're just getting sixty dollars to park it was 21 to 41 to sixty went back down -- Forty and twenty depending on who was playing at the moment the highest rates seem to be -- Syracuse was playing because they probably had the most fans here. And facility can't screw somebody. You know in your own state who can its -- a way to look at it now here's what I would do. You know if you say it's a free market they could do what they want you're absolutely right it is free market and they can't do what they want. And I don't want price control. But I am thinking maybe it's that educational process to kind of inform them that what's good for them is also good for the community but what's good for the community is good for them. And that's that scenario lesson to be hard. And if they don't wanna learn that lesson here's my suggestion. CO -- if you think this is a good idea I think that if they're gonna continue to gouge in -- out of town visitors. That what should happen is one large groups like this command. I think that the city fathers should send an announcement ahead of time to the areas where these people from. Just like speed traps remember speed traps. Where there be a little communities where they gouge people going to Florida and things like that. Well Erica after awhile the triple a came out with -- maps of speed traps and if you had a trip -- they would even mark where the speed traps are. So that you didn't get gouged OK I would suggest. Then if they wanna be picky like that and they wanted to just describe people who -- because they're people they're not gonna see again for a long time if ever. Then I think the city fathers should put out some kind of announcement -- -- our communications today be very easy to do. Are warning people that this is some of these -- very close to the auditorium. Our road are gouging is not a legal gouge but it's a guy out when you opened at all and -- sixty box. It's a guy -- OK and I are here of a dumb ass arguments that that's what they do in Boston or Chicago this is in Boston and Chicago that's not a that's not a good solid argument at all. Talk about a -- business practices of their business practice but for those who believe that. You know you gotta make -- while this shines. I didn't get us to get those dollars. That's like to be on your way home during a blizzard and your wife says we desperately need milk we have to have -- And I know it's a blizzard and most stores are closed but the one the one a couple blocks from us is open I know they are stop there and get melt and -- -- there. And the guys is Europe black guy I've got one quart of milk -- -- 25 dollars white. They should be like a dollar eighty. It's 15 dollars 'cause this the last word male. We wanna make hay while Assange at times would you go back to that place. What kind of thoughts would you have to that. So the bottom line is fair is fair. But unfortunately in today's dog eat dog business climate occasionally people lose common sense. They don't think long term they think what's right right in front of them that's all they see. That's all they see that -- anything else. And most people end up out of work. Simply because word gets around. As the word gets around people see you for what you are your parking space today tomorrow he might have weeds growing up through. And if if so I'll be very happy to come and water your we'd. NASA road a little water -- we've I've never done that but I could occur and I'm willing to. Let's go to. Tom and pedals and Tom is as gouging or is that the free market. Hello Tom is as this. Now what's going out with a parking downtown is that a free market or is that gouging. While I was wired the organizers put on YouTube video. How the locals would handle the situation. We know about the wicker park beat you. -- requirement we are you know the people who played in the Herman Edwards caught our real quick that kind of -- and if they wanna put the money has -- -- to be an honor. So we get. Now -- -- Joyce yeah I like what you say because as part of the information package you know I'm sure that packages sent out saying here's where the architecture is there's places to go to bars places to eat a sightseeing things but also -- -- alert them that here are things that are alternatives like coming in on public transportation. Where they're not going to screw you the wall like that comics -- -- now. Well in every period of uncharted it's probably a lot of money and I've heard that they people stand around tell people what to do. Out to me that's like the barrier that required it slip the net stupid frank. -- I like this College Board guys who are always there when a mattress stores going out of business and that's the important partner. I hope they got the mattress word for that reason only -- thank you -- you very much. Yeah I'm thinking that that's what they should do they should alert the groups coming in here being very easy to do that was social media way to is say here's here's some things that are available to you here's some things that if you -- -- sixty -- the park you're more than welcome to but the difference between paying sixty bucks to -- -- on paying sixty bucks to park in New York. Is that when you get out your car New York. You're in New York that's the difference. For those who can't figure it out with a little will be -- little hand drawn diet program. We'll be back with -- Beijing company under Israeli and I'm thirty -- -- RWB yet. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listen for me tonight ten to one on W. The heat and. Mike all I think I -- -- truthful than it was not last night I kind of miss the mom I'm really enjoying Michael Savage Kendall one. If that's about the time I go to bed at 10:11 o'clock at night in and he's on very exciting got to listen -- we've heard a lot of bottom before he joined. Our -- staff. And very happy to have Michael Savage we're talking about twenty to forty to sixty dollars to park. -- worthy of the basketball -- downtown yesterday. Now if you if you wanted to start. Intellectually and say is not a -- a free market and they're allowed to charge what they want absolute. I agree that but I you know maybe. I'm a little to fool fool I believe in fair business practices -- You're allowed to charge what you want but if you're giving that this city a bad name because these people go home and spread the word that yeah I went to buffalo. The auditorium was nice -- -- what the couple -- had a good time my had a good meal but they screwed us. And parking sixty box. Vietnam. And I guess it's OK I don't think that's OK I think it's going to be a team effort to get people to come to buffalo enjoy what we have. And go home -- with a glowing report not to strip him down hang alongside down the last point drops out of their pocket before they leave that's always been the attitude here and -- a bad attitude is a bad attitude. And of those who try and defend that by saying you gotta make annual sunshine you keep making that kind of -- the sun's gonna come out. Let's go to Linda in Cheektowaga -- Iran W via. I mean -- alone in. Your partner at air Tony -- sorry -- yeah Hank. Okay there waving to you -- waving -- and a I'm glad you are there the forgotten people on the except. -- this is Bob -- -- it's not all that money at the dolls in the restaurant in the past succumbed to the good -- People at a -- Any idea it was there. The other -- you don't. Wanted to go back to where they came from it would bad news about buffalo and oftentimes it's just one thing that happens. Of that will load a big gauge their views of what they're gonna tell the people back home. Even though they may have had a good time if they feel they got screwed in some aspect of but that's the that's the message that'll go back. Erect and there aren't people -- -- can hit a good tag not to be run out of a real so -- could be dealt with in all. I'm when you go back and you what is. It's like in business school they don't teach long range success anymore in on you I'm talking about. You want you want success over a long period of time. It seems that business has gotten the point where what's right in front of my eyes that's all I care about I don't care about tomorrow -- -- about next week. I don't care about next year what's in it for me right now. That's a lousy way to do business I can tell you that because if you look at the successful businesses in this town. And they've been here a long time. They've been our longtime amid the reason they've been a long time as they know how to handle and treat customers. They make the customers feel welcome. They make the customers feel like they got a fair dealer good -- are you know a good time at the 00 local bar at the big screen TVs are. Well whatever it is you don't want to feel like they've been used or taken advantage. And that's the kind of stuff that goes on when you do this. Let's go to -- -- in Orchard Park -- Iran W via. Margaret I'm Gardner what you have force that. Well there's this open with a parking. I hit the building downtown couple years ago -- park in all 1518 car and the Bellman. Culture came around shorter bench. 01 of -- guys -- -- worker former. And here's a place cultural and order. And I assume that that he inadequate officer when he took off. Went over -- his slot corner Michigan the one that there are talking about Michigan and Perry. I don't want to order not a lot -- one hour ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he got a little teed off the and then he had the seven helper he called them -- apparently -- coverage. I went up there at -- -- start. And you saw -- you know and are sort of get a program why can't get one because you need. Drainage and -- respectable lighting up. -- by the way I don't think he has any greater turning -- over there and he also urged the spokeswoman slot both logos what. That night. He -- there -- a lot. The parks are where does this paper. So you're saying it's say it's political. As much as not as much as they are 21 its political. Absolutely I mean. Is a contributor to require ground -- is your city all -- gonna talk Ekuban and say yeah it's not right. By the other courts are down by UB and take a tree is up ouch outsiders come in the -- they don't. Oh well I first saw -- I'll take your word that he owns -- as I really don't know that. But I'll take your word of that. But if he does that makes -- double whammy because he's the guy with -- Who had his hand out to fix the Stadler with a lot of public money. And to do that now and to do you take the public money. In one hand if indeed he owns that if you take public money on one -- screw -- visitors which in rich Republican the other that's not Kosher. -- will be back with more would be -- company under Israeli and I'm thirty WB. Whose interest and because the -- folks whose favorite scenes -- what individual coveted that they were going to market that -- Until they realized it was sixty dollars. -- -- normally park and a -- virtually brigade there shortly dollars. I sent that message to all people of the current law the red carpet. Us at the parking that is normally twenty dollars went to forty dollars and then I went to sixty dollars and went back down to. Forty dollars and twenty dollars and the reason it was fluctuating. Is it went to its highest during the Syracuse game or before the Syracuse game through the Syracuse game. And that is because they expected more people from Syracuse is following their team. Today it is a free market issue I understand that and you can't charge what you -- understand that too. But I'd make a lousy businessman and I'll tell you life. I believe an unfair business practice fair. You make your profit that's fine there are times you thought you obviously -- -- better seats to be down front than you do it up from the balcony. And all that. But there's a time when you just get T. It's just gouging that's all it is is gouging is like your doctors saying I know having a heart attack. I'm the only doctor within five miles of view so I'm going to triple my rate because well it's the market. You know you don't have any other choices that sucks and you'll notice that they do it when people come from out of town. Why -- they do that. Well because they can scrub them. We have very little chance that they're going to be back hook up off their back it's infrequently. They don't screw the people out of their three nights a week or something like that although we did get reports from people who normally would park and that lot for work. And pay twenty dollars suddenly -- -- pay sixty dollars so that's that's not good but it goes to goes to a Neanderthal mindset. A mindset of screw anybody as often as you can as many times as you can and forget about the future. That's what it is that big guy you know -- the parking lot isn't thinking about what's gonna happen next week he's thinking about look at the money I'm making here right now. And I think the city fathers should make a notation of these lots. And to send them out with any kind of information about our city. Four groups coming in here as as a group that will be motoring and especially. I think they should warn them justices like the triple -- used to warn us about speed traps in the south. As people would go from north to south today. For vacation. -- these little towns where the speed might go from 55 to forty. Instantly and before you step on the break visit cop on the side of the road would you and that's how they finance their town a goodies. It's a triple -- started putting them on their trip kick start a warning about and that's what I think our government should do the city government should do that now. Should warn people coming in that if you're going to the auditorium. These are the laws that are going to go out -- Okay I think that's fair. Let's see if they do the merit as an avenue balls but we'll see maybe -- tourism people have enough. Enough sway let's go to Ron in buffalo run here on WBM. I think. You have built the bully pulpit with so with shell and long after my minute is up here he'll have a chance to. -- a dispute or contradict whatever I say. You know it's. They'll -- the concept of yield management at work here assault. You know just like the airline charge more or the same seat at Easter time and they do it any other time during the week for the hotel when an event has been out. -- more. Or roll my immediate nobody is don't be so going over you. -- -- hotel in the city and asking them what their race or fire and they Europe. The tournament coming in and they had bill that the -- soap opera -- of the building -- up in the in the -- and -- were few and far between as far as available -- were concerned. Then. -- although the prices -- -- I mean it's just simple yield management. OK that I would suspect. OK I just don't -- one thing you know while I was a little while I was waiting on hold. The Dutch airlines -- round trip ticket from all -- Los Angeles okay. Coach -- 788 dollars first -- fortunately. They are saying -- -- your logic at all policy minister and -- well first passports and not a consular kicked off first. Should negotiate to return. Better. Are you are you gonna have my. Have I interrupted -- -- or did you. I've known I thought I. You'll benefit is there a victim of these spot in question. Our one on one front door of -- and so people old people expecting unions. You all they're small there's a small percentage of the spots available little bright spot I think. The media any anger -- doing a bit took note of the people by telling them. Lot of nerve you cloud we're doing this -- -- ask you wanna sit there and gouge anybody that wonders in the downtown buffalo I let you speak you are an idiot and I'm glad -- let you speak as long as you did because that you're an idiot to a lot of great thank you. Tell me the difference between premium pricing because of availability and things like that they don't raise the rates triple. The hotels yet maybe it's a little higher was going to be triple he got that. And if you don't give a damn about that are about the people in your own community one assumes that the person whether it's -- -- not that on his part on his local if you don't care about your own community why -- the community give a damn about you. If you're only reason to be in business is hopes somebody wonders in to your. Into Europe vicinity so you can scroll to the wall. That's not what I would call a -- business practice yes we know the closer you get to the stage the more you pay -- We hadn't figured that out -- jerk. All right we have figured out the bottom line is you wanna screw somebody because there are here and they may not come back that's that's the way you wanna live -- be my guest. It's not the way the city should be -- and I think people understand that why do you think the county executive contacted the attorney general why do you think the tourism people are not happy about this kinda stuff because the war on. -- gets out. Bob always a one horse town in certain areas you go in there they're gonna try and -- tip you upside down to that last nickel falls out. If you go to any tourist area -- doesn't matter for our broad they wanna make you feel comfortable they want you to come back. And the bottom line is if you've got to get it all now because they're never gonna come back that's not a that's not a good business practice that's what it's. I didn't interrupt him. And I do have the bully pull your right -- three hours of three hours today that's it and you don't have to agree it's not necessary to agree. But business people who think I'm only gonna think for this moment. Nothing beyond that. Any time you wanna see who they are just look at the bankruptcy section of -- business first and that's who they are. They don't take care customers. They don't know what customers want -- how to provide. They showed I mean why didn't they put up big sign welcome Syracuse. University fans. We can screw you for a week and get your closet heavy rain and screw you more than the other thoughts about. Which via the city fathers. Would put out a warning because I think that's the therapy and ago. -- that caller was wrong by the way not all of the parking lots that were by. The after and see senate. There was one by eight or couple buy where the license plate that we're at sixty dollars as well I know picture I saw yesterday was near the ballpark. -- you look at it here's the advantage they have to screw people. You don't know downtown if -- from Zurich if we want to searches would we know the view of the area around where they -- no we -- okay. So they're kind of at a loss. They may be haven't been here before. There's no alternative choices that their familiar with if they go far enough out -- all that they could take public transportation in and market one of the two guys. These same people that are saying that it's okay if their son. Was plane on a section six football team to travel to Syracuse to play in the championship for the dome. If they went there and they discover that the the park he was -- -- do you think that they will be saying you know what that's okay they should get that dollar. I have a feeling that those who are very comfortable -- this is not a problem I have a feeling that maybe they have a connection beyond what they're telling us. Could be I mean I understand -- just a lot of money there. And I don't even have there will be back Lamar would be agent company under Israeli and I'm thirty we are WB.

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